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Top 9 Best Love Songs For Him

Here is a little secret, ladies. All men have a soft center. Even those that put on the “big tough guy act” have one as well. You just need to know how to get in contact with it. Music may help you do that, so I’ve decided to take a look at some of the best love songs for him.

Finding The Right Song

Best Love Songs For Him

One thing you have to do is “pitch it right.” Part of that will depend on what stage your relationship is at. That could be one of five basic stages:

  • Just hoping there could be something between you.
  • In a relationship, but it is still quite new.
  • You’ve been together for a while, and you just want to express your feelings.
  • You are worried because you think it might all be falling apart.
  • Not currently together but want him back.

An added complication might be that you will need to get his attention with a song. That might mean picking something from a band or singer he likes with words that express what you want to say. Or, it could even be choosing music from a particular genre.

Let’s have a look at some of the songs that may suit what you are looking for, starting with…

Top 9 Best Love Songs For Him

You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

Canadian-born Shania Twain released her first album in 1993, simply called Shania Twain. It wasn’t a great success. It was Come On Over, which she released in 1997 when she exploded onto the music scene.

Before 1997, she had been considered a Country Music artist. But, Come On Over showed she liked a bit of rock n roll and could sing it well. The album went to #1 in the UK and #2 in America, her first major mainstream success.

Sticking together…

This is a good song if you are in a relationship and just want to let them know you still feel very strongly about them. It isn’t too heavy and makes no demands, just a nice song with a reassuring sentiment.

She was a co-writer for this track and all the other tracks on the album. The production was polished and had a lot more Rock n Roll about it and allowed her to cross genres easily.

Eternal Flame by The Bangles

As with the last track from Shania Twain, “Eternal Flame” was the song that brought The Bangles worldwide attention. It was taken from their successful 1988 album, Everything.

Everything was their third album, and “Eternal Flame” became a #1 record all over the world. Interestingly, after all this success, this was the final album before they retired from music for nine years.

A simple question…

It is a nice song for a new relationship. Maybe you need to find out if your partner feels the same as you. It is a song that doesn’t push too hard for an answer, and it might be that you might not get one. 

But it will plant the seed. This gentle ballad just asks the question without applying any pressure. In this situation, it’s usually the best route to take.

Pure Pop…

That is what the song is, despite being described in the recording company’s marketing output as a power ballad. That it certainly is not. But pop music can be as good as anything else, and that applies here.

It was co-written by vocalist Susanna Hoffs, a song about the hope that the feelings you are feeling might be returned. A great track even just to listen to on a quiet night at home.

Miss You Like Crazy by Natalie Cole

Let’s look at the best love songs for him from another angle. Things in a relationship do not always go to plan. There can be misunderstandings and insecurities, and sometimes, mistrust. All of which can lead to a separation.

That could be your situation. And, it can be very hard to convey your feelings in that situation. However, this song might do it for you. 

Applies to many situations…

She sings to her partner that she misses him and wants him to come back. This could apply in a variety of situations. It could be a temporary separation by choice, or it could be forced by work or other circumstances.

Whatever the situation that keeps you apart from one another, this song sends the message loud and clear. And, who better than the daughter of the great Nat King Cole to do that for you? 

Co-written by Gerry Goffin, this song was released in 1989 and became her most successful single.

How Do I Live by LeAnn Rimes

Let’s stay with the previous theme one more time. Active relationships are not only where love songs are used to send a message. Love songs can be used where the relationship may have ended or you think that it is going to.

You may feel that your relationship is on the brink of collapse, and you need something to put into words how you feel about a future without your partner. You want him to know. If so, then this is a great song about asking your man to come back.

A Warren Song

Written by one of the great songwriters of the period, Diane Warren, this is a power ballad with a great hook. A hook that stays with you long after the song has finished playing. That is one of the reasons it is an ideal song for this situation. Reminders will be around.

Released in 1997, the same week as a rival version by Trisha Yearwood. It outsold and outperformed the Yearwood version made for the film “Con Air.” Rimes went to #7 in the UK and #2 in America.

A Short Backstory

Diane Warren promised the song to Rimes, but Disney Films thought she was too young to sing it. That shows that there are ethics in the music and movie industry. Sorry, only joking; there aren’t. 

It was given to Yearwood for the movie, but the Rimes single was rushed out by her father. It is a powerful song with a very powerful message that will certainly tell him how you feel.

Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper

You can apply different interpretations to the song depending on how you view it. It was written by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman. To Hyman, the song is about a breakup because that is what he was going through when the song was written.

To Lauper, though, it means something different. You could say that it is a song that is affirming her faithfulness to the one she loves. A willingness to give and do what it takes for them whenever they need it. 

If you are looking for a song about being dedicated to one person, this is a good one to choose. “Time After Time” was the second single taken from her first album, She’s So Unusual, and effectively launched her career to a higher level. It reached #3 in the UK and #1 in America.

Runaway by The Corrs

This is a song that has a meaning that might be considered on the edge of being dangerous. Are you with someone that your friends or family don’t like or don’t approve of? 

Do you wish that you could just run away with them so you could be together? This song from an Irish family band is all about that scenario.

Think Carefully

At this point, I should say that this is a great song. It has a message for the one you love, but it is a decision that is fraught with danger. Running away with a lover is not an uncommon feeling. For the majority of people, though, it is not an option.

However, even though it might be an “impossible dream,” it does convey your feelings to your partner. It lets him know very plainly how you feel, even if the desire cannot be achieved.

A Great First Single

The Corrs were undoubtedly one of the most talented family groups we have ever seen. Multi-instrumentalists, great songwriters, and performers. They had it all. Released in 1995, it wasn’t a huge hit on either side of the Atlantic. But, it remains a favorite in some circles.

They took a few years off to pursue philanthropic activities, get married and raise families, but they still perform. Over forty million albums sold should indicate their popularity. This song was what kick-started it all.

I Don’t Know Much by Linda Ronstadt (feat. Aaron Neville)

Now and then, you come across a song that will stop you in your tracks. Both the composition and the performance are just so good that it brings everything to a standstill for a few minutes. This is one of those.

One Of The Best

In my opinion, Linda Ronstadt was one of the best female singers of the 70s and 80s. She had a voice that could cross genres so easily. One minute Country, the next some serious Rock n Roll, and then sometimes semi-operatic. But, she could also turn her hand to a ballad like this.

The Ultimate Love Song?

It could be described that way. It was written by Barry Mann, Tom Snow, and Cynthia Weil, and it was Barry Mann who released it first. Bette Midler also had a version in 1983.

This was the version that seems to have the biggest effect on most people. Possibly prompted by the video for the song. It reached #2 in the UK and also in America.

Maybe you just want to sit down and let your partner know how you feel about him without saying a word. If so, then it will be hard to find a better, more appropriate song.

Be My Baby by The Ronettes

All the songs on this list so far fit into a certain age category. That might not matter, but what if you want to impress someone who is either older or just loves 60s music? 

Remember The Ronettes?

At the expense of getting taken to task, they were always my favorite girl group from the 60s, including The Supremes. There was just something about their music, probably that Phil Spector “Wall of Sound.”

Released in 1963, this was their biggest hit. It reached #4 in the UK and #2 in America. It inspired a host of songwriters, including Brian Wilson.

Are you in a situation where you have met the man you think you want to be with? This is a subtle way of getting a response from him. It is everything great about 60s music, even down to the girl’s hairdos. 

A bit of trivia about the song… 

Veronica, or Ronnie, was the only “Ronette” to sing in the song, and the backing vocals were sung by Sonny and Cher.

Anyone hearing this song is going to take a big deep sigh and just remember. If you haven’t won his heart yet, it could be this song that does the trick.

From This Moment On by Shania Twain (feat. Bryan White)

To complete this list of the best love songs for him, we go back to Shania Twain. And, to the same album I included before. This is undoubtedly one of her best and most heartfelt songs ever recorded. A simple song in many ways, but with lyrics that says all you need to say.

If you just want to let him know that you think he is the one, then I doubt you will find a better song than this. What this song does is put the thought across in a very gentle way.

No Overdone Drama

There are no dramas but plenty of dynamics. A song that is well-sung and well-played with very good production. A song that you can listen to more than once. Therefore, it is ideal to get your message across.

It was released as a single in 1998 and reached #9 in the UK and #4 in America. A great way to finish this list.

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Best Love Songs For Him – Final Thoughts

When you compile these lists, you get to realize just how many great songs have been written over the years. And how many we have forgotten about. If you are looking for the best love songs for your man, then you might well find a suitable one here.

Until next time, happy listening.

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