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Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 2023 – Top 10 Picks

The world seems to just get busier and busier. So much of our time is spent in fairly noisy settings. From commuting to traveling, and even working out at the gym, it seems near impossible to find a bit of quiet time.

Thankfully, there are now lots of options for stepping out of the hubbub and into your own little musical sanctuary. Noise-canceling earbuds are providing millions of people with moments of solitude and relaxation in a chaotic world.

However, with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide. So allow us to put your mind at ease. We have put together a rundown of the best noise cancelling earbuds out there today.

No need for any more stress, join us as we take a look and help you find your slice of sonic solitude…

Noise Cancelling Earbuds review


Top 10 Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds 2023

1 Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Keep the world at bay, and nothing but the music in your ears. These earbuds are a great way to lose yourself in the music you love.

Earbuds made for iOS devices…

There is no extra software required. Just plug these into your iOS device and start listening. These are specifically made to work with iPhones, iPods, and iPads. They can also be used with any Apple laptop or desktop computer. Very likely the best noise canceling earbuds for iPhone.

Professional sound and easy operation…

The inline microphone allows you to answer calls with hands-free operation. With a one-touch call button, you can switch between your music and calls without any hassles. The same call button is also the play/pause control. Additionally, there are volume and track controls, as well. Plus there are a few handy tie clips included to keep wires securely tucked away.

Active EQ technology works to bring you genuine and life-like audio. From the low-end to high-end, each frequency is detailed, clear, and dynamic. You can’t help but get lost in a sound this pure. After all, Bose has earned its reputation for high-fidelity audio equipment.

Eliminate ambient noise…

Additionally, these earbuds feature Bose’s own noise-canceling technology. This effectively eliminates ambient and background noises. As a result, you can focus on your music without distraction.

The Aware Mode is a feature that allows you to hear what you need to hear. When activated, the Aware Mode will allow certain frequencies to pass through. Therefore, you will still hear any announcements in a terminal or station. Likewise, you won’t miss when the train calls your stop.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Noise-canceling technology.
  • Perfect for iOS.
  • Aware Mode.
  • Awesome sound quality.
  • One-touch call answer and end.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Control unit is not very strong.
  • Expensive.

2 Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

An amazing set of wireless headphones. Featuring advanced technology that actually allows you to control the level of noise-cancellation.

Convenience beyond compare…

These headphones are designed to offer you the greatest amount of convenience. You can enjoy comfort, convenience, and quiet all at the same time.

These headphones feature Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing. You can easily connect to your mobile devices without any hassle. As a result, you have loads of playback options from a variety of sources.

Not only can you listen to music from your smartphone, but you can also answer incoming calls. These headphones include a control module which can answer and end a call with the push of a button. The built-in dual-microphone system features noise-rejecting technology similar to high-quality studio mics. The result is that calls are clearer and more defined without any background noise.

Take them to the gym…

Also, the Bluetooth connection range is a lengthy 10 meters. This allows you to wear and use the headphones without the need to keep a media device on your person. You can use these headphones while exercising at home or in the gym and they won’t get in the way. Some may say they are the best noise canceling earbuds for running.

Furthermore, the lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge. This means you can put in a full day of work without stopping to recharge the headphones.

No irritation…

Unlike typical headphones, these feature a neckband. It is lightweight and conforms to your body to deliver around-the-clock comfort. Whereas an actual headband can become irritating to wear for extended periods, the neckband is barely noticeable.

The earbuds are contoured to fit snugly in your ears as opposed to over or around. They feature inner-ear hooks. This is another amazing feature not found on most headsets. Rather than over-the-ear hooks, these earbuds rest securely and comfortably around inner-ear curves. Therefore, they can be worn without any discomfort with glasses, sunglasses, and work goggles.

Bose Quietcontrol 30 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling
Our rating:3.1 out of 5 stars (3.1 / 5)

  • Set your own level of noise-cancellation.
  • Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.
  • Inner-ear hooks.
  • Lightweight neckband.
  • Ten hours of battery operation.
  • Noise-rejection dual-microphone system.
  • Expensive.

3 Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E4 Advanced Active Noise Cancelling Earphones

Designed in a minimalist fashion, these earbuds deliver expansive and detailed sound. Made for active urban music lovers who are keen on appearance and comfort.

Luxury and comfort…

These earbuds are designed to look elegant while remaining discrete. In addition, they will deliver comfort for extended lengths of time.

