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Top 28 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time

Since forming in 1999, Breaking Benjamin has gone from being an obscure alternative group from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, to one of the most unique sounding and successful post-grunge acts that fall in the “heavy” category. 

Something not easily done, especially if you’re a new band trying to play heavy music in a world where Nirvana and Pearl Jam made heavy uncool.

Much like Iron Maiden and Motorhead… 

Breaking Benjamin has had nearly every single member of the lineup change throughout their existence. Yet, the band’s sound and songwriting style has remained consistent thanks to the sole songwriter and composer, Benjamin Burnley, remaining in the band.

Breaking Benjamin has sold over 7 million copies in the U.S alone and has yielded three RIAA certified platinum records, two gold records, and a range of singles. Two multi-platinum, two platinum, and five gold. 

The band also accomplished the singular task of having a #1 Billboard 200 record. Not a lot of heavy acts from the 2000s can boast of this achievement.

Here is a band you can recognize… 

Within a few seconds of hearing a song you are unfamiliar with, you will know. The plaintive and emotional vocal delivery combined with technically proficient musicianship makes for a sound that is like no other. 

Picking the best songs from such a catalog is near impossible. Still, I decided to dig out my old discs and fill up on the albums I missed out on online. I lent my ears (and neck) to all six studio albums to come up with what I deemed the Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time.

I would like to note that the list follows the release of the studio albums starting in 2002 and going up till 2018. Therefore, the numbering should in no way be interpreted as a ranking system.

Top 28 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time

1 Medicate

Album: Saturate (2002)

Saturate is one of two Breaking Benjamin albums that contain what I can only term as “optimism in the compositions.” “Medicate” is the first example of that feeling.

The song has a rough, almost punk feel to it. But, it is refined by the accomplished musicianship already inherent in the group playing. The anthemic chorus hints at what Benjamin would become so good at in the future.

2 Shallow Bay (Album Version) [Explicit]

Hands down, the best song from Breaking Benjamin’s debut album, “Shallow Bay,” has become a fan favorite. This is because it’s the only song from their first record that has all the winning ingredients for what would become a definitive Breaking Benjamin song.

A heavy riffing verse is followed by a massive anthemic chorus. A chorus that lifts you out from where you were and then keeps playing with this dynamic throughout.

3 Follow (Radio Edit)

Album: We Are Not Alone (2004)

The second studio offering from Breaking Benjamin saw a bit more heaviness in the verse riffs while big soaring choruses remained. “Follow” is one example of the band starting to find their stride when it comes to writing big-sounding numbers that crowds can chant along to. 

The strong intro and choppy verse section belie the massive chasm of sound lying in the wake for the listener when they spill into the chorus. And once they do, they just fly along. Here we also get glimpses of Burnley’s furthering range as a vocalist and development as a lyricist. 

4 Rain 

Album: We Are Not Alone (2004)

I’ve included “Rain” because it’s one of the only straight ballads by Breaking Benjamin. But, is also one of the most simple compositions in their catalog. 

When hearing something that is usually larger than life, so stripped back, you gain a new appreciation for the quality of Burnley’s voice, songwriting, and musicianship.

5 Lady Bug

Album: We Are Not Alone (2004)

Intended as a bonus track, “Ladybug” is a bit of a wild car in the Breaking Benjamin catalog. Yet, it has become such an endearing number that it’s gotten more airplay than almost any other song from this album (allegedly). 

This song almost hints at the band trying to write a Nirvana song. For some reason, it came out sounding so energetic and powerful that it was even a staple of the band’s live set at one point.

6 Blow Me Away

Album: Halo 2, Vol. 1 (Original Soundtrack) (2004)

Featuring female vocalist Valora, “Blow Me Away” was written specifically for the soundtrack of Halo 2. As a result, it would become one of Breaking Benjamin’s greatest singles. 

It is an archetype of what a Breaking Benjamin song should be. Powerful riffs, anthemic vocals, and a larger-than-life sound. The addition of female vocalist Valora’s voice compliments Ben’s perfectly to round this masterpiece off. 

7 The Diary Of Jane

Album: Phobia (2006)

This is likely the song that introduced most listeners to Breaking Benjamin. And for a very good reason, it’s one of the best Breaking Benjamin songs of all time.

Inspired by Burnley watching a lot of “forensic stuff” and writing the story of a Jane Doe who’d washed up on some beach in America. It’s this track where Burley, more than in any other song, is recognized as a storyteller. 

Coming into their own…

The song introduces us to a band that has now found its musical stride and is spreading its wings fully for the first time, in all directions.

The bass sound on Phobia can be heard most distinctively on the rumbling breakdowns during “Diary of Jane.” And, as far as composition and musicianship, the band was by this point unquestionably skilled and well-gelled. 

The songwriting composition and production of the entire album would mark unprecedented success for the band. “Diary” of Jane has been certified four times platinum in the US and SIlver in the UK.

8 Breath

Album: Phobia (2006)

“Breath” is likely to be the second most well known Breaking Benjamin song. It’s dynamic, intriguing, powerful, and anthemic. Why wouldn’t any headbanger like it?

