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Top 111 Best Merengue Songs

Merengue is a musical form with a complex origin and, therefore, a rich sound. It’s been around for a while too. Since being birthed in the Dominican Republic in the 1800s, it has seen and endured much.

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Merengue may have a somewhat troubled past due to being promoted by a dictator for three decades. But the genre has come a long way since then. 

The melding of distinct cultures into one genre of music is the kind of thing that can only happen by accident. But aren’t we glad it did? 

Like all kinds of music…

…Merengue can achieve many things. But, if it can’t make you dance, then you’re either very depressed or what you’re listening to is not a genuine Merengue song.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best Merengue songs ever. And be sure to keep these in a folder for your next fiesta where there will be dancing. These tracks are in no particular order or ranking. 

Best Merengue Songs

Top 111 Best Merengue Songs of All Time

1 El Jardinero by Wilfrido Vargas 

Album: El Jardinero

Let’s start with a classic Merengue song. “El Jardinero” has been around for 30 years, and it still makes Merengue fans co-crazy when it gets played. It’s simply that powerful, end of the story.

The track has been covered by more artists than I could possibly mention in this article. And it will continue to inspire musicians and listeners alike to dance and play for many years to come. If you want to take Merengue seriously, this one is a must. 

2 Suavemente by Elvis Crespo 

Album: Suavemente 

If you have recently fallen in love with Merengue but are unsure as to how you need to dance to it, Elvis has the answer right here. “Suavemente” roughly translates to “smoothly,” just so you know.

The title track on one of Elvis’ biggest albums grabs you from the very first moment. Elvis’ plaintive voice comes in like a train through a wall and doesn’t let go until the last notes fade out. 

This smash hit contains all the ingredients of a great Merengue song, making it a potent track. Use this one wisely because it does things to people. 

3 Colegiala by Alex Bueno

Album: Los Grandes de Alex Bueno

“Colegiala” is a relentless and potent mix of intoxicating rhythm guitars and percussion. The track has a restless spirit, which is what makes it, so fun to dance to. As the song progresses, there are small stabs of brass that add to the sense of “speeding up.”

Love, passion, drama, and dancing, are the ingredients of many great Latin tunes. And, with “Colegiala,” they are all there in abundance. A great selection for any Merengue playlist for sure. 

4 Oye Abre Tus Ojos by July Mateo Rasputin

Album: Grandes Éxitos de Oro

One of the best things about this song is that even if you don’t know Spanish, you’ll be able to sing along to the best part of the song flawlessly. By the time you reach the very first “La La Las,” you’ll have forgotten whatever was troubling you and just keep dancing. 

“Oye Abre Tus Ojos” contains true Latin energy from the instrumentation right through the lyrics. Enjoying life must be equally as important as the constant grind. And this track reminds us to keep our eyes open to the simple things in life. 

5 Vale La Pena by Kinito Mendez

Album: A Palo Limpio

Mendez’s fame in his native Dominican Republic was solidified by his international success. “Vale La Pena” is arguably his biggest hit. When you listen to this MTV Award-winning track, you’ll soon be swept up by the sound. 

“Vale La Pena” is fast and energetic. So, take care where you place it in your playlist to avoid wearing yourself out. Mendez later added to his fame when he became a spokesperson for Barack Obama’s campaign.

6 La Quiero A Morir by Sergio Vargas

Album: Los Hijos Del Rey

Sergio’s career is peppered with incredible Merengue hit songs. Any one of which would have been of sufficient caliber to earn its place on this list of the best Merengue songs. This one represents a break-out tune for him. And, for its historical importance, it has been placed here. 

This track came out at a time when Merengue was enjoying a surge in popularity. As a result, Sergio managed to capture the hearts of thousands with this performance despite being a fledgling artist. Now, he’s heralded as one of his country’s greatest singers. 

7 Ta Encendio by Oro Solido

Album: Best of The Best

A slower track with a more laid-back feel, Oro’s mixture of tradition and new aesthetics are exemplified in this track. The sadness of unrequited love and the pain of not being able to let go of one’s passion for another is expressed by more than just the words but by the “feel” of this track. 

Of course, you can only experience what I’m talking about if you dance to it, which is what it was made for. As mentioned, it’s not a fast track, so just take it easy and go with the flow. 

8 La Duena Del Swing by Los Hermanos Rosario

Album: Los Duenos Del Swing

1995 saw the release of Los Hermanos Rosario’s most successful album to date. The album’s lead single would become the group’s biggest track. But it is also one of the best-known Merengue songs ever. It’s safe to say there’s not a Merengue club or party where this record isn’t played. 

