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Top 12 Best Microphone Stands in 2023

So, we are going to look at the Best Microphone Stands. Is there much to look for, you might ask? If you think that nothing has changed with mic stands over the years, you would be very wrong. Get in the DeLorean and go back forty or fifty years, and you will see what we mean.

The mechanics have changed, and the locking specifications have become easier to use and much more reliable. It has been nearly 140 years since they first appeared in anger. Now they are just different.

Won’t come crashing down…

Experienced musicians know how important they can be. Experienced studio engineers value them. It would be a very unnerving sight to see your $1500 condenser mic hurtling towards the floor because the stand has failed to hold it. Whether on stage or in the studio, a good mic stand is a solid, worthwhile investment.

So what types are there? Well, there are tripods, tripod booms, low-profile and round base and round base booms, overheads, and desktops amongst some other variations. All with different designs and with different functions. ]

So, let’s take a look at the Best Microphone Stands currently available and find the perfect one for you…

Best Microphone Stands

Top 12 Best Microphone Stands of 2023

1 Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory

The MC-125 is considered by many to be one of the best boom stands you can get. It has all the features you would expect to see in a quality stand. The heavy cast base has a large diameter, and it comes with wheels that are skate-style and lock. This stand is not only then very stable, but it is easily moved across a room, studio, or stage.

When you’ve got it where you want it, just lock it into place.

If you are using valuable microphones, even vintage, you will appreciate the counterbalance weight that ensures it is stable. This is a 5.76-pound weight that is adjustable. This adds to the stability but also can act to reduce vibrations traveling through the stand.

Strong and stable…

Stability is an important aspect with stands, and with this stand a priority of the design. It is tough and isn’t going anywhere. Rumour has it that Roger Daltrey picked one up once to throw across the stage. It just whispered in his ear… “don’t even think about it!”

The height is adjustable from 52 up to 83 inches. The boom arm itself will extend from 35 inches to 61 inches. It is going to fit and reach just about anywhere and be comfortable doing it. It weighs 35 pounds, so it could be considered part of your fitness regime if you have to carry it around.

Superb to maintain…

As with all things, no matter how tough they are, they sometimes break. This stand has every serviceable part available to replace if something were to go wrong. But looking at the quality of the build, you might be waiting a while to put that to the test.

Absolute quality, stability, and reliability cost money. And this stand certainly does. It might price some out of consideration, but if you have the budget, you won’t find a lot better for the job. And its reputation ensures that it has be considered as one of the Best Boom Microphone Stands around.

Ultimate Support Accordion Accessory
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Tough and stable build.
  • Good mechanics with counterbalance.


  • The price will scare some.

2 Neewer Upgraded Adjustable Suspension Boom Microphone Stand

This mic stand from Neewer has a very adjustable yet sturdy design. It is a double-braced arm design that adds strength to flexibility. And is made from aluminum alloy and is therefore quite lightweight. It has tube-style design and the cables for connection to the mic run inside the tubes. The tubes are square with a half-inch diameter.

Handles heavier microphones…

The springs that create tensions for the arms are quite strong and allow a weight of up to four pounds to be handled. This will include some of the heavier microphones like the Shure SM7B or especially the Electro-Voice RE20.

This has no base and clips on to a desk or console. Positioning is, therefore, important as are the distances the arms can realistically reach. It can reach up to about 19 inches vertically and horizontally, with a level of stability. After that, it might be subject to movement.

Practical and versatile…

It is a stand with multiple uses. Broadcasting, voice recording for podcasts, or voice-overs will all work fine. It might even work for musicians that are seated who need a mic, as in a piano player, although the traditional boom stand is probably a better option. Any situation where the mic and the user are static is probably best.

It is definitely a stand that will not suit all environments. Which takes us back to the design of the tubes we mentioned earlier.

