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Top 145 Best Country Love Songs

Love is a theme as old as time. And, when it comes to music genres that have a lot to say about love in all its forms, County music is probably at the top of the list.

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Whether it’s love that’s meant to be, run its course, or the kind that will never die, there’s a Country track that can pull just the right heartstrings.

So, I’ve decided to take a closer look at some of the best Country love songs. These songs cross many decades and styles, so in no particular order, let’s get started with…

Best Country Love Songs


Top 145 Best Country Love Songs

1 Speechless by Dan + Shay

Album: Dan + Shay

“Speechless” is a multi-platinum hit from Dan+ Shays’s third studio offering. The track drew inspiration from the weddings of the two songwriters. It was co-written with Jordan Reynolds, who had collaborated on their hit track “Tequila,” and Laura Veltz.

When we fall in love with someone, we become stupid at times. It’s how we know we’ve found someone special. This track captures that feeling, along with the loss for words that comes with seeing you’re betrothed on your wedding day. 

The single peaked topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and peaked at #24 on the Billboard Hot 100. And, it’s a very popular Country love song to play at a wedding.

2 Simple by Florida Georgia Line

Album: Can’t Say I Ain’t Country 

Love is not a simple thing, no matter how you look at it. However, it doesn’t mean that once you’ve found it, you can’t keep it simple. This track is all about having a simple approach with your loved ones and was inspired by the group’s own experiences with their wives and families. 

“Simple” became FGL’s fourteenth #1 on the Country Airplay Chart. It was also #1 on the Canadian Country Billboard chart and has been certified platinum in the US. 

3 Love Can’t Ever Get Better Than This by Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White

Album: Love’s Gonna Get Ya

It’s been 40 years since Ricky and Sharon got married and recorded this wonderful tune together. Watching them sing it together live can make you very sentimental real fast. And, that’s a good thing in so many ways. 

The track was penned by Nancy Montgomery and Irene Kelley. It first appeared as the third single from Skaggs’s eighth studio album. 

“Love Can’t Get Better Than This” peaked at #7 on the Canadian Country charts and made it to #10 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart. 

4 Your Man by Josh Turner 

Album: Your Man

“Your Man” is one of the most enduring Country love songs to be recorded during the 2000s. So much so that the music video was reshot in 2021 to include not only Turner’s wife but their four children as well. 

This triple-platinum masterpiece is one of Turner’s finest singing moments. It’s a beautiful and heartfelt Country love song written by Chris Stapleton, Chris DuBois, and Jace Everett. At its core sits a very simple message, and this is also reflected in the production.

“Your Man” became a huge hit for Josh Turner. It was his first #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart. It went to #2 in Canada and became a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #38. 

5 I Love You by Martina McBride

Album: Emotion

No doubt this tune’s success was spurred on by being featured in the 1999 film “Runaway Bride,” starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. The track was penned by Ben Hayslip along with songwriting couple Sonya Isaacs and Jimmy Yeary.

It revolves around a man providing emotional support for his wife, who has breast cancer. The music video features famous TV personalities and singers like Robin Roberts, Sheryl Crow, and “Today” anchor Hoda Kotb, who are all cancer survivors. 

“I Love You” is McBride’s biggest Country hit to date. It became #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart for five weeks, as well as the Top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at #24. 

6 You’re Still The One by Shania Twain

Album: Come On Over

This multi-platinum single was written as a response to criticism about the relationship between Twain and her future husband, Mutt Lange, who also co-wrote and produced the song. It became Twain’s first crossover hit and remains one of the most well known Country love songs ever. 

“You’re Still The One” peaked at #1 on the Country and Adult Contemporary charts in both the US and Canada. The single was a hit in Australia and parts of Europe as well. It would go on to peak at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 for nine weeks.  

7 My Love by Little Texas

Album: Big Time 

“My Love” is the third single from Little Texas’s second studio album. It features vocals from the group’s keyboard player, Brady Seals. 

The track is an endearing acoustic ballad containing declarations of lasting and true love for the woman of your dreams. Brady’s hidden vocal talent took many listeners by surprise and was praised by critics as a highlight of the tune. 

