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Top 8 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers in 2023

If you enjoy parties and get-togethers in the garden, finding the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers is a fantastic thing to do. They can blend in nicely with the background and will hardly be noticed. But they can also pack quite a punch sound-wise.

There are plenty of speakers available with a variety of levels of waterproof or water-resistant ratings. But, Rock speakers are designed for more than that. They can withstand harsh weather, often take a few knocks, and most require the minimum of maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the best currently on the market to liven up your garden…

Best Outdoor Rock Speakers


Top 8 Best Outdoor Rock Speakers of 2023

  1. Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Best Value for the Money Outdoor Rock Speaker
  2. Sound Appeal – Best Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker
  3. Niles RS6 Pro – Best Weatherproof Outdoor Rock Speaker
  4. OSD – Best White Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker
  5. Niles RS8Si Sandstone Pro – Best Premium Outdoor Rock Speaker
  6. C2G/Cables to Go Audio – Best RF Transmitter Indoor/Outdoor Rock Speaker
  7. Sound Appeal Kid Rok – Best Budget Outdoor Rock Speaker
  8. ION Audio Solar Stone – Best Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Rock Speaker

1 Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speaker – Best Value for the Money Outdoor Rock Speaker

Klipsch is a company that we are very familiar with. They make some great speakers with their trademark copper spun and Tractrix horn designs. None of that here, though. These are designed for the garden with their great-looking granite finish.

Klipsch standards…

The quality of their speaker manufacture is high and well-recognized. That same high-quality is obvious with this speaker delivering a quality sound with a robust build. If you want one of the best granite outdoor rock speakers, this is worth a closer look.

The Sound…

This speaker gives you a great sound. It has a two-way design using a 6.5-inch polymer dual voice woofer. Also, two ¾-inch polymer dome tweeters. The dual tweeter design means it can play both the right and left stereo signals. As a result, this is one of the best sounding outdoor rock speakers out there.

This gives sound precision and a great deal of clarity. Likewise, if required, it can be wired to perform in mono. This will depend on the size of the garden you are using it in.

The Build…

It comes in a durable granite rock finish, measures 11 by 15 by 17 inches, and weighs 13 pounds. At that weight, it is unlikely to be affected by even the strongest winds. It is resistant to UV rays.

Please note this is a wired speaker, and there is no transmitter. Neither is there a Bluetooth connection. It is wired to your sound system. So, Volume and Tonal changes are managed from there. Not a cheap option, but a speaker with a typically Klipsch quality and certainly one of the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers you can buy.

Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speaker
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Good design with its weathered granite look.
  • Completely weatherproof.


  • Some might think it is expensive.

2 Sound Appeal – Best Bluetooth Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is a pair of outdoor rock speakers with Bluetooth compatibility. Having Bluetooth-compatible speakers can be a big plus at parties. Connections then exist for a wide variety of streaming options or just your playlists.

The Build

These come in an unattractive Slate Grey color, which will fit nicely into any garden design. They measure 11.8 by 10.6 by 10.8 inches each and weigh 17 pounds each. They have a rugged build that can withstand the heat and extreme cold weather.

It is important that rock speakers can survive the elements, and an important part of that is rainwater. While not entirely waterproof, these are some of the best water resistant outdoor rock speakers around.

The Speakers…

Built into each are a 6.5-inch woofer and a one-inch tweeter. The frequency range is 35Hz to 20kHz. The speakers are driven by a Class D amp. Known for its efficiency, this type of amp will give you about 60 watts of peak power. The sound is not excessively loud, but it has a good balance with nice lows and crisp highs.

Power source…

The speakers are powered by a battery brick through a charging cable. It connects to one rock, which then connects to the other. Unfortunately, the connecting wire supplied is only 20 inches long.

The power cord needs to be permanently connected. In that way, these speakers are wired. However, that is just the power aspect. The connection to the source of the music is wireless.

