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Top 7 Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags in 2023

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we were lucky to even have a gig bag. Plus, for those fortunate souls amongst us who could afford a name-brand guitar, sometimes, you might get a case with it. But, not always.

Certainly, the first two guitars that I bought saw me walk out of the shop with them wrapped up in brown paper. It was sometime in the mid-60s that I noticed you could get a “guitar bag” to carry your instrument around. However, they were probably around but were not seen in the guitar shops I frequented.


Plastic and Canvas

The plastic and canvas bags arrived first. The canvas bags were interesting because no one had seemingly thought that they might get wet. However, they were not waterproofed. And even if they were, it was done very badly. 

There was the sight of guitarists running to the car in the rain with a guitar and the guitar bag inside their coats. So, if the bag got wet, that was it, but the guitar you could wipe down quickly. How naive we all were.

Likewise, the plastic bags weren’t any good either. They shredded if they rubbed up against anything remotely sharp. And the zips? Don’t even mention them. I think my zip lasted a week and the bag two weeks before there was a large tear in it.

Things Changed

Eventually, cases became more widely available, and the bags became usable. Today, there are some excellent electric guitar gig bags around with padding, and some even braced inside.

I am going to be looking at some of the best electric guitar gig bags here. And, I won’t be using that boring word “ergonomics” …yawn. A word that some people and companies use to try and impress. 

This is a guitar bag; we are not sitting on it. As a result, the important things are durability, practicality, how easy they are to carry, and any special features they may have.

Requirements Are Personal

Everybody’s requirements from a bag are different. So, I have tried to cover a range of features in the bags. Likewise, not everyone has a large budget to spend, and I have included a few decent budget options. So, let’s get started.

Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags

Top 7 Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags in 2023

  1. Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Budget Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  2. Reunion Blues RBCE1 RB Continental Voyager – Best Premium Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  3. Tosnail Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag for Storage
  4. CAHAYA Electric Guitar Bag Gig – Best Basic Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  5. Ibanez POWERPAD IGB541D Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Value for the Money Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  6. Fender FE1225 Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Heavy Use Electric Guitar Gig Bag
  7. Explorer Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Large Size Electric Guitar Gig Bag

1 Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Budget Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Let’s make a start with what might be called a budget option. This is a bag that has been designed to be portable so you can carry your guitar wherever you are going. In addition, it offers the option of a carrying handle or being carried backpack-style.

The Design

It is made using waterproof material that won’t survive a dip in the pool. But, it will protect the instrument from light rain and water spray. Additionally, inside there is a 0.55mm thick protective lining to absorb any casual knocks. 

Securing The Head Stock

One of the most vulnerable parts of the guitar can be the headstock. Therefore, it needs to be protected to ensure there is no damage. Inside the bag is internal velcro support for the neck during travel. So, that will go some way to prevent the neck from snapping if it is dropped accidentally.

Also, an extra feature is the extra-wide neck top. This allows it to be suitable for jumbo or other oversized guitars. It is designed to be used with regular solid body guitars. However, it is slightly narrower than some and may struggle with the wider versions. It is 41.7 inches long and 14 inches wide.


As I said, it has a handle, or you can carry it backpack-style. The reinforced handles are securely stitched to ensure safety when carrying. The adjustable shoulder straps are well-padded. 

Extra Features

Given it is a budget model, you wouldn’t expect to find too many extra features. However, it has got two pockets for carrying spare strings, picks, and smaller cables. Not as generous as some, of course, but still a useful addition. A decent guitar bag at an affordable price.

Flexzion Electric Guitar Gig Bag
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Simple design that is waterproof and has some options for carrying.
  • Internal padding and neck support for the guitar at an attractive price.


  • Not as many safety features as some.

2 Reunion Blues RBCE1 RB Continental Voyager – Best Premium Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Let’s move up a bit in the price range to look at this bag from Reunion Blues. They were founded in the 70s and make a range of bags and cases for a variety of instruments. This is a bag that is made in a variety of sizes to fit various guitars. They make them to accommodate:

  • Electric Bass.
  • Dreadnought Acoustic.
  • Small Body Acoustic.
  • Semi-Hollow Electric.
  • Standard Electric Guitar.

That said, we are looking at the case for the standard electric guitar.

The Design

The outer material is made from a shock-absorbing Ballistic Quadraweave, which is water-resistant, as are the zippers. Likewise, added protection from unwanted moisture is provided by the watertight seals on the fixings. 

There is plenty of extra support internally with Flexo Skeleton impact panels. These add some structural bracing, with the panels being one inch thick. 

The bag is given extra strength by using an EVA backing. EVA is the material that is used in running shoes to reduce the impact of the shoe on hard surfaces.

Reinforced Internally

Internally there is a neck brace system that is reinforced. It features an elevated block that will lock your guitar in place in one of its most vulnerable areas. This will prevent it from moving around in the case when traveling. The case measures 40 inches in length, has a 13-inch upper bout, and measures 14 inches at its widest point.

A Combination

Providing security for your instrument when traveling requires a combination of factors to achieve maximum strength. This bag, as we have seen from its design, attempts to provide you with that strength.


