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Top 8 Best Stage Lighting For Church of 2023

The first question you might be asking yourself is, why would you need Stage Lighting for a Church?

The answer to that is simple. Many churches offer a lot more than just a Sunday service. Weddings and other religious activities can be enhanced with good lighting. And what if the congregation puts on some sort of show?

Entertainment can be an important part of the life of a church and its congregation. Lighting would certainly enhance the performance level in that situation. Using the Best Stage Lighting For Church can make a great deal of difference to the experience people may have. As we say, whilst it could be a benefit on a Sunday, it is so much more than that.

So let’s look at some of the most popular options currently on the market and find the perfect option for your church…

Best Stage Lighting For Church


Top 8 Best Stage Lighting For Church of 2023

  1. LITAKE DJ Par Lights, 36 LED Stage Lights, 2 Packs – Brightest Stage Lighting for Church
  2. Easy Dancing PAR Lighting for Stage, with Remote (4 PCS) – Best Budget Stage Lighting for Church
  3. YeeSite Stage Lights Bar – Best Value for the Money Stage Lighting for Church
  4. Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light – Easiest to Install Stage Lighting for Church
  5. Easy Dancing Stage PAR LED Uplighting – Most Versatile Stage Lighting for Church
  6. YeeSite 70W LED Stage Light – Best Lightweight Stage Lighting for Church
  7. U`King Moving Head Stage Light – Most Durable Stage Lighting for Church
  8. MFL 10w LED Moving Head Light – Best Premium Stage Lighting for Church

1 LITAKE DJ Par Lights, 36 LED Stage Lights, 2 Packs – Brightest Stage Lighting for Church

These are a set of lights that probably aren’t specifically designed for Sunday services. However, they are going to suit a variety of other activities.

It’s party time…

This is a great little system that is going to be suitable for a variety of applications. Church discos, wedding parties, and maybe Christmas or Halloween parties. They are all going to benefit from this lighting system.

But they may also be suitable for plays and stage presentations or other more serious applications. The fixed color lighting option makes them ideal for lighting an area of a stage or a room.

In total, there are 36 LED lights for each unit. Twelve blue, twelve green, and twelve red. They are PAR or Parabolic Aluminized Reflectors. This means they can be very focused on a particular area.

Great controls…

Both lighting units have their own independent remote control. So, you can set up whatever lighting arrangement you want.

There is also the potential for using a DMX controller. The DMX has a sound-activated option. This allows you to sync up flashing lights with the music. The DMX controller is not supplied, but if it was, the price would be significantly increased.

Easy to install…

The build quality is basic but functional and comes with a mounting bracket and fitting screw. They can be used either mounted on a stand or fixed to a wall or ceiling.

They have a protection rating of IP20. That does not include water or condensation, so care should be taken where they are placed.

Lighting features…

There are seven lighting modes giving you a huge range of lighting options. They include static lighting and various color options, but also fade and rainbow. There is also a strobe light.

Some useful design features…

As they are LED, they do not need a fan to keep them cool. There is a digital display that gives you accurate information about the operation currently in use. Plus, the remote controls supplied are laid out very well and are easy to use.

At the price point, these have got to be a good addition to the party activities that might be going on. They are quite basic and are not the strongest nor the most rugged you will find. But take care of them, and they will perform well and will lift any party.

LITAKE DJ Par Lights, 36 LED Stage Lights, 2 Packs
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Plenty of lighting options at a cost-effective price.
  • No overheating problems.


  • Some will require more sophisticated lighting options.

2 Easy Dancing PAR Lighting for Stage, with Remote (4 PCS) – Best Budget Stage Lighting for Church

Another set of PAR lights for illuminating stage areas. These are very similar in design and function to the previous lights. The difference is there are four of these.

A variety of uses…

These also have several options for use. Being four lights, they can illuminate large areas of a stage if used together.

The remote controls also offer the option of fully lighting certain parts of the stage at a time. And then being able to change the area quickly if needed. Perfect for some stage productions.

