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Top 8 Best Earbuds for Kids of 2023

Kids are small, cute, and full of vitality. They’re also pretty good at wrecking things or at least losing them. Putting that all together, finding the best earbuds for kids can be a challenge.

Do you spend lots of money only to find out the earphones you just bought were eaten by the dog? Or do you go cheap and cheerful and just hope they last day-to-day? There’s probably some middle ground.

For the most part, kid’s earbuds have to be small enough to fit well in their ears. They have to be comfortable and have clear enough sound on top of that. If they’re decorated with bright colors and fun designs, that’s a bonus. So, here are some of the options you can find out there that your kids might love…

Best Earbuds for Kids

Top 8 Best Earbuds for Kids in 2023

  1. Factorymall Bulk Earbuds – Best Cheap Earbuds for Kids
  2. Volkano Kids Stereo Earphones – Best Sound Limiting Earbuds for Kids
  3. JVC Gumy Plus – Best Sounding Earbuds for Kids
  4. iHome Marvel Avengers Noise Isolating Earbuds – Best Boys Earbuds
  5. Joysico Sport Headphones – Most Comfortable Earbuds for Kids
  6. Eleven Wireless Earbuds – Best Girls Earbuds
  7. LilGadgets BestBuds – Best Value for the Money Earbuds for Kids
  8. XZC Kids Wireless Earbuds – Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Kids

1 Factorymall Bulk Earbuds – Best Cheap Earbuds for Kids

To start, we’ve got big families and even teachers in mind. These bulk earbuds by Factorymall are incredibly cheap. At about $10.00 for ten pairs, meaning these are just a dollar each. Yes, just a dollar! They come in a mixed color pack of white, pink, green, blue, and black. This will hopefully be a little of something for everyone or be fun for changing frequently.

These are wired earbuds with a 4-foot cord. This cord tangles easily as it’s just the run-of-the-mill rubber-coated double wire variety. It can also break under a moderate force, such as trying to pull the earphones out of a backpack when they’re wrapped around something. But then again, they’re $1.

How do they sound?

You won’t be surprised to hear that they’re not great. They are clear enough to watch cartoons and fun kids’ videos. But they’re not great with music where the sound can get quite muddy. But they’re $1.

Another important point…

These headphones are not specifically designed for kids. They just come with small-sized ear tips, and they’re cheap and colorful.

The soft silicone ear tips are comfortable enough for little tykes to wear, but they are still an adult small size. This can still be too big for some little ears, which should go down to XS or even XXS in size. However, you can probably find a bulk pack of XS ear tips online, which won’t cost much.

Overall, these are cheap and short-lasting earbuds, but they’re $1 each. If your kids go through earphones like they go through socks, why not?

Factorymall Bulk Earbuds
Our rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


  • Did I mention they’re only $1 each?
  • A bright color variety pack will be good for classrooms and choosy kids.


  • Not very durable.
  • The sound isn’t great, especially for music.

2 Volkano Kids Stereo Earphones – Best Sound Limiting Earbuds for Kids

Next on our list of the best earbuds for kids are a massive step up in quality from the bulk bag we just saw. Even if they are about seven times more expensive, they’re still in the majorly cheap category. These are the Kids Stereo Earphones by Volkano, and this time they are earbud earphones specifically designed for kids.

How so?

Let’s start with the obvious. They come in a travel pouch decorated with a cartoon theme. Your kids can choose from the Blue Jet, Colorful Space, Pink Llama, or Purple Unicorn styles.

Furthermore, the ends of the buds have graphics to match the 3” diameter case, which zips up to contain the earbuds and maybe a few secrets as well. This is going to be a big help in reminding your kids to pack them away and take them home.

Build and operations…

They also have a built-in play/pause button on the cable, which is easy for little fingers to grasp. The fit is better here as well. Each pair comes with kid-size S/M/L silicone ear tips. These should fit anything from a 5-year-old to a pre-teen. Smaller kids may still find these too loose, though.

But most importantly, these headphones have sound limiting built-in. Around 85 decibels is the maximum safe level for long-term listening for little ears, and these earbuds won’t exceed this level. That way, you don’t have to worry about your little ones getting hearing damage from sudden peaks of volume as songs or videos change.

Do they sound alright?