The external housing features ultra-lightweight, stainless, scratch-resistant metal. This makes them quite durable and strong. However, you will hardly notice when you are wearing them. For your daily commute, traveling by train or plane, these headphones offer incredible sound immersion and comfort.

In addition to being ergonomically designed, these include changeable ear tips. There are memory foam and silicone ear tips to choose for. As a result, you will find the perfect fit and feel.

Hear what you want…

The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology brings new meaning to the word “serenity.” The ANC shuts out background and ambient noise to ensure full musical immersion. Whether in a bustling airport or terminal, the ANC ensures detailed and immersive sound. As a result, you can focus on your music without distraction.

Sometimes you do need to hear what’s going on around you. For this reason, these earbuds feature Transparency Mode. With just a small motion, you can activate this mode and hear the ambient surroundings. This is very useful when waiting to catch a flight or a train and you need to be aware of PA announcements.

Furthermore, Transparency Mode does not sacrifice sound quality. Your music will sound the same. The only difference is that loud background noises are allowed through. You’ll hear cars, trucks, public address systems and the like. However, the Transparency mode won’t allow in the white noise, like air conditioners or electrical appliance hums.

Convenient connections…

These earbuds feature a standard 3.5mm output jack. They can be used with any device, including Apple products. Therefore, you can choose which device is your primary music source. Additionally, when connected to your smartphone, you can answer calls.

The inline remote lets you control the volume, playback, and answer/end calls with the push of a button. Another great feature is that the ANC can remain active during a call. Therefore, even in heavily crowded places, you’ll never miss a word.

Could all this make them the Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds? You’ll have to wait till the end of the review to find out…

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E4 Advanced Active Noise Cancelling Earphones
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Minimalist aesthetic design.
  • Enhanced Active Noise Cancelling technology.
  • Transparency Mode.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Memory foam and silicone ear tips.
  • Works with any 3.5mm jack.
  • No batteries required.
  • Designed for urban commuting.
  • No wireless connectivity.
  • Somewhat expensive.

4 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, TaoTroics ANC Noise Cancelling Earphone

A pair of earphones made for travel. These earphones are a great way to enjoy your music while traveling, and still be aware of your surroundings when needed.

Immersive sound…

These earphones feature Active Noise Cancelling technology. It effectively reduces background and ambient noises by up to 70%. This means you can wander through a crowded terminal and still get the most from your music. The inline remote features slide controls for the ANC. As a result, you can quickly switch between different modes depending on your situation.

Furthermore, the Aware Mode lets you know when there are announcements being made. If you are in a subway station or an airport, Aware Mode ensures yo

Listen for hours on end…
u’ll never miss anything important. These little earphones deliver a big sound. They feature Hi-Fi stereo bass, which means your tunes are full and clear.

Convenient travel companion…

These earphones use a 3.5mm output jack, so they can connect to your smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, they include a built-in noise-rejecting microphone. This allows you to answer and end calls effortlessly, even with ANC engaged.

Additionally, there is a micro-USB adapter that lets you charge the earphones from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You can expect up to 15 hours of continuous play on ANC mode with a single charge.

For even more added convenience, there is an airline adapter included as well. Even a mile high in the sky, you can listen to in-flight movies without distraction. This could even make these, one of the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping.

What’s in the box?

There is also a handy travel pouch, a set of ear hooks, and a set of ear tips included. You have all you need for a great musical experience that is quiet and comfortable while traveling or commuting. That said, these could be the best noise canceling earbuds under 100 dollars.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, TaoTroics ANC Noise Cancelling Earphone
Our rating:3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)

  • Active Noise Cancelling technology.
  • Aware Mode.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Works with any 3.5mm output jack.
  • Micro-USB and airline adapter included.
  • 15 hours of playtime.
  • Very Affordable.
  • Cannot completely cancel airplane engine hums.
  • ANC starts to deteriorate when the battery is low.

5 1MORE Dual Driver BT ANC In-Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Experience your music like never before. The 1MORE headphones are primed to deliver an expansive, detailed, and immersive audio experience.

Dual-drivers and detailed sound…

These headphones feature a dynamic driver and a separate balanced armature. The result is a balanced, full, and precise playback. These kinds of drivers are not common in headphones. They are more like Hi-Fi speakers in a home audio center.

