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Top 6 Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV in 2023

With the sudden surge of new technology has come new opportunities. One of them that has made a big difference was the chance to have quality sound and pictures on your TV screen. Whether it was just watching TV or watching movies, the standards rose, and they are still rising.

One of the companies that have emerged since the turn of the century on the back of technological advances is Roku. Not a name that some will be familiar with, so who are they?



Roku is an American company founded in 2002 in California, where they are still based, although some of their products are made in Mexico. They have become known for manufacturing a range of digital media products. These access media streaming sites from a variety of online sources.

The first product was released in collaboration with Netflix in 2008. Since then, Roku TVs have become an important player in the market.

What is a Roku TV?

It’s a TV but a bit more than just a TV. It is also a little bit more than a smart TV. It offers quite a few more options, including being able to customize your home screen.

The remote control is simple to use and enables you to launch movies and TV shows. It also gives you automatic software updates and keeps you up to date on new features.

To get the best from it, you need a decent sound system. A soundbar is very much a part of that system. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the best soundbars for TCL Roku TV and find the perfect option for you.

Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV

Top 6 Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV in 2023

  1. Bose Smart Soundbar 700 – Best Premium Soundbar for TCL Roku TV
  2. LG Electronics SJ2 Soundbar – Best Compact Soundbar for TCL Roku TV
  3. Sony HT-S350 Soundbar – Best Value for the Money Soundbar for TCL Roku TV
  4. Bose Soundbar 500 – Best Soundbar with Alexa for TCL Roku TV
  5. TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel Dolby Audio Soundbar – Best Budget Soundbar for TCL Roku TV
  6. SAMSUNG 2.1-ch A550 A Series Soundbar – Best Soundbar and Subwoofer Package for TCL Roku TV

1 Bose Smart Soundbar 700 – Best Premium Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

Bose is a well-known company that produces good quality sound systems. The Soundbar 700 is one of their high-end offerings and ideal for connecting up to a RokuTV.

The Build

It has a sleek design that measures 38.5 by 2.25 by 4.25 inches which makes it quite large. Therefore, it is probably going to look better hooked up to a larger-sized TV. It weighs over ten pounds. It comes with a remote control.

The Sound

Bose is known for manufacturing systems with good sound, and this is no exception. The sound is impressive and picks up all the nuances and details that other soundbars might miss. As a result, it’s one of the best sounding soundbars for Roku TV you can buy.

The sound has plenty of bottom-end and generates a powerful bass and crisp middle and highs. For standard movies on TV, you may find you won’t need a subwoofer. However, should you decide to make it part of a home entertainment system, it is compatible with other Bose smart speakers.

Special Features

This bar has a built-in intelligent feature. It can adapt the sound to the environment of the room. This ensures you get top-quality performance no matter what the size of the space you are in. But it has other good features as well.

  • It has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • A mic that’s noise-rejecting allows hands-free voice control.
  • Using Alexa, you can make or take calls from anyone on your contact list.
  • Great connection using Bluetooth to stream your favorite music.
  • Bose Music App for guided help to set up.
  • Bose SimpleSync allows you to pair outer Bose products, including compatible Bose headphones.

Plenty of features to keep you listening. Other connections on the bar include HDMI, ARC, Micro USB, and Digital Optical. Meaning it’s also one of the most versatile soundbars for Roku TV on the market.

The Controls

As I said, it comes with a remote control that will also work with other Bose appliances and the TV. This gives you three ways of controlling the soundbar. The remote, your voice, or with the Bose Music app. It isn’t the cheapest you will find, but the quality and features are very good.

Bose Smart Soundbar 700
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great sound with plenty of features.
  • Good build and design and can form part of a complete system or stand-alone.


  • Rather large and it is quite expensive.

2 LG Electronics SJ2 Soundbar – Best Compact Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

Let’s turn our attention now to this cost-effective system from LG. Not everyone wants to spend a lot of money achieving a better sound in their home. LG Electronics aims its products at that market.

Founded in South Korea in 2002, they’ve become a well-known multi-national brand name in consumer audio. And this system is a good example of why. They manufacture good quality audio at a very attractive price.

The Build

The soundbar is a compact unit measuring just 32.6 by 8.3 by 11.8 inches and so is suitable to fit in smaller rooms if necessary. The subwoofer weighs 3.75 pounds and has a bass port. Between them, they can generate an output of about 80 watts peak, 40 watts RMS.

The Sound

Being that it is a cost-effective Roku TV soundbar system, the sound can best be described as acceptable. Having the added subwoofer does make a difference, especially in the bottom-end, as you would expect. The soundbar as a stand-alone is not such a good buy.

But, if all you want to do is get an improvement on the sound that your TV gives you, this system is worth considering. The 40 watts approximately of RMS output means it’s one of the best Roku TV soundbars for small rooms currently available.

