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Top 50 Best Nicki Minaj Songs of All Time

Nicky Minaj has cemented her name as one of the greatest female rappers ever over the past decade. Sometimes, she is accused of using sexuality instead of rap skills to gain notoriety. 

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But that’s quite unfair…

She is a very capable technical rapper when all the glitter is removed. They used to say the same about Lil Kim, and now also say the same about Cardi B.

The best Nicki Minaj songs of all time are proof that she is a great rapper. An innovative artist that took the mainstream 2010s rap scene to unprecedented levels in a commercial sense. 

Nicki Minaj might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you cannot deny her greatness. So, here are some of Nicki Minaj’s best songs that put her success as an artist into context.

Best Nicki Minaj Songs of All Time

Top 50 Best Nicki Minaj Songs of All Time

[nb]1[/nb] Anaconda


“Anaconda” shows off her sluttier side while still holding it down on the mic. Using a sample from Sir-Mix-A lot’s classic “Baby Got Back” was a stroke of genius. 

It’s freaky, for sure, but it’s supposed to be… 

This amazingly successful track was initially released as a single in 2014 from The Pinkprint album. It went on to become a commercial juggernaut. The official video on YouTube has more than 1 billion views, and not many rap tracks can make that lofty claim.

This is one of the best Nicki Minaj songs of all time that shows how she can mix sexuality, commercial success, and rapping skills in a single joint. She is underrated as a rapper, but her flows are unique and always on point. 

The memes of this track probably have more views than most rappers have for their entire catalog. I am guessing that you already know what the subject matter is about. And, yes, it is something about big, long snake-looking things. I think you get the point, and if you don’t know by now, you never will. 

[nb]2[/nb] Super Bass


The way that Nicki merges up-tempo rap flows on top of Pop-style cartoonish rap beats is what makes her such an interesting artist. This style is no more evident than in the super-popular Nicki Minaj song “Super Bass.” 

When this track sprang to prominence on release in 2010, it changed the possibilities of what a female rapper could do commercially and musically. Nobody was rapping like this before Minaj, especially back in 2010. Many have tried to copy and bite her style since, but to no avail. 

I didn’t like the track when I first heard it…

But, it quickly became compulsive listening and is very addictive. That’s how it always is when an artist does something so unique that it takes time to catch up with it. The music video also massively helps the track with its vibrant colors and fast-paced editing. 

“Super Bass” is the sort of track that bashes its way into your conciseness and then won’t let you get away. At the time of writing this list in late 2023, it almost has a billion views on YouTube. And it will no doubt surpass that marker very soon. 

[nb]3[/nb] Itty Bitty Piggy


“Itty Bitty Piggy” is one of her older tracks from the 2009 Beam Me Up Scotty mixtape. The distinctive, stripped-down production is a bit basic when compared to her newer stuff. But that’s why I like it so much. 

She flexes her rap skills here and spits out the flows in an impressive fashion. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s a revenge track that blasts and obliterates other female rappers and breaks them down to their bare components.

It’s easy to get caught up in Nicki’s more commercial efforts…

But it’s hard-hitting beats and verses like this that originally grew her name. Up-tempo, catchy, and completely addictive are great ways to explain how this track makes me feel. 

The lyrics are clever and cutting. So, make sure you take your time to absorb the words over a few listens to really appreciate it.

[nb]4[/nb] Truffle Butter (feat. Lil Wayne & Drake)


Nicki Minaj might be the Queen of Rap, but she is also the queen of pop music collaborations. During the early-2010s, if you were going to get rappers to cameo on your tracks, it didn’t get any bigger than Lil Wayne and Drake. 

“Truffle Butter” featured these two rap legends and still sounds just as fresh today as it did when it was released in 2015. It was an exclusive iTunes release at the time, although it did later end up on the deluxe version of her The Pinkprint album. 

More Dance or Trance music than straight-up Hip-Hop… 

That was a thing that Nicki did well on a few tracks from around that time. The verses from Drake and Lil Wayne perfectly complement Nicki’s on this joint, as it bumps along with a cool and suave bounce like you don’t see today. 

Her rapping talents are on full display here. If you can stand out on a track with these two guys and not look out of place, you are a real one. And that’s just what she is. 

[nb]5[/nb] Feeling Myself (feat. Beyoncé)


No urban female artists in the 2010s had the commercial success or exposure as Nicki or Beyoncé. Bey was already one of the highest-selling artists of this era and had been for over a decade. So, sharing a beat with Minaj was a natural move for everyone involved. 