Merengue is about dancing, and Latin music is often about beautiful women. So, a Merengue track about the swaying hips of a beautiful woman is a combination that just works.

Whether it’s the harmony vocals, the naughty trumpet, or the constant rumble of the rhythm section, “La Duena Del Swing” will grab you and not let go.

9 Las Mujeres Lo Bailan Bien by Los Toros Band 

Album: Mi Historia

Sticking to groups who are not only loved but historically important, we have the Los Toros Band. Talented performers who have proven themselves to be masters of the Merengue form, the group was discovered at a party by composer Julio Tores. 

“Las Mujeres Lo Bailan Bien,” or “Women Dance Well,” is one of the group’s biggest hits and one of the most loved Merengue songs out there. This one isn’t lightning fast, but it’s not slow like a ballad, either. So, stay on your feet.

10 Dominicano Soy by Fernando Villalona

Album: La Cartita

Fernando Villalona is a national treasure to the people of the Dominican Republic, and he is a great patriot. For years, he has used his voice to bring praise and pay homage to his beloved country. For his efforts, the Dominican people treat him like a king. 

Merengue music has its roots in the Dominican Republic. And there are a few people who are known for it as well as Fernando, who has even been called “El Mayimbe.” There cannot be a Merengue collection without at least one of his many great tracks in it. 

11 Linda Eh by Groupo Mania

Album: 10 De Colleccion

“Linda Eh” is an especially potent mix of musical ingredients that are guaranteed to get hips and feet moving. The hand drums, the over-extended brass section, and, of course, not just one but four incredible voices that entice you into a dancing craze.

The group has had tremendous success with “Linda Eh.” And, if you want some variation, go and check out the live renditions with Elvis Crespo. Believe it or not, those are even more powerful.

12 Tu Fotographia by Zafra Negra 

Album: Por El Mismo Camino

Getting back to tracks that have historical importance, here is one of the oldest and best-known Merengue tracks ever. 

It’s even got some history to go with it…

Lots of folks have lived under the common misconception that Merengue originated in Panama. Others even believe in Cuba. 

The truth is that Merengue is the product of European (particularly Spanish) and West African immigrants showing off their instruments and playing styles to one another back in the 1800s. This resulted in the melding together of different cultures, and thus, Merengue came to be. 

This track is a perfect illustration of the roots of the genre. Of course, it’s also a great Merengue track which means it’s fun to dance to. 

13 Volvio Juanita by Milly Quezada 

Album: Lo Mejor de Milly y los Vecinos

There was a time when bringing up female singers in the context of Merengue wasn’t possible. Sure, some female singers backed up male stars, but that was mostly it. When Milly Quezada came along, however, things changed forever. And for that reason, she deserves a place on this list.

Initially, she was part of a group and later went solo. She has enjoyed incredible success and opened the door for females in the genre. 

There are plenty of other tracks that could have been placed on this list. But “Volvio Juanita” is the obvious choice since it helped jumpstart her career and remains a beloved favorite of fans to this day. 

14 Como Bailan by Grupo Mania

Album: Le Esencial

The point of any awesome Merengue playlist is to get people moving and enjoying themselves. This track was so popular that it became #1 on the Billboard Latin charts once in 2005 and then once more in 2007. 

If a track that became a hit twice can’t get you moving, there probably isn’t anything that will. 

So, if you’re about finished curating your playlist, and you’re wondering which one is “the big one,” look no further than “Como Bailan.” 

