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Top 20 Best Songs About Stepdads

To say that songs about being a stepdad are few and far between might be an understatement. But, it is a relationship that, in many ways, is very special. So, to see what has been written, I will embark on a journey to find the 20 best songs about stepdads.

Being a stepdad is something special. Children can be left without a father figure for many reasons. It isn’t always about a biological father who just gets up and leaves for whatever reason.

But, whatever the reason, to be ready to assume that position of parent to a child or children is a heroic deed in many ways. It can be fraught with problems, but the benefits and positive experiences for both stepdad and child far outweigh any negatives. Let’s take a look…

20 Best Songs About Stepdads


20 Best Songs About Stepdads

20 Humble and Kind by Tim McGraw

Taken from his 2015 album, Damn Country Music, this is a song that could apply to all dads. But, especially, stepdads. It is a song about the matters that a stepdad has been trying to impress upon his stepdaughter.

He encourages her to be successful and do all she can the best way she knows how. But, even in success, always remember to be “humble and kind’. It is a song often used as a dance between a daughter and stepfather at her wedding.

19 Better Place by Rachel Platten

When you assume fatherhood and responsibility for a child, it is a momentous decision. In many ways, you might be giving the child or children a second chance for a full family life.

The responsibilities are all-encompassing, and there is no doubt it can be hard for everyone at times. All you can hope for is that one day the child or children will say that their world became a better place when you came into it. That may be all you need to hear and all the thanks you will need.

18 My Boy by Elvie Shane

This is a well-written song that contains some truths about the stepdad, stepson, or stepdaughter relationship. This was the debut single from his first album, Backslider, released in 2020.

Shane is a stepdad himself, so he has a good idea of what it is all about. The song was the result of a post on social media that was sent to him. In commenting on a stepson, the post said that he doesn’t have a stepson, the boy was just born before I met him. That is a great description. And Shane thought so, too, as it inspired this song. 

It’s a simple enough song about the stepfather’s role in raising his son. The lyrics are to the point and include some good lines. He talks about the boy not having his blood and hasn’t got his name. But, then affirms that it doesn’t matter because if he did, “I’d feel the same.” One of the best stepfather songs you are likely to hear.

17 I Turn To You by Christina Aguilera

This is a song written by Diane Warren that goes back to the beginning of Aguilera’s career. It was one of the songs chosen to be included on her debut album. 

It’s a song that talks about that special someone who you can always rely on. That makes it a particularly relevant song when considering a stepparent that may have been with you since you were very young.

16 Here For You by Neil Young 


As a parent or step-parent, there will come a time when your child will flee the nest and venture out into the world. That can be one of the most challenging parts of parenting. 

You have to let them go. But, it is always important they know they have somewhere to come back to if things should go wrong. That is what this song is about. The reassurance to the child that the parent will always be there should you need them.

15 Footprints in the Sand by Leona Lewis

Here’s a song where the stepparent can be heard offering words of reassurance to the child that they will always be there for them. A slightly different style of song from most we have heard. This is a power ballad, and Leona Lewis does it justice. It is representative of the bond that exists between a stepchild and a step-parent.

14 One Call Away by Charlie Puth

Let’s stay with the same theme of offering love and support. But, this time, through a song that most will know. The song reached #12 in America and #26 in the UK.

“One Call Away” has a variety of potential meanings. One is that it can demonstrate the bond that can exist between a stepparent and a stepchild. Just tell them if there are problems, just pick up the phone, and they will be there “to save the day.”

20 Best Songs About Stepdads and Hard Times

Let’s group a few songs now that could easily represent the bond between child and stepparent. But also include some songs that highlight the often difficult relationships that can occur.

Sometimes, these situations are created by our actions, other times by the actions of others. Either way, the relationship can become difficult.

13 Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel 

A song that Joel wrote to his daughter in advance of an impending divorce.

12 Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) by John Lennon

It’s no secret that John had a difficult relationship with his sons. He wrote this song for his son, Sean, with some help from his wife, Yoko. It is taken from the Double Fantasy album.

11 I Learned from You by Miley Cyrus

It might not always be apparent, but children can learn so much from a stepparent who cares.

10 There You’ll Be by Faith Hill

Another well-known song from a film. This song encapsulates the idea that the child, now grown, knows that you always be with them.