The lights…

Each light has 36 LEDs with equal numbers of red, blue, and green. These allow you to set the lighting mood for whatever activity they are being used for. There are seven lighting modes. And they can remain static, change color, or they can fade. Each light system has its own remote control with full access to all the features.

A remote control will operate its own designated light. However, if the lights are placed close enough together, then one remote control will operate all four as one. That is a big advantage in some circumstances. These lights also have a plain white lighting option that operates from the remote control.


Installing them is quite easy. They are provided with mounting brackets. Therefore, they can be fixed to walls or ceilings. However, wall fitting could present problems with eye-level light issues.

Likewise, they could be used on the ground. But that may not be such a good idea. They do not have the strongest build and might not take too kindly to knocks.

They have a realistic price point that will be good for those working on a budget.

Easy Dancing PAR Lighting for Stage, with Remote (4 PCS)
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Plenty of lighting options.
  • Easy to install and use at a realistic price point.


  • Some may require a stronger build.

3 YeeSite Stage Lights Bar – Best Value for the Money Stage Lighting for Church

If you are producing stage shows and other events, a stage bar is one of the most used lighting rigs. You will see them at every major theater. Often used at floor level, they can also be hung from ceilings.

Wide coverage…

This is quite a lightweight version, but it will serve its basic function. That is to produce a spread of light over a wide area. For us, that means it could be the best option for your church.

This lighting bar measures 20.5 by 2.6 by 3.3 inches, so it has quite a modest width. It only weighs 3.2 pounds, which means it will need to be placed in an area where it will not take any knocks.

Reasonable build quality…

It has an all-metal construction with built-in brackets for fixing. Screws for attaching to walls or ceilings are included. As the lights are LEDs, they do not need a fan to keep cool. Therefore, they are noiseless when in use.

The lights…

There are 12 LEDs arranged in groups of three red, green, blue, and purple colors. The colors are bright and quite vivid. Plus, they have a spread of forty degrees from the source.

There are five basic modes of operation. There are the standard static color options as well as color change, automatic change, and fade. But as an extra, there is a sound-activated option. This will flash in time with the beat of the music.

Variety of uses…

Besides being useful for plays, musicals, and other stage presentations, these have a variety of other optional uses. They are going to be effective in any party environment. That will include weddings, manger displays, and baptismal ceremonies.

Used in a fixed position, they are a very good option at a very attractive price.

YeeSite Stage Lights Bar
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Bar light system offering a decent spread of light.
  • Some good lighting options at a decent price point.


  • Not the strongest system you will find.

4 Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light – Easiest to Install Stage Lighting for Church

This is a different kind of lighting system, with very specific effects. Some lighting effects target a wide area. It should be noted that this effect is a simulated laser light.

Simulated laser effects…

A light show using simulated lasers can be very effective and quite stunning when set up and used properly. This is a basic version of what are some very complex systems. But it is still an excellent option for anyone wanting to bring a little extra to their party or function.

This light projects a narrow beam that allows you to draw patterns and shapes or just move it around. And you can do that in time with the music if you choose as it is sound-activated.

There are red, green, and yellow lights that are projected. They can be controlled either by the included remote control or by a DMX controller. Likewise, it can be set up to work automatically using the controls on the rear of the unit.


There is a handle on the top of the light for carrying that also contains the screw holes for fitting to a ceiling. A permanent fixture for this light might be the best idea. It measures 7.76 by 5.98 by 4.76 inches and weighs only 2.3 pounds. Therefore, it is quite easy to find a place for its location.

It has a cooling system built-in. And the light is recognized as safe by the FFA, FCC, RoHS, and CE certification authorities.

Superb for weddings…

This is a light that is going to add to the party atmosphere. So, it is ideally suited for wedding parties and other such functions.

Set at a very attractive price point, it offers an alternative light show if that is what you need.

Sumger Professional DMX512 LED Stage Light
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Well-made with easy fitting.
  • Simulated laser light show at a very attractive price.


  • Can be a bit limited in its uses in a church environment.

