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Top 11 Best Headphones And Earbuds For Sleeping 2022 Reviews

Many people these days use headphones or earbuds to either relax before bed or as they go to sleep. They help to make us more comfortable, alleviate any stress, and lower the heart rate somewhat. This brings on a feeling of relaxation, and away you go.

Of course, it depends to a certain, no actually a rather large extent, on what you listen to and we wouldn’t recommend ‘Rock n Roll’ by Led Zeppelin.

They are commonplace on planes these days and what was once First Class or Business class with noise-canceling headphones are now also found in economy. But we take that with a pinch of salt because we are yet to go on an airline in any class and have headphones that cancel out the engines of a 747.

Another story.

Noise canceling headphones for sleeping. Noise canceling headphones for flying. Or maybe you just have noisy neighbors, or they have a noisy dog.

Just three of the options.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping currently available…

best headphones and earbuds for sleeping

Top 11 Best Headphones And Earbuds For Sleeping On The Market 2022 Reviews

1 Bedphones – Most Versatile Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping

There are few more infuriating things than not being able to sleep when you are tired. That applies especially if it is something you have no control over. That is where headphones that are specifically designed for sleeping excel.

Great design

To wear headphones to help you sleep, they will need to be comfortable. These Bedphones pass that test. They are compact and so well-made you hardly know you are wearing them.

A secure fit

They sit gently externally on the ear and have a memory wire that is rubber-coated. The wire can be placed either to the front or back of your neck. Whichever is most comfortable.

The earpads are less than a ¼ inch in thickness. They have a soft foam covering that offers comfort and a secure fit. That is great news for those who sleep on their side. Yet, they can still produce a good level of sound quality and have a slider adjustment on the cable to help keep them in place.

Stay in touch

They are fitted with an inline single-button remote and a microphone. The remote controls the music, offering play, track skip, and pause. It also allows you to take a call if you wish.

Sleeping isn’t the only option for Bedphones. Anyone who needs a lightweight and compact set of phones will benefit. That could be on the daily commute or even if you are just out for a walk. In fact, anyone who struggles with formal headphones or earbuds will appreciate the Bedphone’s design and comfort.

Use with just about anything…

Compatibility to phones, tablets, or MP3s will require a 3.5 jack socket or, for later devices, an adapter. They come in wired or wireless versions. The wireless version has a rechargeable battery.


They come with a pouch for carrying and some replacement foam earpads.


  • Great design that has a variety of uses.
  • Comfortable and soft with an inline remote and mic.


  • Might not be best suited to runners.

2 Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose has come along with their QuietComfort 29 acoustic noise-canceling headphones.

Audio giants, Boss, have developed their noise-canceling technology using an in-ear design. The sounds are balanced by TriPort acoustic drivers by Bose that give a balanced frequency response. And there is a remote controlled in-line microphone that lets you have control over your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

Staying ‘Aware’…

There will be times, of course, when you will actually want to be in touch. Let’s say at an airport or waiting in a crowded place for something when you may have them on. If that is the case, Bose has solved the problem with its ‘Aware’ mode.

You simply just press a button and your back in the world again. Your music is still playing, and there is still an element of noise cancellation. But you can hear any announcements you may need to hear.

A mellow warmth…

They are well built and function well, as is the Bose tradition, but it is the sound that is impressive. And have a mellow warmth and are not ear shattering with top end. They also are not the kind that you have to sink right into your ear, which makes them more comfortable to wear and less intrusive.

In fact, comfort can be an issue with these things but not in this case.

Sixteen hours of use…

The headphones are powered by an in-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This will give you up to sixteen hours of operational use. A USB lead is provided for recharging, which should take about two hours.

They are a decent product but take a look at the price before you get too excited, they are quite expensive.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Good facilities built-in.
  • Aware mode.
  • Comfortable design.
  • The price will make some people think.

