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Top 38 Best Songs for Slow Motion Video

We all like a scene in a movie that includes slow motion. If done properly, it can add to the cinematic effect and atmosphere. However, for the greatest impact, it’s essential to have great accompanying music too.

So, if you are thinking of adding some music to your Youtube videos or home movies, here are what I think are some of the best songs for slow motion video that give a professional touch.

Hopefully, there’s one on the shortlist that’s suitable. So, let’s get straight to it and take a look at the first song ideal for slow motion videos.

Best Songs for Slow Motion Video


Top 38 Best Songs for Slow Motion Video

1 Wings by Birdy

Birdy is an English singer-songwriter. Her songs all lend themselves to slow-motion videos, and it would honestly be easy to pick a dozen from her back catalog. However, I think “Wings” is the best fit. 

Here are a few details…

It was released in 2013 as a digital download. It reached #8 in the UK and #1 in Ireland. This made it the best-performing single of her career to this point. It was taken from her second studio album, Fire Within. The album made it to #1 on the US Folk Billboard Chart and #5 in the UK.

Birdy specializes in Folk, and although “Wings” has a lot of these elements, it also feels equally like a Rock song in places. Regardless, it’s a great mix and works well. 

The song is about her life growing up… 

By all accounts, she had an amazing childhood, and “Wings” is, in part, a recollection of these good times and also a way of sending her love to those she is no longer with. It’s a beautiful song and sentiment with a beautiful, almost fairytale video to go with it.

It was written and released when Birdy was just 17 years old. Her voice, at this time, for someone so young, is frankly remarkable. It’s highly expressive but also has a heartwarming softness and vulnerability to it.

2 Slow Song by Joe Jackson

Joe Jackson might be someone you’re not familiar with, so let me fill you in. He’s a British musician who first came to prominence in the late 70s towards the end of the UK Punk era. 

He rode in on the coattails of New Wave and slowly evolved to increasingly include Rock, Pop, and Jazz into his music. He released his first album, Look Sharp, in 1979. 

“Slow Song” was released in 1983 from the album Night and Day. The single received a lukewarm response, but the album sold well, going Gold in the US and the UK. One of those sales was down to me. You’re welcome!

On one level… 

The song is about sadness at the changing nature of the nightclub scene. It’s a critical view of the development of nightlife from Disco in the 70s to Club in the 80s. 

In came more noise and intensity, and out went the ballads and slower music. Essentially, it is like a plea to turn back the clock and bring in requests and those slow dances for the end of the night.

On another level, it’s also about lost love… 

…the mourning of loved ones and death more generally. “Slow Song” has a slow build-up. The first minute and a half make it one of the best songs for slow motion video I can think of. 

The outro is similarly the sweet spot for this purpose. It’s the main part of the song (it’s a seven-minute song), so this makes up around four minutes and is more musically intense.

Joe Jackson still records and plays music today, having currently released 21 albums; the last one was, Fool in 2019.

3 We Have All the Time in the World by Louis Armstrong

What better song to feature in a slow motion video than this? It was written by the amazing composer John Barry with lyrics from Hal David. 

The song was specifically penned for the sensational Bond movie, “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service,” which was released in 1969. An incredible movie that I was lucky enough to see the year of its release and well worth watching despite being over 50 years old.

Back to the song…

“We Have All the Time in the World” concerns the importance of love, life, and relationships. It’s about the value of the time we have here on earth above material wealth or objects. 

It’s an incredibly powerful song with a powerful message which is no doubt why it’s so popular at weddings. I’d like my sons to play it at my funeral as a reminder to them to continue to embrace life.

The song is delivered lazily… 

So, it sounds unhurried and almost dreamlike. Louis Armstrong had an amazing voice, and I believe that this was one of his finest performances. 

This is despite his best-known recording, most probably being “What a Wonderful World,” and his best-selling single being “Hello Dolly,” which was released in 1964.

Every time I hear, “We Have All the Time in the World”… 

It transports me back to the 60s and a packed movie theater. I still feel captivated to this day when I listen to the song and Louis Armstrong’s distinctive baritone voice. 

The gravelly, slightly rough tone conveys his message wonderfully and draws you in instantly. His voice was unique, and he was rightly revered for his vocal skills as much as his trumpet playing.


Although the song has the power to transport me back in time to a very different world, it feels as relevant today as it did then. In another 50 years, I feel confident that it will still be the case, and I’m equally confident I’ll be as dead as a doornail.

A truly remarkable song for slo mo videos and generally. Honestly, it is my favorite of all time. 

4 Slow by Rumer

Rumer has an incredible voice. It’s been likened to Karen Carpenter. Now that on its own is a huge compliment, but I kind of disagree. Frankly, although there are similarities, there’s no doubt that Rumer has a much softer and sultry feel to her voice. 

I love pretty much all of her music, but I think “Slow” is possibly her best song. Rumer is a singer-songwriter, so I was a little surprised to find out that “Slow” was written by Sarah Joyce. It’s not that Rumer doesn’t sing other people’s songs; it’s just that I went off the deep end in my assumption.

It was released in 2010 and was included on the album, Seasons of My Soul. This slow Soul/Pop song only made it to #16 in the UK and had little impact in the US. The album went to #3 in the UK but only just managed to scrape into the Top 50 in the US.

The tempo is super slow… 

The musical arrangement is minimalistic, and the singing is soft and gentle. In some ways, it has the attributes of a Smooth Jazz ballad with a less complicated arrangement.

