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Top 10 Best Roll Up Piano in 2023

Pianos you can roll-up and put in your pocket? Surely not. Can you imagine what odds you would have got on that even 50 years ago? But, they are here, and the best roll up pianos must surely go down as one of the most amazing inventions of the last few decades.

However, they are not actually that new. The idea has been around for a while, but advances in technology have allowed them to really develop. And now you have it, a piano you can roll-up and put in your pocket.

OK, it doesn’t sound or play like a Kawai or Yamaha, a Steinway or Bosendorfer, but they don’t fit in your pocket. But, if you want to practice, compose, and entertain whenever and wherever you want, then you need to widen the thought process a little.

They are actually a great idea for someone who thinks they might want to learn. You haven’t got to spend a lot of money or take up space. So, if someone wants to learn? Give them one of these first. If they are any good, then this foldable piano keyboard will let you know.

So, let’s take a look at some of the Best Roll-Up Pianos available and find the perfect one for you…

best roll up piano reviews


Top 10 Best Roll Up Piano For Your Money 2023

1 Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano

As it says, this Lujex model has 61 keys. The keyboard, or to use the correct term the pad, is rubber. It is an interesting material because whilst it is easily foldable, yet it is still quite thick and durable. This gives the feeling that it is going to last a while.

It is something quite unique to play one of these ‘pianos.’ The keys are raised slightly, not flat on the pad, and you can feel the difference. There’s plenty to talk about how it plays and what it can do.

More on this later…

It has a very compact design and measures 10.5 inches by 8 inches by 3.3 inches. This makes it one of the smallest roll-up pianos around. It is also one of the lightest, weighing just over two pounds.

The amazing thing about this piano pad is its versatility. It is great for young players to learn and practice. More experienced players can learn something or practice very basic things. But it is what it has onboard that is quite surprising.

We mentioned what it can do, but here is a brief summary…

It has 128 different instrument sounds. There is a built-in record and play function. There are some basic controls and a small speaker for playback, which is great for young beginners to hear how they sound. Good for composers on the move as well, so you don’t lose those inspired moments.

To help in the learning curve, there are 40 songs included in the memory to learn and practice, and it has a headphone jack if you want to practice in private. It is powered by four AA batteries but does not have a mains connection.

A little limited…

However, it should be said that this does not perform like a real piano. You are limited to the number of keys it will play at the same time. If you work on the idea that it will play 3-4 keys at the same time, it will be about right. The speed of playing is also limited.

At the price point, it is a decent buy for easy practice, and for a starter, it is fine for simple tasks. As long as your anticipation of its performance level is not too high, it will be fine. It is a nice, well-made roll out piano.

Lujex 61 Keys Roll Up Piano
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • It has some nice features.
  • A convenient practice tool.
  • Easily carried around.


  • Rather limited in its playing performance.

2 BABY JOY 88 Keys Roll Up Piano

This is a roll-up keyboard designed for young people. But more particularly those who are just starting out on the piano. The keyboard pad is made from high-quality silicone that is confirmed to be non-toxic. The silicone is very durable and will be wear-resistant for frequent use. It might be tough, but it also has a nice soft touch.

It’s a compact product at just 7.5 inches by 4.5 by 2 inches and weighs under 4 pounds, and is therefore ideal for carrying around with you. It is also a good teaching aid for a classroom.

All the keys you could ever need…

It has 88 keys, the same as what is considered full-size for a digital piano and a built-in loudspeaker. There is a rechargeable built-in lithium battery, which will give you approximately 9 hours of playing time.

Some interesting extras have been included to enhance the playing experience and keep the students happy. There are 128 different instrument tones to choose from and built-in rhythms. The drum kit can be accessed on the keyboard. For the young learner, there are 15 songs to learn and practice. To add to the sounds, there are sustain and vibrato functions.

An impressive feature is the recording and playback option. This allows the student to record what they are playing to playback later. Controls are located conveniently and are easy to use, which clear explanations, and there is an LED screen to manage your settings. There are connections for MIDI and a USB port.