Good range…

The Bluetooth V3.0 connection is a standard 100 feet. But that can vary greatly depending on a variety of issues. Bluetooth is known to sometimes be rather unreliable outdoors. A decent set of rock speakers. And as they come as a pair, they are good value for money.

Sound Appeal
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Bluetooth enabled speakers with a power battery pack supplied.
  • Good, rugged build in attractive Slate Grey.


  • Only 20 inches of wire between the speakers.

3 Niles RS6 Pro – Best Weatherproof Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is what you might call a rugged speaker. It is built with durability, very much at the forefront of the design. But it can pump out some music as well.

The Build…

To the casual eye, it looks like it is a piece of granite. But, this speaker has been well-crafted. Even the perforated aluminum grilles look very natural. It measures 16.75 by 13.5 by 15.25 inches and weighs 11 pounds. Decent size but not as heavy as some speakers can be.

The materials used are designed to ensure this speaker will be able to survive even the harshest environmental conditions. That means being water-resistant as well as safe from UV exposure. The speaker is finished off with a no-fade protective coating.

There are four layers of fiberglass used in the construction. That adds to its acoustic value but also is extra protection from the weather. As a result, this is one of the most rugged outdoor rock speakers you can buy.

The Sound…

One of the high points of this speaker. The sound is very balanced, with bass, mids, and highs all very present audibly. It has a frequency range of 60Hz to 21,000Hz. It operates directionally. So, whilst there can be overspill, you can direct the sound to a certain area of your garden. A good speaker, but it is rather expensive.

Niles RS6 Pro
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Well-built with plenty of weather protection.
  • Good sound with well-balanced frequencies.


  • It is quite expensive.

4 OSD – Best White Granite Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is a speaker that has been given a light grey granite styling, designed to fit seamlessly into your garden. The realism of the design means it suits the garden, porch, or around the pool.

The Build…

This speaker features multiple layers that make it able to withstand just about any weather conditions. The materials they used are completely non-water or moisture absorbing. That means that when the weather turns cold, they will not freeze and potentially crack.

Also, inside they are filled with acoustic fiber into which all the parts sit. The speaker measures 9 by 8 by 9 inches and weighs 12 pounds. As a result, these are some of the best compact outdoor rock speakers currently available.

The Sound…

Inside is a 5.25 polypropylene cone woofer that has a butyl rubber surround. There is also a 0.75-inch tweeter. It has a frequency response of 65Hz to 20kHz, and it is claimed it can deliver 100 watts at peak. That will probably be around 40 watts RMS.

That is enough sound to be suitable for a small gathering outside. As they come in a pair, you are using more than one. Therefore, they are best placed about 25 feet away from each other. It is also best to bury the cabling and any connections in the ground. The sound quality of this speaker is quite good without being exceptional.

Any downsides?

These speakers will need an amp or a receiver to work. They also have no Bluetooth connections and do not have a 3mm aux input, which is a bit disappointing. If you are using your phone or other devices for music, you will have to connect up to the amp or receiver.

It should also be noted that these speakers are not waterproof. They are probably best described as water-resistant. The big upside with these speakers is the price point. For a pair of speakers, they represent very good value for money.

Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • A nice design and sold as a pair.
  • They will give you a decent sound at a very attractive price point.


  • No Bluetooth or aux-in connections and not waterproof.

5 Niles RS8Si Sandstone Pro – Best Premium Outdoor Rock Speaker

Back to Niles for another speaker. The look is slightly different, but the internal design and performance are quite similar. There is, however, one rather noticeable difference. More on that later.

The Build…

Niles makes strong rock speakers, and this one is no different. It is one of the best corrosion resistant outdoor rock speakers on the market and can handle any sort of weather conditions. They are water-resistant and can be exposed to UV sun rays for extended periods.

The aluminum grilles are shaped into the design and look quite natural. Inside they also have the multi-layers of fiberglass for protection. These speakers are sandstone in color and finished off with a coat of non-fade protective paint. However, these are quite a size measuring 22.5 by 19 by 16.5 inches and at 16.5 pounds, are not lightweight.