Tidy cables…

This stand is meant for more permanent installations, such as radio stations or professional podcasting studios. Set it up where it is needed, run the cables through the tubes out of the way to keep everything nice and tidy and away you go.

The price point is realistic.

Neewer Upgraded Adjustable Suspension Boom Microphone Stand
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Adjustable, well-built stand for static use.
  • Made with good materials at an affordable price.


  • Only really suitable for static uses.

3 AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

This is very much a cheaper mic stand for those who might be on a budget. Having said that, it is quite well-made with decent materials and isn’t going to fall apart.

It is a tripod design stand that is made of steel and has an adjustable height. It will extend up to about six and a half feet comfortably. After that, you may get a sense of instability. At three and a half pounds it is very lightweight. Good for carrying around. But maybe not so good for stability as a heavier stand would be.

Perfect adjustment…

It has a long boom arm that is also adjustable that has a molded counter-weight made from plastic. It will take either a ⅜ or ⅝ inch adapter. The boom has tilt and length adjustment. The boom arm allows the stand to be used in a variety of ways. It can, of course, be used for a vocalist, but it can also be used to position a mic in front of a guitar. Possibly even act as a stand for recording cymbals.

A mic holder adapter is not supplied, but that isn’t unusual. But, it has two plastic clip-on cable holders. These allow you to attach the mic cable to the main stand to keep the wires out of the way.

Good value for money if you’re on a budget…

It will be quite stable as long as the microphone is not too heavy in itself or is positioned too far away from the center pole. This stand is a little bit of you getting what you pay for. But having said that, we don’t want to do the stand an injustice. For the money, it is a good buy.

A decent enough stand, it obviously won’t carry the strength or stability of more expensive stands. But in the right application and with care in how it is used, it will do a good job.

AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Made from decent materials and is an affordable price.
  • Will do a good job in the right environment.


  • Some will just need a heavier, more stable stand.

4 LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand

This is, as the name suggests, a microphone stand built specifically for use on a desktop. As is usual with most products, there are good and bad. This stand is well-designed and well-made and has a lot of good points.

It has a round six-inch base that is made from cast iron. This brings a lot of stability to the stand because of the weight. It has a strong locking mechanism for adjusting the height with the extension from nine inches rising to 14 inches.

Versatile use…

It does have a number of potential uses though obviously, the principal use will be for interviews and podcasts. Interviews are well within its remit if you have a suitable microphone. We can also see it in a studio environment placed in front of a kick drum or an amp. Possibly on top of a piano. The stand will be functional, and it will depend to a certain extent what mic you use with it.

It has a cable clip for cable management, and it comes with a screw-in adapter to fit mic holder clips from ⅜ to ⅝ inches. One good feature of this stand is that it can cope with a heavy microphone without becoming unstable. It will support microphones weighing up to six and a half pounds. As many of the quality microphones are heavy, this is a big asset.

It could be just what you need…

This is a stand that is suitable, as we have said, for a variety of uses. It will be an advantage in a home or small studio and is great for interviews and desktop-based applications.

LyxPro Desktop Microphone Stand
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Well-built with plenty of stability.
  • Has a variety of uses.


  • Won’t suit every environment.

5 Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand

This is another mic stand for those who might be on a budget. It is a standard boom design with full circle 360-degree rotation. It is lightweight and very portable. Weighing just two and a half pounds, you would need to be careful about the weight of your microphone. It will not be the most stable stand you will come across.

Stands can topple over very easily, so weight and extension of the boom arm need to be considered for security.

Lightweight and portable…

It is made from steel and can be taken down quickly and folded away easily. It has enough adjustment options that it can be made to fit most spaces and user requirements. At its lowest point, it can operate at 30 inches, and at its highest, it reaches 52 inches. The boom arm can be adjusted to achieve a good balance.

The height is controlled by a quick-release clamping system. It comes with two separate plastic mic clip holders.

