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Top 50 Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time

Artists sometimes go through caterpillar stages on their way to becoming butterflies. Meredith Cody Jinks, better known as Cody Jinks, is quite a crazy example of this. But, Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time? Let’s find out, but first… 

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Where it all began

Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time

Cody was born in Haltom City, Fort Worth, Texas. While still in high school, his father began teaching him some Country and Rock ‘n Roll riffs on the guitar. However, by the time he turned sixteen, he’d decided he needed something with more weight and started a Heavy Metal band.

He remained in the band as lead singer and guitarist until 2003. The band released one album in 2002 and then broke up. Jinks took a year off music and then re-emerged playing the music he was raised with – Country and Rock ‘n Roll.

Since then… 

Cody Jinks has become one of the most prolific and successful musicians in the country and country-rock scene. He managed to achieve some success while signed to a major label. And then managed to achieve even more success with two independently-produced, chart-topping albums. 

How many musicians can you think of who had two of their albums at the #1 and #2 spots on Apple Music and iTunes charts at the same time? Cody Jinks did on October 24th, 2019.

So, let’s look at some of the best songs by Cody Jinks, starting with…

Top 50 Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time

1 We Get By

Album: 30

Something that I’ve noted about Cody Jinks is that he is relatively new to the country music scene. Yet, he is liked by many fans who enjoy the earlier sounds of the country, which are closer to their roots.

It is true that much of country music, for the last few years, has been crossing over into the pop world more and more. Therefore, seeing a new artist that sounds like he was big fifteen years ago is somehow refreshing. 

On this one, his vocal can be likened to Alan Jackson. Mind you, listening to this track and trying to pick out all the different influences inherent in Cody’s sound will keep you busy for quite a while. But, it is a good omen of things to come. 

2 Looking for A Friend

Album: 30

One of the first things any country musician needs to be able to do is tell a good story. Jinks proved himself more than capable of making great music and telling a great story on top of it.

“Looking for a Friend” has a very prominent country sound. But it’s also got enough Rock ‘n Roll elements embedded in it to give a noticeable edge. 

A natural storyteller…

The story is a simple enough premise; the storyteller finds himself in a bar looking for his lost friend. He then begins to relay everything that has happened while he’s been looking for his buddy. Of course, the story reads like a Hollywood script.

The steel-string acoustic guitar on this song was mixed to perfection and sounds so crisp and alive. Every musician wishes to record an acoustic that sounds as crystalline as this. The vocal, as always, has a new and unique flair but contains that old-school twang.

3 Lifers

Album: Lifers 

This is one I chose not because of any one particular shining quality. Rather, because there are many different qualities of Cody that come through. In terms of tone, I would say this is easily one of the darkest Cody Jinks songs

Firstly, when it comes to his voice, we are treated to quite a bit more range than we are used to in this song. There’s a country twang to it, but the darker tone of the arrangements makes his voice drop into a more serious drawl. Later, this expresses some rawness and, dare I say it, vulnerability. 

Lyrically we are reminded that those who stick to their ambitions and dreams, despite everyone not being supportive, are to be respected for their dedication and passion. 

A double meaning? 

Some listeners have noted that the song could be a tip of the hat to people who’ve had difficult jobs in American history. Yet, they did them out of a commitment to duty. For example, cowboys and cops. Whatever the meaning is, this is one of the best Cody Jinks songs of all time, and for good reason.

4 Which One I Feed 

Album: The Wanting 

Many country singers are known for being buffs of one sort or another. Cody might not be a history buff, but he sure displays a healthy consciousness as to all the different avenues from which inspiration can be drawn. Especially with this song.

“Which One I Feed” is based on an old Native American tale. Cody Jinks took inspiration from the message and made the necessary adjustments to make the story fit into a more modern context. 

The message is clear as day…

 Within all beings, including humans, there exists the duality between a good side and a not-so-good side. The metaphors applicable to this duality are endless, but the original tale is of two wolves.

Each one of us has to decide which one of the two wolves we feed because that’s the one that grows strong and dominant. Another example of Cody’s storytelling ability. And, in my opinion, one of Cody Jinks best songs.

5 Same Kind of Crazy As Me

Album: The Wanting

Being socially and politically conscious isn’t a necessary trait to be a good country songwriter. That said, people like to stay aware of what’s going on in the world around them. Additionally, sharing your thoughts on these kinds of things can sometimes lead to great songs.

“Same Kind of Crazy As Me” is a plea to the few humans on this planet who are still insane enough to believe that we can conquer our greatest afflictions. Somehow, we can end things like hunger and prejudice, as well as save our planet. 

Not quite a dreamer…

The song can be viewed as an imitation of John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Although, I would argue that Cody’s angle is a bit different. 

Whether you choose to view it as such or not, you can’t deny the quality of the writing and production on this one. Easily one of the strongest tracks on the entire album. Furthermore, one of the most political Cody Jinks songs as well.

6 The Raven and The Dove

Album: The Wanting

This may the last song on the album, but it was by no means an afterthought. It is a much more simple song in terms of instrumentation than the other material on the album. But, it still has immense power. 

There is an inherent beauty present in the theme of finding true peace within oneself. Not by having others fill you up or by attainments and possessions but by realizing your place in this giant universe. Being at peace with just that pure realization is what “The Raven and The Dove” tries to convey. 

7 William and Wanda 

Album: After The Fire 

This one is personal, and it should be. It’s one of the saddest Cody Jinks songs released until now. Additionally, it stands as a testament to how good he can be just on his own.