“Feeling Myself” featuring Beyoncé broke the internet at the time. Instead of doing something poppy and commercial, it is quite a hard beat with deep and sub-bass-laden undertones. A sound that set it apart from many tracks of that time.

The moment this dynamic duo decided to do a track together… 

It was going to be one of the best Nicki Minaj songs of all time. It’s a track that was made to be played when you feel good or when you want to. I always liked to play this song when I was getting ready to go out to the club. 

“Feeling Myself” got that type of vibe that gets you excited and ready for action. It was also included in The Pinkprint in 2014, which is home to some of Nicki Minaj’s most popular songs.

[nb]6[/nb] Beez In The Trap (feat. 2 Chainz)


“Beez In The Trap” features rapper 2 Chainz and was a cool club banger when it was released in 2012 from her second studio album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. If you guys don’t know who Roman is, you just don’t know that much about Minaj. 

When this track first hit the streets, fans thought it was a bit weird. But, in no time at all, it became compulsive listening and on heavy rotation across the Pop music sphere. This type of stripped-down beat that pops was so fresh at the time that it took years for some to realize its greatness. 

At the time…

It quickly became one of Nicki Minaj’s greatest rap songs. And it laid the foundations for what was about to come. 

The collaboration with 2 Chainz was also a stroke of genius as the two fit perfectly like a hand in a glove. It also became very popular with meme-makers which gave it even more exposure across the internet. 

[nb]7[/nb] Pound The Alarm


In the early 2010s, Nicki Minaj had a reputation for making Pop tracks that merged rap and EDM. In some quarters, she got some strife about it from real rap fans. “Pound The Alarm” is the epitome of that sound and ethos. 

To be fair, it was this type of Dance/Pop/Rap track that catapulted her to stardom. So, in hindsight, it was a godlike move from Minaj and her team. I am not a fan of this type of rap, but you can’t deny its commercial success and how it drove a different type of music fan to her music.

Her alter ego, Roman, seriously came out to play on this track… 

It was placed on her 2012 Pink Friday album and is still regarded as one of her poppier songs ten years later. Likewise, it’s one of the most loved Nicki Minaj songs.

If she didn’t go through this dance-rap phase, she might not have become the artist we know and love today, so it absolutely needs to be included on her best songs list. And, if you are not so much into her vocal delivery, you can dance the night away to it instead.

[nb]8[/nb] Starships


Talking about her Pop-Rap-Dance ensembles, it would be sacrilegious not to include Nicki Minaj’s most successful song, “Starships.” This is another track that skyrocketed her pop career and took her to a new level of exposure and commercial success at the time. 

Again, when it was released back in 2012 from her Pink Friday album and cemented her as a true Pop beast. 

It topped most major music charts around the globe… 

The super-catchy chorus was being sung out loud by 12-year-old girls at the time, making this one of the most well-known Nicki Minaj songs ever.

This electronic dance/rap masterpiece might make Big Daddy Kane disappointed, but it was obvious that her path was going to be that of a pop star instead of a hip-hop emcee per se. 

Around that time, you couldn’t turn on the radio or go to a nightclub without this joint being blasted out. It’s a good-time track that is still adored by Nicki’s pop music fans even today. So, what the hell do I know? That’s a rhetorical question.

[nb]9[/nb] Did It On Em


“Did It On Em” is one of her older joints and was released back in 2011. This is the type of track that is nasty, dirty, and compulsive viewing. It’s safe to say that I loved it back in the day, but it’s definitely not family-friendly. 

It’s just about as far away from her dance-style Pop tracks as you can go. But that’s what makes her such a special artist in the first place. She can just flip it on you and take it back to the early 2010s in epic fashion. 

The term “did it on em” refers to crapping on someone in a metaphorical sense…

Well, I hope it’s just a figure of speech anyway. For something so minimalist and visceral, it’s quite a catchy track that pulses and bobs with deep sub-bass tones and unique synth sounds. 

But if you listen to the lyrics, you can tell it’s about getting revenge on your haters. And nothing is more satisfying than that. I was told that you always forgive your enemies because nothing makes them madder. But Nicki would rather drop it on them from above instead. 

[nb]10[/nb] Only (feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown)


“Only” is a rap collaboration on steroids. When you get Nicki, Chris Brown, Drake, and Lil Wayne on the same track, you better stand clear because the globe is about to implode. Or, at the very least, flip on its axis. 