Uneven floor? No problem…

A good design feature is the ability to be able to adjust each leg individually. This can ensure you can get a solid, stable position for the stand if the floor is not quite flat. The feet on each leg are rubber. This will absorb some of the vibrations and ensure they are not transferred to a microphone.

As a budget level stand, it will do the job, providing that you bear in mind the balance necessary to hold any mic. We don’t think as it is lightweight, you will be able to extend the boom arm too far from the main stand, especially if the mic is on the heavy side.

Good price point though, makes it worth considering as a stand for the right environment, especially for lightweight microphones.

Ohuhu Tripod Boom Mic Stand
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Decent build quality with two mic clip holders.
  • Fully adjustable with an attractive price point.


  • Very lightweight, so stability could be a problem.

6 Hola! Music HPS-101TB Tripod Microphone Mic Stand Pack

Hola music is a company better known for its manufacture of quality ukuleles and other instruments. In that field, they excel and produce quality instruments. They are also involved in the design and manufacture of music accessories. Mic stands are just one of their products.

They appear to be a company that thinks about the potential needs of their customers, which is reassuring. They seem to recognize that people buying microphone stands might be going to need more than one. Studios certainly will, having more than one singer or miking up the drums, will both take a few.

Set of two…

Here is a package of two at a very cost-effective price. They might be close to being a budget stand, but as we shall see easily good enough to be considered one of the Best Value for Money Microphone Stands.

These identical stands have a good level of adjustment. They will extend from a low of 40 inches up to a height of 63 inches. There is a central clutch adjuster that clamps on when you have the required height. The legs are stable and have a locking system that secures them. No screws are involved.

Boom, boom…

The boom arm itself has two separate adjustment clutching mechanisms. One is for length and one for the angle of the boom arm. It has an extended length of 19 inches to 35 inches. At the maximum length, you should ensure the weight of the mic will not cause it to topple over.

The stand, though, does weigh ten pounds, so its basic standing position is quite stable. It is supplied with a standard mic clip holder and two cable holders that clip on for cable management. A great value option for studios or private users that need more than one stand.

Hola! Music HPS-101TB Tripod Microphone Mic Stand Pack
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • A good value pair of mic stands that are well-made with good adjustment options.
  • Two robust and stable stands at an affordable price.


  • At this price point, nothing.

7 On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand

On-Stage are well-known for music accessories, and this mic stand is one of their more popular and cost-effective options.

It has plastic leg housings reinforced with metal, which keeps the stand quite lightweight. The stand actually weighs 5.15 pounds. Having a stand that is too lightweight is not always a good idea in terms of stability. But the weight with this stand is about at the level where it should be reasonably secure carrying a mic.

Great for touring…

The legs fold away, which makes setup and takedown easy, and they are given plastic end caps. These do provide durability but may not be as efficient as rubber feet, which will soak up any vibrations.

It is a tripod system, and the width of the feet at the base is 23 inches. The main stand will extend from 32 inches to 61 inches. As always, though, the stability of the height may depend upon the weight of the microphone. To adjust the height securely, there is a locking clutch mechanism that is made of steel.

Simple set up…

It is easy to set up and does not have any awkward latching systems. It seems quite durable, and its variety of adjustment options means it can work in tight spaces.

If what you want is a budget level mic stand with no frills, then this might be a good option. Our only concern is that the build quality itself does not include the best of materials. This clearly is an attempt to keep the costs down. Therefore it might operate better with mics that do not weigh too much.

Some of the heavy-duty mics are going to cause the stand problems, and they may be vulnerable. Not a bad stand if you can work within its limits and do not expect too much from it.

On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Microphone Boom Stand
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • A good level of adjustments.
  • Cost-effective price.


  • Will struggle with heavier microphones.

8 On Stage MS9701TB Plus HD Tele Boom Mic Stand

Staying with On-stage, this is one of their more upmarket stands, which will be familiar to some people. It is a member of their Platinum series of stands.