3 Shure SE215-K-UNI Sound Isolating Earphones

Ok, we hear you say, one of the big boys has arrived. Where there are microphones, there will be Shure and usually with a well-made quality product.

These are a set of phones that provide great sound quality. This gives a very natural listening experience as well as canceling out external noises.

Shure has designed MicroDrivers to produce a very natural sound that is clear and easy to manage. The sound has an extended bass frequency that delivers a warm sound with no attack in it at all.

They have some good features…

The cable is detachable and allows you to fit to shape over the ears to keep it out of the way. And to ensure the cable is long lasting it has been reinforced with Kevlar.

Another nice touch is the earpiece connectors that have a full 360-degree rotation allowing you to get the fit just right. These have a lock-snap mechanism that is gold plated. They have a 3.5mm connector that is compatible with a variety of equipment including CD players, laptops, Digital Audio Players and MP3 players.

Being gold plated these connectors deliver a precise sound.

Ear tips for an exact fit…

These headphones are lightweight but quite sturdy and offer great sound quality. Another great feature is the kit that is provided with various sizes of ear tips. This allows you to get the most comfort and sound quality from their use, and a soft carrying case provides convenient storage.

They operate with both iOS and Android devices that have a 3.5mm connection.

Considering the quality and the Shure name, they are surprisingly cost-effective and aren’t going to break the bank. Making them a great contender for best earphones or earbuds for sleeping.

Shure SE215-K-UNI Sound Isolating Earphones
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Nice clear sound with extended bass.
  • Well made with good fittings.
  • Great price.
  • Unless you get the fitting to your ear right, you won’t get a great sound.

4 AcousticSheep SleepPhones

Invented by a doctor to help patients with sleep problems. Essentially what you have is a headband with earplugs built-in. You wear it like a headband and position the speakers over your ears.

A brilliant idea if it can be made to work though we could foresee certain environments where it might look a little out of place, for a large number of applications it is perfect.

Bluetooth enabled…

They have Bluetooth capability, the Bluetooth receiver is enclosed in the headband, and is compatible with Phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc. Clearly designed to be worn while sleeping, but we can see no reason why they might not be used in other scenarios.

You might think they would be uncomfortable to wear, especially lying down, but the adjustable flat speakers are not noticeable at all. This is, therefore, a product that can be used for multiple uses.

These include travelers listening to their favorite music or show, and at night to soothe you to sleep. Or even to cancel out some unwanted noise. But the other potential uses are endless.

Comfortable and washable…

The fabric of the headband s woven from a fleece material containing 95% polyester and can be pulled down over your eyes when in use. And the speakers can be removed from the band to allow it to be washed.

There is a 4 feet connecting chord allowing you easy range to place your device for connection.

The speakers are quite thin by necessity, of course, so don’t expect too much in the sound quality area, but they are adequate and allow a decent reproduction. Also, they are not totally noise-canceling because the speakers don’t fit either over or into your ears, but they do cut out much of it.

It is a good idea, with a myriad of uses and not too expensive.

They have a 13-hour battery life.

AcousticSheep SleepPhones
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Bluetooth enabled.
  • Washable.
  • Consistent use over time may cause wear.

5 CozyPhones Sleep Headphones

For people who sleep on their side having some form of sound as you go to sleep is often very difficult. You can’t wear headphones, even those with a fairly flat design. And earbuds can be a problem if they don’t fit properly.

So what’s the solution?

Cozyphones are designed to be a headband with flats padded speakers inserted. You wear them like you would a normal headband and even lying on your side they give no discomfort. They have two linings, a cool mesh on the inside and the outer a fleece material. All designed to make them soft and comfortable.

They have a 3.5mm connector which will fit most phones that have a headphone socket. But it is best to check with the manufacturer of your phone because some later models do not include this jack socket.

The connecting cable itself is sturdy and made of a braided material and is fifty-four inches long, more than enough for close placement of your device while the flat speakers are removable to allow you to wash the headband.