That’s what it felt like back in 2014 when this song hit the street like a meteor. In regards to all-star rap line-ups, it doesn’t get any more epic than this ensemble. It’s a club banger of the highest order and another track I listen to before going out or when I want to get hyped. 

If you’ve never heard this track before…

You have been missing out. The stripped-down beat, sinister synths, and bass are the perfect foil for the rhyme schemes of these artists. Chris Brown is on the chorus hook that brings all this together. 

It’s won a multitude of accolades, such as the BET Award for Viewer’s Choice, and was even nominated at the Grammy Awards for Best Melodic Rap Performance. “Only” is an iconic Nicki Minaj track that kept the dance floors bumping and the asses shaking.

[nb]11[/nb]Fly (feat. Rihanna)




[nb]13[/nb]Moment 4 Life (feat. Drake)


[nb]14[/nb]Right Thru Me


[nb]15[/nb]Dear Old Nicki


[nb]16[/nb]The Night Is Still Young


[nb]17[/nb]I Am Your Leader (feat. Cam’ron & Rick Ross)


[nb]18[/nb]Your Love


[nb]19[/nb]Roman Reloaded (feat. Lil Wayne)


[nb]20[/nb]Stupid Hoe


[nb]21[/nb]The Crying Game (feat. Jessie Ware)


[nb]22[/nb]Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)


[nb]23[/nb]Blazin’ (feat. Kanye West)


[nb]24[/nb]Roman in Moscow


[nb]25[/nb]Come See About Me


[nb]26[/nb]Barbie Tingz


[nb]27[/nb]Va Va Voom


[nb]28[/nb]Buy A Heart (feat. Meek Mill)


[nb]29[/nb]Champion (feat. Nas, Drake, and Young Jeezy)


[nb]30[/nb]Regret In Your Tears




[nb]32[/nb]Did It Before


[nb]33[/nb]Get On Your Knees (feat. Ariana Grande)


[nb]34[/nb]Run Up (feat. Major Lazer & PartyNextDoor)




[nb]36[/nb]Favorite (feat. Jeremih)


[nb]37[/nb]Hard White


[nb]38[/nb]Here I Am


[nb]39[/nb]High School (feat. Lil Wayne)


[nb]40[/nb]I Get Crazy (feat. Lil Wayne)


[nb]41[/nb]I Lied


[nb]42[/nb]Im the Best




[nb]44[/nb]Mind On My Money


[nb]45[/nb]Nip Tuck


[nb]46[/nb]Pills N Potions


[nb]47[/nb]Roman Holiday


[nb]48[/nb]Save Me


[nb]49[/nb]Roman’s Revenge 2.0 (feat. Lil Wayne)


[nb]50[/nb]The Pinkprint Freestyle


Notable Nick Minaj Track Mentions

Nicki Minaj’s discography is so vast and plentiful that it’s difficult to choose only ten songs. So, I thought it would only be right to offer you some other notable mentions that are missing from this list. 

“High School” (feat. Lil Wayne) is a track that just missed the cut, and that will probably disappoint some fans.

Other popular Nicki Minaj tracks from the past decade include… 

“Your Love,” Kanye West’s “Monster” (feat. Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Rick Ross & Bon Iver), “Moment For Life” (feat. Drake), and the ground-breaking “Lookin’ Ass” from 2014. There are a bunch of other tracks that could’ve also made my list, but you have to draw the line somewhere.

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Best Nicki Minaj Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

When we look back at the pop music scene from the 2010s, Nicki is one of the standout artists we point our finger at. The best Nicki Minaj songs are a unique blend of New-Wave Rap, Pop, and Electronic Dance Fusion tracks with numerous cameos featuring some of the most iconic rappers. 

It’s easy to pigeonhole Minaj as a female rapper that used her slutty sexuality to sell records and create a certain image.

But she is so much more than that…

When you listen to her mixtapes pre-2010, she was a straight-up Hip-Hop rapper that you can compare with the likes of Lil Kim, Lauryn Hill, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, and Remy Ma. Would Cardi B exist if Nicki Minaj hadn’t made it to the upper echelons of the Pop music industry? I highly doubt it.

So, we should pay homage to her as a pioneer that changed the game and the music scene in general. She is a pop music legend, and history going forward will prove that.

Until next time, happy listening.

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