9 My Little Girl by Tim McGraw

A simple enough song written by a father to his daughter. The message could easily also be applied to a stepdaughter or stepson.

8 Song For Dad by Keith Urban

This song is written from the perspective of a young man hoping he will be like his father when he gets his own family. Once again, a song about the stepfather and stepson relationship and the bond that develops.

7 Because You Loved Me by Celine Dion

Taken from the film, Up Close and Personal, this could quite easily be a song written by a child to their stepparent. There comes a point in a child’s development when they become aware of situations. 

In a situation where a stepfather has taken on the role of the father figure, the child will one day realize just how much they owe him. They will see that whatever it is they achieve, it is because their stepfather loved them.

6 Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant

A stepdad’s relationship with his stepchild can turn out to be a very special experience for both of them. For whatever reason, the “real” father isn’t at home, the child has a void in their life, and the stepdad has offered to fill it.

This allows you to make a difference. If you are kind and generous, as the song says, later in life, the child will look back and be grateful for what you did for them.

5 Step by Step by Brandon Davis

Becoming a stepparent is quite a commitment. You are assuming responsibility for a child that isn’t biologically yours. That responsibility will eventually cover just about every aspect of the child’s character. In this song, he is saying that they might not be his flesh and blood, but he will still raise them as best as he can.

4 I’m Her Daddy by Bill Withers

Bill Withers’ debut album caused quite a sensation when it was released in 1971. At the time, he was still working his day job in an assembly plant which surprised a few people. However, the real interest came from the classic track Ain’t No Sunshine.

“I’m Her Daddy” was another track on the album, but this one hasn’t got much sunshine about it. He goes in search of a past lover, Lucy, who he hasn’t seen in six years. She has a daughter, and he is the father, and she left without telling him.

He wonders if the little girl even knows he is her dad. In some ways, it’s an angry song, and the fade out finds him repeating his complaint to Lucy. “You should have told me.” A twist in the storyline about fathers. But, a track that had to be included among the 20 best songs about stepdads.

3 Color Him, Father by The Winstons

The Winstons were a Soul and Funk band from Washington, DC. They had limited success for most of their careers. However, they hit the jackpot with this song that reached #7 in America. It has a very late 60s “Soul-feel” to it and is easy to listen to. But there is a message behind the lyrics. This song is about stepfathers.

The song talks about how hard he works but also refers to how his mother feels about him. She says that without him, she “couldn’t have found her way.”

The song says how their “real” father had been killed in the war, and with seven kids, she was struggling. Then she met him, and he married her and “took us in.” The feelings the boy has for the man with the “big wide grin” are obvious. Probably what most stepfathers would hope for from their adopted children. A very good song that some stepfathers might find a bit weepy.

2 He Didn’t Have To Be by Brad Paisley

This is a song that was the second single from his 1999 debut album, Who Needs Pictures. It is an interesting story and speaks of a situation that can often occur. You have met a nice lady and invited her to dinner, and then you find out she is a single mum. What happens next is the question?

Some will finish the date, and then despite saying they will call, they never do. Others will look at the lady rather than the circumstance, and continue with the relationship to see what transpires. As he says in the song, such a date with a new man can be “like a job interview.”

The story is told through the eyes of her son. The man includes him in as much as he can, and the “new” family relationship blossoms. Years later, the son now has his own family and recognizes his contribution.

1 Hero by Mariah Carey

I have mentioned a couple of times how the role of the stepdad and family can be a heroic one. Lyrically, this song says that even if there are no direct mentions of a stepparent. The sentiment in the lyric is plain to see, and it certainly applies.

The song has the line, “A hero comes along.” That is how some stepfathers are seen by their stepchildren. They have entered a family environment, and they have helped to make it a complete unit. And now, the contribution that has been made is honored by the children.

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20 Best Songs About Stepdads – Final Thoughts

As we have seen, there are very few songs written about the stepdad-child relationship. Instead, many songs just prefer to use the word “dad.” 

That, of course, still refers to the adult-child relationship, even if the man is not the biological father. Many children call their stepdad just “dad.” In a way, it is a form of total acceptance, which is something that the man will hope for and be very thankful for.

Until next time, happy listening.

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