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Best Studio Monitor Stands In 2021 – Top 10 Rated Reviews

Making sure you buy the Best Studio Monitor Stands for your studio is not so easy. It is not just a case of are they stable and strong? They need to be, but also the price – they will range widely in cost. They might also need to be adjustable?

Some are designed to be fixed at the optimum level for hearing. Others can change the height to suit whether you are sitting or standing at the time. As mentioned, they need to be stable – you really do not want your monitors crashing to the floor.

Sonic decoupling…

You will also want them to help to give you the cleanest sound possible. Some have rubber feet or foam pads to assist in sonic decoupling. They might need to be moved around, and finally, are you bothered about what they look like? It will be important to some.

Creating the right sound in your studio can be an expensive and very technical operation. The monitor stands are going to play a part in helping to make them sound right.

So, let’s go through the very best on the market and find the perfect pair of monitor stands for you…

best studio monitor stand

Top 10 Best Studio Monitor Stands To Buy 2021 Reviews

1 Ultimate Support MS-90/36B MS Series

The MS-90/36B are part of Ultimate Supports MS series of monitor stands for professionals. They come in two height ranges, but these are the 36-inch models. They are designed so that the central support column is divided into three separate sections. There are two smaller channels that hold the cabling for power and audio requirements.

The third channel is much bigger. This can be filled with sand or similar material to produce efficient sonic coupling.

Choice of feet…

The column is made from anodized conductive aluminum. This acts as a shield for your cabling and reduces any noise and interference to nothing. To ensure you get the right stability for your studio, both ball and spiked feet are supplied.

On the MS series of stands, there are four layers of mechanical decoupling to provide outstanding isolation within the thick pads that are on the shelves of each stand. This protects your monitors from potential scratching or from moving.

Sturdily built…

These stands are well-built, and their features make them comparable with stands that are far more expensive. Sold as a pair, they are impressive in their design. It has to be said the width of the tripod stand feet does not make them look particularly secure. But the weight distribution is designed to ensure their stability.

The size of the top plate is 12 inches by 10.25 inches. There are no specific attachments, and the speaker sits on top of four pads. The weight limit is approximately 60–70 pounds per speaker, which are rather lightweight.

They must be considered as one of the Best Studio Monitor Stands. A good quality build makes these a very good option.

Ultimate Support MS-90/36B MS Series
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Solid and stable build.
  • Three channels in the center stand for cabling.


  • Not adjustable and don’t carry a lot of weight.

2 PAIR of PA Speaker Stands by Hola

These are a pair of speaker tripod stands made by Hola. Not a thing we can ever recall being used in a professional studio. But we can see how they might serve a function in the right environment. They come as a pair and are priced at a very affordable level. If you have the right place to use them, they are a good deal.

They have a very sturdy construction being made of tubed steel. They are adjustable and are best used at heights between four to six feet. To check for fitting, the shaft at the top where the speaker is filled is 1.375 inches. They are well-made and can bear loads of up to one hundred and twenty pounds each.

The adjustments in height are quite basic…

The legs slide down and up on the center tube. There is a locking lock to maintain the selected height. You can use the legs at whatever width is convenient, providing they are secure. A heavy speaker could be prone to topple over if the legs were not spaced out enough.

These are a well-made pair of speakers. Of that, there is no doubt. The question is whether they are usable in a studio. We can envisage potential problems in a studio environment; we just feel these would serve better as PA speakers. Tripod structures are not commonplace in high-end studios. But in a home studio or smaller studio, they could have their place if the speakers had the correct fittings.

Dangling cables…

They do not have a central column with a chamber. Therefore there is nowhere to run cables which means they will be dangling down.

Nevertheless, a well-built pair of stands and at a great price point. That makes them a viable option in the right environment.

PAIR of PA Speaker Stands by Hola
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Well made with a sturdy build.
  • A decent solution for sound projection at a very affordable price.


  • Many will not think the tripod design is suitable for a studio environment.

3 On-Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands

These monitor stands have been designed to offer a variety of height settings. Not every situation requires the same height for your monitors. These offer some options that will allow you to position the monitors where you want them.

The height reach extends from 36.5 inches to 54 inches. Effectively they will extend down to being at ear level when seated. Each stand can handle up to 90 pounds in weight. The central columns have setting holes drilled every four inches. The chosen setting is made secure with a clutch and pin mechanism.

Spikes of rubber feet?