The sound it produces is adequate for what it is…

The notes are crisp and clear, and the piano sounds are acceptable, given the price point. It cannot play more than 4 or 5 notes at the same time, though, but for a starter, this will be enough we think. As this is not a real keyboard, you will need a little bit of pressure on the keys to get a sound.

As an introduction to music, it is a great idea and as a practice option for a young player perfect. It is set at an affordable price.

BABY JOY 88 Keys Roll Up Piano
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Great teaching aid for a young player with some good extra features
  • Made from good materials and quite durable.


  • Don’t expect too much from the sounds it produces.

3 iLearnMusic Roll Up Piano

This roll-up piano is made from silicone and has 88 keys that are piano standard size. When buying a practice pad piano, it is very important to ensure that the keys are standard piano size. That will allow the student to feel the keys and space their fingers in the same way.

Some manufacturers produce smaller sized keys. This can make it hard and a little confusing for the student player. However, on this piano, the keys are raised to simulate the feel of a real piano while playing; the white and black keys are, therefore, at slightly different heights.

So easy to practice…

As with all these instruments, it is easily folded away. It measures just 10.7 inches by 9.1 by 3.8 inches and weighs just three pounds — a great little practice instrument to carry around with you.

Built-in are 128 individual tones and rhythms and 14 songs to learn and practice. It is mains or battery powered. When it is battery powered, it takes its charge from the wall like a mobile phone would do.

Connect it up…

It has a built-in speaker with headphones and, if necessary, can be connected to an external speaker. It will take a sustain pedal. The controls are easily laid out and easy to use, and there are record and playback functions.

It has a MIDI and Bluetooth connection and is remarkably similar in design to the Baby Joy piano with very similar features and the same layout and controls.

Good sounds…

It must be said that the action on these pianos does not replicate the feel of a real piano. You are pressing down on rubber after all. But once you have got used to the amount of pressure required to play, it can be a great practice tool. The sounds on this little piano are quite good.

This little roll-up piano some nice features and is at a very affordable price. Made in China.

iLearnMusic Roll Up Piano
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Well made with some good features.
  • Easy to control and play.
  • Affordable price point.


  • It does not replicate the feel of a real piano.

4 KikerTech Roll Up Piano Keyboard with Built-In Speaker

This is an 88 key roll-up from Kiker Music. It has a non-toxic silicone keyboard pad, which is durable and long-lasting. One of the big advantages of these instruments is that they are compact and easy to carry around with you anywhere. This piano is only 10.8 inches by 9.2 by 3.9 inches and weighs only 3 pounds.

It has good connectivity with a MIDI out and USB 5V port. It also has Bluetooth capability. So you can hear what you are playing speakers are built-in and included is some basic record and playback facilities.

Massive selection of sounds…

Built-in are 140 different instrument sounds and 128 rhythms to give you some great options. This is also going to enthuse any young student to experiment with the sounds it produces. For practice, there are 30 demo songs for the student to learn and practice. Power comes from a rechargeable battery.

Of course, the sounds do not replicate a real piano or the other included instruments. It is not a workstation keyboard. But the piano sound is adequate, and the other sounds are included for entertainment rather than serious music production.

Simple to use…

The sound of this roll-up piano, though, is quite good and does simulate the piano quite well. The controls are all set on the right side of the keyboard and are clear and easy to use.

It is set at a reasonable price point, and so as a cheaper alternative to buying a real piano, it works well. The action with all silicone roll up pianos does take some time to get used to. The keys are raised to give a piano feel to the touch. It will hold chords for about 4-5 seconds.

KikerTech Roll Up Piano Keyboard with Built-In Speaker
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Excellent cheap introduction to a piano.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very compact.


  • May take some time to get used to playing the silicone pad.

5 PicassoTiles PT49 Kid’s 49-Key Flexible Roll-Up

The PT49 is a 49 key roll-up piano clearly designed for one thing. To get kids interested in music and to start them playing. No bad thing.

