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Top 10 Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos in 2023

What is a piano with a lighted keyboard? Well, simply put, it is exactly what it says it is. A piano with keys that light up. 

You may ask, “Why is that important?” Well, it isn’t for seasoned, experienced players. But, when you are new to the instrument, it can show you where you need to put your fingers, even when it is dark. There are times when that can be very helpful.

Are you interested in finding out a bit more or looking for a quality lighted keyboard piano? Well then, join me as I take a look at the best lighted keyboard pianos around.


Not Highly Thought Of

Not Highly Thought Of

In some circles, these instruments are not highly thought of. Some see them as unnecessary and a bit of a gimmick. But, they do serve a purpose that suits some beginners.

If you want to learn to play the piano, then you have to learn chords and notes and become familiar with the keys. This, for some, can be helped by using a lighted keyboard. But, there is another important teaching element to consider.


Adults who are starting to learn may well have the motivation to play. That tends to keep them going even when it can start to be a bit of an ordeal. For them, they will see a lighted keyboard as another teaching aid.

But, for kids, having a keyboard that lights up? Wow, can anything be better and more fun? Kids are going to love that. It may well be the motivation that carries them through the difficult times. And, there will be plenty.

For them, it is more than fun, even if they don’t immediately recognize it. They will find the chords and the notes easier to follow because the keyboard lights will guide them.

Plenty Of Extras

Another thing kids love is all the extras you can get. Some lighted keyboards are loaded with them. Interactive features that are built-in to help you get the most out of the keyboard.

On top of that, they give you a nice sound and a good smooth action. Is there anything wrong with any of that? I don’t think so. If it is going to help people learn to play, why not look for the best lighted keyboard pianos?

Not Easy To Find

However, walking into your music store, you might get a blank look if you ask to see them. Quality lighted keyboards are even rarer. Fortunately, there are some around. And some of the biggest and best names in digital pianos, Yamaha and Casio, offer options.

Some are more suited to young starters, and some are for the adult beginner. I will highlight each. And, where the piano is suitable for both, I will also make mention. So, let’s take a look at some of the best keyboards with lighted keys, starting with the…

Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos

Top 10 Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos in 2023

  1. Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Keyboard – Best Value for Money Lighted Keyboard Piano
  2. The ONE Smart Stage Piano Keyboard Pro – Best Premium Lighted Keyboard Piano
  3. RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano – Best Multi-Function Lighted Keyboard Piano 
  4. Joy 61-Key Keyboard – Best 61-Key Lighted Keyboard Piano
  5. Casio LK-S250 Keyboard – Best Premium Lighted Keyboard Piano
  6. Vangoa VGK611 – Best Lighted Keyboard Piano for Kids
  7. The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard – Best Lightweight Lighted Keyboard Piano    
  8. MUSTAR 61-Key Piano Keyboard – Best Beginner Lighted Keyboard Piano for Adults
  9. JIKADA 61-Key Keyboard Piano – Best Budget Lighted Keyboard Piano
  10. Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard – Best Cheap Lighted Keyboard Piano Package

1 Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Keyboard – Best Value for Money Lighted Keyboard Piano

First, let’s go to Yamaha, the largest manufacturer of musical instruments on the planet. And, some would argue, in terms of pianos, the best.

This is suitable for either younger or adult starters. It is not quite full-size, having 61 lighted keys, but that is adequate for those just starting to learn. Those keys have the advantage of being touch-sensitive.

The Build

It is made of a decent quality plastic and measures 51 x 8 x 20 inches, and weighs just under 18 pounds. That makes it easy to carry around if you need to. 

Controls are all situated conveniently on the top. That includes a small information screen giving you the current operational status. One downside is that the polyphony is only 32. That might not suit students who are improving quickly and working on more complex pieces.

Plenty Of Extras

Built-in are 392 different instrument voices with 100 varying styles of accompaniments. These can be set up to simulate playing with a group of musicians. 100 songs are also built-in to the system that will aid the learning process and one quick learning demo song.

