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Top 55 Best Songs With Pink In The Title

The color pink could be a topic all on its own. In its most basic form as a color, it is made by mixing white with red. There are sensual undertones associated with the purity of white and red. Perhaps that is why pink is always associated with the female gender.

Ballet shoes are pink, as is the ballet tutu. Very feminine, but then the original bubblegum was pink, as is candy floss, better known as cotton candy in the US. It has also left its mark on our psyche if you consider Marilyn Monroe’s dress color in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.”

50 shades of pink? 

From Barbie dolls to soft champagnes, there are plenty of pinks you can see. It has shades that can offer different meanings. Compassion, love, or just an expression of youth. 

It has also been used in a range of situations, and of course, music is just one. That’s why I decided to take a look at some of the best songs with pink in the title.


Is It A Color At All?

You might find those people that argue that pink isn’t a color at all. Colors, scientifically, are a single light frequency. Therefore, it could be argued that pink is a combination of frequencies (white and red) and isn’t a real color.

I suppose the answer to that is, “Can you see it? Has it got a shade you can differentiate from other shades?” Then it is a color. Songwriters can certainly see it. So, let’s take a look at how the word pink is used in music.

Top 55 Best Songs With Pink In The Title

1 Pink Cadillac (Single B-Side – 1984) by Bruce Springsteen

Let’s start this list of the best songs with pink in the title with the “old warhorse” himself. Not everyone’s favorite, of course, but he did help to define American rock n roll in the 20th Century. Furthermore, he writes good songs with sometimes some very insightful lyrics.

“Pink Cadillac” was released in 1984 and was written by Springsteen. He has a bit of a ‘thing’ for Cadillacs, hence the title. It is a humorous rockabilly-type song that might be better known as a hit for Natalie Cole, who recorded and released it in 1988.

2 Pink Lemonade by James Bay

James Bay’s composition strikes a chord with some people; it is a song essentially about escapism. But not in the literal sense. He just wants to relax and drink some pink lemonade and watch TV. 

Additionally, he does not feel like having complex and awkward conversations that his partner wants to have.

I am sure we have all felt a little like that at one time or another. Not all of us like to discuss our innermost feelings. Sometimes, we need to, but at this moment, for James Bay, it is not the right time. He just wants his drink.

3 Pink Champagne by Ariana Grande

This was originally recorded and scheduled to be included on her first album. But, they delayed releasing it for a while, so it wasn’t included. She, or someone, wanted to wait until she had got 10 million followers on Twitter…? I don’t know either. 

It is an upbeat and “having fun” song. She refers to people who work hard, herself included, who like to take some time for themselves. Maybe drink some Pink Champagne.

4 Pink Moon by Nick Drake

Nick Drake was a British singer who received very little in the way of public recognition during his short lifetime. It was only years after his death his work started to be noticed.

One reason behind his anonymity was his refusal to do concerts and conduct interviews. Therefore, his music went largely under the radar.

Unfortunately, he died at the age of 26. He was suffering from severe depression, and the prescribed drugs he was taking caused his death. Whether it was by accident or a deliberate act by him is unknown.

He left a small body of work… 

The 1972 album and song Pink Moon is an example. It is a simple song with the word pink coupled with a beautiful melody and just played on guitar. Robert Smith of The Cure cited it as an inspiration to him.

5 Pink Houses by John Cougar Mellencamp

The title gives the impression this is a pleasant song about nice little houses with pretty flower-filled gardens. However, it could hardly be further from the truth. 

It is a heavyweight condemnation and commentary on social and racial injustice in America. Something that some seem to have a hard time admitting still exists. Mellencamp was inspired to write the song after seeing an old African-American sitting outside his pink house with his dog.

Additionally, in a poll by Rolling Stone magazine, it is considered one of the best 500 songs ever written.

6 Pink Triangle by Weezer

Let’s stay with songs carrying a commentary on social situations with this track from Weezer. It is a very well-written song describing a situation that draws on historical perspectives to emphasize its imagery.

A sordid past…

The pink triangle is a well-known symbol today, but in the 30s and 40s, it was a “badge of shame.” The Nazis placed pink triangle badges on the clothes of gay men incarcerated in concentration camps. 

Therefore, the badge had a huge symbolic meaning. It was revived in the 1970s but in a positive light as a protest against homophobia. Today, it has been adopted by the wider LGBT community as a symbol of pride in themselves.

This pink in the title song talks about a man who appears slightly unstable and is attracted to a girl. He wants to get to know her but then sees the pink triangle on her clothes.

7 Pink Rabbits by The National

This is a slow rock ballad with just guitar and piano to accompany the voice. Essentially, the song is about a relationship that has gone wrong. The lyrics refer to how sad he is and wonders if she is thinking about him. The song ends on a happy note when she returns.

8 Geek in the Pink by Jason Mraz

There is an old expression about not judging a book by its cover. There is some truth in it, of course. Maybe you think they would have taken more care with the cover if they had wanted to be taken seriously.

Perhaps that applies to relationships as well, which is what this song is about. Boy likes the girl, but his pink shirt puts her off, and she brands him a geek. His message to her is not to judge him, or she may miss out on something. 

Maybe another color shirt might have helped. However, then we wouldn’t have had this song with pink in it.

9 Pink Christmas by Tori V

This is a song by a young girl completely obsessed with the color pink. She wants to have a “Pink Christmas,” and the song is a letter to Santa Claus asking for all her presents to be pink.