The base is triangular and has a width of 18 inches. It is fitted with spikes to ensure you get a level position for carpet surfaces and for additional isolation. It also has rubber feet for hard floors. The top plate is nine and a half inches square and has foam strips. These will protect the base of your speaker from scratching. It also prevents it from slipping or moving during use.

They are designed to be portable and are built in three sections. Easy to store when not in use.

Perfectly in place…

They are well-designed in that many speakers today are near-field monitors. They will sound at their best when you find the right spot for listening back. As they are so portable with easy height adjustments, you should be able to find that perfect position.

A sturdy build means they will hold the weight. They are set at a good price point and are good value.

On-Stage SMS6000 Adjustable Monitor Stands
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Strong build and well-designed.
  • Plenty of secure height adjustments.


  • The base is a little small, so you could knock them over.

4 Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stands

Rockville is a company based in New York that provide a range of audio systems for a variety of uses, and speaker stands is just one of the accessories they manufacture. They have a reputation for building quality equipment, and these speaker stands are no exception.

One of the major issues with monitor stands is that they need to be secure. These certainly are that, which is why we have included them as possibly the Best Studio Monitor Stands around. These are sold as a pair.

Fully adjustable…

They have a rugged steel construction with adjustable height. The height selection is secured with a nylon clutch. The height range is set from 33 to 45 inches. The selection holes are drilled into the main column and are five inches apart.

The Top Plate or platform measures 9.05 inches by 9.45 and has a solid steel base. There is a pad on top to protect the speaker and to remove any unwanted vibration. Each stand is capable of handling up to 80 pounds in weight.

A Heavyweight option…

The base has a very heavy enforced steel build and measures 17.7 by 17.7. It has the option of screw-in spikes for use on carpet floors or rubber feet for hard floors. The stand can be taken down in four pieces for storage or transportation.

But here is where the fun starts. If you are not a fan of complicated instructions, this might not be the stand for you. You wouldn’t think it could be that difficult, but let’s just say they aren’t the easiest to assemble.

A high standard of build quality and materials, they are very functional. But the construction is something that Rockville needs to look at. They are also not the most stable of stands that you will find.

Rockville RVSM1 Pair of Near-Field Studio Monitor Stands
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Tough steel build.
  • Stable with adjustments at a very affordable price.


  • The instructions for assembly are not so good, and they lack stability.

5 On Stage Stands SMS6600-P Hex-Base Monitor Stand

These are similar to the SMS6600 we have already looked at. The most noticeable difference between them is the shape of the base. The base of this model has a six-sided solid base. It has a good wide base and three rubber feet. This will help to remove any vibration coming through the central shaft. Should you have a carpeted floor, there are also six spikes to secure each stand.

High or low…

It is an all-metal construction with an adjustable design. This gives you a height option of between 36 and a half inches to 54 inches. There is a secure pin-locking system to secure your chosen height with an all-metal clutch. There are options placed at four-inch intervals.

The top plate is nine and a half inches square and has an EVA rubber covering to prevent any speaker movement and absorb any unwanted vibration.

They are quite a solid stand providing you don’t raise them up too high. Each stand can comfortably manage 90 pounds in weight.

Two options for the base…

With the OnStage brand, you have a choice between a triangular base, as on the previously reviewed product, or the solid shape here. The solid shape does increase the weight of the overall stand. This is an attractive option for some as it tends to make them more secure, especially on a hard surface.

They come in three sections. It should be noted for this stand that there are no compartments in the center pole for running cables.

A well-made option but at a slightly more expensive price point, which might put some people off.

On Stage Stands SMS6600-P Hex-Base Monitor Stand
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well-made steel construction.
  • Adjustable with a solid base and rubber-covered platform.


  • Some might find them rather expensive.

6 Gearlux Studio Monitor Stands

This pair of monitor stands from Gearlux is very much a budget range. They are going to suit those who might be just setting up their first studio at home. A budget price they might be, but they are certainly well-made with good materials.

They have an all-steel construction with a simple design. They have a triangular base that has spikes fitted for leveling on carpet surfaces if required. There are also rubber feet for hard floors.

Four adjustments for height…

The central tube has a height adjustment that extends up from 26 inches to 42 and a half inches. There is a safety mechanism that holds the selected height in place, and there is a choice of four different height options. Each stand will hold up to 125 pounds. At the top is a nine-inch square plate, also made from metal. It is lightly padded to ensure the monitor won’t move around. It also reduces any potential vibration noise. Each stand weighs fifteen pounds.