There is a finger placement guide, and Yamaha has included their education suite. The USB port will connect up to your computer or other devices and give you access to your playlists. 

This allows you to play along with your favorite tracks. Another helpful control is the headphone jack socket.

A Package

It comes as part of a package that includes some closed-back stereo headphones by Samson for private practice, a keyboard stand, and a power supply.

An excellent piano from a world-class manufacturer and certainly one of the best-lighted keyboard pianos.

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Keyboard
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Nearly 400 different instruments and 100 accompaniments.
  • Yamaha education suite included some good extras as part of a package.


  • Polyphony is fine for a complete beginner but low for more complex pieces.

2 The ONE Smart Stage Piano Keyboard Pro – Best Premium Lighted Keyboard Piano

From a keyboard with 61 lighted keys, we go to a full-size 88-key lighted keyboard piano. All the hammer-action keys are fully weighted and have a touch response feature. 

One more positive thing is that it comes with 128-note polyphony. That means no matter how fast or complex the piece; you will not have any note dropouts.

The Build

It has an attractive white plastic casing, so it will need to be kept clean. It measures 52.4 x 5.5 x 13.7 inches and weighs 30 pounds, so it is not lightweight. That is something to think about if you are planning to carry it around with you. The design will appeal to those that like minimalist styling.

The Sound

It has an impressive sound that simulates a real acoustic piano. It uses 10-layer acoustic samples with 16-bit accuracy and has 88 instrument presets and eleven different drum kits. And, to help ensure you a great sound, it has powerful built-in speakers.   


The learning features are one of the best things about this piano. The keys light up to guide you, and it includes video lessons and quick courses.  

There are more than 100 video lessons that are all integrated with the keyboard lights. The video lessons are graded and start from the very first lesson on to more advanced playing. 

You can pause and rewind if you want to go back to a particular topic. In other words, you can learn at your own pace. 

Connect Up

There is an app you can download that takes you through lessons as a real teacher would. It will also connect to your computer via the USB-MIDI port, which gives you access to the learning software. This also gives you access to hundreds of choices of sheet music across all genres.

You also get access to plugins for virtual instruments that take the sound options up to almost 300 instruments. Record Mode allows you to record what you’re playing and then listen back to hear how you are doing.  

Games For Fun

You get access to some learning games which will let you challenge yourself to get a high score whilst playing. To do so, you have to play the keys as they light up at the right time that corresponds to the music being played.                           

good lighted keys digital piano that will suit both adult and junior students. It doesn’t come cheap, though.

The ONE Smart Stage Piano Keyboard Pro
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Nice minimalist design in an attractive white plastic.
  • Plenty of educational software with instrument options and a good sound.


  • Not the cheapest.

3 RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano – Best Multi-Function Lighted Keyboard Piano

This is a great lighted keyboard piano for young students. Also, it is made to be portable. It is considerably smaller than some of the other models we will look at, measuring just 35.6 x 12.6 x 4.3 inches. 

It weighs just 12 pounds so moving it around is not a problem. Furthermore, it can be powered either by the mains supply that has been included, or it will run on batteries.

The Functions

It has plenty of controls, all situated on the top of the keyboard within easy reach. The options are easy to see and operate. They are all touch controls, so there are no buttons or switches to use. There is also a small screen to display current activity.

It has 200 sounds and 200 rhythms and a function that allows you to record and then playback. Using this, you can build layers of sound. Digital Audio Workstations, like Logic and Ableton, can be accessed through the MIDI connection.

Teaching Options

Built into this keyboard are some teaching options. There are also 30 demo songs to practice with.

The Sound

I suppose it is best described as reasonable. It isn’t going to be the best you will hear. But, at this price point, you wouldn’t expect that. Two speakers located on the top generate a decent volume for practice.

Some Good Extras

It comes as part of a package that includes a foldaway padded seat and a keyboard stand. Good additions to any keyboard package.