Ideal for spoken word…

The sound is not stunning, it couldn’t be, but considering the size of these tiny speakers, the sound is remarkably good. The highs are clear and ideal for the spoken word. But, they won’t actually block noise, rather they will reduce it and replace it with another sound at the forefront.

They are surprisingly comfortable and have possibilities for other uses, though sports work is probably not one of them, as they don’t fit tight enough to stay on.

Priced very realistically they offer an alternative to the usual which will definitely work for some people.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Well made with two linings.
  • Competitive price.
  • Issues with wear after a period of time.

6 Sleepace Sleep Headphones

Sleepace has a slightly different idea in sleep headphones in that they have extended the idea to include the unit also being an eye mask. That’s very convenient, and some will appreciate it.

They are made of silk material and lycra that is lightweight and breathable, which means they will not get too hot while being worn. While the speakers are extra slimline, so should cause no discomfort. The material is machine washable, and the speakers can be removed to wash the eye mask.

It is usable with iPhone, iPad,iPod, Android, and other devices, though as always it is a good idea to check with the manufacturer first regarding connectivity. It has a connecting cord that is four and a half feet long that is braided and toughened up for use and a 3.5 mm plug connection.

Are you asleep yet?

Here comes the clever part, that sets this product apart from other sleep similar sleep headphones. You can download the Sleepace App, and after detecting the stage of your sleep, it will automatically turn off. Fantastic!

However, one issue that they do not seem to have addressed is that there is no extra cushion effect around the speaker. Therefore you may not be that comfortable if you sleep on your side or turn over in the night.

Also, the Sleepace itself does not have any volume control, so this will have to be done via your device.

Ideal for gentle sounds…

They are not noise canceling, and the volume produced is quite low, but the overall sound is pleasant and restful and ideal for gentle sounds.

For the price, it is worth having a look at, but there have been design compromises so please don’t expect the sound to be high quality.

Sleepace Sleep Headphones
Our rating:3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

  • Also operate as an eye mask.
  • Sleepace App which turns the music off when you are asleep.
  • Competitive price.
  • May leave product marks on your pillow if used while sleeping.

7 Final Audio Design High-Resolution Headphone

Final Audio Design might be new to some people. But in Asia, they are a huge manufacturer of headphones and earbuds at the high end. Wearing earbuds is common in Japan, and they have developed their market into producing products that are not quite so expensive. Meet the E3000.

With this product, they have really set the standard for others to try and reach.

Looks can be deceiving…

The expression that something will compete with other products many times the price is used often. In this case, it is accurate. They look fairly innocuous, and there doesn’t look too much to get excited about – a Barrel design that is compact and an earbud that will comfortably fit your ear.

They are very comfortable and make a good seal in your ear. Being lightweight and of a compact design means they will be comfortable to wear.

A classy look…

No plastic in the design and the chrome finish certainly gives them a classy look. They might have a good look, but they are marketed with low-level packaging and approach. If this were raised to a high-level, people would be screaming for them.

The reason is the sound. It is just amazing.

Stunning audio quality…

The Asians like their earbuds and they like their music, and they won’t have poor quality. The quality here is stunning, You could write pages on the semi-open back design or the turbine-like design on the barrel that clearly has an impact, but it would take forever. They are just good. Very good.

Whatever music is your choice, you are going to get a big soundstage and the full performance from these. But you also get gentle dialogue or sounds if you want them the whole range is available.

When you consider the price, these are not only one of the best Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping but one of the best on the entire market for any use.

Final Audio Design High-Resolution Headphone
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Well made with good materials.
  • Stunning sound quality.
  • Great price considering what you get.
  • When you hold them, they don’t feel very strong.


TheTooks SPORTEC BAND is another headband style product to essentially provide music or other sounds as you go to sleep. Although they can be used, of course, for other activities. It is made from one hundred percent microfleece. Which was designed to be soft to the touch for comfort.