This case provides you with two options. It has a carrying handle that is contoured to the shape of your hand with memory foam and reinforced seams. 

There are also two adjustable well-padded back straps. These are designed to spread the weight of the guitar evenly across your back. They allow you to carry the guitar backpack-style if you wish. These straps can be zipped away inside if they are not required.


There is a well-padded and reinforced EVA pocket designed to carry a laptop or tablet. Making it a great electric guitar gig bag for carrying mobile devices.


It has been given an attractive exterior in a dark gray with blue central edging. It is well-made with some nice features but is quite expensive. In fact, it is more expensive than some guitar cases.

Reunion Blues RBCE1 RB Continental Voyager
Our rating:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


  • Well-made with good materials.
  • Plenty of internal padding and storage for a laptop or tablet.


  • Expensive.

3 Tosnail Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Electric Guitar Gig Bag for Storage

Back to a guitar bag for those on a budget. This is what you might call a ‘no-frills’ bag but offers very good value for money.

The Design

This is a bag that measures internally 41 inches in length. It has an upper bout measuring 6 inches and a lower bout of 13.75 inches. It will take guitars up to 3 inches in body width. That means it will hold most standard electric guitars like the Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Les Paul.

Internally it has a decent amount of padding measuring 10mm in depth. It also has a neck support pillow that will help to keep the guitar still in transit. It will also absorb any sudden shocks or unexpected contacts.


It is made from 600D Oxford fabric, and it is worth taking a look at that. Furthermore, it is a waterproof polyester fabric that is both durable and very hard-wearing. 

It is quite soft to the touch, and if it gets wet, it dries quickly with its good waterproof qualities. Therefore, an ideal material to make a guitar bag and one of the best waterproof electric guitar gig bags you can buy.

Whilst it is quite good at protecting your instrument, it probably won’t take too kindly to being thrown in the back of a car. Careful handling is required. As, of course, it should be. There are no internal supports for the neck.

Other Features

The fittings are of decent quality but certainly not heavy-duty as you might hope. It has two storage pockets, one on the neck and one on the body.


As is the norm, you get the choice of using the two handles that have secure stitching. Or the adjustable backpack straps. Both are easy and comfortable to use, with the weight being evenly distributed.

This is a bag that is most suitable for light use and storage. It will be a good place to store your guitar away at home when it isn’t being used. 

Overall, with all things considered, if that is your requirement, then this is a very good bag. And, of course, at a very attractive and cost-effective price point.

Tosnail Padded Electric Guitar Gig Bag
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Nicely designed with good quality outer waterproof fabric.
  • Two storage pockets and at a very attractive price point.


  • Not suitable for constant heavy usage.

4 CAHAYA Electric Guitar Bag Gig – Best Basic Electric Guitar Gig Bag

Another electric guitar bag that sits in the budget range. Cahaya is a company based in Hong Kong that manufactures a range of cost-effective bags for instruments. They are known for good quality at attractive prices, and this bag is a good example.

The Design

This is simple enough and quite traditional in its approach, with nothing fancy to see. It is designed to fit the standard 40-inch guitar length. The bag measures overall 40.9 by 14.7 by 2.7 inches. It has an upper bout of 11.8 inches and a lower bout of 14.7 inches.

Please note that this bag is not suitable for electric bass guitars. Cahaya has a range of bags for electric basses if that is what you require.

Basic Storage

This bag that has been designed to meet storage and travel needs at a very basic level. If you need it for occasional use outside and keeping your guitar secure inside, then it will do the job.

It has been given 6mm of internal padding to soften any minor knocks it may take whilst in transit. The zippers are of decent quality, and it has been given a sturdy rubber base. This will be useful if you stand the bag up, protecting the bag’s outer material but also providing some balance.

There is a small strap at the neck end that fits just below the headstock. This gives a little support inside to the neck of the guitar and prevents too much movement when you are moving around.


It has two handles for carrying. I wouldn’t say either of them are of the highest quality. But, as I said, this is an electric guitar gig bag best suited for light use. You are also given adjustable shoulder straps for wearing backpack-style.


There is a convenient large zipper storage compartment. This is big enough to hold A4 paper or a tablet. It will also accommodate guitar tuners, spare strings, cables, and the usual paraphernalia you may need to carry with you. A decent, no frills electric guitar gig bag at a reasonable price point.

CAHAYA Electric Guitar Bag Gig
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Decent level of padding and some neck support internally.
  • Good storage and at a decent price point.


  • Some will need a higher-quality bag for more protection.

5 Ibanez POWERPAD IGB541D Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Value for the Money Electric Guitar Gig Bag

One of the big players these days in the guitar world is Ibanez. They were the first of the Asian countries to bring their guitars to the west. They’ve come a long way since then and are known for their quality in whatever they do. This is a good example of one of the best electric guitar gig bags you can buy.

The Design

It certainly has the rock n roll aesthetic about it with the light blue denim material. Moving away from the all-black look to denim with some brown gives it a certain style.