Due to the intimate nature of this piece of music, the production is very stripped down and minimalistic. This brings the meaning in the lyrics through in the recording. But, it also serves to highlight just how beautiful Cody Jinks’s voice is.

A tribute song…

Cody decided to write this song after attending the funeral of his much-beloved grandfather. His grandparents had a huge influence on him and the person he ended up becoming as an adult. 

Strangely, he hit a bit of a wall with the writing at some point. And it was a creative idea sparked by his wife that eventually helped Cody to finish “William and Wanda.” 

8 Cast No Stones

Album: Adobe Sessions 

Often people don’t want to be wowed by a bunch of fancy tricks and in-your-face lyrics in a song. They just want a simple song about simple things that everyone has to go through in life. 

This song serves as an excellent example of an age-old message. One that has been given new life since the artist doesn’t try too hard. 

Staying true to who you are has become harder than ever before. Our lives are constantly being watched, monitored, and passed around the digital nervous system of the world. This song reminds us to focus on just being real and true to ourselves, and not to waste our energy on trying to judge others.

9 Think Like You Think

Album: After The Fire 

Here we have another great example of how Cody Jinks is the kind of guy who sticks to his roots. This song could easily have been softened up to better fit into the more pop-influenced Country genre. However, Cody Jinks sounds like a rocker on this one. 

The theme is not altogether new. But, somehow, Jinks manages to put his very own style and flavor to it. 

A man battling his demons, the base natures that motivate him towards selfish and aberrant behavior, who finds strength in the thought of keeping the ones he holds dear if he’s able to conquer these afflictions.

10 Give It All You Can

Album: I’m Not The Devil 

This one is just great. I simply can’t put it any other way. I’m a big fan of positive reinforcement, and a guy like Cody can easily be misconstrued as a negative guy. 

That’s because of his more aggressive sound and sometimes dark subject matter. But, this song has such positive energy and message that it simply infects your ears. 

I know this is perhaps a simpler one. But I love the way this just works by stating simple things over and over like a good country song. This one has all mighty truth on its side, and it’s one of the most popular Cody Jinks songs.

11 Hippies and Cowboys

Album: Less Wise

Aside from having one of the coolest titles ever, this one has got to go down as one of the greatest songs by Cody Jinks. The intro may sound a bit like Hank Williams, but it’s not going to take long before you realize it’s a different animal altogether. 

This song chronicles Cody’s journey from lead singer in a Heavy Metal band to a Country musician with a sound unlike any other and a heavy edge that is not to be taken lightly. 

Yet, for me, it is the fact that he still admits to having this duality in him. This conflicting state of nature between the so-called “Hippie” and “Cowboy” culture. Still, he seems to rise above this by enjoying the best aspects of both through his music.

12 Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd Cover)

Album: Wish You Were Here  

Covering any song by this band in the first place is pretty dang nuts. But, doing one of their most famous and praised songs, written by the surviving members of a group who tragically lost a member, is just insane. 

So, is Cody insane?

No, and I will say that this cover deserves respect. Furthermore, there’s not a genre better suited to a cover of “Wish You Were Here.” 

When I first heard about it, I went, “No.” However, when I first heard it, I said, “Yes.” The beautiful slide guitar, and the melancholy vocal, just work. It gives new context and life to an old song. 

I think David, Roger, and Nick were quite pleased to hear this amazing rendition of their song. Well done Cody. Although it is a cover, it’s one of the best Cody Jinks songs of all time. As well as one of Cody Jinks most well known songs.

13 Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leaving

Album: Lifers  

This one is anthemic, and that’s a big part of why it’s so popular. But, once again, we have to give credit to Cody’s songwriting and lyricism. He’s sharp as a razor blade on this one, and I love it. 

It’s difficult for someone who lives a normal life to think of it as a song written by a country-rock musician. But, when you think of it as a song by someone who struggles to find a place where they feel they fit in, it’s far more relatable. 

Likewise, we have the idea that no good decisions can be made when you only have bad ones laid out in front of you. This also speaks to your character and the decisions you’ve made up until then. An artist who challenges his audience is always great.

14 Must Be The Whiskey

Album: Lifers

This song has got to have one of the most country-sounding titles ever. Aside from that, it’s just a great tune, and I won’t go on about it too much. Even if you haven’t heard it, plenty of interpretations and reminders will come to mind. 

That’s why this one is so magical. Each of us can think of at least five stories, experiences, or jokes that have to do with the phrase “Must Be the Whiskey.” And this song can serve as the perfect soundtrack to all of them.

15 Loud and Heavy

16 I’m Not The Devil

17 No Words

18 Mamma Song

19 No Guarantees

20 Rock and Roll

21 Never Alone Always Lonely

22 In The Morning

23 Birds

24 Where Even Angels Fear to Fly

25 Can’t Quit Enough

26 Holy Water

27 The Same

28 65 Days in L.A.

29 I’m Good As Gone

30 Vampires

31 Dirt

32 Lost Highway

33 Big Last Name

34 Ramble

35 Love Letters and Cigarettes

36 You Can Have The Crown

37 Desert Wind

38 Glad to Say

39 Never Had to Go

40 Somewhere Between I Love You and I’m Leavin’

41 The Fast Lane

42 Broken Bow

43 Cast No Stones (Acoustic Version)

44 Colorado

45 What Else Is New

46 Somewhere In The Middle

47 Someday I’ll Go To Heaven

48 Big City Blues

49 Last Call For The Blues

50 Less Wise

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Best Cody Jinks Songs of All Time – Conclusion

So, there you have them, some superb songs by a very talented artist that are all well worth a listen. So, get to it and enjoy some quality Cody Jinks songs today!

Happy listening.

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