Not the highest quality in terms of sound or its teaching options. But, very good value considering the price point.

RockJam 61-Key Keyboard Piano
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Comes with a foldable padded seat and stand.
  • 200 sounds and 200 rhythms at a cost-effective price.


  • Not the highest quality of sound.

4 Joy 61-Key Keyboard – Best 61-Key Lighted Keyboard Piano

If you are looking for an affordable lighted keyboard with plenty of features, then this will be of interest. Not only does this instrument come packed with sounds and teaching opportunities, but there are also some good extras. This is a keyboard that will suit both adult and junior beginners.

The Build

It has 61 keys and measures 38.9 x 11 x 17.7 inches, weighing just under 19 pounds. So, it will be easy to carry around with you if you need to. Furthermore, it has over 255 different rhythms and sounds, and to aid the teaching process, there are 50 demo practice songs.


The playing action is surprisingly smooth and attempts to recreate the action from a real piano. The keys can be paired with the key lighting function.

It has plenty of great features on offer. These include transposing, single note chord options, sound selection, and rhythm programming. There is also a record and playback facility and an MP3 player function.

The Controls

The top panel looks a little confusing, but everything is labeled, so there won’t be any problems. The LCD shows the current status and gives information on what you are trying to access. It also offers illuminated markers to show new players the keys that need to be played.

The Extras

I mentioned some extras. These include the keyboard stand and stool, a DC adapter, and a set of headphones for private practice. And it has a built-in sound system with speakers located on the top of the piano. A competitively priced keyboard with plenty on offer.

Joy 61-Key Keyboard
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Plenty of built-in sounds and rhythms at a competitive price.
  • Demo songs for practice and as teaching aids.


  • Will take some time to learn how to use all the functions included.

5 Casio LK-S250 Keyboard – Best Premium Lighted Keyboard Piano

Let’s move on now to one of the most respected keyboard manufacturers. There was a time when all they were known for were their handheld calculators. And, of course, watches that lit up and also had calculators built-in to them. 

That has all changed now. They still make products with an attractive price point, but the quality of some of their products is excellent. Their digital pianos are one such area.

The Build

This is a very compact piano measuring 46 x 15.3 x 5.5 inches and weighing 20 pounds. It has 61 full-size touch-responsive keys. Having touch-responsive keys helps you develop a feel for the instrument. 

When you strike the keys harder, you will get a louder response. A light touch makes it softer, just like the real thing. The keys have a lighting system to assist with learning and highlighting the notes you need to play.

The Sound

Casio digital pianos have come a long way in the last decade. The improvements in the quality of their sound engine mean the piano has an authentic ‘real’ piano sound. It has plenty of sound options with over 400 instruments and sounds. Plus, 77 rhythms to accompany what you are playing. 

These extend right across the genres. So, whatever your preference in a musical style, you will find it. To add to the built-in sounds are ten different reverb sounds to make your playing come alive. Also, 60 songs can be accessed to help with your learning.

Dance Music Mode

This is a piano capable of creating EDM, Electronic Dance Music. So, it will be best used by beginners from about 10-12 years up who like that sort of music. It is easy to create EDM, and the keys are used as triggers. 

They will trigger bass lines, drum tracks, synthesizers, and other effects. The built-in sound system with top-loaded speakers lets you hear what you are doing. If you prefer, you can use the headphones that are included in the package.

More Sound

It has a ⅛-inch audio-in that lets you hook up to a device. Therefore, you can play along with songs from your playlists. Also, a ¼-inch mic input if you want to add your voice.

The Chordana App

This app allows you to download and learn to play from MIDI files. It has a USB port that connects to your PC or Mac, or your iOS or Android device. You won’t need to download drivers.

With all this, is there a hefty price point? Not a bit of it. Casio often gives great equipment at very good prices. This is one of those. It comes with the headphones we mentioned, a stand, and a power supply, or it will run off batteries.