Compared to most budget stands, this is designed and built with thicker tubing in important areas. It also has a housing for the legs that are made from heavy die-cast metal. This will add some extra weight at the bottom, where it is most critical for stability.

The best of both worlds…

Despite its tougher construction and extra added weight at the base, it still weighs less than nine pounds. This design gives you a stand that is not too heavy to move around. But also weighty enough to have stability.

The stand has fold-away legs that are easy to set up and take down and have a 24-inch diameter.spread. They are well-built and able to withstand heavy usage. The height is controlled by a clutch mechanism in the center of the main vertical pole. There is also a locking nut to prevent unwanted rotation.

Safe and secure…

The height can be adjusted between three feet and five feet four inches. Obviously, at its maximum extended height, care should be taken to be certain it won’t topple over. However, this stand is very stable owing to its added weight at the base.

The telescopic boom also has a thicker tubing and has an extended reach of between nineteen and thirty inches. The boom has a counter-weight for balance and stability.

Cable management…

This is a very well-made stand that is quite tough. We say only quite because there is a plastic part of the leg housing that could be vulnerable in time. If treated well, it is likely to be ok. It comes with clips for cable management but no mic holder. These are usually supplied with the microphone, for a perfect fit.

Finished in black, it looks the part and will doubtless serve its user well. A little more expensive than some but still good value if you are a step up from budget level stands.

On Stage MS9701TB Plus HD Tele Boom Mic Stand
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • Well-built and weighted makes it a very stable stand.
  • Good adjustments with a decent price point.


  • Part of the leg housing may be vulnerable as it has a plastic build.

9 K&M-210/2 Microphone Stand-Chrome

Staying with mic stands in a mid-range price bracket, we have this from K&M. This has steel tubing that is designed to give the stand durability and to last a while. It is a stand that can serve either studio or live functions, and it has quite a tough build.

It is a nice looking stand. Many these days are given a black finish, but we quite like the chrome finish on this model. Though we suppose it wouldn’t take too many gigs before the scratches start to appear.

Foldable legs…

The height is adjustable from 35 to 60 inches, and it has a simple and convenient locking mechanism. There is a tripod stand with a die-cast Zinc base to give it some weight and stability. The legs fold out and away after use, and slot into place and are quite stable with the added weight of the base.

Having legs that fold away is an added bonus if you are transporting it around. The boom arm has a T-bar locking system with a screw to ensure the setting remains tight. It is adjustable up to 33 inches.

We mentioned it had ‘quite’ a tough build…

The only reason we give it that rating is because the locking sleeve is plastic. For low use activity like you might find in a studio, that may be ok. Depending, of course, on how many times it is locked and adjusted. For use on stage, it might be a different thing. Plastic can always be vulnerable, and for such a critical part of the mechanism, it is a shame it is not made of tougher material.

Other than that issue, it is a well-made and practical stand. The price, as we said earlier, is mid-range, so it doesn’t represent a massive investment. If you take care of the plastic sleeve, it may well give you many years of very stable service.

K&M-210/2 Microphone Stand-Chrome
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • A well-designed tripod base that is weighted for stability.
  • Nice materials and set at a realistic price-point.


  • The plastic locking sleeve could be vulnerable.

10 K&M Microphone Stand With Telescopic Boom Arm

Konig and Meyer were established in Germany in 1949. They have built up a big reputation since then and are recognized as one of the best manufacturers of mic stands. They have products at most levels, and this particular stand is recognized at its price point of being one of the Best Mid Priced Microphone Stands on the market.

It has one of the most important elements of any good stand, a very stable base. The die-cast Zinc base adds some weight to the bottom end for stability. The foldable legs are made from Swiss steel, as is the main stand and boom arm. The all-metal build making it sturdy and durable. Despite this, it is not very heavy, weighing just under eight pounds. Heavy enough to be secure but not too heavy to carry around.