The Active Noise Cancellation uses a wider frequency range for EQ enhancements. Therefore, a greater amount of background noise is eliminated from your sound. In fact, this technology is actively analyzing ambient and background noise and produces soundwaves that cancel unwanted noise. Your music will come through naturally, fully, and with the utmost clarity.

Any way you want it…

A real benefit of these headphones is the dual wired and wireless connections. They feature Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity with a range of up to 10 meters. This connection means you can listen to your mobile device without having to carry it on your person.

There is also a 3.5mm adapter which allows you to plug in the headphones when the battery starts to get low. This is a standard connection jack that will work with pretty much any audio device. The result is greater flexibility and prolonged use.

In addition, these feature Environmental Noise Cancellation Technology (ENT) for the built-in microphone. This is cutting-edge technology that filters ambient and background noise from the microphone. Therefore, when taking a call, you will be heard clearly and precisely.

Lightweight and comfortable…

Along with the incredible sound, these offer amazing comfort. They feature a neckband instead of headband or dangling wires. The neckband is very lightweight and comfortable. It is ergonomically designed and quite soft. The earbuds come with soft silicone ear tips which fit securely and comfortably in your ears.

The onboard controls are located right on the neckband for greater convenience. Volume, playback controls, and call answering are right at your fingertips. Plus magnetic rear covers let you keep the earbuds neatly attached and out of the way when not in use.

1MORE Dual Driver BT ANC In-Ear Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Earphones
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Amazing sound quality.
  • Lightweight and comfortable design.
  • Bluetooth wireless and 3.5mm wired connectivity.
  • Active Noise Cancellation technology.
  • Dual drivers.
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation for calling.
  • Only 7 hours of continuous playback.
  • No extras ear tips.
  • The neckband is not adjustable or flexible.

6 Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones

A nice pair of headphones that do a good job of reducing background noise. They are well-built and comfortable.

Superior sound…

Audio-Technica is a leading maker of high-quality advanced audio equipment. These headphones are designed to deliver awesome sound quality. They offer a full, balanced sound that is precise and detailed.

With Active Noise Cancelling technology, these headphones give you an immersive sound experience. The ANC technology effectively reduces up to 90% of background noise.

Miniature microphones in each of the earbuds pick up ambient noises. After which, electronics in the control box generate noise-canceling waves. These waves are 180 degrees out of phase from the ambient noise. As a result, the waves act to cancel out the ambient noise. What you hear is pure audio fidelity.

Versatile use…

These headphones use a 3.5mm output jack. They can connect to most media devices with a compatible input jack. And each of the earbuds come equipped with foam ear tips. In addition, there are two extra sets of silicone ear tips included.

There is also an airline adapter. This allows you to quickly and easily plug in these headphones during a flight. Therefore, you have a pure and detailed sound, even thousands of feet off the ground.

Furthermore, the ANC technology works fabulously at eliminating the engine hum for airplanes. They could be the best noise canceling earbuds for airplanes.

With or without a battery…

The control unit has volume and track selection controls. It requires a single AAA battery to power the ANC technology.

However, even without a battery, the headphones work perfectly fine. They simply cannot utilize the noise-canceling technology.

Audio-Technica ATH-ANC23 QuietPoint Active Noise-Cancelling In-Ear Headphones
Our rating:3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)

  • Active noise-canceling technology.
  • Full and balanced sound.
  • Effectively eliminates airplane engine noise.
  • Includes airline adapter.
  • Two extra sets of ear tips.
  • Affordable.
  • Cannot answer incoming calls.
  • The battery cannot be recharged.
  • Cable from battery box is short.

7 COWIN HE8D Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

High-Res audio in a comfortable package. These headphones deliver exceptional sound-quality and versatile use.

Wireless freedom…

These headphones utilize the most advanced Bluetooth technology. You can easily connect to your preferred mobile device and use it as your audio source. The Bluetooth connectivity has a range of up to 10 meters. Therefore, you can use these when you are working out at home or at a fitness center.

Furthermore, these headphones feature wireless magnetic charging. This means you don’t even need to plug in the headphones to charge the battery. Simply use the OTG charging function and continue with your routine. The headphones can charge even while they are in use.

Additionally, there is a micro-USB cable. This can be used to charge the headphones via your laptop or tablet. It is just more convenience built-in to these headphones. However, the micro-USB cable does not support Apple’s Lightning connection.

Ring, ring…

There is a built-in microphone, as well. Answer and end a call with the press of a button on the control module.