Yeah, they’re alright. The sound is clear, and the music sounds fine but certainly not great. What is great is the amount of noise isolation these can provide with a good secure fit. As a result, they are some of the best noise isolating earbuds for kids. Because they block out lots of environmental noise, your kids can focus on what they’re listening to and hear it better.

Volkano Kids Stereo Earphones
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Cheap and cute.
  • Good passive noise isolation.
  • Come with a great carrying case.


  • Not extremely durable.
  • Don’t fit really small ears.

3 JVC Gumy Plus – Best Sounding Earbuds for Kids

For just $1 more, you can get your kids into the JVC brand with their Gumy Plus model of in-ear earbuds. They come in a range of colors that your kids can choose from: blue, black, yellow, green, pink, purple, white, and red.

Nothing especially for kids here. But they’re brightly colored earbuds for kids who like to tie their earphones to their bike tires and drag them down the street.

Once again, we have a little bit of trouble with the size of the ear tips. Here you’re getting adult sizes S, M, and L. The two biggest sizes are useless for all but the biggest kids and teens. The small is still going to be too big for small children, probably anyone under ten years old.

Sound quality…

Of the earphones we’ve tried out so far, these have the best sound by far. They’re very clear and accurate and sound nice with both music and speech. The thing they don’t have is that sound limiting function that keeps them under 85dB.

Your kids will be tempted to crank up the volume on some quieter videos or songs, and then when something louder comes on, it can blast their sensitive little ears.

Lost them again?

We’d also like to see some features to encourage kids not to lose these earbuds. A carrying case or even cool magnets in the backs of the buds can help kids to remember to pack them up and take them along. In the end, these are best sounding earphones for under $10. They’re just not that well suited to kids – but maybe the best cheap earbuds for adults?

JVC Gumy Plus
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


  • Great, clear sound.
  • Lots of colors for kids to choose from.


  • No travel case.
  • No sound limiting.
  • The 3-foot cable is a bit short.

4 iHome Marvel Avengers Noise Isolating Earbuds – Best Boys Earbuds

This is a set of earbuds made specifically for kids. The Avengers-themed earphones come in three styles: Spiderman, Iron Man, or Avengers Infinity Wars. They might be a bit better suited to boys, though.

Each pair of earphones comes with a cloth travel pouch printed with a cool Avengers design that matches the theme of the earbuds. These are drawstring pouches that don’t stay closed that well if you don’t tie them, though. An easier design for kids would be a squeeze-open magnetic seal or a zipper.

What’s new?

These earphones have an inline control for play/pause or for taking calls. And there’s a built-in microphone. So if your little ones are out somewhere, they can take your call on these earbuds. Or if they’re just sitting in the living room drooling over videos, you can call them to dinner too!

For fit, they come in three sizes of ear tips. Hopefully, one of these will fit into your kid’s ears perfectly. Once again, the smallest size is probably too small for little kids. That’s a shame because they’re probably the ones who will want to wear these earbuds to complement their Spiderman pajamas.

Sound good but not the best…

The sound here is fine. It’s clear enough for earbuds under $15, but the mid-range is a bit muddy. The JVC sound is far superior. The passive noise isolation on the JVC buds is also a lot better. Unfortunately, neither has the sound level limiting that the Volkano earbuds have.

iHome Marvel Avengers Noise Isolating Earbuds
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Cool Avengers designs that kids will love.
  • Comes with a cool travel pouch.
  • OK sound for a good price.


  • No sound limiting.
  • Designs are more boy-friendly.

5 Joysico Sport Headphones – Most Comfortable Earbuds for Kids

Once again, we’re looking at a pair of headphones that aren’t specifically designed for kids. However, with their three sizes of silicone ear tips and one pair of memory foam tips, they could be the best fitting earbuds for kids.

A comfy fit…

The focus here will certainly be on the small-size silicone tips, or else the memory foam ones. While the memory foam tips aren’t necessarily small, they can be squished small and stay in place comfortably in smaller ears. Teeny kids are not going to be able to wear these, though.

For just under $15, you’re getting some better-quality earphones here. Although these have in-ear tips, the cables come up from behind and wrap over the ears. This can help to keep them more secure than regular straight earbuds. However, some kids might find this unusual and hard to get used to.

