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Top 16 Best Music Production Apps

Modern musicians have a lot on their plate. Due to the ever-increasing demands of 21-century music lovers, musicians have become more than just instrumentalists and singers. 

Besides the difficult task of writing, recording, and rehearsing tunes, you have to constantly play live shows. And, of course, that ever-important focus on content. These days, musicians that don’t have a website, YouTube channel, or Instagram page, almost don’t exist.

Sometimes, it seems modern musicians spend more time taking pictures, doing research, marketing, and interacting with social media than they spend making the art that they need to make a living.

Best Music Production Apps

That being said…

If you’re not making new songs regularly, then all the other stuff isn’t going to make a lick of difference. Also, you need to be making stuff that’s up to standard. That’s not as simple as it seems when you’re constantly on the move to play shows and promote yourself.

Musicians having to work while on the go has become more common in recent years. Plenty of chart-toppers are now creating tracks on their laptops and tablets while they are in hotel rooms, on a plane, or in the car. 

Not that this is entirely new. Think of guys like Dylan and Neil Young writing songs in the back of the tour bus while on the road back in their day. 

It is true…

The tools that musicians use have changed. PCs and laptops are probably still the trusted favorite for many musicians. But, there has been a great uptake in the use of tablets and cellphones for making music in recent years. 

If you’re wondering, “Can you make music on a cellphone or tablet?” let me start by saying that yes, you can. It might seem a bit complicated at first. But, if you are willing to spend some time on it, you’ll find that it’s not only possible but also quite handy to craft a basic tune on a mobile device. For more info, check out my in-depth look at Can You Record music on your Phone?

So, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the best music production apps currently available. So, hit record, and let’s get started.


Top 16 Best Music Production Apps



Garageband has been around since 2004. From the start, it’s proven a popular music production app for musicians who are just getting started as well as seasoned recording artists who just want something mobile to lay down ideas with. 

When the world started recording music on cellphones and tablets, Garageband set the standard of what users would come to expect in coming years. This has paid off big time since there are millions of musicians around the world who use Garageband to make their music on the go. 

If you make music using a DAW and your choice software is Logic, then Garageband is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a mobile option. The two programs are made by the same company and use the same basic operating engine. 



If you’re a songwriter and you want to expand your songwriting tools, then Songify is something you’ll want to look at. 

Let’s say you have the bare bones of a song idea with a few lines or even just a few words. Then, all you have to do is speak them into your device’s microphone, and Songify will turn the words into a basic melody. Take note that the words need to be spoken, not sung. 

This tool is a bit of a “rolling the dice” kind of thing. But it’s a great way to get ideas for melodies that you may never have come up with on your own. And, since it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose. Try it out next time you’re stuck on an idea and see what happens.



If you’re into synthesis and you know the name Moog, then it’s likely that this wonderful little app is going to pique your interest. When I say little, I mean it. The basic installation of Animoog is less than 20MB. 

Developed by a titan of the analog synth world, Moog, this app is a fantastic tool for all your synth needs. Whether you need lead, bass, arpeggiated, or pad sounds, this app can provide you with a myriad of opinions and a bunch of tweakable parameters.  

Not free, but not at all expensive…

The app does cost around $6, but that’s a small price considering the quality of sound and variety that you’re getting. Not to mention the thousands of presets that you can add to the already substantial factory library via the downloadable expansion packs.

This award-winning app carries the name of a proud lineage, so you know it’s got a good pedigree. There might be a bit of orientation time needed, but it will be well worth it if you want to get serious about mobile music. 

Korg iElectribe

Korg iElectribe

You may have heard of this popular chart-topping group called Gorillaz. Well, a few years ago, they released a critically acclaimed platinum-certified album, Plastic Beach. What shocked people, though, was that less than a year later, they dropped another album, The Fall

How did they do that?

The reason these albums were released so quickly was that frontman Damon Albarn wanted to have the honor of producing the first-ever album made entirely on an iPad. Yes, the entire album was made on an iPad using some instruments and Korg iElectribe.  

The app has a sleek, intuitive interface that still manages to be attractive enough so that you don’t get sick of it after hours of working. It costs around $20 and will give you access to all the tools you’ll need to make beats, loops, and synth parts. 

