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Top 10 Best Guitar Pedalboard in 2023

As effects pedals arrived in various forms during the 60s and 70s. It became clear that something had to be done in order to have some semblance of order. In those fledgling days, you may have a distortion unit, a wah-wah pedal, maybe a chorus or phaser — all connected with 10-foot cables making the stage look like a bowl of spaghetti.

We had the problem of tripping over cables and dislodging them, hum, wires everywhere! And then, if you were a ‘wanderer,’ some of them might start following you around the stage. It was a nightmare.

Let’s put them all together…

Then someone had a bright idea, let’s put them all together on a piece of wood. Good idea!

Homemade pedal boards were born. And, from there it was one small step for mankind for a company to start producing pedalboards with all kinds of clever little ideas.

So, let’s have a look at the Best Guitar Pedalboards around and find the perfect one for your setup…

Guitar Pedalboards
Photo by Gian Carlo Andrada


Top 10 Best Guitar Pedalboard of 2023

1 Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Guitar Pedalboard

When you are looking for a pedalboard, there are some important issues to consider. The need to be rugged and tough enough to take the traveling and use, and to be able to protect the contents when being transported are just two.

This Gator board is constructed from sturdy plywood with aluminum edging. It has a workable surface of 24 inches by 12 inches. This will allow room for up to twelve pedals depending on the size of each pedal.

Lined with a foam interior…

To add some protection during travel, the carry box is lined with a foam interior to cut out any impact shock. The design is efficient, and when packed up, there is ample room under the board for storage of cables.

It has two handles with rubber grips for easy removal from its case and protective corners at potential damage areas. The opening and closing latches are lockable.

The unit is fitted with roller wheels for easy transportation…

The carry box itself is very strong and designed very much like a flight case. It will take the knocks as it may have to. But, it is also going to protect the contents inside. And when considering how much you may have paid in total for all the pedals you may install, that is an important consideration.

Easy to use…

The board actually comes in three pieces with a top, bottom and the board area itself. All are well manufactured. Tape is included to secure the pedals. The board itself is slightly tilted to allow ease of use.

It is a very tough board and priced competitively. It will do the job of taking care of your pedals though maybe a little extra help could have been provided to assist in securing the pedals inside.

Nevertheless, a good board and worth considering.

Gator Cases G-TOUR Series Guitar Pedalboard
Our rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

  • Tough and well-built.
  • Large size to accommodate a lot of pedals.
  • Storage space for cables.
  • Very heavy.

2 Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case

Given that Boss usually produce quite basic but excellent effects pedals with no fuss, we can expect a similar result with this pedalboard, which is exactly what they give us.

The casing is made from a tough resin that is molded rather than having any joints. The advantage of this material against wood is not only its ability to withstand a heavy blow but also its longevity.

A home for your Wah!

It has a padded interior that adds further protection. This can be internally designed to suit your own circumstances. It will take pedals of all sizes including a wah. However, it must be emphasized though that not unreasonably the board designed by Boss is principally designed for Boss pedals.

There are three pre-cut inserts that take Boss size pedals plus a spare that can be cut to accommodate a size variant. It will take up to seven pedals in total. Using other manufacturers products with a range of sizes will have an impact on how many pedals it will house.

Power source and cabling included…

A good addition to its facilities is the inclusion of a power source with its onboard AC adapter. It will power up to seven effects pedals and comes with cabling.

This pedal board is well made, but you get the feeling that it will not take too much poor handling. It seems better designed for a player that is going to exert a little control over how it is used rather than just be perpetually stamped all over.

One issue it has is with its hinges and fittings which are not particularly strong.

This board is not a flight case type product and therefore, cannot be just thrown around as some people seem to do. It will take at least a little care, but given that it is used sensibly it will provide good service.

Priced maybe a little high, but it is Boss quality.

Boss BCB-60 Deluxe Pedal Board and Case
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)

  • Excellent choice if you use a lot of Boss pedals.
  • Own power source and cables.
  • Strong resin exterior.
  • Fittings are a little weak.

3 PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/soft case

A pedalboard that will be familiar to some, this is an upgraded version of the original product. It has its four rail design and the familiar spacing. But, there have been some slight design adjustments to make it more functional.

It sits about one inch higher than its predecessor to allow for different power supplies and connectivity issues. And also is open at the front to make it easier to connect cables and power sources.

Plenty of room for a variety of pedals…

It is constructed in a sturdy fashion from aircraft grade aluminum with a matte finish. The working size is 24 inches by 12 inches, and so there is plenty of room for a variety of pedals of all shapes and sizes.

Ninety-six inches of velcro material is included to assist in fixing the pedals to the frame.

Soft not flight in the case department…

It comes with a fitted case of soft material that is reinforced at various points. With regard to the case or perhaps more accurately, travel bag, you may find difficulty in closing the bag with the pedals hooked up.