She wants a pink robe and a pink sweater and wants to drink pink fondue. Strangely, she also wants a pink cat. Not sure she will be lucky there.

It is a harmless enough upbeat song describing what is, for her, the best Christmas she could have. A pink one.

10 Pink by Aerosmith

This is a song that has probably got a back story that we should not delve too far into. In some circles, the word pink refers to a very potent opioid popular among rock musicians. 

Aerosmith has been known to take things to extremes at times. Including the whole band being admitted to rehab in 1986. So, maybe this song is about that type of ‘pink’ rather than a song about things colored pink.

The song is about the singer’s love of all things pink. It was the third single from the 1997 Nine Lives album and brought them success on both sides of the Atlantic. What list of the best songs with pink in the title would be complete without it?

11 Pink Guitar by Reba McEntire

We all have dreams, and this song is about chasing those dreams. Never give up is the message. She saves up all her spare money to travel around singing and playing, trying to make it happen.

Her dream is to sing where her idols, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, have sung – The Grand Ole Opry. To do this, she spent just about all of her money on a pink guitar. I doubt it will be the first time they have seen one in Nashville. 

A song that will encourage people to follow their dreams. You never know they might take you.

12 Pink by Julia Michaels

This is a song with the same name as our previous look at the same title by Aerosmith. Although, this song has little in common with that track. This is what you might call purely a dance track, even though it’s got some nice guitar parts. It’s taken from her 2019 EP Nervous System.

The song and lyrics are playful and tell of her boyfriend’s obsession with her. But she doesn’t mind; it’s all part of their relationship. The chorus is rather repetitive, so it won’t win many songwriting awards. But that is what dance tracks often need, so no bad thing in the context of the genre.

13 Pretty Pink Ribbon by Cake

Cake may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of alternative rock bands. But this is a track that is lifted from their album released in 2001, Comfort Eagle

They were formed in Sacramento, California, in 1991 and spent quite a few years playing Los Angeles clubs, trying to get that elusive breakthrough.

Double meaning…

In the beginning, it sounds like a man complaining about how everything is laid on a plate for the woman. But the song is just setting you up. 

It criticizes the gender norms we all sometimes just follow. And also touches upon how women still do not have an equal voice to their male counterparts in some areas. As the song says, “the grass isn’t always greener” on the other side.

14 Four Pink Walls by Alessia Cara

Four Pink Walls was Alessia Cara’s first album, and this is the title track. It is a good effort at trying to be positive and has an upbeat feel. She tells how when she was growing up, her room had four pink walls.

She would lay in her room dreaming of being a singer and songwriter. After she had made the dreams come true, she changed rooms. Maybe because she felt she didn’t need that feeling anymore. But, she sometimes misses her pink room where she could create and believe in her dreams. 

15 Pink And Glitter by Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an American singer-songwriter who accompanies herself on the piano. She is classically trained and has an interesting mezzo-soprano voice. She built a big following by writing songs candidly about several issues, including feminism, religion, and politics. 

If there is one thing that will usually stir the emotions in women, it’s having a child. This song is all about that emotion. She wants the world to become pink in tribute to her daughter. 

Listening to her, you can hear in her voice a mother’s love for her daughter. A nice track and not too cheesy as these types of songs can often be.

16 Pink Panther Theme by Henry Mancini

17 Pink Balloon by Ben Harper

18 Pink Sun by Dreamers

19 Pink Magic by JJ Lin

20 Pink Champagne by Watsky

21 Pink Champagne by Nick Lopez

22 Pink Glove by Pulp

23 Pink Tuxedo by FOXES

24 Pink Matter by Frank Ocean

25 Pink Spider by hide

26 Pink Houses (Acoustic) by Butch Walker

27 Pink by Boris

28 Pink Toes by Childish Gambino

29 Pink Clouds by LP

30 Pink Cigarette by Mr. Bungle

31 Pink Rabbits (Solo Version) by The National

32 Pink Triangle (Acoustic) by Rivers Cuomo

33 Pink Socks by Faye Webster

34 Pink Champagne by The Bees

35 Pink Star by Fox Stevenson

36 Pink Magic by Marian Hill

37 Pink Sweater, Green Jacket by Dodie

38 Pink Floyd by Bobby Cobb

39 Pink Ribbon by Jill Sobule

40 Pink Cadillac by Keith Urban

41 Pink Cloud by Pegboard Nerds

42 Pink Balloon by Tim Atlas

43 Pink Champagne by Katelyn Tarver

44 Pink Hat by Sofi Tukker

45 Pink Champagne by Future Teens

46 Pink Guitar by Janelle Arthur

47 Pink Moonlight by John Splithoff

48 Pink Matter (Remix) by Andre 3000

49 Pink Rabbits (Live) by Matt Berninger

50 Pink Feather by Serena Ryder

51 Pink Champagne by New Years Day

52 Pink Jellyfish by Wolf Alice

53 Pink Triangle (Live) by Tegan and Sara

54 Pink City by Indian Jewelry

55 Pink Lemonade (Acoustic) by Tessa Violet

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Best Songs With Pink In The Title – Conclusion

I have tried to include a range of songs from a variety of genres. They all do have one thing in common, the word Pink. Is it a color? Of course, it is. And there are plenty of songs that celebrate it.

Until next time, let the music play.

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