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Top 5 Best Saxophone Neck Straps in 2023

I am sure that everyone has had ‘the feeling.’ For me, it was partly an early 60s white Stratocaster. I could spend hours just gazing at it. Even more special, a pre-CBS all-black Fender Precision. Slightly menacing and threatening, waiting to be unleashed at full throttle.

But there is something else that stirs the soul…

The sight of a gleaming saxophone. I don’t play. Blew one once, but it sounded like I had a serious stomach problem. It was then that I realized how good these guys and girls are. It was also then that I decided I had to give it a go. I didn’t realize the importance of finding the Best Saxophone Neck Straps. But, it became apparent very quickly.

But it’s the look. It all looks frighteningly complicated. Buttons and levers everywhere. It looks and is a very special instrument. And, of course, responsible for some of the most heart-wrenching modern-day solos. Try “Baker Street’ or “Still Crazy After All These Years.”

Significant but often overlooked…

Most players realize the importance of the Ligature, Mouthpiece, and Reed. But sometimes, the neck strap is overlooked. And yet, this is a vital piece of equipment for the sax player.

Some will talk about the importance of the mouthpiece and the reed to creating the right tones and sound. They are vital. But the selection of the right neck strap can have a big impact on your performance. I shall return to that later. Whether you are new to it or a pro, it has to be comfortable. If you are comfortable, you will play better.

The Choices…

There are quite a few options. You won’t like all of them. Different materials, different designs, and different prices. Some will suit, others will not.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best options currently available and see if I can’t point you towards the best option for you…

Best Saxophone Neck Straps


Top 5 Best Saxophone Neck Straps of 2023

  1. Adorence Premium Saxophone Neck Strap – Best Premium Saxophone Neck Strap
  2. Adorence Padded Saxophone Neck Strap – Most Secure Saxophone Neck Strap
  3. Xavnia Saxophone Strap Rainbow Style – Best Value for the Money Saxophone Neck Strap
  4. Neotech Pad-It Swivel Hook Saxophone Strap – Best Beginner Saxophone Neck Strap
  5. RooFox Saxophone Shoulder Strap – Best Lightweight Saxophone Neck Strap

1 Adorence Premium Saxophone Neck Strap – Best Premium Saxophone Neck Strap

When it comes to the strap used to hold your sax, it has got to be both secure, durable, and also comfortable. It needs to be gentle enough to coax the best out of your performance. But it has got to be tough enough to handle the physicality of the performance.

The Design

Adorence has patented the design of this strap. All the important parts are metal, so this is one of the most durable saxophone neck straps available. It has a ‘Y’ shape adjustment that makes it easy for any length changes with just a “push and pull” to adjust the length. A simple operation, but it can still be a little bit fiddly.

It has an extra couple of built-in hanger rings. These are also made from metal and are there in case you want to carry Brooch, badge, or Tassells.

Genuine leather…

This strap is hand-made from real leather. Because they are all hand-made by experienced craftspeople, each one will be unique. A good selling point as far as we can see.


Of course, comfort is an individual thing. What is comfortable to some will be uncomfortable to others. Most of it is the way we are built, not the sax or the strap.

Adorence gives you one of the most comfortable saxophone neck straps with plenty of soft padded material. Furthermore, the breathable leather and padding in the neck area relieve pressure and can even reduce sweat.

Strap length…

The length of the strap can have an effect. If it is too short, then it could rub on parts of your shoulder or collarbone. This strap has a full length of 52cm or 20.5 inches. That means the padding will sit comfortably around the neck and collarbone for most people.

This is an excellent strap that is well-made and secure, and manufactured with good materials. This makes it one of the Best Saxophone Neck Straps you can buy.

Adorence Premium Saxophone Neck Strap
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Well-made, good materials and design features.
  • Has a high level of comfort when in use.


  • It is real leather, so some will not like that.

2 Adorence Padded Saxophone Neck Strap – Most Secure Saxophone Neck Strap

Staying with Adorence for another strap, this one has some alternative design features that make this version an interesting option.

The Build

This strap is built to be rugged whilst also having a high comfort level. All the hooks and adjusters are metal. The hooks go through a 33 pound, 15 kilos weight test. This means they are not only secure and stable, but they will not slip and lower while you are playing.

