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Top 34 Best Seether Songs of All Time

Sitting in my bedroom in Gauteng, Pretoria, I watch endless YouTube vids and interviews with great musicians who seem to operate in a world so far removed from my own that I’ll only ever get to experience a sliver of it through a screen. 

Yet, it was here in Pretoria that a group of guys would get together to form a band in 1999. This band would first be known as Saron Gas. But, after relocating to the U.S. in 2002, they would rename themselves Seether. Not long after this, the band would become a global rock phenomenon. 

Seether’s first album produced three singles, of which only one had notable success. Thereafter, they toured tirelessly to make a name for themselves. Paying their dues like few modern bands have had to since the popularization of the internet and streaming. 

Their big break…

After being selected as a supporting act for the alternative rock band Evanescence, Seether’s music began climbing charts, and the band gained success in its own right. They later re-recorded one of their songs with Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee which became an international hit. 

Since then… 

Best Seether Songs of All Time

Seether has released eight studio albums and has had numerous #1 hits on the mainstream rock charts in the US. They’ve recorded with South African rock star Francois van Coke in an Afrikaans/English mashup which shows a healthy attitude towards experimentation.

Remaining under the leadership of long-time frontman and guitarist Shaun Morgan has imbued Seether’s music with consistency and style all their own. 

While they’ve grown as musicians and writers, you can depend on them for good hard-hitting alternative rock numbers with catchy hooks and well-written commentary on our society. 

Time for a deep dive…

I took a weekend off from my regular myriad of streaming outlets and decided to start from 2002’s Disclaimer II and work my way through Seether’s catalog up to 2020’s Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum. And here are my picks for the best Seether songs of all time.

But, before we jump in, it is important to note that officially the band’s first studio album is Disclaimer. I worked from Disclaimer II onwards as it is essentially identical to the first release except for some remixing bonus material being added.


Top 34 Best Seether Songs of All Time

1 Gasoline 

Album: DISCLAIMER II (2002) 

“Gasoline” was without a doubt the perfect choice for the opening track of Seether’s first album. This is how Seether introduces themselves to the world. Those two minutes and forty-nine seconds contained everything that we would later come to know and love when we think of them. 

Frontman Morgan is a well-known fan of Kurt Cobain. As a result, the influence of 90s groups like Nirvana and Alice in Chains can be heard in the heavy palm-muted riff that begins the song. 

The tone of Morgan’s voice, as well as his lyrical style, are at once a tip of the hat to Cobain. And yet, unapologetically honest and unique. 

2 69 Tea

Album: DISCLAIMER II (2002) 

“69 Tea” has a great riff and showcases a skill that would become invaluable to Morgan over the coming years. Using a simple building block, an entire song can be tied together. However, it is his talent as a lyricist that shines most in this early number. 

Here is a guy who notices things. Someone who shares his thoughts without fear of being “proper” or “correct.” These do not apply when you mean to give the truth in its rawest form. 

3 Fine Again

Album: DISCLAIMER II (2002) 

One of Seether’s most successful songs to date. It remains a staple of any Seether playlist and live sets. Frontman Morgan has sometimes dedicated the song to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel as well as Drowning Pool’s Dave Williams at Seether shows. 

The song was featured on the band’s very first album, Fragile, which was released when the band was still named Seren Gas. It was written after Morgan’s parents got divorced.

The song peaked at number one on the US Active Rock Chart, number three on the US Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks, and number six on the US Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks. It was also featured in the EA game Madden 2003, as well as the film “Boy, Erased.”

4 Cigarettes 

Album: DISCLAIMER II (2002) 

Another popular Seether song that rides on those very powerful and hooky riffs which Shaun has become so good at crafting. This one has a wave of rhythm that can be ridden all the way to the guitar solo and down to the end. 

Once again, some great lyrics are featured. We also get a glimpse of the beastly power that rests in Shaun’s voice with the ear-catching “So cooooooooooooold!” that thunders through the mix like a freight train through a museum after the second verse. 

5 Broken feat. Amy Lee

Album: DISCLAIMER II (2002) 

Recorded at the insistence of producers but to disapproval from the band. The twelfth track from the album was redone in 2004 with a different arrangement and featured Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee. By this time, Lee and Morgan had developed a romantic relationship. 

The song showcases the power of Morgan’s songwriting. It launched the band into international recognition in the industry virtually overnight. The song peaked at number 20 on the US Billboard Top 100, number three in Australia, and number two in New Zealand. 