“My Love” was Little Texas’s only #1 Country song. It reached the summit of the Hot Country Singles chart and made it to #2 in Canada. It also enjoyed surprising success in Brazil due to being featured in a very popular soap opera there. 

8 Why Don’t We Just Dance by Josh Turner

Album: Haywire

“Why Don’t We Just Dance” is a gorgeous arrangement of piano, some lightly scattered licks from an acoustic guitar, and a superbly recorded country fiddle. Although, the mid-tempo arrangement makes it just upbeat enough not to be a ballad. 

Sometimes, taking a day and just focusing on being with the one you love is all that’s needed to cure your blues. This track is all about shutting the world out and dancing in the living room till your troubles are but a memory. 

The single became Josh Turner’s third #1 single on the Hot Country Songs chart, where it stayed for four weeks. It was also a Top 40 on the Billboard Hot, peaking at #35. When it comes to the best Country love songs, this one is hard to ignore.

9 If Loving You Is Wrong (Then I Don’t Want To Be Right) by Barbara Mandrell

Album: Moods 

This timeless Country love song has been performed by many great singers, including Luther Ingram, who had a huge hit with it in the seventies, as well as Rod Stewart. But Barbara’s version is closest to the hearts of Country fans.

The track expresses the desire to continue an adulterous affair despite the moral implications. While it is by no means a song filled with good advice, the sultry performance can make you forget about the subject matter, even if it is just for a bit.

Mandrell’s version topped the Country Singles chart. It was also a Top 40 number on the billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at #31. 

10 It Must Be Love by Don Williams

Album: Expressions

Don’s rich, harmonized voice will soothe you into contentment with this wonderful ballad about being happy in love. 

The song contains some wonderfully recorded harmonies that make the lyrics stand out all the more. A simple arrangement produced in a minimal style is a testament to the fact that all that Don needs is his voice and a guitar. 

11 Young Love by The Judds

Album: River of Time

“Young Love” is the story of thousands of star-crossed lovers across the world. It is the first single from the duo’s fifth studio album and tells the tale of a young boy and girl who fall in love as kids. 

The track utilizes the power of storytelling to great effect. And yet, it leaves it vague enough for the listener to place themselves in the story. 

“Young Love” was the mother-daughter duo’s thirteenth #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. It was also #1 in Canada.

12 Two Sparrows In A Hurricane by Tanya Tucker

 Album: Can’t Run From Yourself

Love that endures all challenges is always a beautiful thing to see. The music video for “Two Sparrows in a Hurricane” was dedicated to Tanya’s parents, who appear in the video. They had just celebrated fifty years of marriage together. 

This one is perfect for reminding yourself and your long-term partner why it is that you are still going strong. The single was one of three Top 10 hits off the album; it peaked at #2 on Country charts in the US and Canada. 

13 Lost In The Feeling by Conway Twitty

Album: Lost In The Feeling

Love sometimes goes beyond the power of words to express. Yet, somehow, this beautiful ballad from Twitty’s 46th album manages to capture the feeling. 

When you are consumed by infatuation to the degree that you seem permanently dazed, this is the track that will make you go, “That’s what I’m feeling.”

“Lost In The Feeling” was #1 on Canadian radio and peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

14 Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks

Album: Hope Floats (Music From The Motion Picture)

It seems that Dylan has a knack for writing songs that get covered by someone else with more success than the original.

Just like “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” and “All Along the Watchtower,” there are many fans who would prefer Garth’s version of “Make You Feel My Love” over the original. Garth’s version is filled to the brim with tenderness and simplicity, and we love him for that. 

Of the 450 or so artists that have covered this tune, Garth has enjoyed some of the best success. “Make You Feel My Love” climbed the Billboard Hot Country Songs and became a Top 10 hit on the Adult Contemporary chart. 

15 When We Make Love by Alabama

Album: Roll On

The second single from Alabama’s eighth album is not the first Country song to be written about sex. It’s not even the first song Alabama has written about sex. Give “Feels So Right” a listen. 

Nevertheless, “When We Make Love” was done in such a way as to be nothing but beautiful. The single was the group’s thirteenth consecutive #1 on the Hot Country Singles chart.