The suspension system is adjustable to suit your needs and playing style. It also helps to spread the weight of the instrument in a balanced and even way.

A nice design addition…

There is a potential problem with all-metal adjusters, hooks, and clips. It is that when they come into contact with the instrument, they can scratch its surface. That is something you do not want to happen. To prevent this, Adorence has placed a rubber protector on the metal clip where it may contact the instrument. Good idea, no scratching.


The neck pad has a nice and comfortable design. It has some rather unique cells made from a sponge that breathes. They allow air to pass in and out of the neckband easily. This will help to reduce overheating around your neck and, therefore, sweat. Making this one of the best sweat reducing saxophone neck straps you can buy.

The strap has an overall length of 46cm or 18.1 inches, which should be long enough to allow the padding to cover most people’s collarbone. The strap has a soft sponge padding. It is what some people refer to as memory foam. So, if you fold it away in a case or bag, it will return to its original shape when used again.


Another convenient option is that the neck pad is attached with Velcro. This means you can remove it and wash it easily. You won’t have to put all the strap and their metal parts in the washing machine. A very good strap at an attractive price point. If you are thinking about upgrading your strap, then this is one to think about.

Adorence Padded Saxophone Neck Strap
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • A very good design with plenty of padding.
  • All metal clips and hooks with rubber protectors make them safe, secure, and durable.


  • The length is not as long as some.

3 Xavnia Saxophone Strap Rainbow Style – Best Value for the Money Saxophone Neck Strap

Possibly you are new to the saxophone. Maybe you aren’t impressed with the lack of color in the design of the straps. Maybe you are an experienced player who wants to ‘jazz’ things up a bit. If either applies to you, then this could be a great option.


They have pushed the boat out a bit with the color style of this strap. A great rainbow style that is certainly going to brighten the place up a bit. It has a sturdy design with a strong metal hook to clip on the instrument. This hook is covered with soft rubber. Therefore, it won’t damage your instrument when you put the strap on or take it off.

It is adjustable in length from 23-28 inches. That means it should be suitable for Alto, Tenor, Soprano, and Baritone saxophones. Likewise, it may also fit other instruments like English Horns or a bassoon. As a result, this is one of the most versatile saxophone neck straps available.


The well-padded neck section is very comfortable and designed to relieve pressure on the neck. For the young student, a nice alternative to the usual options. For the experienced player, a bit of fun to use occasionally.

It hasn’t got either the adjustment or durability of some options, but I still think it is a nice strap. Set at a very attractive price point, it is going to appeal to quite a few players, I would think.

Xavnia Saxophone Strap Rainbow Style
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • A colorful design with rubber-coated metal connections.
  • Good padding at a very competitive price.


  • Some will want a more formal design.

4 Neotech Pad-It Swivel Hook Saxophone Strap – Best Beginner Saxophone Neck Strap

As I have already said, you need a saxophone strap to be secure and, if possible durable. But it has to be comfortable. The saxophone is not a lightweight instrument. That is what this strap has been designed for.

Designed for comfort…

One of the important plus points with this strap is that it is filled with high-tech memory foam. The big advantage of memory form is that it changes its shape to fit the surface it is in contact with. In this case, your neck. This applies even to it avoiding unwanted pressure points like a necklace or a button. The foam will just go over it or round it.


The neck pad is a generous two and a half inches, 6.4 cm wide. This has two advantages. First, it spreads the weight of the instrument over a wider area, thus reducing pressure on your neck and shoulder.

Second, it is non-stretch. So, it isn’t going to lose its shape through the weight of the instrument. Playing with the Neotech Pad-It Swivel Hook Saxophone Strap suddenly becomes even better.


The length of the strap can be adjusted between 18.75 to 23 inches or 47.6cm to 58.4cm. That should accommodate the size of most players. But the added advantage is that it makes it a suitable strap for other instruments other than the Sax.

It could be argued that this strap doesn’t have the quality of materials or the attractive designs of some straps. But what it does have is a high level of comfort. Playing long gigs if you are an experienced player or long practice sessions for a starter won’t be a problem.

A great student choice…

The last point is most important as new players must feel comfortable with their instrument. As I said, this strap might not have some of the glitz of other straps, but it will certainly do that. Set at a good price point, it is a good option; it’s one of the best student saxophone neck straps around.