It measures 42 inches in length and 16 inches at its widest. Therefore, it will handle just about everything. As a result, it’s one of the most versatile electric guitar gig bags on the market. The Ibanez quality is evident in the quality of the stitching and the way it is manufactured. It is going to be a bag that gives you years of service.

Plenty Of Padding

There is an abundance of padding at 15 mm deep to soak up any impacts from knocks. Protecting your treasured guitar is not going to be a problem. 

It has been given a strap that secures the neck whilst in transit. The heavy-duty zippers are especially welcome and are going to give you long service. In other words, it’s one of the most durable electric guitar gig bags currently available.


This bag has four different pockets. So, there is plenty of space for just about everything you need to carry with you. Furthermore, as with the bag’s body, the zips are high quality.


Adjustable shoulder straps are provided as well as a carrying handle. All made to a high standard. This is a bag with a design that has been well thought out. Plenty of padding, ample storage, and a great look. And, by no means, the most expensive bag we have looked at. This could be considered one of the best electric guitar gig bags.

Ibanez POWERPAD IGB541D Electric Guitar Gig Bag
Our rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


  • Great look and quality build.
  • Plenty of storage space.


  • None.

6 Fender FE1225 Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Heavy Use Electric Guitar Gig Bag

If you are a Fender fan, this is going to appeal to you. Although they have been through their ups and downs since the CBS debacle, mostly down, in my opinion, sometimes they do get some things right. This guitar bag is one of them.

The Design

It is made from good quality Polyester that is hard-wearing and doesn’t tear easily. Likewise, you can see from the stitching that the bag is well-made and built to have frequent use. 

The internal padding is 25mm deep and has a microfiber lining. Inside there are also two rests for the neck to give it some protection and stop the guitar from moving around in transit.

On the bottom of the bag are some exterior bumpers made of durable rubber. This protects the bottom of the bag whilst also making it easy to stand the guitar bag on end when in use. Additionally, the bag and the zippers are all water-resistant.


There is a very large storage compartment on the front of the bag. Furthermore, this is large enough to handle music, cables, tuners, and even some of the smaller pedals.


It has both a carrying handle and back straps. Additionally, both are padded with EVA, which is plastic but with durable rubber-like qualities. And the backstraps are fully adjustable.

That said, this bag is not, as some are, a glorified dust cover. It is well-built with plenty of padding and storage and set at a reasonable price point. Fender has done something right.

Fender FE1225 Electric Guitar Gig Bag
Our rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


  • Well-built with a nice design at a reasonable price point.
  • Well made with good padding and storage space.


  • None.

7 Explorer Electric Guitar Gig Bag – Best Large Size Electric Guitar Gig Bag

For our final look at gig bags for electric guitars, we go to this one, which is made for Explorer guitars or similar-sized copies.

The Design

Nothing much to get too excited about with the design. It is a standard-looking bag with a black finish. It measures 46.5 by 16.5 by 3 inches, so it is a little larger than some guitar bags.

The outside is made from a 600 denier heavy-duty nylon. This is known to be hard-wearing and very durable. It has been given two storage pockets to carry accessories. Furthermore, one big plus with this bag is the quality of the fittings. The zippers are extra large, and the fittings are all made from quality metal.


There are two storage compartments. One is situated on the neck and is ideal for smaller objects like picks or a digital tuner. If you were to wrap it up tightly, it will probably also hold a cable. The other pocket is located on the main body and large enough to hold plenty of your accessories.

The Lining

Inside there is high-density foam padding to provide plenty of protection from maps and knocks. Furthermore, the lining is tear-proof and has been given extra reinforcements for the body and up at the headstock.


There is a simple carrying handle as well as backpack shoulder straps. Likewise, these are well-padded and adjustable. A decent bag that will accommodate a range of guitars but is specially designed for the Explorer range. And set at a reasonable price point.

Explorer Electric Guitar Gig Bag
Our rating:5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


  • Simple but efficient design with quality fittings.
  • Plenty of padding and storage space at a reasonable price point.


  • Standard or smaller-sized guitars might be loose inside.

Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags – Buying Guide

Buying Guide

It is interesting to me that we can spend thousands on our guitars. But then we complain and balk at the idea of about a hundred dollars or so for a case or bag. Therefore, it seems to me that you have two choices:

  • Buy a case that is going to protect your instrument.
  • Find a very good glue to stick the neck back on.

Buying a gig bag is a bit like an insurance policy. You’re protecting your instrument. So, what should you look for in an electric guitar bag?

  • A good quality exterior that won’t tear or rip.
  • Plenty of secure padding inside.
  • Neck support inside near the headstock.
  • Good quality zippers and fittings.
  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It must be water-resistant.

Additionally, accidents will happen, and you will need some of those attributes to protect your guitar. The rest are needed for purely practical use.

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Which of these Best Electric Guitar Gig Bags Should You Buy?

To me, one bag stands out. A great look, practical, functional, and long-lasting. So, my choice for the best electric guitar gig bag is the …

Ibanez POWERPAD IGB541D Electric Guitar Gig Bag

A great-looking bag and I won’t have to go looking for any glue.

Until next time, let your music play.

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