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Top 10 Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All Time

When Machine Gun Kelly released his Eminem diss track “Rap Devil” in September 2018, it was the first time that some rap fans heard his name. 

Even though the Eminem song war didn’t turn out in his favor, at least it gave him more exposure to the masses. The majority of modern-day rap fans already knew who he was, usually referred to by his nickname, MGK.

If you’ve never heard his music before… 

The best Machine Gun Kelly songs of all time are a cool mixed bag of treats that flit between rap music genres. And even Punk and Rap-Pop-Punk styles. It’s difficult to pin down his exact music style, and that’s not overly a bad thing. 

At the time of writing, MGK is engaged to American actress and movie star Megan Fox. But this is a list of Machine Gun Kelly’s greatest songs, not his best bedroom conquests, so let’s get straight to it with…

Best-Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All Time

Top 10 Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All Time

#1 My Ex’s Best Friend (feat. Blackbear)

My Ex’s Best Friend” is not particularly a rap track. It’s more like Rock or Pop music, but it’s still great. I chose this track because it’s so musical and a great representation of his amalgamation of styles and genres. 

In my opinion… 

This is one of the best songs by Machine Gun Kelly, but some might not agree. Especially the rap enthusiasts among us, because he only raps a couple of bars on this song.

It was initially released in 2020 from his Tickets to My Downfall album and is seen as a Pop breakout track for MGK. Blending Rock and Rap styles might seem like a natural relationship. But, it takes great skill to get it right, or you simply alienate both the rap and rock audiences. 

To be fair, MGK got the blend perfect on this classic tune. Regardless of what you thought about the Eminem feud, he still survived to tell the tale, and this track is proof of that. 

#2 Forget Me Too (feat. Halsey)

This is another Rock/Punk-inspired MGK song that bucks convention and tries to do something unique. “Forget Me Too” features the skills of old friends like Halsey, who is a successful songwriter and female vocalist in her own right. 

This track immediately flies off the handle into a fast-paced Rap-inspired Rock track at 100 MPH. MGK fans will already know how much he loves a good collaboration with other friends like Travis Scott. And, in most cases, they turn out great, like this offering.

If you’ve never heard of Halsey before… 

You are in for a real treat, and you should check out her other stuff. “Forget Me Too” is an absolute banger that will have you rocking out. It might not sound like one of his earlier tracks that are more based on rap music genres, but I love it and am sure that you will too. 

Sometimes, you have to listen to something new to widen your musical scope, and this is the perfect opportunity.

#3 I Think I’m OKAY

I Think I’m OKAY” is one of my go-to tracks when I want to lose myself in the music. It’s a Pop-Punk-inspired song that is ultra-reflective and introspective and plays into his own partying, insecurities, and paranoia. 

If you are a fan of MGK’s rap tracks… 

You might not feel this tune, but I loved it from day one. It’s from his 2019 Hotel Diablo album, and the sound is very reflective of that project’s entire vibes.

The genre might be Alternative Rock instead of Punk-Pop, but sometimes we get so caught up in labels and categories instead of just listening to music for what it is. 

This is another collaborative track that features the former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker on the percussion, so you already know it’s dope. The lyrics touch on subjects like mental health and depression, but in all honesty, the music is quite uplifting.

#4 Candy (feat. Trippie Redd)

Although many fans love that MGK mixes up his music genres to include Rap, Pop, and Punk, I prefer some of his older rap tracks. “Candy” features Trippie Redd and is more in line with what his older fans like. 

The beat jumps off in a very up-tempo and uplifting way that gets you into the groove from the get-go. No messing about, just straight into the chorus hook and the heat of the action, just how I like my MGK tracks.

This is largely considered one of the best Machine Gun Kelly songs of all time because it’s a classic in the eyes of his fans, even though it’s relatively new and was released in 2019 from his Hotel Diablo album. 

Even though it’s Rap-inspired…

If you listen to MGK’s vocal delivery on this track, he still sounds like he’s singing instead of rapping. That is what a rap battle with Eminem can do to you. But I’m always down for a bit of Trippie Redd, so no reason to complain too much.

#5 Bloody Valentine

Bloody Valentine” sounds like something that Blink 182 might create if they were still making songs today. It’s very Punk-Pop-inspired and doesn’t go anywhere near Rap or Hip-Hop. 

I love this track, but you can see why many of his rap fans have turned away from his music over the past few years. But he’s probably endeared himself to a whole new Rock and Pop audience with this type of sound.

Just like MGK’s life at the time…

It’s a massive sound that goes hard and fast. This track is from his 2020 Tickets to My Downfall album and already has a massive 120 million views on YouTube. Making it one of the most popular Machine Gun Kelly songs.