These are, as we said, a budget range of stands. As such, you will not get the quality that you could expect from a more expensive pair of stands. As an example, the center column is attached to the base by just one screw. You will need to ensure that it is kept tight, or the stand may move around a bit.

A budget option produces budget results…

For those on a budget, they are a decent stand providing you don’t expect too much. Possibly also using them at a lower height. Also, with speakers that weigh less than the declared load weight. If you do that they will be ok, we think.

Gearlux Studio Monitor Stands
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Made with some good materials.
  • Affordable price with plenty of height adjustment.


  • Build quality not as high as some.

7 EMB Professional Pair of SS07 Heavy Duty Studio Monitor

These stands from EMB have a lot of positive things about their design. They are quite compact and relatively lightweight, and they come in five adjustable heights. The height ranges from 36 to 57 inches. Height adjustment is easy and quick. They also have a very stable triangular base that measures seventeen inches on each side.

The platform measures a standard size of 9 by 9 inches and has support padding down both sides. Each stand can hold up to 100 pounds of monitor speaker. Their all-metal build makes them feel very substantial. This will mean that they will be considered as one of the Best Heavy Duty Studio Monitor Stands currently available.

Stable and strong…

Overall these are a very good pair of monitor stands. They are stable with a strong build, and they can support a decent weight. If we have to find something that maybe isn’t so good, it is that they don’t have any spikes or rubber feet, which is a standard inclusion with most monitor stands.

Therefore, if you are on a hard floor, then you will certainly need something underneath them to avoid any possible vibrations. If they are on a carpeted floor and the carpet is quite thick, then you could have a problem with movement. Carpet tiles are less of a problem.

Nicely priced…

This might not be a dealbreaker, but it is a shame they have not been included. The rest of the build quality is good, and they are an excellent set of stands at a very competitive price.

EMB Professional Pair of SS07 Heavy Duty Studio Monitor
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Well-made with good strong materials at an affordable price.
  • Adjustable over five different heights.


  • Rubber feet or spikes not included.

8 VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty Adjustable Speaker Stand

These are another pair of what you might term budget range monitor stands. These though, have a few surprises in store. Design ideas that mean they should be considered as one of the Best Studio Monitor Stands.

VideoSecu has created a pair of monitor stands that have an adjustable height, but that also has an adjustable platform size. Most monitor stands just have a flat platform, possibly with some foam or rubber that the speakers sit on. These stands have an adjustable platform that will allow you to accommodate different sizes of speakers. Not only that, but they have clamps on the side to lock the speaker in place. They will adjust in width from 5.5 inches to 11 inches.

Tilt for a perfect sonic picture…

To take the design advantages a stage further, they will also move horizontally through a 180-degree arc. Plus, they will tilt to a plus or minus ten-degree angle. They are made of steel and are quite sturdy, but the only downside is they are only able to support a speaker weight of up to 30 pounds.

They are also height adjustable between 26.5 inches and 47 inches. The center column is hollow to allow you to run cabling through and out of the bottom.

Rubber feet only…

Down at floor level, they have screw-in rubber feet for stability. They would be better used on a hard floor, especially as the base is not particularly wide and could be susceptible to movement.

These are a very good set of monitor stands providing the speakers you want to hold are not too heavy. We think the idea if he adjustable platform size is good, as is the pan and tilt options. Good value at a very good price point.

VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty Adjustable Speaker Stand
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Some very good design ideas at a very affordable cost.
  • The strong metal build with a channel for cabling in the center column.


  • They can only support speakers up to 30 pounds in weight.

9 Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS Home Audio

A fairly cheap option for those on a budget is this Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS monitor stands. They are made from tubular steel that is quite sturdy, but they do also have a few plastic parts. They have a solid tripod three-leg design. Each leg is nine inches long, and so offers good stability.

They have an adjustable height range of between 26.5 inches and 43 and a quarter inches. To adjust the height, they do not have a pin-locking mechanism but rely on a push-button locking operation. Probably not as secure as other locking mechanisms, but it appears to work.

Basic but effective…

The shelf is a standard size of nine and a quarter inches by eight and three-quarter inches. It has four EVA foam pads to prevent slipping and also to reduce any unwanted vibrations. Each stand will be able to hold up to 99 pounds.

The tripod legs are not fitted with spikes for use on carpet. If the location has a fairly thick carpet that is an issue to consider, they do come with plastic feet. Also, any wiring will have to run externally and not through the center column.

They are well-made with a very solid base and platform. The height adjusters might not be the best that you will find, but that is an operation you should only do once, so no real problem there.

