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Top 20 Best $UICIDEBOY$ Songs of All Time

The Suicideboys, more commonly referred to as the $uicideboy$, are a rap duo from New Orleans that have gone from proverbial rags to riches in super-quick fashion. 

They’re the epitome of the Soundcloud rapper community… 

They started small and independent on the internet and then got signed by a major record label. And interestingly, they got their name because they promised to kill themselves if they didn’t make it by the time they turned 30.

The best $uicideboy$ songs of all time take a journey through numerous rap sub-genres. Their music has been labeled Hip-Hop Punk, Rap Horrorcore, and even Trap Metal. The two rappers in the group are Ruby da Cherry and $crim. And, if you didn’t know, they are cousins in real life. 

Since 2014, the boys have been on the cutting edge of new-wave rap and are difficult to define. But that’s what makes them so unique and fascinating. So, let’s take a look at the top $uicideboy$ songs, in my humble opinion, starting with…

Best $UICIDEBOY$ Songs of All Time

Top 20 Best $UICIDEBOY$ Songs of All Time

And to Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that “And to Those I Love, Thanks For Sticking Around” is usually regarded as one of the best songs by the $UICIDEBOY$, if not the very best. 

It was originally released in 2020 from their Stop Staring At The Shadows album. Currently, it has over 100 million views on YouTube. 

As the title suggests, the lyrical content is very reflective. Essentially, it’s a letter of gratitude to all the people who had their back from the start and are still here reppin’ the boys.

Their honesty is one of their key commodities… 

They are never scared to say what they think or even talk about their struggles and emotions. That makes them extremely relatable to fans. And this song has an important message. Those who stick around even though they have seen you at your worst are the real ones in life. This track is an ode to that way of thinking. 

Lastly, it is widely regarded as the biggest $uicideboy$ song in terms of mainstream commercial success.


Paris” is one of the older tracks from their 2015 mixtape, Now the Moon is Rising. It’s dark, sinister, and haunting, but most of their best tunes are. The track is only 1:46 minutes long and is short and sweet, and right to the point. 

Longtime fans love this track…

And it will always hold a dear place in our hearts. The energy is palpable, and the sick verses and flows proved the guys had the skills needed to reach the top of the rap game. 

Once you have watched the video a couple of times, it makes you want to buy a ticket to see their next live show. It’s one of their harder tracks in terms of the beat and vocal delivery. And it makes you wonder what they were taking at the time. 

“Paris” will continue to attract fans to their music. And, if you are a new fan, it’s only right that you do your research and learn your Suicideboys 101 history.


The $UICIDEBOY$ infamously used a sample from deadmau5 and Kaskade’s “I Remember” track for this number. And they even got in trouble for it due to copyright infringement. 

However, “ANTARCTICA” is one of $uicideboy$ most famous tracks, lifted from their immensely powerful Dark Side of the Clouds mixtape in 2016. 

Again, it’s another short track, but all the best things in life come in compact packages. It touches on the dangers of addiction, which makes it very relatable to modern rap music fans.

They talk about “the system”… 

…and how it fails to provide addicts with the help they need. Their dedication to tackling touchy subjects in a full-frontal manner is what makes this rap band a bit different. 

Deep lyrical messages are what made rap so popular in the early 1990s. So, it’s great to see some younger rappers who are not scared to help other people deal with such dark and real issues. 

Kill Yourself (Part III)

Kill Yourself (Part III)” is largely seen as the best track from this three-part series. It’s yet another powerful tune that blends an intense beat with superb flows and meaningful lyrics. 

This is one of the oldest on my list of the best $UICIDEBOY$ songs of all time. It was originally released in 2014 by the G 59 Records label from their My Liver Can Handle What My Heart Can’t mixtape. 

This superb Trap genre music offering broke the mold at the time and cemented their place as a rap group to watch out for in the future. 

Its raw and painful delivery oozes through the speakers… 

This track now proves that they were ahead of the game at the time. So, they needed to wait for the industry to catch up with their innovative music. And that’s just what it did.

$Outh $Ide $Uicide

This is another older track from their 2015 mixtape, Hide Tide In The Snake’s Nest. If you know anything about the group, you will already know that “$Outh $Ide $Uicide” was produced by Budd Dwyer, which is the production alter-ego of rapper $crim. 

He splits his personalities between the rapper and producer to separate them like schizophrenic voices coming from the same brain. Furthermore, if you wanted to show a friend what this group was all about back in the day, this is the perfect example. 

The sinister stripped-down beat with complex flows and dark lyrics is the epitome of what this group is all about. You can’t talk about the most popular $UICIDEBOY$ songs without this track at the front of the conversation.

Runnin’ Thru The 7th With My Woadies

The abstract and spacey Trap-style beat on “Runnin’ Thru The 7th With My Woadies” is the sort of instrumental that makes you ponder time and space itself. The flows are very reminiscent of Bone Thugs N Harmony in the best possible way. 