The Connections

It has connections for both Bluetooth and Optical. There is also a USB port. Please note, though, that the optical cable is not supplied as part of the package. The Bluetooth connection will allow you to stream in your favorite playlists from your smartphone or other compatible devices.

Economical it is, but don’t expect the highest quality sound. For those on a budget, it is a drastic improvement on whatever sound your TV offers.

LG Electronics SJ2 Soundbar
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • A cost-effective price that includes the soundbar and a subwoofer.
  • Compact in size and with decent sound output.


  • Some will require better quality audio.

3 Sony HT-S350 Soundbar – Best Value for the Money Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

Let’s take a look at a system from Sony, one of the powerhouses of consumer audio. We know enough about the Sony Corporation to know this is going to be a quality system at an affordable price point.

The Build

This is a soundbar with a separate subwoofer. The soundbar has been given a sleek and smart design that will allow it to fit stylishly in most rooms. It is quite a lengthy bar measuring 35.5 by 3.5 by 2.63 inches. 

The subwoofer is quite compact, though, and measures 7.48 by 15.03 by 15.35 inches. Together they give you a 2.1 surround sound experience. 

The Sound

Although it isn’t comparable to the highest levels of audio equipment, the sound is very good for such an attractive price point. It offers 160 watts of power RMS, so there is plenty there for even a decent size room.

But while the power is more than acceptable, the quality exceeds that which you might expect. The surround sound system imitates the theater experience, with the subwoofer working to give you depth. The soundbar is pushing the mids and giving a bright top end, so the voices are clearly audible.

The soundbar projects the sound in different directions. Forcing it to bounce off walls to immerse you in what is going on as it does in the cinema. Meaning this is one of the best surround sound soundbars for Roku TV you can buy.

Different Sound Settings

There are seven different settings designed to suit what it is you’re watching. You can choose from Cinema, Music, News, Sports, Auto, and Standard Audio.

The Connections

It has the standard choice of HDMI, ARC, and Digital Optical as well as Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth, you can stream in your favorite playlists and movies from your smartphone or tablet.

If there is a negative with the connections, it is only that there is no USB port. But to finish on a high point, the price point makes this a contender as one of the Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV. To find out more, don’t miss our comprehensive Sony HT-S350 Soundbar Review.

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Plenty of high-quality volume.
  • The subwoofer provides a deep bottom end.


  • No USB. 

4 Bose Soundbar 500 – Best Soundbar with Alexa for TCL Roku TV

Back to Bose again for another of their sound options. This soundbar has a very stylish and slim design. It has a smaller footprint than the previous Bose model we looked at, measuring just 31.5 by 1.75 by 4 inches.

Decent Features

It has plenty to offer even though it is significantly cheaper than the 700. There are built-in voice assistants, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The sound of your voice, which activates them, is collected by an array of eight mics.

The sound from the speakers in the soundbar is calibrated to be distributed to various parts of your room. From there, it bounces off the walls to give you that immersed feeling.

It has access to the Bose Music App and comes with a remote control. So, there are three ways in which you can control the sound. The app, the remote, and your voice.

The Connections

You are provided with the usual connection formats of HDMI, ARC, and Digital Optical as well as Bluetooth. The latter will allow you to play your playlists and any movies from your smartphone or tablet.

The system will generate about 65 watts at RMS. A decent system, but as it is Bose, it might be a little expensive for some. The sound quality, though, is quite good.

Bose Soundbar 500
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Good sound quality.
  • Offers a decent surround sound experience with sound distribution.


  • Not a cheap option.

5 TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel Dolby Audio Soundbar – Best Budget Soundbar for TCL Roku TV

Let’s go looking for a budget model now. This is a 2.1 setup that, despite its cheap price tag, does a good job with programs heavy in dialogue. By that, I mean chat shows on TV, game shows, and even podcasts.

It has a standard design and finish, the soundbar measuring 34.25 by 13.75 by 10.25 inches. The subwoofer measures 12.8 by 7.9 by 7.9 inches. This is a system that is advertised as Roku TV ready, so let’s see what it offers.

The Sound

It will excel with dialogue-heavy TV shows. The reason for this is it has a very balanced mid-range and will reproduce voices with great definition. Another reason is the decoding by Dolby Digital, which besides bringing good surround sound, also produces clarity with voices.

This system comes with a subwoofer that gives you some deep bass, and it has sound options for movies, music, and spoken-word programs like the news.

The Connections

It is Bluetooth enabled, so you can hook up the playlists or movies on your smartphone or tablet. Or you can connect up to your favorite music streaming sites. It also has HDMI and optical connections. Therefore, it is one of the best easy setup soundbars for TCL Roku TV straight from the box with minimum fuss.