It will depend on the size of your pedals obviously, but if they are on the larger side, there may be a problem. This, in turn, could apply under pressure and strain on the bag itself.

It is a simple pedalboard but not one that will allow much in the way of protection for pedals. If you are looking for a robust, tough pedalboard for touring that you can stamp all over, then this probably isn’t for you.

Excellent for residencies…

It does, however, work well for those players who are either resident in one venue or don’t travel far.

It is a good simple idea that serves a certain market, though when compared with its competitors, it does seem a little expensive.

PT-CL2-SC Pedaltrain Classic 2 w/soft case
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Simple design, easy to use.
  • Plenty of room for a lot of pedals.
  • Doesn’t offer protection if traveling a lot.
  • Rather expensive.

4 SKB PS8 Powered Pedal Board

The SKB PS8 board takes the idea of keeping things very simple and has produced a no-frills board that will accommodate up to 8 pedals, depending on pedal size. One of these boards major assets is that it self-powers the pedals you choose to use through its built-in power ports.

It is quite a tough board without actually providing much protection for your pedals. The board itself is made from injection molded rubber that is certainly going to be able to take a few knocks.

No extra cover…

Unfortunately, that is just the base, and there is no extra cover for the board during transit.

It has a 19 inch by 12-inch area to mount your pedals, and it is nicely designed for ease of use and connectivity. Securing your pedals is through a hook and loop velcro process.

For travel purposes, it comes with a heavyweight nylon bag with shoulder strap. The bag comes with an extra pocket for cables and any other essential items.

Self-powering is a big asset, but…

As a simple board to mount your pedals, it is well designed and efficient. The self-powering option is a big asset but one which could bring forth unwanted sound problems.

If you are looking for a pedalboard that is going to do a lot of traveling, be constantly packed away in vans then this board probably isn’t for you. Its operation is fine, but a nylon bag is not going to offer much protection for expensive pedals.

Great for static guitarists???

If however, what you need is a board that will be used in a static environment and not moved around a lot, then this is a good option.

It’s well made, and the board itself is quite tough. It will accommodate a reasonable number of pedals in a variety of sizes, and so it has a practicality to it.

It is realistically priced.

SKB PS8 Powered Pedal Board
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

  • Solid rubber construction.
  • Self-powering.
  • Only comes with a travel bag.
  • Doesn’t offer much protection.


Where there is music, you will always find a product from Behringer and pedal boards are no exception. The design is remarkably similar to the Boss board even if the materials are different.

This board is made from high-density plastic, and whilst we are not normally a big fan of plastic anything, this board will take a blow and survive. It is a rugged design, and once the lid is placed on after use strong enough to be used to travel.

It will accommodate up to six pedals, though, like the Boss, the design internally is specifically for Behringer pedals.

Adaptable and easy to use…

The foam is cut to the size of the Behringer pedals, but If you happen to have pedals from other manufacturers that have larger dimensions, then it is easy to cut the foam to accommodate them.

It comes supplied with six patch cables to link up your pedals and has a built-in power supply that will power up all six.

Neat and tidy cabling…

One nice little design extra is the cable bar that runs the length of the board hiding the wires and cables. A good idea. It is neat, tidy, and lightweight and offers good protection for your pedals and all at a very competitive price.

This is one of those products that could fit a number of requirements from guitarists. It is tough enough for traveling around, internally it is well set up with its own power source, and it will provide protection. It is, therefore, suitable for most situations.

With a product so well put together, we hate to try and find fault, but maybe six pedals won’t be quite enough for some.

At this price, you could always buy two. An excellent product from Behringer and it could be the best guitar pedalboard in this review? Is it? You’ll have to wait till the end to find out…

Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

  • Well made and rugged.
  • Nicely laid out inside.
  • Own power source.
  • Possibly six pedals may not be enough for some players.

6 CNB PDC 410 E BK Pedal Case / Pedal Board

This is a well-designed and constructed case that will accommodate pedals or any other items you wish to carry. It is strong and built to take the knocks associated with travel and maybe not being always treated with care.

The outer is manufactured from lightweight but tough plywood with aluminum reinforcers and protectors on its outer edges where it is often most vulnerable.

Internally it has felt padding to further added protection…

It is a decent size and should accommodate up to 10 or so pedals depending on the manufacturer and size of the pedals of course. This pedal board though does not come with a power source, so the internals are quite basic.

Securing your pedals in place is courtesy of Velcro and double-sided sticky tape. It also has a single handle for carrying and two lockable latches for security.

Excellent protection for your pedals…

Whichever way you look at it this is a quality product. It is well made, sturdy and tough and will take a few knocks. And, there is enough padding inside to offer protection to your pedals whilst they are being transported.