To each their own…

Sound-wise, these are nice and crisp and clear earphones, rivaling the JVCs for sound quality. Your kids will have no trouble listening to their videos or music through these.

They can also withstand at least a bit of abuse. Their construction is more durable and could take some pulling and jerking. They also claim to be sweatproof, though we can’t find an IP rating. So we’re not sure if they’ll survive being dropped in the toilet!

Joysico Sport Headphones
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Good sound and build quality.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Can still be too big for some ears.
  • No travel case.
  • No sound limiting function to protect sensitive little ears.

6 Eleven Wireless Earbuds – Best Girls Earbuds

If the iHome Avengers earbuds were leaning a bit more towards boys, these Wireless Earbuds by Mr. Eleven are geared towards girls. At less than $20, it may come as a surprise that you can pick up a pair of wireless earbuds, but evidently, you can.

Here, they come with a charging case, which is standard for true wireless buds. The case is charged through mini-USB, and then the earbuds charge up in the case. It takes them one hour to charge fully, but with smallish batteries, they can only give about 2.5 hours of playback. This is pretty short for wireless earbuds, but look at the price.

As for fit…

These earbuds are big and bulky, carrying their batteries and WiFi antennas in their casings. They’re going to feel pretty heavy for little ears if they can even fit inside their ear canals.

You’ll find these won’t fit kids younger than about 8-9 years old, though it’s probably not a good idea to give them to younger kids anyway. They will get lost! They do have wings/stabilizers, though, which can help them stay in place, especially when your kid is dancing to her favorite songs.


They’re OK. The sound is moderately clear but a bit flat. They sound better for speech than music. Because they’re Bluetooth connecting earphones, they’re also not as easy for little ones to use as wired ones. However, once mom and dad get them connected the first time, they should keep connecting automatically to your kid’s device.

Oops, we almost forgot to mention the charging case is a 3-in-1 charger, compact mirror, and phone stand. It’s a bit bulky, but these extras may be just what your kids are looking for.

Eleven Wireless Earbuds
Our rating:4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


  • 3-in-1 function charging case.
  • Very cheap for true wireless earbuds.


  • Very short playback time for a relatively long charge.
  • Too big and heavy for young kids.

7 LilGadgets BestBuds – Best Value for the Money Earbuds for Kids

Finally! At just over $15, LilGadgets have come up with a child-based design for their BestBuds Volume Limited In-ear Headphones. Coming in a choice of black and red, white and blue, or black and pink, there should be a style that every child will be happy with.

No tangles…

They also come with three sizes of soft-fitting silicone ear tips that fit kids comfortably, even down to the age of six. The four foot long rubberized cables are flat, tangle-free cables that are perfect.

They’re going to keep your kids from getting frustrated with the earphones, and that means they won’t be inclined to jerk or pull hard on them. Even if they do, these are some of the most durable earbuds for kids. Enough to take a bit of abuse, anyway.

What else is on offer?

Sound limiting. Once again, the volume is limited to 73dB, well below the unsafe-for-kids level of 85dB, to protect sensitive, developing ears. They have a hard travel pouch, which is both protection for the earphones and a good reminder to pack them away and not forget them anywhere.

And finally, they come with a splitter that goes from one male 3.5mm jack into two 3.5mm ports. That way, two sets of earbuds can be plugged into the same device. This is a great way for kids to share their favorite songs with their friends or watch cartoons together without driving parents crazy.

Ring, ring…

On top of all that, there’s an inline control for volume and play/pause. They also come with a built-in microphone. The quality isn’t great, but it still allows your kids to video call you and hear you better in loud places than just from their phone speaker.

LilGadgets BestBuds
Our rating:4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


  • Comes with a travel case and splitter.
  • Clear, volume-limited sound for a good price.
  • Great fit for kids.


  • Colors could be brighter for younger kids to enjoy.

8 XZC Kids Wireless Earbuds – Best Bluetooth Earbuds for Kids

The last pair of earbuds on our list of the best earbuds for kids sees the price come way up. However, these cutie-pie earbuds are still comfortably under $50. Their appeal comes from the ultra-cute cases that hold the buds for charging and for travel protection. They come in Little Devil, Kitty, Batman, and Panda designs that will appeal to little ones.