It is a simple soundbar and subwoofer system. While it is very cost-effective, you will notice the difference in its lack of sound quality compared with other systems. Nevertheless, it is a big step up from what your TV provides. If you want a very cheap option, then this is worth a look. 

TCL Alto 6+ 2.1 Channel Dolby Audio Soundbar
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Easy to use and set up at a very cost-effective price.
  • Has the usual connectivity options.


  • Some will just want a better sound quality.

6 SAMSUNG 2.1-ch A550 A Series Soundbar – Best Soundbar and Subwoofer Package for TCL Roku TV

This soundbar from Samsung is another product that represents decent value for money. And as usual with Samsung equipment, it offers plenty of features and extras built-in.

The Build

The soundbar measures 3.3 by 33.9 by 2.2 inches and has a simple, understated look. Unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t seem to issue the size of the subwoofer. However, the size is quite compact and won’t take up too much space.

Useful Sound Features

Samsung has included some sound enhancement features. There are bass and treble adjustments as well as a bass boost. They have also included a dialogue enhancement control to ensure the voices are clean and pronounced.

It is given controls for surround sound and what Samsung calls adaptive sound. Adaptive sound takes the video content and optimizes the sound output to the pictures.

The Sound

The overall performance is rather neutral. Nothing leaps out at you and excels. It has balanced mids and a little extra bass, courtesy of the subwoofer. But even the extra low-end is not what you would call prominent.

With the mid-range being acceptable, it will be good for shows and movies with plenty of dialogue. But if you are looking for some serious bottom-end for movies, it will not give you that despite the subwoofer.


It has Dolby Digital 5.1/DTS Virtual to give you a full surround sound experience. However, it does not support Dolby Atmos content. At the price point, a decent enough system if you are not expecting too much.

SAMSUNG 2.1-ch A550 A Series Soundbar
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • A soundbar and subwoofer package at an attractive price point.
  • Plenty of sound enhancement features.


  • Lacking a low-end despite the subwoofer.

Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV – Buying Guide

Buying Guide

The idea of the soundbar was to be part of a home entertainment system. That might be as a stand-alone piece or part of a larger setup. Its design means it doesn’t take up what you might call “conventional space.” But there are some things to consider.

The Size of the Room

  1. Make sure there is enough space around the TV in your room. Available space will need to accommodate the soundbar and, of course, the subwoofer if one is included.
  2. If you plan to place it under your TV, is there enough width to accommodate a soundbar? Some can go up to 40 inches.
  3. Room size is relevant when you are considering the amount of power you need. If the room has high ceilings, for example, the requirement will be more than just a standard 4-meter square room.
  4. Consideration for others is perhaps something to be aware of. If you are in an apartment, is your TV room next to your neighbor’s bedroom? If so, then attaching speakers to the walls or using excessive power is not a good idea.

How Much Power Do You Need?

The power of your soundbar is shown in watts. Larger wattage does not mean better quality. It is just a measure of how loud it will go. 

Bear in mind that some manufacturers can be a bit naughty, and shall we say “over-enthusiastic” with their power claims. You might see a system described as 150 watts. But that might be the absolute peak it can handle. It doesn’t operate comfortably at that level. 

If you see the initials RMS that is the average power output you can expect the speakers to handle. If there is no RMS stated, then assume the number is peak. Halving it by 50% will give you an approximate RMS level. Therefore, a system described as being 150 watts peak is actually about 75 watts RMS.

Where There Are No Mention of Power Levels

Some manufacturers may deliberately not include any power ratings. That is not necessarily an attempt to cover up an underpowered system. It is more likely to be that the manufacturers think that people relate power to quality. 

So, a smaller number means less quality? Not the case at all, so they are just protecting their product from adverse comments. I would consider 100 watt RMS output to be more than adequate for an average size room.

The Connections

What sort of connections will you need? Here is a list of what you should look for:

  • Optical, connected by cable from TV to soundbar.
  • HDMI ARC, although it must be an ARC port.
  • Bluetooth, check that your TV is Bluetooth compatible, Roku TVs will be.

Channel Configurations

You will see a variety of configurations. They might be described as 2.1, 3.1, 4.1, 5.1, 2.0, and 3.0. The higher the number, the more channels, and therefore, the better the surround sound and the quality of the audio. So, a 5.1 configuration will have more channels than a 2.1, and you would think a better sound experience.

Expert opinion seems to indicate that you will get the best surround sound experience from a 3.1 and higher system. Having said that, there are plenty of 2.0 and 2.1 systems that offer a very good sound experience. And as they are usually much cheaper, they are very popular.

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What are the Best Soundbars for TCL Roku TV?

A difficult choice because there are some good systems listed. And when you compare the prices you have to pay for each they are all quite attractive. But if I had to pick one, I would go for the…

Sony HT-S350 Soundbar

A very good system from a very good manufacturer that includes a subwoofer for some low-end.

Until next time, happy listening.

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