16 The Keeper of The Stars by Tracy Byrd

Album: No Ordinary Man

“Keeper of The Stars” was named Song of the Year by the Country Academy of Music in 1995. So, you know it was going to be on my list of the best Country love songs.

Byrd professes to his one-and-only that divine providence had to be involved in bringing them together. Such a beautiful message wrapped up in a perfect package is bound to evoke some feelings of passion. The single went to #2 on the Hot Country Tracks chart; it was also a Top 10 hit in Canada. 

Some trivia on this one – the version you hear in the music video is a re-recording done a semitone lower because Byrd had felt it suits the song better. 

17 I Need You by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Album: Let It Go

Loving someone so much it hurts is what it’s all about in this platinum single. The track was a highlight of the album and possibly for the careers of the singers involved as well. Not that it would be their only collaboration. If it works, right?

“I Need You” earned two Grammy Nominations for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals and Best Country Song.

18 Tequila by Dan + Shay

Album: Dan + Shay

The lead single from Dan and Shay’s third studio album lays out a gripping tale about love, then heartbreak, and the pain that comes with it. There is remorse too, but whether redemption takes place is unclear. 

One thing that is loud and clear, though, is the wonderful sound these two make when they perform together. 

“Tequila” is still one of the Duo’s most successful singles. It made it to #1 on the Country Airplay and Hot Country Singles charts. The single reached #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified platinum in both Canada and the US.

19 Want To by Sugarland

Album: Enjoy The Ride

When Sugarland started recording their second album without founding member Kristen Hall, there was skepticism as to whether they’d produce anything of note. The lead single from Enjoy The Ride put all those doubts at rest. 

Trying to impress someone you fancy while at the same time trying to appear as if you don’t have the faintest interest in them. Don’t act as if you’ve never done it before. 

The track was co-written by the remaining members of the duo and peaked at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for two weeks. It was also a Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #38. 

20 Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

Album: Traveller

This diamond-selling single launched into the stratosphere after Stapleton performed it live with Justin Timberlake at the Country Music Association Awards. If you’re looking for one of the best Country love songs, you just found one of the greatest.

The simple production and endearing performance are what gives this song such tremendous power. There’s a hopeless “I have nothing left” vibe in the vocals, which makes you want to stop the car and sing along. 

“Tennessee Whiskey” jumped to #1 on the Country charts after just two days of digital sales alone. It peaked at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100. This single has been bought by over ten million people in the US alone, making it one of the best selling Country love songs ever.

21 Rockin’ Years by Dolly Parton and Ricky Van Shelton 

Album: Eagle When She Flies

Floyd Patron penned this lovely little tune back in 1991. It’s about something that we all wish for, loving someone until you grow old together. The track was released as a single to Dolly’s album and was included on the albums of both artists as the second track. 

“Rockin’ Years” instantly shot to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, becoming Dolly Parton’s twenty-third #1 and Van Shelton’s eighth. Not bad for a waltz, eh?

22 It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

Album: Everywhere

Written by Stephany Smith and recorded by one of Country’s biggest power couples for McGraw’s fourth studio album, “It’s Your Love,” is the perfect Country song for celebrating a love that you know will last.

“It’s Your Love” went to #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart within five weeks of release. It remained atop the chart for six weeks, something which has not been achieved since 1977. 

Additionally, it was the first Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 for both singers. The single has been certified quadruple-platinum. 

23 The Bones by Maren Morris

Album: Girl

“The Bones” is a quadruple-platinum hit from Morris’ second album. And it’s one of the most memorable Country hits from the 2020s. The tune compares strong love to a house that is well-built on good foundations. The highest praise goes to the fantastic songwriting on this one. 

“The Bones” was a sleeper hit; it was released in February of 2019 but waited until 2020 to climb to #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. “The Bones” earned a Grammy nomination for Best Country Song and won two Country Music Association Awards. 

24 Islands In The Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton 

Album: Eyes That See In The Dark

Named after a novel by world-renowned author Ernest Hemingway, “Islands in the Stream” was originally intended for Dianna Ross. After this didn’t happen for various reasons, Rogers and Dolly reworked it as an upbeat Country Ballad. And, well, if you haven’t ever heard this tune, you’re hard of hearing or living on the moon. 