The headband has removable headphones to allow you to wash the item. This particular headband is not Bluetooth operative, but there is a version that is. And the headphones themselves are not particularly slim. Maybe 1⁄4” inch so there is a risk they will be felt if trying to sleep on your side.

Connectivity all round…

The connection cord is four feet long, and this ample length to connect to your device. They will connect to any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack socket. Please check to ensure that your device is operative as some manufacturers have started to leave headphone sockets off their products.

There is no adjustment of volume on the item, and so volume has to be set by the device you are using.

Hope you haven’t got a big head…

It is a one size fits all product which might be ok if your head is smaller than the average. But if it is larger, then tightness might become an issue.

And, like most of these type of products, you can hardly call them noise canceling, but they will reduce unwanted noise largely by replacing it with something you want to listen to. Even with your choice of it will be possible to hear some external noise.

The speakers are made from plastic and whilst not being the highest quality do the job. The sound is ok but don’t expect to be stunned by what is produced

Price-wise they are quite economical.

Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Not too expensive.
  • Only one size of the headband.

9 AGPTEK Sleep Headphones

These sleep headphones have more than just sleep as an application. They also act as a significant light excluder and eye mask. They shut out any potential light during the night. And especially for those that sleep with eyes slightly open, they will prevent the problems that can arise from that.

During the day time, they will block out sunlight if that is required.

Meditate and relax…

They are therefore extremely suitable for meditation and relaxation. And enable you to not be distracted visually by anything going on around you. This can be extended to yoga, where they are also a significant benefit.

Of course, sleep is what they were originally designed for, but how about traveling.

Stopping the majority of light and having fitted headphones they are great for traveling on planes. Or even just in the family car if you want to get some sleep.

Travel in style…

Again this can be extended to other travel options on buses or trains where you will be able to close out the light and surrounding sounds. Allowing you to rest peacefully but without disturbing your traveling companions with headphone sounds.

The speakers are adjustable, and so placing them in the right place should not be a problem. The connector cord is five feet long and is braided to make it durable. It has a 3.5mm plug that will fit most devices, but please check with your manufacturer or distributor to check compatibility.

They have a built-in volume adjustment and are easy to carry and comfortable to wear.

Not especially loud…

The sound as with all of these types of headphones can best be described as adequate, but as with most of them, the volume is a little on the low side.

At the price, they represent a decent product that serves quite a few applications.

AGPTEK Sleep Headphones
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

  • Serve as eye shades as well as headphones.
  • Great for meditation and yoga.
  • Competitive price.
  • Can be difficult to position the speakers properly.

10 Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k Slim Clip On Earphone

Panasonic is, of course, a highly respected name in hi-fi and TV, and many other product ranges. So, let’s have a look at what they bring to the table in terms of finding the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping.

The Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k Slim Clip On Earphone do, however, appear that they have been designed not so much for sleep but for other activities. Whilst they have a compact build, they house a 30mm driver which pushes out a powerful sound. Hardly want you to want for sleep or relaxation.

Not exactly quiet…

It is unlikely when being used that they will contain the sound unless it is being played very quietly. This means those around you will have to enjoy your choice of music as well.

The sound quality is quite a lot better than the average earbuds designed for sleep and rest periods or traveling, but then you might expect that it would be. For speech and activities like ebooks etc., the sound is ok, but it is with music you will get the full effect.

Given the shape and design style, it’s difficult to lay down to rest while wearing them and feeling comfortable. As sleep headphones, maybe not, but as ordinary wear, during the day phones, they are quite good.

However, they do not have their own volume control so that will be handled by your device.

Built to last…

The build is actually quite good. And the usual problem areas of headphones like these seem to have been eliminated. The earpads themselves are of a good robust quality and look like they will give you some service.

We do hope that we have not come across too negative with these headphones. We are reviewing the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping, and we feel that while they could be used for that purpose, the design and the sound mean that they are better used elsewhere.