15 Mueve La Cadera by Oro Solido

16 El Africano by Wilfrido Vargas

17 Yo No Bailo Con Juana by Johnny Ventura

18 Ojala Que Llueva Cafe by Juan Luis Guerra

19 La Vida Es Un Carnaval by Celia Cruz

20 Juliana by Grupo Bonye

21 La Suegra by El Cata

22 La Gallinita by Fernando Villalona

23 El Baile Del Perrito by Wilfrido Vargas

24 El Higueron by Fulanito

25 La Murga by Willie Colon

26 El Tiburon by Proyecto Uno

27 Compadre Pedro Juan by Juan Luis Guerra

28 El Baile Del Mono by Los Toros Band

29 El Venao by Los Cantantes

30 El Caballito De Palo by Joseph Fonseca

31 La Morena by Los Hermanos Rosario

32 La Botella by Mach and Daddy

33 Bomba Pa’ Siempre by Los Hermanos Rosario

34 La Cinturita by Los Hermanos Rosario

35 Sopa De Caracol by Banda Blanca

36 La Ventanita by Sergio Vargas

37 La Banana by El Jeffrey

38 Mayonesa by Chocolate

39 El Tamarindo by Fefita La Grande

40 Pa La Disco Voy by Los Sabrosos Del Merengue

More Merengue Songs For You

  1. La Bilirrubina by Juan Luis Guerra
  2. La Bomba by King Africa
  3. Eres Mia by Omega
  4. El Meneito by Los Ilegales
  5. Amor A Primera Vista by Los Hermanos Rosario
  6. La Negra Pola by Johnny Ventura
  7. Las Avispas by Juan Luis Guerra
  8. La Cura by Frankie Ruiz
  9. Enamorado De Ella by Elvis Crespo
  10. Cuando Acaba El Placer by Sergio Vargas
  11. Estas Aqui by Alberto Stylee
  12. Tu Con El by Frank Reyes
  13. Merengue Mix by Omega
  14. La Bamba by Richie Valens
  15. Me Gusta by Elvis Crespo
  16. Como Me Duele by La India
  17. No Me Dejes Solo by Elvis Crespo
  18. El Poder De Tu Amor by Ricardo Montaner
  19. El Loco by Fefita La Grande
  20. El Negrito Del Batey by Joseito Mateo
  21. La Salsa Se Impone by Johnny Ventura
  22. La Bicicleta by Carlos Vives and Shakira
  23. El Que No Baila Conmigo by Luis Enrique
  24. Los Zapatos De Manacho by Sergio Vargas
  25. La Clave by Sergio Vargas
  26. El Que Siembra Su Maiz by Fefita La Grande
  27. Esa Mujer by Los Hermanos Rosario
  28. Asi Se Compone Un Son by Michael Stuart
  29. El Baile Del Beeper by Oro Solido
  30. La Pelota by Grupo Mania
  31. La Chiflera by El Cata
  32. La Negra Tiene Tumbao by Celia Cruz
  33. La Planta by Proyecto Uno
  34. La Mordidita by Ricky Martin
  35. La Banda by Sergio V
  36. Los Anos Que Me Quedan by Gloria Estefan
  37. La Cucaracha by Elvis Crespo
  38. La Flaca by Jarabe De Palo
  39. La Bata De Guata by Johnny Ventura
  40. La Comadreja by Oro Solido
  41. La Pegajosa by Wilfrido Vargas
  42. La Gorda Linda by Hector Acosta “El Torito”
  43. La Carretera by Prince Royce
  44. La Mejor De Todas by Zacarias Ferreira
  45. La Guagua by Los Hermanos Rosario
  46. La Pachanga by Vilma Palma e Vampiros
  47. La Suegra Voladora by Oro Solido
  48. Lamento Boliviano by Enanitos Verdes
  49. El Malo by Aventura
  50. La Tijera by Fefita La Grande
  51. La Culebra by Wilfrido Vargas
  52. La Tierra Del Olvido by Carlos Vives
  53. La Pava Congona by Sonora Dinamita
  54. La Loba by Shakira
  55. La Boda De Ella by Elvis Crespo
  56. La Bomba Atomica by Johnny Ventura
  57. La Vecina by Los Hermanos Rosario
  58. La India by Marc Anthony
  59. La Foto Se Me Borro by El Cata
  60. La Copa De La Vida by Ricky Martin
  61. La Hija De Nadie by Sergio Vargas
  62. La Quiero Ver by El Cata
  63. La Tusa by Proyecto Uno
  64. La Rumba by Fefita La Grande
  65. La Gitana by Los Hermanos Rosario
  66. La Chiflada by El Cata
  67. La Cita by Galy Galiano
  68. La Bombilla by Oro Solido
  69. La Dueña De Mi Vida by El Cata
  70. La Suegra Caliente by Oro Solido
  71. La Cachimba by Fernando Villalona

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Best Merengue Songs – Final Thoughts

Merengue music has been around for hundreds of years, and in that time, it has come a long way. There isn’t a Latin country that doesn’t have a love for the genre. And, considering its troublesome past, its popularity is nothing short of miraculous.

Looking for feel-good Latin music to dance and party to? Look no further than Merengue, and these tracks should give you a pretty good starting point.

Until next time, happy dancing, and happy listening.

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