So impressed was the world with this piece of software that they teamed up with the world’s most successful virtual band to create a Gorillaz edition. If you’re into Gorillaz, I would recommend this one, but otherwise, just stick to the normal one. It was good enough for Albarn, right?

Music Memos

Music Memos

Any musician will tell you that in a short time, you might come up with hundreds of ideas for possible songs. The trick is often trying to separate the bad from the good. 

Music Memos is a great tool aimed at songwriters who work by spontaneously putting down and listening back to their ideas. When you try it at first, you might think it’s just a simple voice memo app. But, it’s much more than that if you’re willing to give it a go. 

How so?

You can record your ideas while you are on the go. Then, you can come back to them and give them ratings based on your first impressions. This will immediately help you identify the stronger melodies and riffs that you need to focus on when you get to the studio or songwriting session. 

There is also the option of adding some basic orchestral arrangement in the background or a drum loop, some basic EQ, etc. Nothing close to studio quality, but fantastic or creating solid ideas that will bloom when you take them to the studio. 

Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player

This one is an Android-exclusive music-making app. It may seem simple at first since it’s just a basic music player, but it’s a bit more than that. 

If you are someone who likes to sample a lot, or you like to take your stereo mixes with you and do basic tweaks while on the move, then this app is perfect for you. Poweramp has a host of effects and features so long that it dwarfs almost any other app that we’ll be taking a look at. 

Curious about what a delay would sound like on that vocal or how a chorus would affect that guitar loop you’ve got? Then this is the perfect mobile music production app for basic auditions while you’re on the move. 

Another great feature…

Integration with the Musixmatch platform. This allows you to seamlessly search lyrics across several sources and find the results you need. There are currently over 8-10 million users, and lyrics can be translated across several languages. 

Propellerhead Figure

Propellerhead Figure

This one is another safe bet due to its association with a trusted name in the music-making world. Propellerhead is the company behind the DAW Reason. This DAW is one of the most critically acclaimed and popular pieces of music software ever.

Figure is its own thing and much more simplified, but it’s fantastic for putting down ideas on the go. The quality is great, and the variety of sounds and options available are just enough to be useful but not overwhelming. 

This app deserves credit for having one of the most intuitive interfaces. It’s simple enough so you can get going within minutes while being stylish and creatively stimulating as well. 

WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro

WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro

If we’re going to put the “Premium” label on any of the best music production apps we’re taking a look at, then this would be one of them. Auria Pro comes in at around $50 and will require more than a gigabyte of storage space to install. 

The hefty price isn’t just for that awesome-looking interface. As far as great mobile apps for making music go, this one is the closest you can get to using a DAW on a computer. 

Let me elaborate…

There is a fully functioning mixer with sends and inserts, as well as a great interface for sequencing your MIDI and audio. The software comes equipped with a host of tools that will cover all your editing, mixing, and effects needs. 

There is even integration with the fantastic Fabfilter range of plugins if the stock stuff doesn’t float your boat. I haven’t even mentioned the host of instruments and the seamless functionality of the software yet. Just make sure you’ve got a powerful enough tablet or phone to run it on. 

Something else to note about Auria Pro is that it’s not for beginners. It’s recommended for seasoned professionals who are willing to put time into learning the program. If you want something that gives you access to the basics, then this will be overkill and a waste of good money. 



Caustic has been around for a while. So, I wasn’t surprised when the name started popping up as soon as I started looking at popular mobile music making apps

Caustic is inspired by rack-mounted synthesizers. And while the modeling and quality of the sound are great, the interface manages to be very welcoming. This is a big plus point since synth modeling software often has a lot of overwhelming features that can put you off.

The software has a nice selection of instruments and, more importantly, presents. And, if you are unhappy with the sound, there are sculpting options available. For around $10, this wonderful little app can help you solve all your mobile synthesizer needs.



Essentially, this app is a piece of audio chopping software. It takes the voice recording you made, slices the recording into bits, and then matches those bits to a beat. 

This will not make you a professional rapper. But, if you are interested in the craft, this app could help you come up with some good ideas. Or, at least stimulate your mind enough to start coming up with your own flow. 

