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The 10 Best Student Flutes in 2024

Before we get to your Best Student Flute Reviews, let’s consider that flutes have one enormous claim to fame. In that, they have been proven to be the oldest recorded instrument in the history of the world.

Flutes dating back to 43,000 years have been found. They are not even dissimilar to the instruments we have today. Maybe they resemble a penny whistle more than what Ian Anderson blew us away within the mercurial Jethro Tull. Nevertheless, they are flutes.

[note2]An aerophone?[/note2]

The flute is a member of the woodwind family of instruments. It is different though from other members of that group like the clarinet. The flute does not have a reed. It is an ‘aerophone’ or to be more precise an ‘edge-blown aerophone.’ We recorded with a flute player this year, and we are well aware of the capabilities of this fabulous instrument. It has a variety that most other instruments just cannot match.

It is at once orchestral and classical and then all the way up to ‘Locomotive Breath’ from Tull. From Jazz to Pop, you hear it everywhere. And it is not that easy to play. So when Anderson does what he does in rock music, and Herbie Mann lets the jazz flow, you know they are good.

[note2]California Dreaming…[/note2]

Mozart, of course, wrote an opera, the ‘Magic Flute’ and concertos for it. Pop music has given it a decent share of the attention as well. It has seen use by Stevie Wonder, Deep Purple, Golden Earring, and perhaps most famously California Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas.

An instrument for all seasons? We think so.

So, let’s go through our Best Student Flute Reviews and find the perfect flute for you…

best student flute

The 10 Best Student Flutes of 2024

1 Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute

Wherever there are musical instruments there, you will find Yamaha. And where there is Yamaha, there is absolute quality. Recognized by most as the best all-round instrument manufacturer in the world, they have few if any rivals.

The YFL-221 flute is designed for students. It is popular amongst students because of its great sound and because it has an easy playing style.

[note2]Built to last…[/note2]

It is well-made in nickel-silver and then given a silver-plated finish. This preserves the flute and ensures it is tough and also makes it easy to keep clean. Yamaha recognizes that most instruments for new players take a little bit of punishment at times, and it has been made to last through that. They have used neoprene bumpers instead of the sometimes used cork to make sure there is a good fit and to ensure they are durable.

Yamaha has managed to incorporate many of the features you will find in their more expensive models into this flute. They have cleverly designed a mouthpiece that is great for the student. It makes the instrument easy to play, but it is also good for more experienced players.

[note2]Nicely balanced…[/note2]

The keys are well designed to allow a comfortable playing action so students won’t get tired, which is important in the early stages. It weighs just one and a half pounds and is therefore lightweight and measures 16.6 inches by 6.6 by 3.3 inches. Nicely balanced, it is an easy instrument to control.

We said at the beginning that this instrument has a nice tone. It is balanced across the range of octaves and reacts well to different styles of playing. It is designed with closed hole keys, often known as ‘Plateau’ keys. In short, Yamaha has designed a flute that is perfect for the beginner.

[note2]Offset G key…[/note2]

One feature they have included is to have an offset G key. On some flutes, the keys are all in a straight line. Offset G’s are placed on separate posts and are offset slightly from other keys. A lot of experienced flute players prefer this, and it has been provided to the student with this flute. It comes with a nice padded case.

A great instrument from one of the best student flutes brands. It is quite expensive when compared to some others, but quality costs money.

Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute
Our rating: [usr 4.2]


  • Excellent sounding and easy to play by a great manufacturer.
  • Has many higher-level features, not usually included on a student flute.


  • The price will put some off.

2 Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute

Gemeinhardt is one of the largest suppliers of flutes and piccolos in the world. They were founded by Kurt Gemeinhardt, a German immigrant to the US who arrived in 1928. He set up the Flute making business in 1948. It is still based in Indiana, where some parts of the instruments are still made. It is owned by Angel Industries in Taiwan.

[note2]Silver-plated keys…[/note2]

This flute has been designed for the young player just starting out. It is nicely-made without being exceptional and has nickel body, head, and foot joint that are all silver-plated. The design uses the plateau, closed hole key feature. The keys are also silver-plated.