The lyric dexterity and the way that both emcees and a cameo from Pouya glide on this beat are impressive. It was so impressive that it made me stand up and take notice back in 2015 when I first peeped their $outh $ide $uicide mixtape.

In my opinion…

This is one of their most creative and innovative tracks. The lyrics are nostalgic in their conception and hark back to a simpler time when we were young and had no responsibilities. 

The lo-fi production and magnanimous flows make this a track that I come back to time and time again, even though it’s now several years old. It still sounds as fresh as ever, and that’s a great compliment. 

2nd Hand

2nd Hand” is a driving track that shows off the rapping skills of Ruby and $crim. This is the second track from their Kill Yourself Part XII: The Dark Glacier Saga EP in 2017. $crim owns the first half of this track, and it’s great to see as he starts to come into his own as an emcee and artist. 

The sound and delivery of their tracks were evolving at this point. They started to move away from the independent scene to something a bit more accessible. Although, this was still a Soundcloud offering.

The music video was shot in Europe…

Maybe that’s the reason why their fashion sense seemed a bit suspect in the video. But, when you are pumping out tracks on this level, you can easily pull off questionable fashion choices. 

Joking aside, there are some dark undertones to this instrumental. Some might even say it edges in the Horrorcore Rap sub-genre, and I wouldn’t take issue with that. 

My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames From Hell

My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames From Hell” is a bit of a mouthful for a song title. But you shouldn’t let things get in the way of creativity. That’s one thing that Suicideboys can never be accused of. 

This is another older track from their 2015 No Longer Fear the Razor Guarding My Heel EP. The lyrical content compares addiction and depression and how it all comes from being possessed by Lucifer himself. That’s some dark shit right there.

Tracks like this have made music fans question whether the pair have sold their souls to Satan to be a part of the music industry. The lyrical genius of $crim and Ruby shines through on this track regardless of whether it’s about devil worshiping or not. 

This track is deep and dark, and touches on some scary subjects. If that bothers you, go and buy a Will Smith CD instead because this type of Horrorcore Rap is not for you. 


Magazine” is one of the best $UICIDEBOY$ songs of all time, in my opinion. It merges a stunningly haunting beat with driving and pulsating rhyme schemes from this dynamic duo. 

This 2016 banger is short and sweet and is lifted from their innovative 4-track Radical $uicide EP. Ruby’s flow on this cut takes it to the next level for insane energy and rhyme patterns. 

This is the band at its creative best. If you don’t dig it, this is probably not the rap style for you. Complaints that the track is too short are commonplace. But, as the adage goes, “leave them wanting more.” And that’s exactly what this track does.


The band’s 2015 Soundcloud days are home to some of their fan’s favorite tunes. The group was raw as hell but super-creative at the time. “LTE” is a slow and pulsing Trap-style song that showcases the ambidextrous flows of the boys. 

It’s from their 2015 mixtape, YUNGDEATHLILIFE. Like most of their tunes from that time, it’s all about haunting beats and complex flows. And this track doesn’t let you down with any of those things.  

I love the cover of the mixtape because it’s a photo of $crim and Ruby as 4 and 5-year-old kids. They have been best mates for a long time, and that only solidifies why their music sounds so real. It’s a family thing, and you just can’t replicate that.


Carrollton” was released in 2018 and came from their debut studio album, I Want to Die in New Orleans. The album hit the charts running and reached the Top 10 on the US Billboard charts. 

Even though the boys have been out here releasing tracks since 2014, they have only made two studio albums to date. Most of their earlier stuff was released via mixtapes or on Soundcloud.

As the first single from their first album, this track gave the boys a bit more mainstream commercial success than what they were used to at the time. It projected them to an entirely different audience. The flows and beat are as tight as hell, as you would expect from an official single launch. 


Ruby and $crim joined forces with Shakewell on this memorable track. “Venom” skillfully uses a sample from “Ratatata Boom” by DJ Live Wire to great effect. It was from the 2017 EP, KILL YOURSELF PART XIV: The Vulture Sage, and is very popular with their fans. 

The intense and dark beat is perfectly matched by the horrorcore lyrical flows from the three emcees that really bring it to life.

It’s dark, just like the Venom character, which always made me feel that was the inspiration for the vibe of this track. The lyrics bask in violence and sound very sinister indeed. It’s hard to know where the blurred lines of reality and fiction exist in this track, and that makes it even more fascinating. 

New Chains, Same Shackles 

This number is unlucky for some, but not for long-time $uicideboy$ fans. If you are a fan of the animated comedy “Dilbert,” you will already know it was used at the beginning of this track. 