Steinberg’s Cubasis 

Steinberg’s Cubasis 

The name Steinberg should be no stranger to anyone who has made music digitally. Their award-winning DAW, Cubase, has been around since the beginning of digital music recording. And it is still one of the most trusted DAWs in the world. 

Just like the incredible DAW that they make… 

Steinberg does not give away their tools for free. Cubasis will set you back around $30, which is not cheap for a mobile app. But, it’s not the most expensive option out there, either. 

When you take into account who makes it, and the possibilities with this software, it’s probably the best overall mobile music production app out there. If you’ve got this, then all you’ll need is good ideas. 

If you are a Cubase user who’s looking for a serious mobile option, look no further. This will be so familiar to you that you’ll be able to get started within minutes. If you’re a newcomer or you’re looking for something basic, this one is not for you. 

inBeat Sound Pad to Make Songs

inBeat Sound Pad to Make Songs

Here’s an iOS-exclusive music-making app that will most likely appeal to folks from the beat-making world of Hip-Hop and R&B. Although; anyone who has worked with a drum machine or drum pad controller will find this app cool. 

The app has a colorful, simple interface that lets you run multiple tracks with various instruments. You can program beats manually using a classic four-by-four grid. And there are various options for syncing and effects.

The best part?

That would be the hundreds of sound packs available for download. You can seamlessly switch between presets on the fly for in-content auditioning of sounds as well. 

The app is free, with in-app purchases offered. This is a very underrated music production app. And I would highly recommend taking a look at it if you want one of the best music production apps available.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

When it comes to value for money, this option has got to be one of the top contenders. This award-winning app comes in at around $20 and is one of the most trusted full-feature mobile music-making apps out there.

FL Studio is the top DAW for many world-famous producers and musicians, including Martin Garrix, Avicii, and Deadmau5. So, when you buy FL Studio Mobile, you know you’re getting a trusted name. 

But that’s not all you’re getting…

The app comes equipped with everything you will need to record, edit, mix, master, and export your tracks. You have access to almost all the same effects that are available in the full version of FL. 

Plus, a good selection of instruments, samples, and presets. These range from contemporary to EDM to Hip-Hop and more. 

This one is not recommended for amateurs nor for someone whose just looking to put down basic ideas. If you’re serious about making quality music on the go, though, this app is like a fully functioning all-in-one Swiss Army knife. 



Groovepad is another free option for musicians who like to work with loops and samples. The software combines a great library of samples with simple looping pads. 

This app is very addictive, so don’t go getting distracted. Then again, it’s great for getting lost when you want to start something new and have no idea what your basis is going to be. The library of sounds covers a range of genres, so no matter your taste, you’ll find some sounds that inspire you. 



Soundtrap was bought by Spotify back in 2017, and as such, it offers wonderful integration with the music streaming platform. As a result, you can upload your finished songs directly as well as get your songs curated for other people’s playlists much easier. 

Soundtrap allows you to do all the things you would be able to do in a normal DAW through one of the sleekest-looking interfaces on any piece of free software. There are over fifteen thousand samples and loops available to those who use the free version.

And the most expensive paid plan is around $13 a month. So, it’s also one of the most affordable music production apps on the list. 



Bandlab has been around for quite a while now. And, as far as a free option for making music goes, it’s probably the most popular DAW in the world. It is available on all platforms and is free.

Bandlab gives you access to over 200 instruments, samples, and effects that you can use to create audio and MIDI parts in a fully functional sequencer. You can edit, mix, and master your tracks all within this award-winning software. 

The interface is very simple…

And there are many online tutorials that you can use should you get stuck on anything. Plus, it integrates perfectly with the music-sharing platform. So, you can share your songs seamlessly when they are finished.  

Bandlab also offers the unique feature of working together with other musicians on the same project in real time. This means you can share ideas within the same project while being in different places. 

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Best Music Production Apps – Final Thoughts

Of course, these options are by no means the only ones. That said, they are some of the most popular, trusted, and easy-to-use mobile apps for making music. Plus, many of them have free trials, so you can try them out and get a feel for them before spending a dime. 

Rest assured, whatever your skill level and needs are, there’s a mobile app out there that can help you to start making music on the go. 

Until next time, make yourself heard.

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