The intonation is good, and the tone also is nice. Though not as sharp and clear as some of the other student flutes. And there are some nice features included for the student. An offset G key is always a welcome addition to the design of a flute, enabling the player’s comfort.

[note2]Bit of a heavyweight…[/note2]

This is not a particularly lightweight flute for a very young player. It weighs 2.69 pounds, which are heavier than many of the competitors. It measures 23 inches by 5 by 9 inches. Weight is an important characteristic for a young student because of the playing position. Usually, the lighter the flute, then longer the child can practice without getting tired.

The mid-range price point is about right. It is good for someone looking for a budget instrument and doesn’t want to pay top prices. It comes with a zipper case rather than a hard case.

Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute
Our rating: [usr 4.4]


  • Well-made with good materials.
  • Plays nicely.


  • Quite heavy and larger than some other student flutes.

3 Kaizer Flute C Key Closed Hole Purple Body

Kaizer is a musical instrument manufacturer that makes reliable and cost-effective instruments. You can argue that they might not be the best you will ever hear. But for a student for their first instrument, they do very well.

This is a well-built flute in C that is made in China. It has a nickel-silver body with steel springs and padded keys in the French closed-hole design. And features the full 16 keys with an offset G key that makes playing a little easier for a student.


It has a rather interesting finish that, to be honest, we are not sure about. Purple might not be a color we associate, particularly with the flute. Even Ian Anderson, to our knowledge, never went quite that far.

The 1000 series from Kaizer is specially designed for the student and newcomer to the instrument, so playability is high on the design criteria. Keys are made to be airtight to deliver a good sound and intonation with the minimum of effort.

[note2]Lightweight and comfortable…[/note2]

It is quite a small flute compared with some, at 16.7 inches by 5.6 by 3.1 inches, and weighs just under 15 ounces. This makes it lightweight and comfortable to hold. It is important for a new user to get used to the playing position, which, to some, can feel awkward. Heavier flutes make the transition difficult at times and cause tiredness. A lightweight flute for a starter is usually the best option.

We like this instrument apart from the color. That is going to be a personal preference thing, of course. It is comfortable to play with a nice controlled action and has a decent sound. However, it is not in the top range of student flutes, but it is not in their price range either. But is set at a realistic price, which makes it an attractive buy.

It comes with a molded case, lubricant for the keys, cleaning cloth, stand, and a screwdriver. And might be considered the best student flute to buy for a complete novice.

Kaizer Flute C Key Closed Hole Purple Body
Our rating: [usr 4.2]


  • Nicely made with good materials.
  • Some nice playing features for a beginner at a good price point.


  • The color, oh, dear.

4 Jean Paul USA Silver Plated Flute (FL-220)

With your first instrument, some things must be recognized. You want it to be durable and last a while and to look quite nice. But you also want it to sound nice and be easy to play. With this flute from Jean Paul, it ticks most of the boxes but misses out a little on one of them. More on this later.

[note2]Goes the distance…[/note2]

It is quite well made with a cupronickel body and then given a nickel-plated finish. Cupronickel is an alloy of copper that contains nickel. It is known for its hard-wearing attributes. No bad thing when you are designing an instrument for a student.

This instrument is made in China and shipped to the US, where it is inspected. We must confess to being concerned by this insistence by some that it must be made in the US. A lot of the best instruments in the world aren’t.

In fact, one in our midst, we have a pro bass player. He openly says the worst two Fender Precisions he ever played were both American made. He uses an early Japanese model as his preference. The fact that Jean Paul seems to make efforts to hide they are made in China is rather worrying.

[note2]Superb for improving your technique…[/note2]

The flute itself is quite nice and well put together. It has 17 closed holes, which gives a more relaxed playing style and helps develop good technique. Also, it has the offset G design, which is also a good feature to aid playability.

It looks good and sounds nice and clear. Even though it is designed for a student, it will allow them to develop beyond that as they progress.

[note2]But, there’s a catch…[/note2]

It ticks most of the boxes, but we mentioned one area where it does fall down a little. It measures 5.2 inches by 17 by 4 inches, which are not particularly large.

