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Top 5 Best Tranya Earbuds and Headphones of 2023

When you’re in the market for headphones, it can feel like you’re lost at sea. There are thousands of options from hundreds of brands to choose from, and making a purchase can feel like an impossible task. That’s why we’re taking things apart, bringing you product comparisons and brand overviews to give you some relief.

In this review, we’ll look at the best Tranya earbuds and headphones for sale right now. This overview will give you a general idea of the Tranya brand, plus let you know what you can expect at each price point. That should help you balance what you need in earphones and what you can afford to spend.

So, let’s get started with the…

Best Tranya Earbuds and Headphones


Top 5 Best Tranya Earbuds and Headphones in 2023

  1. Rimor – Best Budget Tranya Earbuds
  2. B530 Pro – Best Bluetooth Tranya Earbuds
  3. T10 – Best Waterproof Tranya Earbuds
  4. M10 – Best Value for the Money Tranya Earbuds
  5. H10 – Best Noise Canceling Tranya Headphones

1 Rimor – Best Budget Tranya Earbuds

We’ll begin with the most affordable Tranya earbuds we’ll see in this review. The Rimor is a set of Bluetooth true wireless earbuds with a charging case. We’re going to see four of this style of earbuds from the Tranya, each with its pluses and minuses.


The sleek charging and carrying case these earbuds come with is the typical Tranya style. It’s sleek, black, and modern. It uses a fast-charging USB-C to power up the case, and the earbuds charge by plugging into their slots.

The earbuds carry a five-hour charge under normal use conditions. However, max volume will tend to drain the battery faster. The case can hold an additional 20 hours of charge, for a total of 25 hours. Charging the buds takes about one hour, so they’re not very quick.


The Rimor buds are powered by 10mm drivers thinly coated with titanium. This is a slightly above-average-sized driver for earbuds and provides a good, full sound.

We found the bass to be moderately strong and the mid-range nice and clear. Highs can be a little less detailed, but at least they’re not piercing. There’s no ANC here, but the in-ear buds do an okay job of blocking out outside noise.


The Rimor features an ingress protection rating of IPx5. So the buds are not dustproof but are sweat and rainproof. Unlike many wireless earbuds, these can be used individually in case you only want the left or right ear on.

They use Bluetooth 5.0 for a great connection with a 10-yard range and fewer drop-outs. The onboard mic uses environmental noise blocking to make your voice come across clearly. Incoming calls, however, could be clearer.

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Lowest price.
  • Good all-around sound and comfortable fit.


  • Relatively short battery life.
  • Slow charging.

2 B530 Pro – Best Bluetooth Tranya Earbuds

Moving up in price, but only slightly, we find the B530 Pro earbuds. Like their cheaper counterparts, these are true wireless, in-ear buds with charging and carrying case. This time, a bit of extra money has added a lot of features and convenience to these earphones.


While the Rimor gives a somewhat disappointing five hours of playback, the B530 Pro bumps that up to eight hours. Not only that, but the charging case can hold another seven charges worth of battery power for a total of 64 hours of playing time.

Furthermore, the charging speed is faster, too. A short 10-minute charge can give you over an hour of use. Meaning these are some of the best fast charging Tranya earbuds and headphones you will find.


These earbuds are driven by 6mm dynamic drivers, which is much smaller than with the Rimor. Despite this size reduction, the sound is quite comparable. The bass here may be a bit stronger, but it’s also muddier.

The high end is more detailed, though, so it’s a bit of a trade-off. Again, they don’t have active noise cancellation, but they do passively block a good bit of sound.


We’re again looking at Bluetooth 5.0 for connection. SBC, AAC, and AptX codecs are all supported here. Although AptX gives the best performance, lowering latency to imperceptible levels. The built-in mic features HD calling and cVc 8.0 Environmental Noise Blocking, giving a really clear sound to your voice. This time, incoming calls also sound very clear.

The onboard controls are all there to start/stop, change tracks, pair with Bluetooth devices, and take calls. However, in this model, the controls are quite sensitive and can be a bit tricky for big fingers to manipulate.

Finally, these guys also feature the IPX5 sweat and rainproof rating.

B530 Pro
Our rating:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


  • Good sound for a good price.
  • Excellent connectivity.
  • Clear calling.


  • Overly-sensitive controls.

3 T10 – Best Waterproof Tranya Earbuds

With another tiny step up in price, we move on to the T10. But are these wireless earbuds a real step up? Or are they simply a step in a different direction? Let’s find out…


At first glance, the T10 and B530 Pro seem to have the same battery life. They can both reach a maximum of about eight hours of playback under normal conditions. They also both have a fast charge of ten minutes to get over an hour of playback.

But on closer inspection, there’s something funny here. The more expensive T10 has a charging case that holds only 26 hours of charge. That’s a total of 32 hours versus the B530 Pro 64 hours.


With the sound, we’re starting to see a difference. While the B530 featured a 6mm driver, the T10 has a 12 mm graphene driver instead. This produces a much juicier bass profile without sacrificing the mids and high-end.