Stable and adjustable…

The height can be adjusted from 39 to 67 inches and is secured with a simple to operate clutch mechanism. The telescopic boom arm will extend from 16 to 28 inches. It has a square swivel joint that is fitted with an oversized wing nut for securing the distances safely.

This stand has a ⅝ inch thread for the mic holder, which is not supplied. Most microphones come with their own specific clip holder provided, so the absence of it is not a problem.

Carpeted stage? No problem…

One of the big design assets of this stand is that the spread of the tripod legs and the weight of the metal base means it can be securely placed on a carpeted floor. It is supplied with cable clips to ensure the mic cable is kept securely out of the way.

This is not one the top of the range stands that K & M produce, but it has real quality, and at the price point is a very good buy. It is stable and secure with quality fittings everywhere and suitable for use in the studio or on stage.

K&M Microphone Stand With Telescopic Boom Arm
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Very strong build with excellent adjustments.
  • Well-balanced telescopic boom arm that caters to a variety of uses.


  • None that we can find.

11 K&M Stands Microphone Stand (21021)

Staying with our friends from Germany for another stand, this one moves up the price scale a little bit.

This particular stand is built with some specifics in mind. We all know how much drummers like to whine about just about everything, well here is a stand designed just for them, well its an overhead mic stand for their kit, but you know what we mean. Perhaps they can stop now and concentrate on what the bass player is doing.

Noiseless design…

It is an all-metal design with a telescopic pole that comes in two sections. The central pole is adjusted using a central clutching system, which is noiseless.

This is quite a bit taller and longer than most stands, as would be needed for overhead microphones. It will extend up from 43 to 79 inches, and there is a fixed boom arm length of 42 inches. The boom is a solid T-bar design with a simple locking system. Those numbers demonstrate adequate room for getting the position and placement exactly right. It also is a great asset in a studio, of course.

Extra height means longer legs…

With the extra height and reach comes design problems, of course, in terms of stability. Those have been solved by using an extra heavy floor stand with a die-cast Zinc base fitting for the main pole. The tripod design also has longer legs to spread the balance even further. The stand weighs a little over 13 pounds.

By standard comparison, that makes this stand a bit of a heavyweight. But is it secure and stable? Are you going to trust it to hold a prized, often expensive microphone? Especially when you’ve got some flailing whirling dervish around in front of it. You know what drummers can be like.

Well, we think you can!

Which is why it is the first choice for a lot of musicians and studios worldwide. But all joking aside about our friends with the sticks, the use is not just limited to them. It can be used in any environment – studio or stage, drum kits, room mics, miking string sections in churches, interestingly placed spot mics, just about anywhere.

One of the best high end Microphone Stands around? Of course, it is. A little bit more expensive than some but it has great qualities.

K&M Stands Microphone Stand (21021)
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Great tough build with added height and width.
  • Good materials used in construction and built to be stable.


  • Some may think it expensive.

12 On-Stage SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand

Let’s return to another popular mic stand manufacturer for our final look. Compared with some, this stand is a bit of a monster. It has a tripod base that sits a little high off the ground for our liking. And it is a fold-up design which is good if you need to transport it. It has two boom shafts that are straight plus a small extension boom arm that is just 7 inches long.

It is made of steel tubing and therefore has a solid feel to it.


The height adjustment is way more than most manage with an adjustment level of 44 to a huge 80 inches. The length of the boom is 82 inches, plus the length of the mini-boom if you extend it outwards. So again, it’s great for overheads or any of the uses discussed in our previous K&M 21021 review.

It has to be said that the mechanism for adjusting this stand is well-designed and quite rugged. The boom adjustor features two locking plates with 40 interlocking teeth. That seems quite secure. To give the boom arm some balance, there is a seven-pound counter-weight. This will lock into place to give you upper stand security.

The boom can be used in half if you wish if space is tight and the full extension is not required.