But at over two pounds it is quite heavy. The playing position is not easy to get used to, and so the lighter the flute, the better. This one comes in a little heavy for a starter. It comes with a zipper carrying case and a cleaning rod and cloth. The affordable price point will make it attractive to some.

Jean Paul USA Silver Plated Flute (FL-220)
Our rating: [usr 4.3]


  • Nice design and well made.
  • Good sound and easy to play at an affordable cost.


  • Rather heavy for a very young student.

5 Jupiter JFL710 Silver Plated Student Flute

The Jupiter 710 is fast gaining a reputation for being one of the best student flutes available. It has a nickel-silver body with a brass barrel and nickel-silver keys and heads joint. The quality of these materials combine to give this flute a great sound.

This flute is also very durable due to its build materials and is going to last a student through the early years and possibly beyond. It is a fairly standard size of17 inches by 5 by 3 inches, but it is quite heavy at 2.55 pounds. The weight can be a problem for a young player not used to the playing position. Fatigue can arise very quickly of the flute is too heavy for them. Therefore, this flute might then be better for a slightly older child.

[note2]Simple to play…[/note2]

It does have a nice playing action and has plateau keys, rolled tone holes, and an offset G key. This gives an ease of playing, which encourages the development of good technique.

The sound is quite impressive, and it has a nice even balance across the registers. It certainly is a good flute for a new player and also really looks the part, and is going to impress any young player.

[note2]Superb value for money…[/note2]

It is designed for starter players, but its quality will also allow improvers to enjoy its benefits. And comes with an ABS molded case

This flute is not what you might call a cheap option for a first instrument. The quality of the build and sound will mean a higher price point than some others. It is though cheaper than some and could be considered as the best student flute for the money.

Jupiter JFL710 Silver Plated Student Flute
Our rating: [usr 5.0]


  • Well made with an impressive finish.
  • Nice sound with good features and ease of playing.


  • Some might think it expensive for a first instrument.

6 Mendini Fuschia Pink C Flute With Stand

Mendini has a good reputation for developing instruments for young learners. All of their instruments are well-made and at a very affordable cost. Mostly instruments that might be considered orchestral, they excel in some areas. The C Flute is one of their instruments specially designed for the beginner.

Most musicians will tell you that there are some important issues in learning an instrument. One of those is that it is easy to play. It is one way we can judge whether an instrument is good for a beginner. If it is not designed well, the student will call it a day quite quickly.

[note2]Split E system…[/note2]

Mendini includes as part of their design ideas that every instrument must be student-friendly. This flute is a great example. It is in the standard C key and has closed-hole construction for the 16 keys. An offset G key is a great inclusion that gives the instrument a comfortable playing position. It also utilizes the split E system.

Weight and size are important issues with the ease of playing. This instrument is 18 inches by 5.5 by 3.2 inches and weighs two pounds.

[note2]Pink? Why Pink?…[/note2]

The key bumpers are rubber, which may not be the best material, but the pads are well made, and generally, it seems quite durable. It has a nickel-silver body with an attractive nickel-plated finish that gives it a very professional look.

But here we must make a point. You have an attractive looking instrument with its shiny nickel keys, and you paint it pink? We wonder if sometimes these manufacturers have focus groups to discuss the presentation of their products. We really think that pink is not a comfortable color for a flute, even in the world of Jethro Tull.

[note2]What’s in the box?[/note2]

There are some nice extras. It comes with grease for keeping moving parts operative and a cleaning cloth and gloves. A cleaning rod and a flute stand that folds down and a pocketbook are all included. And of course a nice case.

It really is a nice first flute with some nice features. It is easy to play and has a decent, if not exceptional, sound. The price point is excellent and will make it a very ‘good’ option for a player that is about to start their musical journey. We were about to say an attractive option, but then we remembered the color.

Mendini Fuschia Pink C Flute With Stand
Our rating: [usr 4.0]


  • Good build with good materials.
  • Some nice extras included to go with a nice sound.


  • Pink? Why?

7 Etude Model EFL-100 Student Flute

There are a lot of reasons why this flute is a good buy for a new player. But we would say before we commence our comments that if you are expecting Yamaha quality at Etude prices, then you really need to change your medication. This is a budget flute, no two ways about it. If that is what you want, then read on; if not, there are other flutes available.