New Chains, Same Shackles” might be one of the shortest $UICIDEBOY$ songs ever. And, at less than two minutes long, it is very short indeed. But that doesn’t take away from its impact.

The song talks about their newfound fame, money, and popularity while the same shackles of drug addiction still existed. It just goes to prove what many people already know – money doesn’t fix your internal problems. In most cases, it exacerbates them. 


Fuckthepopulation” is a very controversial track that discusses self-harm. And the official video is scary as hell. It is something that still sticks with me today even though it originally came out in 2015 on the My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can’t mixtape. 

The lyrical content talks about how the boys don’t think that they will get into heaven. Giving into temptation and the difficulties of ignoring the devil while he’s pushing you makes the subject matter of this track so dark and harsh. Good luck with this one.

For The Last Time

In my opinion, “For The Last Time” is a classic Horrorcore joint that might have you looking over your shoulder for eternity. It’s from the 2017 mixtape KILL YOURSELF PART XX: The Infinity Saga

The intelligent and thoughtful lyrics are undeniable, and that’s what keeps bringing the fans back for more. A dark, intense tension is what makes this track so interesting. 

This is a classic $UICIDEBOY$ song that you should have in your collection if you are a fan. And, if not, why are you messing about?

Do You Believe in God?

That’s a song title, not a question. This track was initially released back in 2016 from the Suicideboys’ mixtape, Grey Sheep II

It’s one of their older songs, for sure, and the use of the A Nightmare on Elm Street sample is spooky, scary, and genius in its conception. It starts the track off in killer mode and stays there for the entire 1:50 track time. 

It’s one of the creepiest Horrorcore Rap beats to date, and it never fails to freak me out. Intense, atmospheric and harrowing is how I would describe both the instrumental and the lyrics. 

Dead Batteries

What sets the $uicideboy$ production apart from many of their contemporaries is the excellent use of samples in their tracks. Too many rappers these days rely on synth-heavy tracks that are largely devoid of musical integrity. 

Dead Batteries” is a track that uses a vocal sample hook on the chorus from a Memphis-born rapper named Fraser Boy from his “I Wish A Mutha” tune. 

The track comes from the second-ever mixtape they released, the 2015 7th or St. Tammany. The deep and throbbing beat pulsates while the duo spits fire on their verses. 

Champion of Death

Champion of Death” hits harder than a pissed-off Mike Tyson who’s misplaced his blunt. It’s one of the shortest rap songs ever, at only a minute and a half long. 

It doesn’t give you the time to get bored and leaves you wanting more. The unbelievable flows show just what $crim and Ruby can do on the mic.

It’s lifted from the Radical $uicide EP and touches on multiple subjects, from money and crime to fame and social issues. You won’t believe how much they can get into this super-short track. Time is of the essence here, and they make the most of it.

Gloss of Blood

Gloss of Blood” is a classic Suicideboys track that fans still love today. It sounds like some Trap-style beats of the time did, and that’s not a bad thing. 

This 2015 track came from the groundbreaking YUNGDEATHLILLIFE EP, which was their third mixtape at that point. They were still trying to find their niche sound at the time, so it’s not surprising that it sounds like an amalgamation of Trap and Horrorcore. 

Hard-hitting and eerie are great ways to describe this joint. Again, it’s super short at under a minute and a half, and some fans might not have this on their list. But, I think it belongs here as one of the $UICIDEBOY$ best songs, but that’s my opinion, and you are welcome to yours.

O Pana!

Drug addiction and depression are major talking points in a vast majority of their tracks. The pair have been through the proverbial wringer in the past.

But that’s what makes their music sound so real and authentic… 

O Pana!” is a 2016 release from their Eternal Grey EP that discusses drug addiction and even references the Walt Whitman drug poem called “Oxymorphone.” 

The dark and heavy beat seems to have the world on its shoulders, which is exactly what opioid addiction is like before you pop another. 

This is one of $uicideboy$ most serious songs in terms of lyrical content, so make sure you listen to the lyrics. Especially if you have these types of issues. You might find some solace in it.

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Best $UICIDEBOY$ Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts 

It’s quite difficult picking out 20 of the best Suicideboys songs of all time because their back catalog is so vast. They have released so many EPs and unofficial albums, and singles over the years that it’s extremely hard to keep track. 

Although there are only two official Suicideboys studio albums, there are dozens of mixtapes and singles that make it difficult to catalog.

One thing is for sure…

They are extremely industrious and unbelievably creative. They rapidly move between Trap, Rap, and Horrorcore, unlike any group I’ve ever seen. And, if you are a rap fan, there will be something that you can dig into from their back catalog. 

They are never scared to talk about controversial issues. Or discuss their drug addiction and depression problems. These two Louisiana cousins have changed the independent rap music scene over the past several years. And I don’t think they are done quite yet.

Until next time, happy listening.

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