5 Easy Dancing Stage PAR LED Uplighting – Most Versatile Stage Lighting for Church

Back to Easy Dancing for another of their lighting products. This is a light that is designed to operate in a similar way to the ‘PAR’’ light you may find in theaters. PAR lighting is different from ‘Scoop’ lighting in that it has more of a focus, but covers a smaller area.

These lights do cross over what you might see as the boundaries between the two. But for those working on a budget who need lights to perform more than one function, they are ideal.

Where do you use them?

They have built-in mounting brackets that make them easy to install. They are probably best used over the stage attached on a truss beam or similar. This illuminates in a downward direction and allows for color changes in defined stage areas.

You could also attach them to a wall. But this would mean directing the light across a stage, which in our view might not be a good idea.

The other alternative is on the floor facing up. Again not ideal, we think.

Blinded by the light…

Well, not quite, as they are LED, but they are quite bright. Each of the LED units has nine 10-watt lights. They have four color options of white, green, orange, and blue. Each light also has its own remote control. This allows you to control the lighting color and the brightness of each color and light individually.

This means you can have some colors dimmed while others at full-strength, all at the same time. We think this gives you a lot of options for some creative lighting.

If you are looking for lighting options, these could be the Best Stage Lighting For Church activities and functions.

Remote Control

All of the lighting options are controlled by remote, including sound activation. Additionally, you can use the DMX controller.

It offers eight different lighting modes, including static and fades, changing colors, and others. The all-white option can act as a spotlight if the light is set at the correct angle.

An excellent lighting system at a very competitive price point, considering there are four lights.

Easy Dancing Stage PAR LED Uplighting
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Simulated theater lights suspended from a truss rod.
  • Good lighting options with remote and DMX at a cost-effective price.


  • Will need to be handled with care.

6 YeeSite 70W LED Stage Light – Best Lightweight Stage Lighting for Church

This is another light, similar in design to many others. As this is a single light at a cost-effective price point, it does offer some options.

New to lighting?

If you are considering getting lights in your church or other establishments, this might be worth a look. Rather than invest a lot of money in more comprehensive systems, this gives you a chance to try it out.

It will certainly answer the question of whether or not it makes a difference at functions. Lighting can do that, but sometimes you just need to see the results for yourself, and this is a very cost effective way of doing that. You can always upgrade and add more lighting later when you are happy with the results.

Easy to install…

It is a small light measuring just 6.9 by 6.9 by 3.9 inches and lightweight, so it is easy to install. It can be used attached to a wall or placed on the floor. However, its best position would be above the subject, with lighting directed downwards.

It has dual mounting brackets that will provide a secure fitting. Once in position, the angle of the light can be adjusted slightly.

Plenty of color…

The LEDs have a four-in-one capability. Meaning it can display red, blue, green, and white light. The projection strength is very bright, given there are only seven LEDs. It can be set up to display one color or multiple colors.

There are several display options, including static and sound-activated, but it also includes a strobe. There is a port to allow you to join other lights up in a chain format.

Easy to use…

All the functions of this light are easily accessible through the remote control. It allows color change and function change and can switch to bright white light at the touch of a button. This is an added plus point if you have a DJ for a party who may want instant color changes to suit the mood of the music.

Well-suited to a range of functions and activities, it is an attractive option.

YeeSite 70W LED Stage Light
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Plenty of color features at a cost-effective price.
  • Easy to install and use with remote control.


  • Only one light, and some may need more.

7 U`King Moving Head Stage Light – Most Durable Stage Lighting for Church

This light is designed to offer a similar performance to a spotlight that you might see on a stage at a theater. Though it does have some extra options that we will look at later.

Spotlight effect…

Its principal source of light is a centrally located LED rated at 60 watts. It will project four colors, Red, Blue, Green, and White.

This is, therefore, a beamed, near spotlight effect, with options for changes in the mood during the performance. But it should be noted that it is not a spotlight as such. It just gives a spotlight effect by lighting a small area.

The Moving Head

It has what they describe as a moving head, which needs to be adjusted manually as there is no remote control. It can be panned and tilted to light a specific area.

In a situation where this light is mounted permanently in a ceiling, then it will need to be set in advance. Although, if it were wall-mounted, then it could be adjusted and moved as required.