The single became #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, which makes it the second #1 for not only Dolly but Rogers as well. “Islands In The Stream” is certified multi-platinum in three countries. 

25 I Love The Way You Love Me by John Michael Montgomery 

Album: Life’s A Dance 

Every girl likes to be showered with compliments. And this track should be your secret weapon if you’ve been in the dog house for a few days. Just make sure you get the timing right, and she’ll be back in your arms within the four minutes it takes to listen to this chart-topping single. 

“I Love The Way You Love Me” was named Song of the Year by the Academy of Country Music. 

26 In Case You Didn’t Know by Brett Young

Album: Brett Young

Before this track dropped, Young’s beautiful voice was known to only a lucky few. The track was co-written at a retreat in Mexico by Young, Trent Tomlinson, Tyler Reeve, and Kyle Schlienger. 

Gorgeous as the track is, Young found a way to add even more sonic depth by recording another version featuring Irish singer Una Healy in 2017. 

“In Case You Didn’t Know” is Brent Young’s breakthrough single. The track peaked at #2 on the Country charts, where it managed to stay for a record-making sixteen weeks. It has since been certified quadruple-platinum.

27 If Tomorrow Never Comes by Garth Brooks

Album: Garth Brooks

“If Tomorrow Never Comes” is not only the breakthrough single for Garth, it’s what many would consider his signature song. It is also a treasure for Ronan Keating, whose cover version dominated charts in Europe and a few other countries. 

For Country fans, though, Garth’s emotional and minimalist delivery of the original remains the best. Furthermore, it ranks as one of the best Country love songs of all time.

It was Garth’s first #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and has since become a staple of his live shows. And it was named Favorite Country Single at American Music Awards in 1991. 

28 Waitin’ On A Woman by Brad Paisley

Album: Time Well Wasted

Brad believed in this song enough to do a re-recording on a re-issue of one of his albums, and it paid off. The single became his twelfth #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart. 

The song is a narrative in which a young man and an older man are both waiting for their significant others outside a shopping mall. 

As the verses progress, the old man explains that despite all the waiting he’s had to do over the years, he’ll do a lot more cause it’s worth it. At the end of the music video, the old man is seen waiting for his betrothed in Paradise. 

29 Breathe by Faith Hill

Album: Breathe

Faith’s reputation as one of the biggest Country songwriters of our age is unquestionable. This song was merely another etching of her name into the halls of Country Music history. The single was written by Stephanie Bentley and Holly Lamar and produced by Byron Gallimore. 

Faith’s incredible vocal performance made it an enduring number that she can’t leave out of a live set. It was her eleventh #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart, and it peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

30 I Cross My Heart by George Strait

Album: Pure Country

A double-platinum Country hit that featured in the finale of the film of the same name. If you’re a fan or you’ve seen the movie, you know what I’m talking about. However, if you haven’t, then I’m not going to spoil t for you. 

The track is a favorite at weddings. And, if you want a tune that conveys commitment, here it is. “I Cross My Heart” was #1 in the US and Canada. 

31 Feels So Right by Alabama

Album: Feels So Right

If there’s one word to describe the second single from Alabama’s fifth studio album, it’s “sensuous.” The track’s initial identity seems to be a slow and sultry love ballad about making love. But, it soon changes its groove into a more danceable and upbeat track.

The track became the group’s fourth #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart. It also gained the same position in Canada and managed to climb to #20 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

32 I Believe In You by Don Williams

Album: I Believe In You

Don is such a big deal in Country Music that including only one song of his would have landed me in some trouble. Declaring one’s belief in something can be easy to take lightly. But, when Don’s velvet, big-sounding voice declares his belief in the Almighty and love, you listen. 

“I Believe In You” became the gentle Giant of Country’s eleventh #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Tacks Chart, where it stayed for twelve weeks. The track also managed to make a few dents in overseas charts, particularly in New Zealand, Australia, and The Netherlands. 