The Sound…

One difference with this speaker is that it has an eight-inch woofer delivering a big bottom-end. But it also has dual tweeters. The sound then is balanced and quite rich.

You will, of course, lose a bit of the bottom-end as most rock speakers do, especially at quieter volumes. But the extra size of the woofer does maintain the low frequencies very well. The sound then is quite impressive.

If there is one disappointing thing, it is the power. They look like they are going to deliver one almighty punch. But they are not as loud as quite a few of the competitors.

One big difference?

Let’s return to the major difference here between these and the previous Niles speaker, the Niles RS6. The price point on this speaker is significantly higher. This speaker is going to price itself out of a lot of people’s budgets. Given that you usually need more than one, this is going to cost a bit.

Niles RS8Si Sandstone Pro
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Well-made with a nice sandstone finish and design.
  • Good sound balance with woofer and dual tweeters.


  • Very expensive.

6 C2G/Cables to Go Audio – Best RF Transmitter Indoor/Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is an outdoor rock speaker with a difference. This speaker doesn’t use Bluetooth; it uses radio frequency transmissions. There are pluses and minuses to that, of course.

The plus is that you will usually get better reception than you would with Bluetooth. The minus is that radio frequencies can be interfered with and indeed interfere with other RF signals.

The Build…

Strong, sturdy, and quite large is probably how you would describe this speaker. Oh, and quite heavy as well. It measures 16 x 12 x 15 inches and weighs 14 pounds. They have a very “rock-like” look, so they are going to fit into the decor of your garden. Likewise, they are given a granite finish.

The Operation…

An important piece of the equipment provided is the docking station. Your phone clips into it, and it acts as a transmitter. It also has a 3.5mm RCA convertor. This can be used to send music to your speaker.

Power supply…

This speaker can be powered by either the built-in rechargeable battery or the DC 15V adapter. You can also use AA batteries. A full charge or new batteries will give you about 8-10 hours of use, depending on the volume you use. On the back of the speaker are a power-on button and basic volume control. You can also use your connected device.

The Sound…

Quite good apart from the potential of static, a byproduct of using radio signals. But generally speaking, the sound is crisp and clean. You will get a respectable frequency response of 40Hz-12KHz.

A downside…

There is usually one, but this one is quite an important thing to note. You are not advised to leave this speaker out in the rain or cold weather but bring it indoors. The weatherproofing is not in existence for those eventualities.

C2G/Cables to Go Audio
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)


  • RF reception if you prefer instead of Bluetooth.
  • Quite a nice sound at a cost-effective price.


  • Not weatherproof.

7 Sound Appeal Kid Rok – Best Budget Outdoor Rock Speaker

Another speaker system from Sound Appeal. This one is an interesting arrangement to look at. This is four pairs of speakers, eight in total. They are designed to look like fairly small rocks. If you happen to have someone who tends your garden, make sure they don’t throw them away, thinking they might be unwanted rocks.

The Build…

They are made from a multi-layered polymer. This is a material that has all you need to make them secure and weatherproof. It can withstand severe temperatures, be it freezing cold or extreme heat.

Therefore they can be left out all year round. Making these some of the best all season outdoor rock speakers currently on the market. Additionally, there is a grille that is weather-protected. And they are colored with an attractive sandstone look.

The Sound…

They have a one-inch dome tweeter that presents some decent clear high frequencies. Also, a 5.25-inch woofer with a butyl rubber surround, which we have to say is a little weak when it comes to the low-end.

They claim 100 watts RMS for each speaker, presumably as some measure of volume. But, as volume is measured in decibels, that is a little misleading. They aren’t going to be as loud as one of Pete Townshend’s Marshall 4 x 12 cabinets.

Superb value for money…

It’s a nice idea to have eight speakers you can spread around your garden. What is also a nice idea is the price. For eight speakers, it represents good value for money. And for that reason could be one of the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers.