It has been certified Platinum. Also, it was featured on the soundtrack of the 2004 Marvel superhero film, “The Punisher.” Morgan drew inspiration for “Broken” from having to leave his wife and daughter in South Africa since they were not willing to move with him to the US.

6 Remedy 

Album: Karma and Effect (2005)

Another favorite Seether song among hardcore fans and people who would under normal circumstances not listen to a band like Seether. Somehow, the swingy riff that Shaun intermingles with his ambiguous and inviting cabaret-like lyrics never fails to make you shake your head.

7 Truth

Album: Karma and Effect (2005)

For hardcore fans, “Truth” is one of the most important songs in the Seether music catalog for two very good reasons. One, it’s a brilliant piece of music. Two, the excellent music video directed by Dean Karr (who also directed the music video for the album’s first single, “Remedy”).

The music video depicts Morgan in a boxing ring as an announcer for three fights. Here, we see a lyricist who has become a master of his particular style of commentary. 

Truth hurts…

Society’s true nature is laid bare, and we the watchers are confronted with our part therein, or at least have to come to term that we are a product thereof. 

Round 1 sees Santa Claus take on the Easter Bunny. Round2 is Mardi Gras Woman vs. the Pumpkin King. And the main event is Uncle Sam beating down the Easter Bunny. 

Once again, we hear that distinctive cement mixer howl from Morgan during the outro with, “I’m beaten doooooooooowwwwwwwn!”

8 Fake It 

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)

This is our first glimpse at Seether breaking away from the very heavy post-grunge roots that spawned their early works. The verses feature an almost country-sounding clean guitar and Morgan singing along like a Cowboy from the 90s. 

However, when we reach the chorus, Shaun goes from nice to nasty. In an instant, we’re in old Seether territory of hitting heavy and hard till we come to a sudden stop to jump back into a verse. In my opinion, easily one of the best Seether songs of all time.

9 Rise Above This

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)

This is another #1 that Seether put on the US Modern Rock Chart. Not what you’d call a heavy number by any means. Rather, a more epic ballad-type song that has an optimistic core in its lyrics, something not often found n the broody darkness of Shaun’s words. 

In particular, this is one of the most powerful Seether songs when played live. It hints at being part of something much larger than oneself. 

10 Six Gun Quota 

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)

Once again, we have a song that has at its core an optimistic feel. “Six Gun Quota” has all the ingredients of a heavy, relentless Seether number. Massively distorted guitars with a dark, brooding, and dramatic vocal delivery from Morgan. 

However, when you reach the chorus, there’s an upbeat swing to the rhythm and vocal melody. An aggressive song without being negative. 

11 Careless Whisper 

Album: Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (2007)

Arguably one of the most successful rock covers of an old pop song ever recorded. Seether’s version of “Careless Whisper” is a far cry from the original. 

This was a far-left idea that ended in something that produced tremendous success for the band. Furthermore, this cover is a testament to the band’s openness to experiment with seemingly crazy musical concepts. 

12 Country Song

Album: Holding on to Things Better Left to Fray

Another chart-topper for Seether. A country song that sure as heck sounded country but also manages to sound like nothing they’d done before. Many fans had no idea what to make of this tune when it first hit.

This is what makes it one of the greatest Seether songs. We see an artist challenging himself and thus his fans. “Country Song” grew on me until it steadily became one of my favorite Seether songs ever. There’s nothing quite like its catchiness and power. 

13 My Disaster by Seether

14 Words As Weapons by Seether

15 Save Today by Seether

16 Sympathetic by Seether

17 Betray and Degrade by Seether

18 The Gift by Seether

19 Burn The Bridges by Seether

20 Blister by Seether

21 Driven Under by Seether

22 Pass Slowly by Seether

23 Let Me Heal by Seether

24 Pride Before The Fall by Seether

25 No Jesus Christ by Seether

26 The Gift (Alternate Version) by Seether

27 Don’t Believe by Seether

28 Suffer It All by Seether

29 Safe To Say I’ve Had Enough by Seether

30 You Know You’re Right by Seether

31 Hang On by Seether

32 Break Her Down by Seether

33 Feeding The Wraith by Seether

34 Take Me Back Again by Seether

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Best Seether Songs of All Time – Conclusion

From humble beginnings to rock ‘n roll stardom, Seether has risen from strength to strength since its inception in 1999 as Seren Gas. Here we have a group that was unique and unabashed from the get-go. And have still managed to undergo massive changes in their sound and sonic flavor. 

Looking at the music, we see the growth of a musician, singer, writer, and person. And, for my money, Morgan’s best moment was “Rise Above This.” Powerful, positive, and beautiful. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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