It is made from silicone that is non-toxic and, of course, is easily portable and very compact. After use, it is easily put away until next time. It is unashamedly a toy piano, and there is nothing wrong with that. Learning an instrument while young is a good idea. It gives them a skill for life and increases their own sense of value.

Excellent learning facilities…

Built into this roll-up are eight different tones and eight songs they can learn and enjoy. It is powered by either 4 AAA batteries or the USB port and has a built-in sustain control. The controls are situated on the right side of the piano. They are simple and easy to understand.

We particularly like the idea of colored keys, which make the piano even more fun and eye-catching. Children can record and playback their music using the simple controls.

There is an earphone connection for playing privacy if required and a speaker connection. There is also a small built-in speaker. The USB cable and adapter for charging are included but not the batteries.

Excellent choice for kids…

The keys are a little smaller than a full-size piano. And as we have said, this is essentially a toy. It is though a super little instrument for any child of three years and upwards. The ability to make music, its affordable price and its colorful design have got to make it a winner, and for kids, this has got to be a great roll out piano.

PicassoTiles PT49 Kid's 49-Key Flexible Roll-Up
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • A great little fun instrument for young children.
  • Affordable cost for a nice safe design.


  • It is just for small children, not adults.

6 KMUSIC Roll Up Piano

KMusic’s roll-up piano has a lot going for it for a very affordable price. Sixty-one keys make up the keyboard that is made from non-toxic silicone. Silicone is an ideal material for such an instrument. It is hard-wearing and durable and at only 10.8 inches by 9.4 by 3.8 inches easily stores away. It’s also easy to carry around and weighs just three pounds.

This Best Roll Up Piano has some excellent built-in features. It has 128 different tones and a further 128 rhythms. Fourteen songs are included for the student to learn, and there is a record and playback facility. Sound is played through a built-in speaker or via the headphone socket for private use.

Student teaching mode…

Power is through the built-in lithium batteries, which are rechargeable. And it has good connectivity with a MIDI out and a USB port. It is Bluetooth connectable, and it has a student teaching mode operation.

The controls are located on the right side of the keyboard. There are actually quite a few of them, so it is better suited to adult use. Where a child may be using it, some supervision may be required. They also project out the side of the keyboard when folded up.


As with the vast majority of these roll-up pianos, there are some things to remember. The feel of playing a pad will take some getting used to at first if you are used to a full-size piano. Also, the sounds are not an exact replica of a piano. They are though quite close and are very clear and crisp sounding.

The price point is set at a very affordable level, which makes this an attractive purchase and a great little foldable piano keyboard.

KMUSIC Roll Up Piano
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Nicely designed.
  • Good features.
  • Affordable price.


  • Will only hold a chord for about 3 seconds.
  • Limitations on how many notes you can play at the same time.

7 Rock And Roll It – Rainbow Piano

Where is Jerry Lee is the only thing we want to know. How can you not look at this and think it’s great. So if we think that a child’s eyes are going to pop out.

But it has a little more in store for us than just visual appeal. The forty-nine keys are color-coded to give a great learning opportunity. Playing songs by color-coded keys is a great idea for teaching. It comes with a Play by color book that includes some song options.


This Best Roll Up Piano has some good built-in features. Lots of different built-in sounds added echo and sustain if you choose, there is a built-in speaker and a very basic control pad situated on the right side of the keyboard. This has basic functions, volume, and controls for record and playback. And also adjusts the tones and operates record and playback.

It has very limited connectivity, though, and is not Bluetooth enabled. It doesn’t need to be really for the type of user it is designed for. Power is by batteries or by the included USB and cord.

Good song selection…

They have included just the right balance of music for a young child to learn. Twinkle twinkle little star and Happy birthday are both there with some others. Unfortunately, ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ isn’t. That comes later.