The haters don’t like MGK’s soiree in this type of musical genre. But I think he’s very bold to ignore the critics and go for what he feels is right for him. You have to respect that. 

#6 DAYWALKER (feat. Corpse)

The majority of the tracks on this list so far have been either chilled tunes or his Pop-Rock-Punk outings. But this one is a bit more aggressive and rowdier. “DAYWALKER” features Corpse and is an energetic and high-octane adventure that goes hard and fast for as long as possible. 

It’s like MGK’s version of horrorcore or something along those lines. It’s a complete banger that will have you smashing up your kitchen with a baseball bat on a second’s notice.

The fast-paced screams and vocals get you into a hyper headspace. That makes the track so damn good when performed live. The energy is off the chain, and the addition of Corpse takes it to another level. Let’s hope this pair can collaborate more in the future if this is what’s going to happen. 

#7 Papercuts

Papercuts” reminds me of early Green Day. I might get hung, drawn, and quartered for saying that, but I don’t care. It’s from his 2021 album, Mainstream Sellout. So, it’s hardly surprising that it sounds like it does. 

It’s moody, dark, loud, and lavishly produced. If you get the chance to catch the official music video directed by Cole Bennett, I recommend that you do so. 

If you are a fan of his Pop-Punk stuff…

This might be one of the best MGK songs. It also gives me trippy vibes that I like very much. It might not be for the rap music connoisseur, but if you love your Pop music infused with Punk and a cool vibe, you’ll love this banger of a track. 

But please bear in mind that there are no bars spat on this track whatsoever.

#8 Bad Things (feat. Camila Cabello)

If you collaborated with Camila Cabello in the past four or five years, it means that you are hot stuff. “Bad Things” features Camila Cabello and is one of MGK’s most unique tracks. It’s very poppy, in a good way, and appeals to such a wide range of music fans. 

His rapping on this tune is top-notch… 

And, if you ask me, this is MGK at his rapping best before Eminem showed him where he sat in the rap biosphere. With Camilo on the chorus hooks and MGK rapping on the verses, it’s a match made in heaven. 

It was originally released back in 2017 from his Bloom album and is now considered one of his older tracks. But, when it came, it shot MGK to mainstream success, largely due to it being a Pop music song. 

The beat is also fire, and when you are spitting bars, you need a high-quality instrumental that matches your style, and this track delivers just that.

#9 Sail

“Sail” by Machine Gun Kelly is another one of his rap classics as opposed to his newer Pop-Punk stuff. It’s one of the older MGK tracks released as a Soundcloud single in 2014. It’s inspired by an AWOLNATION song, “Sail,” from their album Megalithic Symphony

This is essentially where it all started for MGK, and you can hear that by his musical style before it evolved. If you are a fan, you will already know this song and its importance in his back catalog. And if not, you are probably a newer fan, which is also cool.

He raps great on this joint, and if he hadn’t tried to match Eminem, he would have probably been okay. Let’s hope at some point soon that he opts to make some more of these rap-style tunes for his older fans. 

#10 Mind of a Stoner (feat. Wiz Khalifa)

If you are going to make a cannabis rap, you collaborate with either Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, or Wiz Khalifa. That’s just the way things are. 

Mind of a Stoner” features the irrepressible Wiz Khalifa and is the oldest song on this list, first released back in 2013. Wiz and MGK rip the rap vocals on this track to remind you why Hip-Hop fans liked them from the start. 

Both artists are a bit different these days… 

But it’s great to take a glimpse back to a time when they were considered straight-up rhymers and rap emcees. The truth is that this dynamic duo does not even sound like this anymore, and it’s an actual shame. 

This collaboration was cool as hell a decade ago, and it still sounds great today. So, it makes you wonder why they don’t do more joint ventures like this. 

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Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Machine Gun Kelly’s best songs of all time are a fascinating mix of Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock, and Punk melded into one unique sound. 

Is MGK still a rapper today? 

Yes, and no. He sounds more like an Alternative Rock artist in this day and age. His style massively changed in the late-2010s to a more Pop-Punk fusion that sounds more like a mixture of genres while he still seems to be trying to find himself.

No matter what you think about the music…

You can’t ignore this man’s talents. He now has his own unique style. Although that might disappoint some of his older Hip-Hop fans, change and evolution are what still keep him relevant today in 2023. 

His tussle with the “Rap God” might have been a bit ill-advised, but hell, he’s still around today doing his thing. And more people probably know him now than before. So, it can’t have been too much of an L.

Until next time, happy listening.

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