33 How Do I Live by Trisha Yearwood

Album: 20 #1’s: Movie Love Songs

If you’ve ever thought about outliving your significant other, even for a few moments, then you know the kind of angst and fear it can induce. This emotion sits at the center of this exquisite love ballad penned by Dianne Warren. 

Of course, LeAnn Rhimes famously hit #2 on the Hot 100 with her version. But Trisha’s take stole the heart of Country fans. It remains one of the biggest Country music love songs.

The song was featured in the 1997 hit thriller, “Con Air,” which helped propel it to #2 on the Hot Country chart. In Canada, it managed to make it to #1. The platinum single was also a Top 30 on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #23. 

34 God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton

Album: Red River Blue

Originally recorded by Christain singer Dave Barnes, this track played over the radio one day when a hungry-for-inspiration Blake Sheldon heard it. The track made such an impression on him that he was inspired to propose to his girlfriend. 

The track explores the theme of a divine hand having a role in bringing two people together. Sheldon’s cover of the song became an instant hit, and it climbed to #1 on Country charts in the US and Canada. 

The track also made it to #22 on the Billboard Hot 100. “God Gave Me You” has been certified five times platinum in the US.

35 You Decorated My Life by Kenny Rogers

Album: Kenny

This chart-topping serenade was written by longtime collaborator of the Grammy-winner, Bob Morrison. The track uses metaphor and the powers of description to sweeten the heart of the one you love. Also, Rogers delivers one of the smoothest vocal cuts of his life.

The single was #1 on Country charts in both the US and Canada and made it to #7 on the US Billboard Hot 100. 

36 Girl Crush by Little Big Town

Album: Painkiller

The second-most played song for 2015 on US radio is one of the most refreshing and original takes on the classic “want something you can’t have” theme for the last twenty years. 

Is the singer obsessing over a girl who has the man she wants but can’t have? Or is she obsessing over a girl who stole the man she once had and now cannot get back? The good thing about songs like this is you get to decide. 

“Girl Crush” won two Grammy Awards for Best Country Duo/Group Performance and Best Country Song. The track peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and #18 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, more than five million people in the US have bought the single. 

37 Ring Of Fire by Johnny Cash

Album: Ring Of Fire: The Best Of Johnny Cash

Written and originally recorded by Johnny’s future wife, June Carter, “Ring of Fire” is a song about the lofty experience of falling in love. Getting your heart stolen, your breath taken away, and the fear that comes with experiencing this for the first tie in one’s life. 

When Johnny got hold of it, the track became one of the biggest hits of his career. For many, it is the definitive Johnny Cash song. Likewise, it’s one of the most beautiful Country songs about love ever written. 

“Ring of Fire” has been certified platinum in the US and the United Kingdom. Additionally, the track was submitted to the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and managed to make it to #18 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

38 Forever And Ever Amen by Randy Travis

39 The Dance by Garth Brooks

40 I Swear by John Michael Montgomery

41 Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley (feat. Alison Krauss)

