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Top 5 Best Online Resources and Lessons for Beginner Trumpet Players Review

The continual expansion of the internet to include various learning resources can only be a good thing, if the information is accurate, of course. But that is another discussion. One area where this has been a great help for some is in learning a musical instrument.

But then there are musical instruments and musical instruments, aren’t there. I could argue that anyone can pick up a guitar or sit at a piano or keyboard and get some sort of tune out of it. However, that doesn’t apply to all instruments. The trumpet is one of those.


Is Technique Important?

No, it isn’t important; it is absolutely vital if you want to be able to play at any level. With some instruments learning the technical aspects is possible if you have dedication. But again, I say there are instruments and instruments.

An Explanation

I played bass guitar and some guitar and piano for a very long time. I was quite familiar with music. Suddenly, I decided that I wanted to learn the clarinet as well. Not that easy. 

The mouth shape and how you blow and breathe are not easy to master without a tutor. Furthermore, for ordinary mortals like me, it is not possible at all. In the end, it took one lesson with a tutor to sort me out.

But The Trumpet?

That is a whole different can of worms, even from the clarinet. There are techniques involved with that instrument that are quite mystifying.

Am I Saying Online Learning Doesn’t Work?

No, not at all. But to go with those online resources, you are almost certainly going to need some private help occasionally. Some online resources are good, in fact, very good. But I feel they should be a part of an overall strategy for learning. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the best online resources and lessons for beginner trumpet players and see which will suit you best.



Based in San Francisco, they were founded in 2010 and now employ over 1000 staff. Udemy is one of the better-known options for those wishing to pursue an online course. 

I didn’t say online courses for trumpet because they run online courses for dozens of different subjects with over 180,000 video tutorials available.

Udemy and the Trumpet

For those wishing to undertake an online course on the trumpet, they offer options at various levels of competence. For the beginner, they run a course entitled “Learn To Play The Trumpet – Beginner to Pro the Easy Way.”

At the moment, Udemy claims there are over 4000 students on this course. It has topics on the following subjects:

  • Achieving a strong embouchure for the trumpet.
  • Interpreting and reading musical notation.
  • Playing Scales.
  • Creating notes.
  • How to clean and assemble and generally care for the trumpet.

As part of the course, you will learn to play some easy, popular songs on the trumpet.

Price Point

They aren’t cheap, but on their website, they sometimes offer discounts for short periods.


  • Makes a good start teaching the correct embouchure.
  • Covers notation, scales, and early music theory.


  • Might be expensive for some.



ArtistWorks is another well-known site for those wishing to take online instruments courses. They have their own way of teaching and offer some unique ideas for development.

The trumpet tutor on the ArtistWorks courses is an ex-professional trumpeter, David Bilger. To get the best from ArtistWorks, you need to become a member. Then you get access to the full library of teaching videos. He teaches at varying levels and in varying and different styles, from the most basic to the more advanced.

A Unique Idea

For members, they offer an arrangement called “Video Exchange.” Using this system, you can send in a practice video to your tutor. They will then offer a critique and give you feedback on ways to improve.

There are grades of membership that extend over 6 and 12 month periods. The course for beginners cover these main topics:

  • Trumpet Fundamentals.
  • How to Hold The Trumpet.
  • Breathing.
  • Developing Your Sound.
  • Using The Tongue.
  • Major and Minor Scales.
  • Intonations and Rhythm.
  • Posture.
  • Practice Habits.

Another course that is not particularly cheap, but it does have a good reputation and success rate for beginners.


  • Well-recognized teaching company with good teachers.
  • Covers a wide range of early techniques and music theories.


  • Not the cheapest you will find.

Learn To Play Music.com

Learn To Play Music.com

Our first two online resource suppliers required a reasonable level of investment. This option is slightly different in that the membership is free. Set up by a group of musicians and teachers, they simply want to get more people to play an instrument. No bad thing.

They operate an enormous range of learning materials for different instruments. But, of course, the one we are interested in is what they offer for the trumpet.

Trumpet for Beginners

They have a playlist on YouTube under the heading “Trumpet Lessons for Beginners.” I have read some criticism of these lessons that they are too basic. But I feel that is unfair.