It’s large enough to be able to hold most of what players use these days and in some cases have a bit of space left over, and it is not expensive.

Simple but functional…

It could have had more in terms of onboard facility, like a power source, but that would no doubt have affected the price. Its design is simple but functional and cuts the need for any extra facility onboard.

The locking latches are certainly an asset and space inside is laid out so that you can place the pedals exactly where you want them. The basic facilities and competitive price make this pedalboard definitely worth taking a look at.

CNB PDC 410 E BK Pedal Case / Pedal Board
Our rating:3.7 out of 5 stars (3.7 / 5)

  • Well made and tough.
  • Can handle a lot of pedals.
  • Will lock up for security.
  • No power source on board.

7 Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-2 Aluminium Pedalboard

Donner is one of the pedal producing companies that are well-known for their premium and cost-effective products that are nevertheless good quality. They are also known for going there own way.

This pedalboard is made from lightweight aluminum, finished in black, which makes carrying it around easy. It has a rail design that allows easy access and positioning of your pedals.

Should hold all your pedals…

How many pedals it holds is obviously dependant on each pedals’ size, but there is enough room for a good number, including the always lengthy wah.

Being of a metal frame, it is quite durable and able to take a few knocks…

As with most boards that are produced by manufacturers that also produce the pedals, they tend to be designed for their own products.

Whilst there is no doubt you will get plenty of Donners own brand pedals on this board due to their size, there is plenty of room for all size options without any adjustment of foam or other fittings.

To secure the pedals Velcro is included…

It comes with a canvas bag for transportation, which is actually well made and quite robust. However, this will not provide great protection if something heavy is dropped on it. But, it is durable enough to be long-lasting.

It is a basic board that allows you to grow as your pedals increase in number and with a price that is so very cheap, you can’t really go wrong.

Donner Guitar Pedal Board Case DB-2 Aluminium Pedalboard
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

  • Plenty of room for a good number of pedals.
  • Sturdy aluminum frame.
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Carry bag offers little protection in case of an accident.

8 Mooer Firefly M6 Flight Case For Micro Series Pedals and Mini Pedals

Another company that has designed a pedal with its own products very much in mind is Mooer. With this design though they have made a board that is almost exclusively for their micro pedals.

They were though quite clever, and the design will accommodate other manufacturers micro pedals with a little bit of adjustment.

Very impressive looks…

The first thing you have to say about this product is it looks very impressive. Its grey aluminum casing, rugged locks, and fasteners make it stand out.

It is not a big board by any comparison, and it is surprisingly lightweight. This makes its sturdy finish all the more surprising because clearly, it can take a few knocks.

Surprisingly adaptable…

The casing then is aluminum, and inside there is foam padding. The lid is removable. The foam padding inlay is already shaped to fit your micro pedals and will hold up to six pedals though if necessary it would be possible to make adjustments to the internal arrangements.

A very good innovation with this board is that each pedal will get its own input. This is managed by six power outlets that are pre-installed.

There is no doubt this is a very well-designed and constructed pedalboard. Made from quality materials, it will last the course.

Unfortunately, only for micro pedals…

It is though, it must be said, for micro pedals only. This is clearly going to be a problem for some people who might be impressed by the case and its construction but unable to fit their own pedals inside.

For those with micro pedals, it is a big thing. Some prefer the small size of these pedals but trying to fit them into a conventional board is sometimes a problem.

Here is the answer. A board made especially for you.

The very competitive price makes it even more attractive.

Mooer Firefly M6 Flight Case For Micro Series Pedals and Mini Pedals
Our rating:3.3 out of 5 stars (3.3 / 5)

  • An excellent choice if you only use micro pedals.
  • Well constructed with quality materials.
  • Impressive looking.
  • Very cost effective price.
  • Only holds six micro pedals.

9 Stagg UPC-424 Guitar Effect Pedals Case

Stagg has managed to produce a pedalboard that will raise a few eyebrows.

This case is made from a molded plastic resin material that is very hard wearing. Added to that, aluminum has been added at the critical points to add rugged stability and prevent undue wear and tear.

Tough inside and out…

It is a very tough case and looks it, and it is very evident that it is going to take a few knocks before it starts to complain. Inside the box, it is lined with a high-density foam padding that will keep your pedals securely in place. The lid comes off for convenience and ease of use when traveling.

There are no added facilities inside, e.g., a power source, so all cabling and power situations are down to the user.

So a quick step back and look at what we have got here…

A fantastic looking box made from tough plastic with gleaming chrome plated fittings and supported by aluminum strips where necessary, giving us as professional looking pedalboard as it may be possible to find.

No electrics inside is maybe an area where it misses out, but in our view, there may be a bigger problem… It is just 17 inches by 9 inches by 4.