In terms of production, “Breath” is a jewel on the Phobia album. From the crisp vocal to the broken glass-sounding guitars. This was one of those tracks where all the dials, knobs, buttons, and faders just lined up. 

Perfecting the art of loud and soft… 

“Breath” alternates flawlessly between eerie sort of empty-sounding verse sections to massive well-defined pools of distortion and drums. Making for one of the most dynamic songs in the band’s catalog. 

Add on that one of the hookiest choruses they’ve ever written, and you’ve got a recipe for a hit. This is reflected in its platinum certification and multiple chart appearances. 

9 Failure

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)

When Dark Before Dawn was announced, I will admit to being one of the happiest people in the world. After a long hiatus, Breaking Benjamin had been cast anew by its one remaining member and leader into the best version of itself to date. 

In my opinion, Dark Before Dawn is the best Breaking Benjamin album yet. “Failure” is the start of this masterful album. It chops your head off with a thumping verse that has some of the best drumming and bass playing on a Breaking Benjamin song. 

Likewise, the vocal performance is powerful and endearing to any fan. The band’s best opener by far. 

10 Angels Fall

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)

For fans who used to say, “My favorite Breaking Benjamin song will always be Blow Me Away,” things changed when they heard this thunderous four-minute epic. 

The spacey-sounding synth intro is broken in two by one of the best riffs the band has ever produced. There is an inherent rumble that is maintained by the drums even during the quiet verse sections. 

The lyricism and vocal performances on this album are the best Burnely has ever done. But, “Angels Fall” ranks particularly high. He pushes himself through almost all his vocal paces from soft and intimate to loud and massive as only he can. 

11 Breaking the Silence

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)

“Breaking the Silence” is one of the most appropriately named songs on this album. It ties in with the band breaking their long hiatus with such vengeance. It’s also one of the loudest, most aggressive, and most unrelenting Breaking Benjamin songs ever. 

For those who like it heavy…

Again, we have masterful use of dynamics. Soft vocal delivery during the verses, which then swells into a massive soaring anthem during the chorus. 

Short guttural growls and screams are interspersed for some of the best use of call-and-answer you’ll find in a Benjamin song. And, of course, we have superb production and musicianship all around.

During the prelude section, we have that peppery trebly-sounding bass dancing with the drums in the lead-up to the last chorus. This distinctive trebly sound created from the mixing of the drums and bass is central to the band’s sound and is realized here in one of the best ways. 

12 Close to Heaven

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)

Arguably one of the best songs Breaking Benjamin ever recorded. “Close To Heaven” was everything the band had been before and something new. 

Dark Before Dawn saw the return of what I could only describe as optimism in their sound. This had not been heard since their debut more than ten years earlier. That same optimism is heard here in “Close To Heaven.” But, it’s grown-up and resolute, more sure of itself. 

Breaking new ground…

There’s a familiar verse section with thumping bass and muted guitars carrying a dark and plaintive delivery by Burnley. But, the chorus is unlike any the band has done before or since. 

It slowly rises like dawn with only Burnley’s voice announcing, “So I’ll stay unforgiven.” Then it crashes into a sea of pure anthemic epicness.

13 The Great Divide

Album: Dark Before Dawn (2015)

The sudden rush of distortion, when this track begins to play, is like going over a steep waterfall you hadn’t noticed while on a lazy cruise down a river. 

Truly epic…

A relentless rumbling riff goes around and around while being carried along by that distinctive salt and pepper rhythm section. Then, suddenly it plateaus out into a large space where the reverberated vocals can ring out. 

A plaintive delivery from Burnley is enhanced by the skillful doubling of the vocal track at the end of sentences. The heavy, palm-muted guitar increases in intensity until the verse tapers out and almost sounds like it comes to a stall before. 

Then, a wash of sound takes you into one of the best Breaking Benjamin choruses ever written. 

14 I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin

15 So Cold by Breaking Benjamin

16 Red Cold River by Breaking Benjamin

17 Tourniquet by Breaking Benjamin

18 Never Again by Breaking Benjamin

19 Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin

20 Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin

21 Until the End by Breaking Benjamin

22 Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

23 Without You by Breaking Benjamin

24 Dear Agony by Breaking Benjamin

25 Canto II by Breaking Benjamin

26 Save Yourself by Breaking Benjamin

27 Fade Away by Breaking Benjamin

28 Anthem of the Angels by Breaking Benjamin

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Best Breaking Benjamin Songs of All Time – Conclusion

As impossible as the task may seem to such a lover of the band, picking the best Breaking Benjamin song ever is a simple one. The band themselves hinted at its importance when naming their 2011 greatest hits compilation Shallow Bay.  

“Shallow Bay” is the first all-around Benjamin Song and remains one of the best. It contains the heaviness, musicianship, emotion, and absolute power that makes Breaking Benjamin who they are.

For that simple reason, it’s my pick for the best Breaking Benjamin song. Whether you’re one of the bangers or the singers, this one is on your BB playlist too, right?

Until next time, happy listening.

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