Price-wise they are inexpensive, so if you sleep on your back and do like a little bit of the heavy stuff instead of counting sheep, these will work for you.

Panasonic- Rp-hs46e-k Slim Clip On Earphone
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Produce a powerful sound.
  • Great design and build quality.
  • Good for the price, just not for sleeping.
  • Not exactly designed for sleeping.
  • Maybe not suited to everyone’s sleeping style.

11 MAXROCK (TM) Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Headphones Earplugs

Maxrock has come up with some headphones for sleeping with all the usual benefits and features, but they have given us an extra – a microphone. And they are constructed from soft silicone to give a very comfortable wearing experience.

To a certain extent, they are noise-reducing rather than noise canceling, but that is usual with this type of product. You will, though, hear whatever it is you are listening to above any external noise.

Connect them up…

It has a 3.5mm connector and is, therefore, able to work with most devices with a headphone socket. The built-in mic is compatible with the iPhone, Samsung, and most smartphones, but it is always advisable to refer to the manufacturers first. The connecting cord is 48 inches long.

It operates hands-free calling and has answer, reject and, end conversation options.

Not only for sleeping…

As with many products these are somewhat multi-purpose in that they can be used in a variety of applications and not just for sleep. They are perfectly suitable for use while traveling. And because they have such a well-designed earbud, they are also good for running and other sports.

There is no volume control, and you must handle that from your device. And there is no battery, and the power is drawn from your device.

Adaptable and durable…

These are a very good headphone not only for sleep but a variety of other activities. They are lightweight but quite sturdy and are well made. The sound they produce is more than adequate, and whilst not earth shattering is more than good enough for you to listen and enjoy whatever you are playing.

The price is staggering low, which makes these phones very good value.

MAXROCK (TM) Unique Total Soft Silicon Sleeping Headphones Earplugs
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Have a built-in mic and some good features.
  • Great for running or at the gym.
  • Very competitive price.
  • Are a little fragile.

This Makes A Change… It’s Time To Shut Out The Noise!

Normally with our reviews, we are talking about how to make some noise but hear we have been looking at the best ways of cutting it out.

More and more people are using the best Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping to assist with getting to sleep and maybe for other activities like relaxation or Yoga.

The idea has been around a while of course and has been a fixture on airlines for years but it fairly recently that they have become interesting to a whole new market.

They are a great idea but raise one or two questions at the purchasing stage.

headphones and earbuds for sleeping

What do I want Best Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping for?

If you are buying them purely for sleep, then we have looked at some perfectly designed for that purpose. They will need to be comfortable first and foremost, able to accommodate your sleeping style and will need to be well made and fairly robust. Even while we sleep, our movements can cause wear and tear.

Are you going to listen to music or is it ebooks or other narration you will be listening to? This is important because some are designed with the spoken word in mind.

If you want them to ‘double-up’ into other activities, we have looked at those as well. The ‘sleep function’ suffers a bit for an increase in sound quality.

Can you clean them, are the speakers detachable to allow you to wash any headband or eye shade that make up the basic design?

Do you need a microphone built in to allow you to make or receive calls while you are using them?

And the quality of the sound?

A few years ago, on a flight from London to Bangkok in Business class, we were told to keep the headphones they are brilliant.

Er no, not really. They were ok, but the quality of all of these products is far superior.


Not that much difference between most of them really. So setting a reasonable budget will probably cover most.

So, What Are The Best Headphones And Earbuds For Sleeping?

We want quality. And want a proven manufacturer. We also want a good sound but one we can sleep with as well as enjoy in other applications.

Therefore, in our opinion, the best Headphones and Earbuds for Sleeping are the…

Understated visually, exceptional performance, and they are superb just the way we like it.

As we said in our review, these might be the product that sets the standard for others to reach – to be the best headphones and earbuds for sleeping.

4.6/5 - (58 votes)

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