Casio LK-S250 Keyboard
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Packed with plenty of sounds and effects.
  • Touch responsive keys at an attractive price point.


  • None unless you want an 88-key piano.

6 Vangoa VGK611 – Best Lighted Keyboard Piano for Kids

This is a lighted piano from Vangoa that is specially designed for children. It is a 61-key piano that measures just 32.7 x 10.9 x 3.1 and weighs just six pounds. Therefore, it is very easy to move and carry around if you have to.

The Keys

These are what are known as ‘mini keys.’ Designed especially for small fingers, they are going to make practice a little easier in the early days. The keys are unweighted, so it is very much a ‘first piano’ instrument.

Teaching Features

It offers three teaching levels and includes practice sessions that react like computer games, which will hold their interest. The keys are set up to light up during the demo displays. This shows the student where the fingers are placed. The notes are displayed clearly on the large LED screen. 

To make things even easier, the tempo of the practice piece can be set from slow to fast. They can then work at their own speed and speed up as they improve.

This piano features an impressive sound library. It includes over 350 different timbres and rhythms and 30 demo songs.


There are plenty of extras sound-wise. The piano has sustain, vibrato, and playback, as well as a dual keyboard. The piano has been designed to enthuse kids with the possibility of making music.

Controls are on the top and are quite well-labeled. Although, younger children might need some help in setting up sounds and features. The keyboard also comes with a mic which can be plugged in to add to the musical fun.

It is finished in a white ABS plastic and can run off six AA batteries, or you can use the mains supply provided. The price point is very competitive, which makes it one of the best lighted keyboard pianos you can buy.

Vangoa VGK611
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Good features with a useful sound library.
  • Quality teaching aids included.


  • Some will need a better-quality piano sound.

7 The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard – Best Lightweight Lighted Keyboard Piano

This is a lighted piano that will suit either adult learners or younger students. It features plenty of possibilities and teaching aids.

The Build

It is a 61-key piano that measures 36 x 13 x 4 inches and weighs just eleven pounds. Easy then to move or carry around with you. 

The one thing you immediately notice with this piano is the lack of complex-looking controls and button options on the top. They have done away with that.

Control Through An App

Everything is controlled via a downloadable app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It includes well-laid out and easy-to-understand lessons, videos, and teaching games. But, also gives you access to thousands of copies of sheet music to choose from.

There is access to 128 different sounds and a recorder for keeping track of how well you are playing. It also benefits from MIDI file capability. An extra benefit is the inclusion of a working manual which is not something you see so much these days.

An attractive little instrument, it has plenty of good features and is a good place to start learning the piano.

The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Attractive and minimalist design.
  • Lightweight with 128 sounds and a recording facility.


  • Some may prefer controlling via a control panel rather than by app.

8 MUSTAR 61-Key Piano Keyboard – Best Beginner Lighted Keyboard Piano for Adults

This is a keyboard designed for use by both adults and children. It has plenty of great features, even though it is set at a very competitive price.

The Build

It has a decent, solid plastic build that measures 36.6 x 12 x 12.6 inches and weighs seventeen pounds. It has 61 keys with a light-up function. Built in are plenty of educational options via the downloadable app.

It has 500 different sounds and 500 rhythms, and also includes 65 demo songs to help with the teaching process. It has to be said the piano sound is quite ordinary when compared with some. But, it is more than acceptable at the price point.

The Controls 

These are all placed on the top of the keyboard along with two speakers. In the center, a color screen provides information on the current status. 

On the rear are the connections for the USB, MIDI, a mic, and a headphone socket. Some of the playing and teaching modes are included in the downloadable app.

Special Features

This piano has some very special features you don’t find on every digital teaching piano. It has single-fingered bass chords, as well as vibrato, sustain, and transposition.

Additionally, the dual voice mode allows you to combine two voices from the available selection. The Double Keyboard Mode splits the keyboard in half to allow you to play two separate voices. Or, you can use it to play along with a tutor.