These charging cases take two hours to bring the earbuds from flat to fully charged. That charge can depend on usage, but in general, you’ll get between five and six hours of playback. So they’re far superior to the Mr. Elevens we saw earlier and can be considered the best battery life earbuds for kids you can buy.

They connect to devices through Bluetooth 5.0, which again is going to be harder for little kids than just plugging in a cable. It’s something parents or older siblings will have to help with.

Falling short of being perfect for kids…

The buds are still big and bulky and won’t be a good fit for young children. They’ll likely lose the individual buds anyway. Though they come with three sizes of ear tips, only the Small size will fit anyone under 10, unless your kids are giants.

As for sound quality, it’s alright. Clear enough for cartoons and decent for music. But at this price, we would have expected something that sounds sharper and more well-balanced.

XZC Kids Wireless Earbuds
Our rating:4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


  • Good battery life.
  • Come in the cutest of cute charging cases.


  • Earbuds are too big and heavy for little ears.
  • The sound quality doesn’t match up to the price.

Buying the Best Earbuds for Kids

Buying the Best Earbuds for Kids

Being a parent isn’t easy. You know that, and we know that. That’s why I’m here to help. Making another decision about what’s best for your kids can be exhausting, so let us do all the work for you.

I’ve put together some of the top features to look for in kids’ earbuds. Therefore, you can make an informed decision and get your kids the earphones they’ll love, and you’ll appreciate.

Durability and Price

As with any product, you always try to get the most for the best price. That’s a given. When it’s a product for your kids, though, you have to weigh the amount you’re willing to spend with how long that thing will last. Will your kids lose it, destroy it, or just get bored of it immediately?

Well, we doubt your kids will get tired of their earbuds no matter which kind you get them. These earphones allow them to enter and explore their own world without having to turn down the volume or drive you nuts. But will they last?

Ask yourself how long your kids hold onto the things they like…

Some children are excellent at losing everything last thing they own. It’s not their fault – the world is too new and stimulating to remember everything! Others are skilled at taking apart everything, either through curiosity or good old-fashioned destruction. But some kids just naturally love and take care of their things.

If your kids will take care, go ahead and spend the money to get something good. If you need to replace things once a week, you can get cheap headphones in bulk. Don’t worry – after they’re destroyed, you can use them to tie up your tomatoes.

Sound Quality

For kids, even children of extreme audiophiles, sound quality isn’t a massive concern. They’re way more interested in the content than the quality. That said, they need to be able to hear the content to enjoy it.

Bottom-of-the-barrel cheap earphones can have some pretty awful sound. So if it’s not clear enough to listen to music or understand what people are saying, it’s not worth buying.

On the other hand, you can pick up some earbuds with outstanding clarity for really low prices these days. You don’t need to spend more than $20 on earphones for kids unless you’re looking for really special extra features.

Special Extra Features for Kids

One of the most important features of earphones for kids is sound limiting. This feature sees the earphones set to a maximum sound output, one that won’t harm kids’ hearing. While the safe long-term exposure level for humans is 85dB, kids will often experience louder volumes than this.

As they watch a chain of videos, they’ll turn up the quieter ones so they can hear, and then when a louder video comes on, it can blast their little ears. Sound limiting prevents this – no matter how far the volume is cranked, the output won’t exceed a certain level.

Small ear design is crucial for kids to use earphones successfully. Bud with small and extra-small ear tips are necessary for young children. Anything larger won’t stay in their ears and will be a source of frustration or even ear pain.

Looks matter to kids…

Finally, products designed for kids need to be bright and fun. Why? So kids won’t forget them or lose them. For earbuds, in particular, cool carrying cases are really useful.

They end up being fun items that kids can grow to like, and they help them remember to pack up their earphones and take them home. Without a case, those earbuds are going to end up anywhere at all.

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What are the Best Earbuds for Kids?

While looking at some of the best kids’ earbuds, I always have to choose a favorite to recommend to you, our esteemed reader. This time it was easy as pie.

With sound limiting, a travel case, tangle-free wires, and great sound, all for a low price, my vote goes to the…

LilGadgets BestBuds

They’re durable and cool and convenient and fit kids well, too. We hope you can choose a great pair of earbuds for your child, and we hope they last longer than a week.

Until next time, happy listening.

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