Sound Appeal Kid Rok
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Nice looking design with good weatherproofing.
  • Very cost-effective price point.


  • The sound quality is not the best.

8 ION Audio Solar Stone – Best Solar Rechargeable Outdoor Rock Speaker

This is a rock speaker with some added advantages. It is a completely wireless operation. That means no wires and no cables to bury in the garden. Consequently, it is one of the best wireless outdoor rock speakers you will find.

The Build…

It has a nice design that will fit the environment in most gardens. It measures 13.8 by 10.24 by 10.4 inches and weighs just under 10 pounds. There is a built-in amp with a full-range 6.5-inch speaker. It produces about 20 watts of power. Quite ample for use in the garden. It is finished in a slate grey color.

The Battery…

It has a solar panel which you can use to recharge the built-in battery. You should get about 48 hours of use from a single full charge. It will take 55 hours to fully recharge using the solar panel. Or if you prefer five and a half hours from a mains connection.

The Connections…

It has Bluetooth compatibility built-in. This means you can stream your music from any other Bluetooth device. It will operate at the usual 100 feet range from the Bluetooth source.

Leaving it outside…

You can leave this outside to face the elements. But it only has an IPX4 water-resistant rating. That is not waterproof, more like water-resistant. A very heavy downfall might cause problems. Therefore, you might have to bring it in at certain times of the year. That said, it’s a nice speaker. And the Solar Panel is a very good idea.

ION Audio Solar Stone
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Well-built with a nice 6.5-inch full-range speaker.
  • Has some good features with Bluetooth and charging via a Solar Panel.


  • Not waterproof.

Best Outdoor Rock Speakers Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Rock Speakers Buying Guide

Having some kind of music outside in the garden has become a growth industry. People want to spend time there enjoying the fresh air, maybe a barbecue or picnic. Weather permitting, of course.

Good for parties and family gatherings or even if you want a quiet glass of wine in the evening. It hasn’t always been about rock music, despite the name. There are some other benefits. They can look quite nice.

There are different types

There is a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, even colors. Finding one that fits the style of your garden or outdoor area shouldn’t be a problem.

The biggest rock isn’t always the loudest

Let’s lay to rest a popular misconception. Just because one rock speaker is bigger than another doesn’t mean it will be louder. There are a lot of speakers that are physically smaller but significantly louder.

Although, you will want to buy something that looks nice. All the speakers we have looked at here are certainly good enough to be considered attractive.


An important factor. There is something to remember, though. You are not going to achieve a sound as you would indoors from your sound system. It’s just not possible. The bass especially is going to suffer a little, especially when the volume levels are low. You will need good sound controls, which may be from your phone or other devices.


This is a vital issue. Some people may want to bring their speakers indoors. Especially during periods of the year when they know the weather is bad.

But even if you do bring them in, you will need to consider the weatherproof status of the speakers. If they are not adequately protected, then even a light shower could do damage. Look for a formal IPX rating. That will let you know how tough they are against the weather.


You will need to decide what sort of connections you will need. Some have Bluetooth, while others don’t. If you want to play your playlists without Bluetooth, you might need a 3.5mm aux input. Would you prefer an RF transmitter? All things to consider before you hand over the money.


Certainly, something to consider. You will notice that the price for some speakers is for individual units. If you are going to have two or three for the garden, it can get very expensive.

However, it is possible to expand some speaker systems as you go along. So you haven’t got to buy them all in one go. Also, some brands sell them in pairs or even multiples.

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What are the Best Outdoor Rock Speakers?

It is a difficult one because there are so many to choose from. In the end, we decided to go for a single speaker. We don’t need to provide sound for the whole garden, just a part of it. And we don’t want to antagonize the neighbors either.

Therefore, we would pick the …

Klipsch Indoor/Outdoor Speaker

A company that knows how to produce quality speakers, so we know the sound is going to be good.

Until next time, happy listening.

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