The control module itself has volume, and payback controls. It is durable and lightweight. Likewise, it is an intuitive remote that connects to Apple and Android Bluetooth devices.

High-Resolution sound…

These headphones feature two different drivers. There is a dynamic driver and a balanced armature. These work together to provide you with a sound that is life-like, detailed, full, and balanced.

There is also enhanced stereo bass levels that produce a thick and rounded sound. The result is an amazing audio playback that rivals most home speaker systems.

Extra comfort and versatility…

These headphones feature super-soft leather ear tips. These are exceedingly comfortable as well as sweat-proof. They fit securely in your ears and won’t be irritating.

There are also two extra pairs of ear tips and a protective carrying case.

COWIN HE8D Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Earbuds, Wireless In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Two different audio drivers.
  • Advanced Bluetooth connectivity.
  • OTG wireless charging.
  • Super-soft leather ear tips.
  • Sweat-proof.
  • Hi-Res audio playback.
  • Intuitive control module.
  • Affordable.
  • Not compatible with apple’s Lightning connectivity.

8 Original Black Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset Earphone MDR-NC31EM for Xperia Z2

A pair of headphones from an industry leader. Sony has been crafting high-quality audio components for decades.

Simple and Solid…

These headphones are nothing fancy. Simply a high-quality pair of headphones that deliver excellent sound playback. These are well-built and durable. They fit comfortably in your ears and are easy to use. The audio playback is optimized for precision. There is no noise; only music pumped through these little guys.

With noise-canceling technology, you can expect pure sonic enjoyment. The world around you just melts away.

These headphones use a 3.5mm 5-pole connection. This is the standard connection for most smartphones and tablets. However, devices that do not have a 5-pole connection will not support these headphones.


These headphones can also provide you with hands-free calling. Again, in order for this function to work your smartphone must be compatible with a 5-pole connection.

The sound quality is nothing less than one would expect from Sony. Each track is full, balanced, and incredibly accurate.

Optimized for use with Xperia Z2 smartphones and tablets, you can use various Sony apps to enhance your music. Unfortunately, these headphones are not ideal for use with Apple products. In fact, some older Android systems may struggle to deliver the best performance as well.

The perfect fit…

When it comes to comfort, these headphones really shine. They come with extra silicone ear tips in three different sizes. You should have no problem finding the right fit for your ears.

Original Black Sony Digital Noise Cancelling Headset Earphone MDR-NC31EM for Xperia Z2
Our rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

  • Simple and sturdy.
  • Excellent sound playback.
  • Noise-cancelling technology.
  • 1-meter cable length.
  • Comfortable.
  • Extra ear tips in three sizes.
  • Affordable.
  • Not ideal for Apple products.
  • Only compatible with devices that support 5-pole connections.

9 Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Behind-Neck in-Ear Headphones

Headphones that have been engineered for flying. A highly-advanced set of headphones that offer a multitude of extra features.

Fly with your music…

The most interesting feature of these headphones is the Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing. Essentially this technology measures the pressure on the earbuds and adjusts accordingly.

The result is a flight free from ambient and background noise. These are likely the best noise canceling earbuds for flying.

The integrated Digital Noise Cancelling (DNC) technology further enhances your sound experience. Together with Sony’s dedication to high-fidelity audio components, these earbuds are superb.

They are optimized for Hi-Res audio formats. As a result, there is less distortion, clipping, and file degradation. Your lossless files will come through with pristine accuracy.

Smart earbuds…

These earbuds feature advanced Bluetooth connectivity. They are designed to pair with Android and iOS devices of all kinds. Simply download the Smart Listening App and begin customizing your sound, playlists, and a whole lot more.

In addition to Bluetooth, they feature LDAC processing. The LDAC ensures data is transmitted three times faster than Bluetooth alone. In fact, the LDAC transfer rate is upwards of 990kbps. Therefore you are getting high-resolution audio streamed to the earbuds.

The Adaptive Sound Control feature is truly a wonder. It can detect your surroundings. It knows when you are in an airport, on a busy street, or sitting quietly at home. The noise-canceling technology then automatically adjusts the levels to your environment. Furthermore, you can customize the levels to your liking with the Sony I Headphones Connect App.

The built-in microphone offers crystal clear calling. The DNC tech works even while talking on the phone. Even better, these are optimized for use with Google Assistant. Give voice commands or ask questions. These headphones are like your own little PDA with all of Google’s perks.