Etude is a company well-known for manufacturing a range of woodwind and brass instruments. They are all budget instruments but are well made and quite able to hold their own performance-wise with instruments costing much more.

[note2]Attractive finish…[/note2]

This flute features a silver-plated body, head, keys, and foot. It provides durability as well as an attractive finish. It is the closed-hole plateau design that has an offset G configuration. This makes it easier to play and generates an easy and comfortable playing position. This, in turn, will help to develop a sound technique so important in all music.

It is a standard size measuring 16 inches by 4.2 by 2.6 inches and is very lightweight, weighing just 1,85 pounds. This is an important point. Young people, when they first play any instrument they stand and blow, will not find it a natural feeling. If it is too heavy, arms will ache, and fatigue creeps in. At best, it ends a practice session. At worst, the child becomes disillusioned because they are getting tired.

[note2]Good value for money…[/note2]

The sound is quite good, given the price point, and it plays very well. Given the affordable price, it could be the best student flute for the money. It comes with a case and cleaning rod.

Etude Model EFL-100 Student Flute
Our rating: [usr 4.3]


  • Nicely designed and manufactured with good materials.
  • The great price point for an instrument that sounds and plays so well.


  • Some will just want higher quality.

8 Hawk WD-F113-WT Closed Hole C Flute With Case

The Hawk 113 Flute is another budget instrument designed for those who do not want to spend too much too early. It is always a difficult decision as to how much to plow into a first-time instrument.

This flute has a nickel-plated body and keys, which gives it some durability and to encourage a nice tone. It has steel springs and adequate pads that work in a closed hole design to give a good seal.

[note2]What’s with all the paint?[/note2]

Once again, we have a company that thinks that coloring the flute adds to its appearance. White is not such a shock as some we have looked at, but we think the natural silver look is still best. It is a negative in our eyes because inevitably, the paint will start to chip at some point with use. That is going to happen, no matter how much care you take with it. Then you end up with a not so attractive instrument.

It plays quite easily, and the sound is quite good. You must remember that this is very much a budget instrument, and the sound will reflect that.

[note2]It’s cheap, but not a toy…[/note2]

We would like to make the point here that this is not a toy flute, as we have seen quoted by some people. It is a real instrument and plays and sounds like one, and is well made and durable and ideal as a cheaper option for a new player or anyone on a tighter budget. It comes with a zipper case and cleaning rod.

Hawk WD-F113-WT Closed Hole C Flute With Case
Our rating: [usr 4.2]


  • Decent flute for a beginner that plays easily.
  • Quite a good sound at an affordable price.


  • Some will want a higher level of instrument.

Best Student Flute Buying Guide

Buying That First Flute

There are plenty of student flutes out there, and we have only looked at a few. To conduct these Best Student Flute Reviews, you need to look at a variety of options. We think we have done that. A variety of price ranges and quality levels. Also, in some cases, color schemes. But there is more to this than at first appears.

What Do You Really Need To Look For?

Comfort is essential. A well-made flute will feel comfortable for the player. Some flutes have the offset G key, which is a huge asset to a young player. Steel springs are important, as are the pads and closed-hole design. All make life easier for the younger player and should be considered. At the end of the day, though, it all comes down to one thing. How much are you willing to spend.

best student flute reviews

The Budget

As always, decide and stick as closely to it as possible. There is a wide range of prices. But please remember. You only get what you pay for. If you pay top money, you have the right to expect a top-quality flute. If you pay a budget price, you should not expect that.

Budget level instruments cannot reach the quality of the higher levels. There are some decent budget flutes around. We have looked at a few. But they cannot compete with the top quality instruments.


The answer to that question, given what we have just been discussing, is obvious. One flute stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of design, quality, and sound. You have to give the student the best chance of learning to play.

Some of the flutes we have looked at have been nice instruments, but we wanted that extra bit of quality. Not only in sound but also in playability. We also wanted a flute that was quite light and not too heavy and didn’t have any fancy color schemes. We have therefore chosen as the best student flute the…

[note2]Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute[/note2]

Expensive, of course. Absolute quality, naturally.

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