It is, of course, compact and flexible and folds away after use and only weighs one pound, so carrying it around with you is not a problem.

It will take some time to get used to for an experienced player as it is very touch-sensitive. For a child with their first ‘piano,’ though, it is great, and the pressure needed to produce a note is very light. Up to 3 or 4 keys can be held down at once for up to 4 seconds. Plenty for a young learner.

Excellent choice…

Great looking, a very good piano sound, a whole lot of fun, and a color-coded system to learn from. Could you ask for more at the price? A really good affordable option. As a roll out piano for kids, it takes some beating. Ok, where were we..”I found my thrill on..” (We like Fats Domino as well)

Rock And Roll It - Rainbow Piano
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Great looking with the color-coded learning system.
  • Nice sounds and some basic features included.


  • At this price, none at all.

8  Sunny & Fun 37-Key Roll-Up Piano With Speaker

We have looked at some roll-up pianos that have been designed for a variety of ages and uses. Some have been for younger children as a first instrument. However, what we haven’t done is looked at something that is good for older children. But is also for the very young. This is that roll-up.

This is a small 61 note keyboard that might be suitable for kids aged as young as 2. It will, of course, work just as well for older children for practice. Its main design idea, though is to make playing the keyboard a lot of fun with its colored keyboard.

A Baby Piano…

It is a three-octave unit with a built-in speaker. It might resemble a toy and, to some extent, in certain circumstances, it is. Nothing wrong with that. An instrument that can act as education as well as making music has to be a good idea. It does, though, of course, to a child look like a piano, and it certainly will sound like to their ears.

Of course, it is very compact and rolls away quite neatly after use. Though the control panel located on the right side of the keyboard protrudes when rolled up. On the subject of the control panel, it is quite a complex operation. A child of any age is going to struggle a little bit to operate it. Adult supervision will almost certainly be required.

Grows with your kids…

It might suit a very young child, but it has enough onboard to keep the older players busy. Even those that can play a bit. Built-in are 128 different instrument sounds and also 128 rhythms. The rhythms cover a range of genres. There are also 30 practice songs built-in with a record and playback function. Ports exist for headphones and MIDI out.

It runs on 4 AA batteries or through a mains outlet with the cable provided. Batteries will give you about 10 hours of use. It comes with a lightweight carry bag and a USB cable. A little bit more expensive than some of the competition but a nicely designed robust roll-up piano.

Sunny & Fun 37-Key Roll-Up Piano With Speaker
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Attractive design and easy to play for very young children.
  • Some nice onboard features for older children and improvers to use.


  • A little bit more expensive than other similar roll-up pianos.

9 Donner Roll Up Piano Keyboard

Donner as a musical manufacturing company we are very familiar with. They make a range of effects pedals that are always well made but very cost-effective. Nothing fancy or clever, just very basic and do the job. This piano is the same.

Eighty songs to learn…

This Best Roll Up Piano from Donner features 61 keys with 120 different sounds. There are also 100 rhythms across a range of different genres. A very impressive 80 included songs for the student to learn and practice. It has a record and playback facility and also some basic editing features and a sustain pedal.

Also, there is its own small amplifier and speaker built-in.

Made from hard-wearing silicone, its compact design makes it ideal for carrying around with you. It weighs just two and a half pounds and is powered by either a mains supply or through the built-in rechargeable battery. It also has a headphone facility.

Good sounds…

In terms of playability, it plays quite nicely as long as you remember you are playing a silicone pad, not a piano. The sounds are adequate, and the piano sound is actually quite good. As a roll-up piano keyboard, this is a nice instrument at an affordable price.

Donner Roll Up Piano Keyboard
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Nicely made with good features and adequate instrument sounds and rhythms.
  • Affordable, competitive price.


  • It is more toy than a piano.

10 BABY JOY 49-Key Roll-Up Piano

Another roll-up piano from Baby Joy. From the name, we understand that this is a piano that is designed as an instrument for quite young children. To an experienced musician, it might seem like a toy but to a child a world of sound at their fingertips.