Not surprisingly, this is a love song that deals with feelings and emotions of unrequited love. Given everything else about the song, it could hardly be anything else. The feelings here clearly run very deep and maybe just a little too much so.

Any guy who reads the lyrics and thinks it’s about him might be liable to run a mile. Other than that, it’s a good song to include in a slow motion video.

5 Harvest Moon by Neil Young

This is a lovely and heartwarming song. It’s a highly touching tribute and love song from Neil Young to his wife. The whole feeling and vibe make it one of the best songs for slow-motion video I can think of. 

It was released from the album, also titled Harvest Moon, in 1992. Surprisingly, for such a great song, the single wasn’t a big hit. However, the album enjoyed more commercial success making #9 in the UK and #16 in the US.

The song features gently played keyboards and guitars. The accompanying drums and bass are similarly restrained. Soft, unpushed vocals and a beautiful melody all add to its romantic feel.

The icing on the cake…

The backing vocals are courtesy of Linda Rondstadt. They are soft and warm and add yet another layer of beauty. All in all, a wonderful, nostalgic, and warm song that will make you smile for sure. And, a great song to use in slow motion videos.

6 Turn Me On by Norah Jones

Norah Jones has a hypnotizing, sultry, and smooth voice. She is a singer-songwriter and accomplished pianist. She specializes in writing and singing mellow Jazz songs with a slight Pop twist. 

Her songs are very popular, and she’s received a huge amount of critical acclaim as well as commercial success. To date, she’s already been awarded an incredible nine Grammy Awards.

It might surprise you to know…

“Turn Me On” is not one of Norah Jones’s songs. It was written by John D. Loudermilk and was originally performed by Mark Denning in 1961. Norah Jones released her cover in 2003. It was taken from the incredibly successful album, Come Away With Me.

The album ultimately sold a staggering 25 million copies. Also, it went eight-times platinum in the UK and twelve times platinum in the US. It went to #1 everywhere there was electricity.

It would have been easy to pick just about any of the other songs from the album to go on this list. However, I think both “The Nearness of You” and “I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight” are a couple of other real standouts and are worth mentioning as very strong alternatives.

7 Strange Magic by ELO

ELO, or the Electric Light Orchestra as they are also known, are a British band who were formed in 1970. They are still performing today with Jeff Lynne at the helm. Over their long career, they have sold over 50 million albums which makes them one of the best-selling bands of all time.

ELO are known for their complicated arrangements involving multiple instruments. The “Orchestra” part of the name kind of gives away this component of their music. However, “Strange Magic’” is a much more stripped-down piece of music.

The song predominantly features the glorious keyboards of Richard Tandy, with Jeff Lynne accompanying on a twelve-string electric guitar. In small sections of the song, there are some harmonized vocals, together with violins and restrained drums. 

The overall sound is soft and psychedelic…

I was released in 1976, towards the start of their career, from the album, Face the Music. At the time of the release, the band was not very well known, but both the single and album still managed to go Gold in the US. 

“Strange Magic” has some seriously trippy lyrics to go with the otherworldly music. The words could be translated as referring to some kind of love interest. Alternatively, there’s the possibility that it has to do with someone’s wandering mind under the influence of a mood-enhancing drug.

Next time Jeff comes around for tea, I’ll ask him what it’s about.

8 Chariots of Fire by Vangelis

I decided to finish with this because as much as I love “We Have All the Time in the World” by Louis Armstrong, “Chariots of Fire,” on any best songs for slow motion video list, has to be the top pick.

So, why is that?

Because Vangelis invented slow motion. Additionally, he invented the sport of running in slow motion, as well as slow-motion boxing and table tennis. All of these are now official Olympic sports and will be available to watch on slow-motion TV.

“Chariots of Fire” featured on the album soundtrack of the same name. These were released in 1982 and also coincided with the release of the British movie, which was similarly titled “Chariots of Fire.”

The movie was based around two runners… 

And their religious convictions and preparation for the 1924 Olympics. The preparation took the form of lots of running in their underwear, in slow motion, on the beach. 

They both competed in the Olympics but ditched the slow running for full speed as slow-motion sports hadn’t been ratified at the time.

The track is an instrumental, motivational, and deeply rousing piece of music. The single, album, and movie were all commercial successes. The movie won four Academy Awards, a Grammy, and a load of other awards that no one cared about.

9 Mad World by Gary Jules

10 Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

11 All of Me by John Legend

12 Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware

13 Yellow by Coldplay

14 The Only Exception by Paramore

15 Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer

16 Skinny Love by Bon Iver

17 I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan

18 Gravity by John Mayer

19 Fix You by Coldplay

20 Breathe Me by Sia

21 The Scientist by Coldplay

22 In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel

23 Don’t Let Me Go by Harry Styles

24 Somewhere Only We Know by Keane

25 We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

26 Let Her Go by Passenger

27 Skin by Rag’n’Bone Man

28 I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston

29 I’m Not the Only One by Sam Smith

30 Come Away With Me by Norah Jones

31 Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin

32 Adore You by Harry Styles

33 Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve

34 God Only Knows by The Beach Boys

35 A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

36 Landslide by Fleetwood Mac

37 Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

38 Iris by Goo Goo Dolls

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Best Songs for Slow Motion Video – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. I hope that there was at least one song on my list of the best slow motion songs that you can either use or at least like. This is only a small selection, so apologies if one of your favorite songs wasn’t included.

Until next time, happy film-making, and happy listening. 

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