Overall, we were very impressed with the sound here. It’s full and appropriately detailed. The bass is powerful but not overpowering. As a result, these are some of the best sounding Tranya earbuds and headphones on the market.

Once again, on calls, cVc 8.0 Environmental Noise Blocking and a 2-mic system give a very clear sound to your voice. Incoming calls are nice and clear as well.


Here’s another step up – the T10s are rated IPX7. Not only are they sweat and rainproof, but you can also literally wear them in the shower. This makes them some of the best Tranya workout earbuds and headphones available.

They use Bluetooth 5.0 as well and again can be used individually with a range of up to about 30 feet from your device. The onboard controls on these earbuds are touch-sensitive, rather than buttons. They’re less sensitive and finicky than on the B530 Pro, but they’re also smaller. Big fingers may have a tough time with them.

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Great sound profile with strong bass.
  • Great IP rating for waterproofing.


  • Controls are tricky for big fingers.
  • Lower battery power storage with charging case.

4 M10 – Best Value for the Money Tranya Earbuds

It may not be an M16, but the M10 is ready to shoot down the competition, even if it is from the same brand. These are one more pair of true wireless earbuds with a charging case for us to review. But the big question is, are they the best of the best Tranya earbuds and headphones?

Let’s see…


This is the place to start if we’re looking at comparisons. These buds can hold a 10-hour charge, making them the best in class. But on top of that, the charging case can hold seven more full charges, for a grand total of an incredible 80 hours of playback.

Therefore, these are the best battery life Tranya earbuds and headphones you can buy. If that’s not enough, the case can be powered by either USB-C or a wireless charging station (not included).


While the other models we’ve seen had 6, 10, and even 12mm drivers, these big boys have 14.2mm dynamic graphene drivers that are packed with power. This is a really big size for earbuds. To be honest, the extra size and extra weight may put off some users.

But the payoff is big. You’re getting a full sound here with a detailed mid-range. The high end is really impressive. It soars rather than screeches.

The bass can also be enhanced with a bass boost function, but we found this unnecessary for most tracks. It can make the bass pretty overpowering unless you like that sort of thing. In which case, these are the best bass Tranya earbuds and headphones on the market.


Like all the other models we’ve seen, the M10 connects with Bluetooth 5.0 and forms solid connections. It features a rating of IPX5, which is good enough for heavy workouts or light rain. Something quite different is the four-mic (two in each bud) system for calls. This, and cVc 8.0 Noise Cancellation, produces a crystal clear sound for the other end.

Our one big complaint? The online controls are again tiny. Though they’re extensive, big fingers will find fiddling with them tricky at best.

Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Great, full sound with powerful bass.
  • Superior battery life.


  • Tiny, tricky controls.
  • Large size.

5 H10 – Best Noise Canceling Tranya Headphones

The last earphones on our list are also the first – the first different type of headphones.

Instead of in-ear earbuds with a charging case, these are large over-ear headphones that hold all the charge themselves. They might not be the best option for running or working hard at the gym. However, if you want the best Tranya Earbuds and Headphones for listening to music, these are the ones.


Rather than having a charging case, these headphones are simple. Plug them in via USB-C and charge for less than an hour to get them fully pumped with power. They’ll produce about 24 hours of playback on each charge, which is a full day, in case you’re planning something.

Unfortunately, like all earbuds, these headphones can’t be used while they’re charging. However, if you need to use them and they’re dead, there’s a work-around. They come with a cable with a 3.5 mm (1/4”) jack that can plug into most devices (sorry new iPhone users). If you can’t wait, a 10-minute charge gives you five hours of playback time.


How does a 40mm driver compare to the 10 and 14 mm in-ear ones we’ve seen so far? Pretty favorably. You can get a really deep, immersive bass experience from these headphones. The mid-range is, though, not as clear as we found with the M10. This might be due to a bit of bass bleed. The high end is comparable, though, or maybe even clearer.

But on top of the driver, these headphones have Active Noise Cancellation to block out low-frequency sounds like traffic, crowds, or even jet engines while you’re on a plane. You can set them to ANC mode, normal mode, or transparency mode in case you want to hear more of what is going on around you.


These headphones can’t be used individually like buds. They can, though, be easily folded and packed away. Furthermore, the four-mic system produces a really clear call sound from your voice to your caller’s ear, even in noisy locations.

And very surprisingly, and strangely for over-ear headphones, the H10 has an ingress prevention rating of IPX5. You can get caught in the rain and not have to worry about them getting ruined!

Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • A full sound profile.
  • Effective ANC.
  • Excellent battery life.


  • Most expensive on our list.

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What are the Best Tranya Earbuds and Headphones?

We’ve looked at the top products from Tranya. Now it’s time to make a choice, but this time it’s a really easy one. With their superior battery life, great sound, excellent connectivity, and sweat and rain proofing, our favorite are the…

Tranya M10

And let’s face it, they look cool, too. These are the best wireless earbuds from this company, and if you’re lucky, you can pick up a pair at a great price as well.

Whichever phones you choose, we hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Tranya and finding out what their different lines are all about

Until next time, happy listening.

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