The Package

Along with the keyboard comes a microphone and a set of headphones for private practice. You also get a power adapter, a music rest, and an adjustable keyboard stand. Plus, a manual to help you set it up.

At this price point, it is good value for money.

MUSTAR 61-Key Piano Keyboard
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Plenty of sounds and rhythms built in.
  • Good package of extras at a cost-effective price.


  • Some may want a better-quality piano sound.

9 JIKADA 61-Key Keyboard Piano – Best Budget Lighted Keyboard Piano

This keyboard has been designed to give you as many features as possible but is also suited to those on a budget. It is suitable for both younger and older beginners.

The Build

It’s made from non-toxic plastic and is quite solid. It is a very portable instrument measuring 8.5 x 16.25 x 6 inches but only weighs eight pounds. Furthermore, it has 61 full-size keys with illumination.

Controls are all located on the top with an LCD screen. This gives you the current status of the instrument. There are also transparent stickers to label the notes. These are used in the very early days to help you learn note positions. 

On the rear are connections for headphones, the supplied microphone, audio in, and a USB port.

The Sounds

There are 255 sounds and 255 rhythms built-in with 61 types of percussion. This offers you a wide range of sound possibilities. For teaching purposes, there are also 50 demo songs. On the top of the keyboard are two speakers.

There is a memory function that allows you to save tonal, rhythmic, and tempo settings for instant recall. They can be changed instantly while you’re playing.


There are plenty of controls located on the top of the piano. These cover the master volume, and a volume for any accompaniment you may be using. There is a tempo control and also a mode that allows you to play one-finger chords.

Other features on the control panel include sustain, transposition, and vibrato. There is also a built-in metronome, which is always useful. The function for recording and playback can allow you to assess your performance and what you need to practice.


This piano has three teaching modes that take you from a complete beginner to a more advanced stage.

JIKADA 61-Key Keyboard Piano
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Some very good features with three teaching modes.
  • A budget model with plenty of sound options and a record and playback feature.


  • Some will require a more accurate piano sound.

10 Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard – Best Cheap Lighted Keyboard Piano Package

Let’s complete our look at the best lighted keyboard pianos with another budget model. This piano, though, offers even more features and makes it one of the best-lighted keyboards.

It measures just 35.75 x 17 x 10.5 inches and weighs eleven pounds, so it is a very portable instrument. It has 255 sounds with 255 rhythms plus 60 percussion instruments.

Good Learning System

The learning programs will take you from complete beginner to intermediate level. The keys light up, but there is also a set of transparent stickers provided to identify notes.

Special Features

Built-in are single-fingered automatic bass chords, sustain, vibrato, and ensemble options. The control panel also includes a master volume and separate volume to control the level of any accompaniment you might use.

There is a record/playback option, and the package includes a microphone and headphones. There are connections for audio in and out. The package also includes a stand and a stool, and an adapter. You can use it either battery-powered or through the mains adapter.

An excellent keyboard that also gives you a good organ sound.

Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


  • Great package with plenty of extras.
  • Easy to use at a competitive price point.


  • None.

Buying Your Lighted Keyboard

Some consider these instruments toys, but there is no doubt they have a part to play. In choosing one, decide what the important things are:

  • Do you need to carry it around?
  • What level of teaching do you require?
  • Do you want a full 88 keys, or will 61 suffice?
  • Do you want smaller keys for a child?

There are plenty of options, and there is bound to be one that suits your needs and your budget.

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What Are The Best Lighted Keyboard Pianos?

For me, I would look for a piano for a complete beginner. While there are some good lighted keyboard pianos on that list, I would still go for the…

Yamaha EZ-220 61-Key Keyboard

The sound engine built-in creates a great piano sound, and the keys simulate the real thing. Not the cheapest option, but still fantastic value for money considering the quality of build and the sounds. Highly recommended and easily my choice for one of the best lighted keyboards.

Until next time, let your music play.

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