Neotech Pad-It Swivel Hook Saxophone Strap
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Padded with memory foam to ensure a long-lasting comfortable fit.
  • A wide neck pad spreads the weight of the instrument.


  • Some may prefer more adjustment options.

5 RooFox Saxophone Shoulder Strap – Best Lightweight Saxophone Neck Strap

Finally, a completely different design that gives you an extra option. Most saxophone straps rely on the neck to support the weight of the instrument. In most cases, that is fine. But, despite some great designs, some people still do not feel comfortable. Here is an alternative.

A different design…

This is more than just a shoulder strap; it is a frame. The design idea is to take pressure away from just your neck and spread it out across your shoulders and back. No more stiff or aching neck with this idea.

It is based around an aluminum frame that is placed inside a genuine leather covering. Inside the covering, it is filled with soft padding. The aluminum frame can be bent to a position where it exactly fits your shoulder shape and your stance.

Support for the neck…

The frame then sits on your shoulders. Taking the strain away from your neck and spreading the weight of the sax across your back and shoulders.

This is going to feel strange at first to those used to a standard strap. But if you have a neck or back problem and lifting and playing the sax is uncomfortable, this might the answer.


Besides being able to bend the aluminum frame to fit you, it has three other adjustable junctions. These allow you to get the length of the strap just right for you.


The RooFox Saxophone Shoulder Strap is hand-made using quality materials and weighs only six ounces. It can be used with other similar instruments. An interesting alternative and certainly a very good option for those that might need such a design.

Of course, it won’t suit everybody. But if you have a neck or back problem that prevents you from playing, this could be the answer. It is one of the best budget saxophone neck straps currently on the market, so that should encourage you to give it a try.

RooFox Saxophone Shoulder Strap
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • An alternative design that spreads the load of the sax across your back and shoulders.
  • Can be bent to suit your body shape and uses good materials at a cost-effective price point.


  • Some will want to avoid real leather.

Best Saxophone Neck Straps Buying Guide

Best Saxophone Neck Straps Buying Guide

Different saxophonists are going to want different things from their straps. But they would all agree that it has to be comfortable and must do the job. The following factors should be considered before settling on your strap.

The Material

This could be one of the most important considerations. This will have an impact on the comfort level. If you choose leather, it looks great, but is it soft leather? Leather can be quite harsh and rough if it isn’t soft. But this will be an individual consideration. Some may find it rough; others may not.

Others will not want to use real Leather at all for other reasons. In that case, if you want to avoid those materials, a quick check first will be a benefit.

The Padding

If comfort is high on your priority list, then you should consider straps that have an adequate amount of padding around the neck. And the softer, the better. Usually, more flexible padding is often also softer. Memory foam is a good example of this. Different straps use different types of padding, and this will have an impact on how it feels.

Novice or Pro?

In many ways, there may not be a difference. A young player just starting may practice for hours. With this instrument, you may need to. There is a skill level that exceeds many other instruments popular today.

There is an expression, “Practice makes Perfect.” Wrong. That should read, “Good practice makes perfect.” Good practice can only come if the student is comfortable. Going back to our introduction, how important is the strap now? But the strap is also important for the pro. They might have to stand for hours. They also need to be comfortable.

The Hooks

I mentioned in the reviews that hooks and clasps that attach to the saxophone are important. If they are not covered with something, they may damage your instrument. Rubber is probably the favorite, but any reasonable covering will prevent scratching.

The Price

You won’t have a problem with the price unless you wanted a diamond-studded one. They are mostly about the same. Identify what is important to you, and then you should be able to pick what is best for you.

Looking for Something Else?

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What are the Best Saxophone Neck Straps?

For me, I would look outside what might be considered the norm. Yes, I want some comfort, and yes, it must be secure. I don’t want my expensive instrument bouncing off the floor, even at home on a carpet.

I want it to have a rubber coating on the hook; that is a given. Likewise, I want it to have a comfortable neckband. But I also want something else. A bit of color. Therefore, I would pick the…

Xavnia Saxophone Strap Rainbow Style

A bit of fun and very cost-effective, but a very secure and comfortable strap as well.

Until next time, may the music make you merry.

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