Keep the legs as low as they will go…

At a weight of twenty pounds, it is not going anywhere either, though we do have one slight concern. We once had a similar mic stand in the past where the tripod was not nearly flush to the ground. It was elevated slightly like this is, and we had a problem. It was quite stable, but having little width, it was prone to be knocked over.

So, always extend the legs to their lowest position, it’s tempting to save some room, especially in tight stage spaces, but don’t. If you love your mics, don’t be tempted to use it with a narrow base, extend it fully and it will take a whirlwind to knock it over. This weighs 20 pounds, which will also help keep it firmly in place.

This is not a cheap stand, but it will certainly suit anyone looking for a quality portable stand for overheads or room mics.

On-Stage SB9600 Tripod Studio Boom Microphone Stand
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Extended height and boom arm reach.
  • Built with good materials and has solid mechanisms.


  • It could be vulnerable to be knocked over unless set up properly.
  • Quite expensive.

Best Microphone Stands Buyers Guide

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

As with anything, the first decision to be made is what you will need the stand for. If it is just for the studio, a different set of requirements come into play. If it is for stage only, then what you need is again different. For both environments, you need to combine the best of both worlds.

One thing that must be present in all requirements, though, is stability. It needs a bit of weight to hold it down, and it needs a counterbalance to stop it falling over. This can be an actual weight or just in the design, but there needs to be balanced from the ground up.

Microphone Stands

How Heavy Is Your Microphone?

Stands that have a thin base in tripod width on the floor can be vulnerable to going over. So you need to consider the weight of the mic you will be using.

Materials used are also important. The stand is likely to take a few knocks and have its adjustment parts well-used. They must be able to stand up to it. Plastic fittings can cause problems. Mechanisms need to be able to be tightened, and the easier that function, the better, especially in a stage situation.

Some Useful Mic Stand Set Up Tips

To be honest, apart from the obvious of don’t put a heavy mic on a lightweight stand, and don’t extend a stand to the point of it losing stability, there really isn’t much else to add.

However, we have all found ourselves in a position where we have to break these rules, basically, working in a studio or on stage without enough quality mic stands available.

So How Can We Make Our Lives Easier?

Well, first, ALWAYS put the boom arm of a three-legged mic stand directly above and in line with one of the legs. This offers far more stability, then leaving it dangling between two of the legs and is a good way of telling how experienced a sound engineer is.

And secondly, if you are in any way concerned about the balance issue of a stand, either don’t use it or add some extra weight. The traditional way in studios of old was with some actual weights, i.e., what weight lifters put on their dumbbells. However, these can be difficult to balance on the base of the stand and are cumbersome to move around.

Instead, get a sack and fill it with quite a lot of thick chain. This not only has enough weight to keep your mic stand in place but also molds around the legs or center base easily. Plus, it won’t cause any damage to the stand (unlike actual weights), and it’s easy to move around and store.

A Question Of Budget

All of the stands we looked at have their plus points — some more than others, of course. You will need to think about how many stands you might need and then how much you are willing to spend. There are a lot of stands out there, so choose wisely. You need to protect that precious mic.

Need a Quality Microphone?

Not much point having a superb mic stand without a great mic to go on top of it! So, check out our in-depth reviews of the Best Vocal Mics, the Best Kick Drum Mic, the Best Dynamic Microphones, the Best USB Microphones, the Best Microphones Recording Electric Guitar, or the Best Wireless Microphones on the market.

So, What Are The Best Microphone Stands?

What Would We Choose?

Not easy. You want stability and a reasonably strong build, but you don’t want it to be too heavy. You don’t want it to topple over and put a dent in your expensive condenser, but it needs a bit of reach.

We have weighed it up carefully and considered the prices. The pair of stands were tempting, given that you probably are going to need more than one. Nevertheless, we have chosen the…K&M Stands Microphone Stand (21021).

Strong and stable and at a good price. We would feel happy with our mics being supported on that stand. Therefore it is our choice for the Best Microphone Stand currently available.

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