For the price-point, these are a good set of monitor stands. They should be considered as one of the Best Affordable Studio Monitor Stands despite one or two small failings. The most important thing is that on a hard floor they are very stable.

Harmony Audio HA-BKSPKS Home Audio
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Well-made with good stability.
  • Very affordable for those on a budget.


  • Some plastic fittings give the impression they aren’t very strong.

10 Pyle Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand

Pyle, of course, needs little by way of introduction as audio manufacturers. Monitor stands are just one of the accessories they produce. Like the speakers and other equipment they make, these have a rugged build.

They are an all-metal tripod design with a center brace; this makes them easy to fold up and put away. Height adjustments are made through a telescoping system. The height is secured with a very solid safety support pin. They have a height range of 28 inches to 44 inches. There are drilled holes every four inches. The locking mechanism is by way of a screw clamp that grips the center column and includes the pin.

Your cables will dangle…

There is a solid metal platform that is 8.9 inches by 8.9 inches. It can hold speakers up to 90 pounds in weight and has rubber pads to prevent the monitors from moving around. There is no built-in cable management system.

One of the problems with tripod designed stands is that they do tend to take up a lot of floor space. That, unfortunately, is the trade-off for having a very secure base. Stands with a smaller footprint are naturally going to be less secure than tripods.

Safe and secure…

Tripod stand legs can be extended to a much more secure width. This makes them a better bet for use in studios with carpet flooring. The wider the tripod, the more secure, but the wider the tripod, the bigger the footprint.

They are a good pair of stands by a manufacturer known for making durable equipment. Set at a very realistic price point makes them a good option.

Pyle Dual Studio Monitor 2 Speaker Stand
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • A good solid design that is very secure.
  • Adjustable height and good features at an affordable cost.


  • Will only really suit those that have space for a wide tripod stance.

Best Studio Monitor Stands Buyers Guide

Can a Monitor Stand Really Be That Important?

Well, it can’t alter the sound coming out of the monitors. But it can alter your perception off how you hear it. Is this Important? Ask a studio engineer who mixes tracks, or is setting up an EQ.

Near field monitoring is popular in studios. It is a way to sit closer to the monitors, which may reduce the sound of the room influencing what you hear. The idea being the closer you are to the monitor, the better your perception of the actual sound.

studio monitor stands

Correct Placement

Getting the position right will depend on how you place your speakers. And what you place them on. Some prefer the speaker’s place on the desk or console, but most agree that placing monitors on stands will produce the best sonic results with the least reflections. However, if you use a stand, it has to be right.

They need to be securely placed. Most have some form of aid to ensure they won’t wobble around. With some, it is spikes and/or rubber or plastic feet. If you are placing tall stands on a carpet with some pile, you will need the spikes. If not, it could move around or, at worst, be easily knocked over.

Height Adjusters Are Also Important

Ideally, the center of the tweeter of your monitors needs to be exactly at ear height while you are seated. Therefore precise adjustment is very important. Stands that only offer a certain number of positions which may be many inches apart can not guarantee this.

The height of the monitor needs to be where you get the ‘near-field’ experience right. But those height adjustors also need to be secure fittings. You don’t want them to fail, and your expensive monitor crashes to the floor. A secure fit on the platform is also important. It helps the monitor to sit in a stable position and also reduces any potential rattle or vibration.

Getting Your Cables Tidy

A tidy studio is a productive studio; therefore, cable management can also be an issue. Some stands have hollow central columns that allow you to put cable through. If you don’t have this, you could end up with cabling all over the place.

One issue you will need to decide is how much space you have for your stands. Tripod stands take up much more floor space than simple base stands, but they tend to be more stable. On the other side, they don’t have very efficient cabling management. That might mean an extra bit of work if you go for a tripod.

There are plenty to choose from. All with good materials. Some have some extra features that are impressive. But this stand needs to be secure and stable and be able to do what you want it to do.

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So, What Are The Best Studio Monitor Stands?

What do we want from monitor stands? Well, we haven’t got a lot of room, so we need some with a small footprint. There are some very good solid stands we’ve reviewed. But for us, we are going to choose a pair with more adjustment options than the others. We have therefore chosen the…VideoSecu 2 Heavy Duty Adjustable Speaker Stand.

They have a strong metal build and provide some very good design ideas at a very affordable cost. They also feature a channel for cabling in the center column to keep the studio neat and tidy. All this makes them our choice for the Best Studio Monitor Stands.

Happy listening!


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