Isn’t that the idea for a complete beginner? Learning very basic techniques? That’s exactly what they need. So, from that perspective, it is an ideal introduction in my view.

Good resources

It is a very good site that offers a well-stocked library of books, CDs, DVDs, eBooks, and plenty of sheet music. Whatever you are going to need, I would think there is a good chance you will find it here. One of the best online resources and lessons for beginner Trumpet players.


  • No membership fees upfront with an extensive library of teaching materials.
  • Teach the trumpet from a very basic and early stage.


  • None.

ETrumpet Lessons

ETrumpet Lessons

This is another site that offers some free tuition. For all those who desperately want to learn the instrument but can’t afford too many private lessons, this can help. They operate a Youtube site under the same name, which takes you through the early stages. Tackling breathing, embouchure, and other essential early-to-learn techniques.

The site is not just for free users, though. If you like the tutors’ lessons, then you can take either one-to-one online lessons or get involved in other tutorials you pay for. There is a range of materials and lessons covering all levels of play.

Enough For The Beginner

If you don’t want to splash out to start with, there are plenty in the free online trumpet lessons to get you going. There are five lessons at this level. They cover basic instruction but also move onto more complex techniques like using combinations of valves to create notes.

Another emphasis is on posture. Something that is sometimes overlooked. You need to be able to breathe when you are playing instruments you blow. And especially with the trumpet. The lessons teach and demonstrate the correct posture to allow you to breathe properly. A good setup that allows you to develop at your pace and offers paid tuition if you want it.


  • Has a free entry-level that covers all the basics, including posture.
  • A useful library of materials that can be bought, including one-to-one lessons online.


  • None.

MusicFit Academy

MusicFit Academy

This is a system set up by trumpeter Estela Aragon. It is a simple procedure providing you have got the necessary communication equipment.

You need to sign up for the online lessons. These are taught using Skype and rely on two-way communication between students and teachers. You will need the following to participate:

  • A current active Skype account.
  • Reliable internet.
  • Webcam.
  • A headset with a microphone.

You will have an allocated time for your tutorial, so you will need to be available and be on time for the lessons. All lessons are conducted via Skype in this fashion.

Three Membership Options

You will sign up for your membership based on the lesson time you feel most comfortable with. There are three lesson time options – 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes. Membership fees are set depending on which option you choose. There are several different payment options.

You could consider this an online resource, but it is more like a personalized learning service via your lessons. If you think private lessons through Skype could work for you, then this could be a great way to get started and then progress.


  • One-to-one lessons for those that want them.
  • Three grades of membership are offered.


  • You will need some equipment to participate.

A Variety Of Options

Best Online Resources and Lessons for Beginner Trumpet Players

Those are some of the options available to those who want to become the next Dizzy Gillespie or Miles Davis. I have tried to include a variety of choices. Some are free sites, some offer just materials online, and some cost money. Hopefully, I will have covered all the requirements.

Here are some extra materials in case you are thinking about starting to play the trumpet.

And if you are thinking of starting to play, you may well need an instrument. I recently wrote some reviews on these trumpets from Eastar. They are good instruments for the beginner, made of brass, and very cost-effective. Take a look at the Eastar Bb Standard Trumpet Set for Beginner.

The Online Route

As I said at the beginning, this is going to be no easy journey. The techniques associated with playing the trumpet are exact. Get them even slightly wrong, and the neighbors are going to sell up and move very quickly.

In my view, they should be used as a support and backup, providing extra help to what you receive from a teacher. You do need that teacher contact, in my opinion, to sort out technical problems you can’t sort out for yourself.

A few of the resources we looked at offered online one-to-one teaching. For those that may find it all a bit expensive, one especially was cost-effective. That could be a site to look at. It’s a tough instrument to get right, but when you do, it is a great instrument as well.

Interested in Learning the Trumpet?

We can help you with that. Check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Trumpet, the Best Pocket Trumpets, the Best Student Trumpets currently on the market.

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Best Online Resources and Lessons for Beginner Trumpet Players – Final Thoughts

I do like the ideas behind this site and its aims. Therefore, my choice as the best online resource and lessons for beginner trumpet players is…

Learn To Play Music.com

They offer a range of topics with good quality teaching.

Until next time, let your music play.

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