It is made from non-toxic silicone that is hard-wearing and, in this case, also water-resistant. This piano has only 49 keys and is a little limited in its features when compared with some. It does have eight different sounds installed for some variety and a basic echo function. There is a recording facility, which again is very basic and an earphone facility for private practice.

Small yet perfectly formed…

The keys are multi-colored, which will appeal to children and also assist in their development. It is a nice small size and weighs just over one pound. It is, therefore, easy to fold up and carry around with you.

The controls are located on the right side of the keyboard. They are labeled and easy to use. However, as this is aimed at every young child, they might initially need some assistance.

It is powered either by mains or with 4 AAA batteries. The batteries are not supplied.

A nice little introduction to a keyboard for children that is well made and compact. It is though a little more expensive than some similar products.

BABY JOY 49-Key Roll-Up Piano
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Nice design with some good basic features.
  • The colored keyboard enhances the learning experience.


  • A little expensive.

Best Roll up Piano Buyers Guide

To find the best roll up piano keyboard is not as easy as it first seems. For a start, they are all made from similar materials, and most of them have similar features. They usually have a record and playback facility, and most have some sort of special effect.

There is a variety in the number of sounds that are included. This ranges from very small to well over a hundred. The same goes for drum patterns. The number of keys is also a variable, and the price of each is largely determined by this feature. So just how do you decide which Best Roll Up Piano to buy?

best roll up piano

Who Is It For?

There really is only one question. Who is it for? We would hazard a guess it is going to be for someone who wants to learn or is currently in the early student stages. If it is for an adult who already plays, let us insert an element of realism before we go too far.

If you are an experienced or improving musician who is buying it for practice, then you might be disappointed. But, you won’t be if you realize what they are capable of.

Most Best Roll-Up Pianos have full-size keys. But, they don’t really sound like a piano, and they certainly don’t play like one. There is hardly going to be a similar action required for hitting a real piano key as there would be for touching a silicone pad.

If it is for serious practice, then we think not. If you are hoping that it would hold down full chords again, you might be disappointed. Some do, most don’t. If you are hoping to be able to use the MIDI connection to record to a computer, you might also not be very happy. That will require an even and precise keystroke that these pianos might not give you.

So What Does All This Mean?

It means that they are great little instruments, but they are for kids and very early learners. Yes, adults can have some of them, but that is probably all it will be.

Some of the items we looked a were more toys than piano. That is fine. They are not pretending to be anything else. They are manufactured to introduce children to music. We concur with that sentiment because without children playing music in 30 years, there won’t be any.

Some of these Best Roll Up Pianos are great for kids. Highly colored keyboards. Basic but very effective features, they fulfill their role perfectly.

roll up piano


There are one or two that are trying to be a little more and branding themselves as suitable for adults. Suitable for adults for fun with the kids, yes. Suitable for serious practice, not really.

We think they are great little invention. Compact and easy to carry and don’t take up a lot of room. And for what they are, they have quite a bit of technology built-in.

The price range doesn’t vary a great deal, so enjoy picking your favorite. Some young person is about to have a whole new world opened up to them.

Some Other Options

If you think that a roll up piano may, in fact, not be the best option, then take a look at our in-depth reviews of the Best Cheap Keyboard Pianos currently available.

If you want even more options, check out our reviews of the Best Digital Pianos Beginners, the Best Kawai Digital Piano, the Best Digital Pianos under 500 dollars, our Best Yamaha Digital Piano reviews, and the Best Portable Keyboard Pianos on the market.

So, What’s The Best Roll Up Piano?

We are going to say right here we are going to buy ours as a gift for a friend who has a very young daughter. She loves music but as yet hasn’t taken those first steps. We are therefore going to choose the…

What else could we pick? Nice looking and great fun with nice simple features built-in that all kids are going to love. And it’s very affordable.

Our choice as the best roll-up piano.

4.9/5 - (116 votes)

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