That is really quite small…

That probably means just four pedals, five at most but if you include a wah and one larger pedal that could bring it down to three. Most players are out with a lot more pedals than that, so that must be a consideration.

It is disappointing really because it has everything else, except possibly the power supply, to make this one of the best guitar pedalboards in this review. However, if you only have or use at one time three or four pedals, then it is ideal.

It is a stunning box, well made, quality materials, and very inexpensive.

Stagg UPC-424 Guitar Effect Pedals Case
Our rating:3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)

  • Well made from quality materials.
  • Tough and rugged construction.
  • Only holds a small number of pedals.

10 ENO Ex Guitar Effects Pedals Accessories (21″ Medium Pedalboard)

Here is another premium pedalboard designed with the idea of creating a simple product that is cost effective.

The board itself is of a basic rack design made from lightweight aluminum alloy. It’s a sturdy construction and has rubber feet. It is designed for the mini-pedal market and therefore will not accommodate larger pedals. It will take up to approximately five pedals dependent on pedal sizes.

And a decent amount of Velcro and zip ties are included for securing the pedals.

Multi-size options…

It is supplied in two sizes, fourteen inches, and twenty inches. The smaller board will accommodate 4 or 5 pedals of mini format though if you arrange them carefully, then you can accommodate larger sized pedals.

Supplied with the pedalboard is a lightweight, soft bag for carrying purposes.

Quality build…

This is a well constructed and neat board for a few pedals. It is limited by its size, but it really depends on what you will use it for. At home, in a fixed situation is fine. It will do the job, but as a traveling pedalboard, it is going to be a little difficult.

One thing that must be considered is protecting your often expensive pedals form damage. In a situation where they are moved from place to place, then the risk becomes higher.

In a situation though where your pedals are fairly static, then a board like this is adequate and will do the job.

It is built well and is as a board quite sturdy, so it is worth consideration.

ENO Ex Guitar Effects Pedals Accessories (21
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

  • Well built, sturdy board.
  • Not expensive.
  • Will not hold too many pedals.

In Buying One Of The Best Guitar Pedalboards, What Should You Look For?

As with all things you must first decide on how you will use it and what function it must perform. With the best Guitar Pedalboard, this becomes a bigger decision because there are other issues involved, more than just buying a board.

Guitar Pedalboard

Will it travel well if needed?

Will, the board, be in one place, possibly at home or at a resident venue, or will it go from place to place a few times a week. If it is at home, then the only decision you need to make is how many pedals must it hold.

If it is at a venue and will stay there, then a simple rack will suffice, but you will have to consider security when you are not there. You really do not want to arrive one evening to find your board empty and your pedals off on holiday.

Do you really want to dismantle your board every night and take all the pedals home? And if so, take them in what? You might as well have a traveling pedalboard if that is what you propose to do.

Taking into account, therefore how you propose to use it, goes a long way to determining what you should buy.

Damage limitation

When you carry a pedalboard around, you expect it will take a few knocks – it’s inevitable. What you actually want is that the outer case takes the knocks without affecting what it is carrying.

What must be considered is what is inside. You could be carrying a lot of money’s worth of pedals around on your board so you do not want the contents damaged if you can help it.

If you are playing at a variety of venues, then the board you buy must be able to protect its contents. That is one of its principal tasks. It is not just about keeping all your effects in one manageable place. It is also about taking care of that place. If you are traveling, it must be tough and rugged.

Guitar Pedalboard reviews

It would be preferable if it locks up, though many boards do not offer that facility.

What size board?

Simple answer. How many pedals do you plan to use, and what size are they?

Some are naturally bigger than others. Wah’s, for example, are usually larger.

Will you be using micro or mini pedals or full size?

Do you really want to use every pedal at every gig? It’s not always necessary so will that have an effect (pardon the pun!) on your choice.

Maybe this is your first board, and you may only have a few pedals. You need to consider where you expect to end up with the number of pedals and plan accordingly unless you want to be changing boards every few months.

Any extras?

Do you want the inside to be foam padded and may be shaped to pedal size, or maybe have its own power source that each pedal can plug into?

Can the board itself be removed from the box, maybe the lid clips off, so the pedals don’t need to be set up every time?

There are so many issues surrounding the purchase of the correct board for you, more so possibly then you had for the pedals it is holding. It will be all part of finding the best Guitar Pedalboard.

So, What’s The Best Guitar Pedalboard?

As always a tough choice, as there are so many good products on the market each with their own selling points.

We have decided though to pick a board that is ready to travel, is sturdy without being too heavy, will hold the five or six pedals we propose to use, protect them and is not too expensive.

We have, therefore, chosen as the Best Guitar Pedalboard the…

Ticks all the boxes as far as we are concerned. A well-made product and a cost-effective price.

4.8/5 - (69 votes)

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