Comfort assured…

The neckband design ensures maximum comfort when wearing these earbuds. The neckband is lightweight and soft. It is also quite durable.

These earbuds can deliver 10 hours of continuous usage on a single charge. Another exciting feature is that the headband actually vibrates for incoming calls.

Another strong contender for the Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds currently available, but will they be the winner? You’ll find out soon…

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling Wireless Behind-Neck in-Ear Headphones
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Atmospheric Pressure Optimizing.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for Android and iOS.
  • Hi-Res streaming with advanced LDAC.
  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Incredible sound quality.
  • Automatically detects your surroundings.
  • 10-hour battery life.
  • Optimized for use with Google Assistant.
  • Expensive.

10 LINNER In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling earbuds that are professional grade. These earbuds deliver near-perfect noise cancellation.

Quiet and comfortable…

The Active Noise Cancelling technology processes incoming ambient sound waves. It then creates inverse waves to offset the unwanted noise. Furthermore, the ANC technology effectively reduces up to 97% of ambient and background noise.

In addition to eliminating noise, these earbuds have tremendous sound. They offer deep bass, so any EDM fans should love them. The high-quality titanium diaphragm works to provide rich, detailed, and immersive audio. In fact, the entire sound is fantastically well-balanced. The highs are crisp, the mid-range is warm, and of course the low-end is deep and thick.

Ergonomic and lightweight…

These earbuds feature a neckband made from a high-quality silicone material. Ergonomically designed for enhanced comfort, the neckband is very lightweight. It does not irritate your skin and feels like you’re not even wearing it.

The earpieces themselves are also ergonomic. They use a strong, yet lightweight aluminum alloy for the housing. There are silicone ear tips that fit snug and secure in your ears.

Another nice feature is that these earbuds are sweat-resistant. There is an internal waterproof coating that provides protection against sweat, humidity, and rain. As a result, you can use these when exercising in the gym or outdoors.

Wireless operation…

Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity allows these earbuds to be used with either Android or iOS mobile devices. Together with the advanced acoustic components, streaming music has never sounded so clear.

Likewise, Bluetooth wireless allows you to answer calls with hands-free operation. Also, noise-canceling technology continues to work during your conversations. Therefore, all your calls will be free from background and ambient noises.

LINNER In-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Eliminates up to 97% of ambient noise.
  • Titanium diaphragm.
  • Detailed, balanced, full, and accurate sound.
  • Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity.
  • Sweat-proof.
  • Comfortable and ergonomic design.
  • Hands-free calling.
  • Very affordable.
  • Cable quality is not very good.
  • The microphone is not very durable.

Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Buyer’s Guide

When looking for the best earbuds, you should decide when and where you’ll use them the most. It is important to know if you are going to be traveling or commuting frequently. Likewise, it is important to know if you are going to use the earbuds for more recreational activities.

best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

For travelers and commuters, earbuds that can detect your surroundings are ideal. Simply because there are times when you need to hear what’s going on, but, at the same time, block out all the unwanted noise like coffee machines, cash registers, and other electronics.

For the musically inclined active types, wireless earbuds are the best. If you are going to be moving around, having the hands-free operation is a real bonus. Not only are your hands able to do what they need to, but you also eliminate annoying cables that can get in the way.

Whatever your intended use is, be sure the earbuds you choose are compatible with your media player or smartphone.

And The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds Are?

All of the items reviewed here are excellent choices. Yet, in the end, we know only one can truly be called “The Best.”

The Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds are the…

These are simple, elegant earbuds that deliver unmatched sound quality. They are lightweight, discreet, and designed for travelers and commuters.

Active Noise Cancelling technology works extremely well. Even with the Transparency Mode engaged, there is no loss in sound quality. Also, they deliver up to 20 hours of play with the ANC engaged. Plus they can work without a battery.

They are compatible with all kinds of audio devices with a 3.5mm jack. Their design and construction are of premium quality. The housing is sleek and durable. The cable is strong and flexible.

They include a high-quality inline microphone for calling. There are changeable ear tips. And the control module is sturdy and easy to use. You can expect these earbuds to last for quite a long time, too.

To end…

We certainly hope you found this review useful. We also expect you are too busy enjoying your new noise-canceling earbuds to even reply.

May your travels be serene and full of sonic solitude. We’re sure your new earbuds are going to make sure that is exactly the case.

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