42 Amazed by Lonestar

43 From This Moment On by Shania Twain

44 She’s Everything by Brad Paisley

45 I Will Always Love You by Dolly Parton

46 Cowboy Take Me Away by Dixie Chicks

47 Remember When by Alan Jackson

48 I Don’t Want This Night To End by Luke Bryan

49 Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett

50 Wanted by Hunter Hayes

More 95 Best Country Love Songs

    1. Amie by Pure Prairie League
    2. Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
    3. Love Like Crazy by Lee Brice
    4. My Best Friend by Tim McGraw
    5. Forever And For Always by Shania Twain
    6. I Run To You by Lady Antebellum
    7. I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
    8. I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan
    9. In Another’s Eyes by Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks
    10. It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere by Alan Jackson (feat. Jimmy Buffett)
    11. Landslide by Dixie Chicks
    12. Life’s A Dance by John Michael Montgomery
    13. Little Moments by Brad Paisley
    14. Love Is A Beautiful Thing by Phil Vassar
    15. Love Remains by Collin Raye
    16. Mama He’s Crazy by The Judds
    17. My Maria by Brooks & Dunn
    18. One More Day by Diamond Rio
    19. She’s Got It All by Kenny Chesney
    20. To Make You Feel My Love by Garth Brooks
    21. Valentine by Martina McBride and Jim Brickman
    22. Why Not Me by The Judds.
    23. Love Someone Like Me by Holly Dunn
    24. She’s in Love with the Boy by Trisha Yearwood
    25. Like We Never Loved At All by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
    26. Let Me Love You by Tim McGraw
    27. Unchained Melody by LeAnn Rimes
    28. It Ain’t Cool to Be Crazy About You by George Strait
    29. Love Will Always Win by Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood
    30. You’re Still Beautiful to Me by Bryan Adams
    31. Something That We Do by Clint Black
    32. I Don’t Dance by Lee Brice
    33. I’m Gonna Be Somebody by Travis Tritt
    34. Don’t Laugh at Me by Mark Wills
    35. For My Broken Heart by Reba McEntire
    36. Love Your Love the Most by Eric Church
    37. Somebody Like You by Keith Urban
    38. You Are by Lionel Richie
    39. Carrying Your Love With Me by George Strait
    40. Love’s Gonna Live Here by Buck Owens
    41. Every Time I Hear Your Name by Keith Anderson
    42. Love Me by Collin Raye
    43. What If I Never Get Over You by Lady A
    44. When God Made You by Newsong and Natalie Grant
    45. Love Can Build A Bridge by The Judds
    46. Could I Have This Dance by Anne Murray
    47. I’ll Still Be Loving You by Restless Heart
    48. You and Tequila by Kenny Chesney (feat. Grace Potter)
    49. She Believes In Me by Kenny Rogers
    50. Nothing On But the Radio by Gary Allan
    51. We Got All Night by Eddie Rabbitt and Juice Newton
    52. When Love Finds You by Vince Gill
    53. When Somebody Loves You by Alan Jackson
    54. You Don’t Know Me by Eddy Arnold
    55. That’s When You Know It’s Over by Lee Brice
    56. Love Me Like You Mean It by Kelsea Ballerini
    57. You Can’t Make Old Friends by Kenny Rogers (feat. Dolly Parton)
    58. It Must Be Love by Alan Jackson
    59. I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline
    60. She’s My Kind Of Rain by Tim McGraw
    61. My Wish by Rascal Flatts
    62. I Melt by Rascal Flatts
    63. It’s Your Love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
    64. You Look Good In My Shirt by Keith Urban
    65. I Could Not Ask for More by Sara Evans
    66. Something Like That by Tim McGraw
    67. God Bless The USA by Lee Greenwood
    68. All Your Life by The Band Perry
    69. Highway Don’t Care by Tim McGraw (feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban)
    70. I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes
    71. What Ifs by Kane Brown (feat. Lauren Alaina)
    72. Baby Don’t Go by Dwight Yoakam and Sheryl Crow
    73. You’re Beautiful by James Blunt
    74. You’re Still The One by Orleans
    75. You Are My Sunshine by Jimmie Davis
    76. Love You Like That by Canaan Smith
    77. My Girl by Dylan Scott
    78. Something ‘Bout A Truck by Kip Moore
    79. My Old Friend by Tim McGraw
    80. Good Directions by Billy Currington
    81. Making Memories Of Us by Keith Urban
    82. Wanted Me Gone by Josh Thompson
    83. Slow Dance In A Parking Lot by Jordan Davis
    84. Must Be Doin’ Somethin’ Right by Billy Currington
    85. Give It All We Got Tonight by George Strait
    86. Lovin’ You Is Fun by Easton Corbin
    87. I Want To Be Loved Like That by Shenandoah
    88. From Here To Eternity by Michael Peterson
    89. For The First Time by Darius Rucker
    90. Heaven by Kane Brown
    91. Mine Would Be You by Blake Shelton
    92. She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful by Sammy Kershaw
    93. Who I Am With You by Chris Young
    94. Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley
    95. Just To See You Smile by Tim McGraw

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Best Country Love Songs – Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking for lasting love, spontaneous and invigorating love, or love that’s been predetermined by a divine hand, there’s a Country song that can help you express what you’re feeling.

Until next time, happy listening.

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