Some extra options…

We mentioned some included extras in the lighting set up. These are 12 LEDs surrounding the main central LED. Set in a ring, they also have individual color options. This will give a variety on the single light from the main source they surround. They have red, blue, and green color options.

There is also a cooling fan system built-in to ensure the unit does not get too hot during extended use.

Expensive for the coverage…

It has nice features but has what you might call limited use. Good for highlighting specific areas, but not so good for floodlighting a larger stage area. Furthermore, it is not a particularly cheap option.

U`King Moving Head Stage Light
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • The main beam and surrounding small LEDs offer varying lighting options.
  • Has its own cooling system.


  • Might have limited usage for some.

8 MFL 10w LED Moving Head Light – Best Premium Stage Lighting for Church

We stay with the moveable-head light theme, but this is a pair of lights from MFL. Lights such as these go a long way to simulate the actions and performance of a theater spotlight. However, it has to be said, not as effectively.


These lights will be best positioned in or around the ceiling. Thus allowing them to project tier light onto a dance floor or stage. It might not be wise to have them at the floor or eye level as they can be quite blinding in their effect.

Having the light project downwards will also give you options related to the environment you are in. Probably best suited to discos and parties, they can create very effective floor patterns. We would think that as the light beam is so sharp that they will be best suited to smaller rooms rather than larger venues.

The lights…

They have a sharp and penetrating beam. But they also have faders to allow you to dim them if required. There is a strobe option built-in. They have a range of brightness levels and can, therefore, be adjusted to suit the mood. There are also color options via the 4-pack gels that are included.

They have wide pan and tilt options, so positioning is very good. These lights are not going to be suitable for those wishing to floodlight a stage, But they are there to act as highlighting support. And also to create a visual show of their own.

They are quite expensive.

MFL 10w LED Moving Head Light
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Can create interesting shapes and beams in a variety of colors.
  • Useful tilt and pan features.


  • Quite expensive.

Best Stage Lighting For Church Buying Guide

Best Stage Lighting For Church Review

Three considerations you should think about before you rush out to get your lights.

The Building

Churches are all different. Some are hundreds of years old and certainly not built with the idea of amplified music or lighting in mind. The shape of the space where you will employ your lighting needs to be considered as well.

You might meet in rented accommodation that is essentially just a square room. In many ways, that will be an easier space to light. But again, the size of the area you want to light needs to be looked at.

The size and shape of your building are important to consider when thinking about lighting.

What is the lighting for?

There will probably be two areas where you will employ your lighting. The first is for religious events such as weddings. Both during the service and after.

Employing soft and moody lighting could enhance the experience for everyone. But, if there is to be a wedding party, the lights need to be able to fulfill other lighting requirements.

If you place your lights permanently on a stage, they may have a limited effect, even on an audience that may be dancing just a few meters away. You cannot avoid this issue, and this is where extra lighting requirements are required; this is why we say you need to consider all aspects before buying. That is assuming you want a separate lighting configuration from the stage to the floor.

If the lighting is solely to light the stage during a meeting to highlight the speaker, it becomes much easier.

The Cost

The third consideration is how much you want to spend. Re-emphasizing our last point. If you want multiple lighting systems for different activities, it is going to cost more.

Lighting a stage or an area set aside as a stage will allow you some of the activity. Highlighting speakers, wedding services, even small plays, or musical events. They can all be conducted via simple stage lighting.

The extra expenses will come if you want lighting on a dance floor area or an area designated for that purpose. That may include beam or strobe lighting and the options to change colors.

There are some good options around that cover all the requirements. And you haven’t got to buy it all in one go. You could gradually add more lighting as you require it.

Are you upgrading the sound system of your church as well as lighting?

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What is the Best Stage Lighting For Church?

Something simple just to light up a performance area. Easy to fit and to maintain and use with some varieties of colors is all we would need.

We would therefore pick the…

YeeSite Stage Lights Bar

It has a variety of uses and can be located in various locations.

Our choice as the Best Stage Lighting For Church.

5/5 - (90 votes)

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