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Top 50 Best Blue October Songs of All Time

Anyone from Texas is bound to know Blue October, but the band’s fame isn’t tied to just their hometown of Houston. After working hard to pay their dues in the Houston area, the band managed to break out and score some massive hits on the national stage. In their career, they’ve had 17 songs make the Top 40 Alternative charts.

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Since starting the band in 1995, Blue October has released 11 studio albums and five live albums. So they have a big body of work to choose from that spans over two decades. But what are the best Blue October songs of all time? That’s what we’re here to find out!

A Brief History of Blue October

Blue October was formed by school friends Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals, guitar) and Ryan Delahoussaye (mandolin, guitar, keys, and much more) way back in 1995. They then recruited Liz Mullaly to play bass and persuaded Justin’s brother, Jeremy, to take up drumming. The band released their first record, The Answers, independently on a label created by the Furstenfeld brothers’ parents.

They were then picked up and signed to Universal in 1999 but dropped by the label in 2000. It wasn’t until 2006 that they released their breakout record, Foiled (back on Universal Records), that the band began to take off.

Since its founding…

The band’s line-up changed many times, keeping just the Furstenfeld brothers and Delahoussaye as consistent members. While they added a second guitarist for years, C.B. Hudson spending the most time in that role, they’re currently back to a 4-piece line-up. Matt Noveskey, who joined in 1998, left in 2002, then re-joined in 2004, is the current bass player.

This band is still writing songs and recording, nearly three decades after when they started creating music together. Their latest project, a triple album called Spinning the Truth Around, is currently being released in three parts. So, there’s more to come from Blue October any day now! That said, let’s check out Blue October’s greatest songs.

Best Blue October Songs of All Time

Best 50 Blue October Songs of All Time

[nb]1[/nb] Calling You (2003)


The first entry on my list of the best Blue October songs comes from the band’s third album, History for Sale. This record was released on the indie label Brando Records in 2003 after the band had been dropped from Universal.

Matt Noveskey had been replaced by Dwayne Casey on bass, and C.B. Hudson had just joined on lead guitar. Delahoussaye plays mandolin on this song, so you get a full sound that feels a lot better orchestrated than with most 4-piece rock bands.

This song has a Hard Rock edge to it. Especially the solid beat and the way Justin sings. But it’s a very sweet song about love and dedication. Originally, this song was a hit on local Texas radio stations. But, it had a whole second life when it was added to the soundtrack for the 2003 movie American Wedding.

[nb]2[/nb] Hate Me (2006)


The 2006 record Foiled is truly Blue October’s break-out record. It was released in April 2006, and by 2007 had already been certified platinum in America and Canada as well. That was thanks in large part to the track “Hate Me” which is one of Blue October’s most successful songs.

“Hate Me” is a slow-burning song…

It has a mid-tempo beat and plays a lot with dynamics. It starts quietly with Justin singing over acoustic guitar and a basic beat. But when the chorus hits, this song explodes into a powerful and mournful sound.

Delahoussaye’s violin work is sad and beautiful and adds a very unique texture. This is a song about drug addiction and depression destroying a relationship, and you can really hear the passion and the pain so raw here.

[nb]3[/nb] Into the Ocean (2006)


Next to “Hate Me”, “Into the Ocean” is the most well-known Blue October song. This track also comes from 2006’s Foiled, but it has a different sound and feel to it. Where “Hate Me” is hard and full of angst, “Into the Ocean” is brighter and lighter.

At least in the sound…

Lyrically, things are not at all light in this song. It was written about feelings of suicide and depression and thoughts of ending it all. But, while this is the theme here, the overall message is a rejection of those ideas, and that’s why the music is unusually bright. Guest vocals by Zayra Alvarez help to give the song a lovely Pop feel and some much-needed sweetness.

[nb]4[/nb] Congratulations featuring Imogen Heap (2006)


Another great track that comes from the Foiled album is “Congratulations”. This one starts with some beautiful, ambient vocals from British Electro-Pop singer Imogen Heap. And this song has a real Electro-Pop influence on it, which makes it quite different for Blue October.

This song is deep and beautiful, just like Imogen’s voice…

The music is light and much more open, allowing Justin’s vocals to shine. He sings about the mixed emotions of trying to congratulate an ex for getting married while still feeling pain and loss from a relationship that went south. This is one of the most sensitive songs in the band’s whole catalog.

[nb]5[/nb] Overweight (2006)


Rounding off the top tracks from Foiled, we have one more great song from this album to talk about. Once again, it’s a song with a very different sound, showing off the breadth of Blue October’s songwriting ability.

This song has a slightly heavy Hard Rock riff and a strong beat driving it along. But, at the same time, it’s bouncy and fun. Some excellent Soul-like vocals help to add texture to Justin’s lead. Delahoussaye plays violin and keyboards on this track.

This is a song that’s about trying to make changes in life, especially away from drug addiction. And the title? That’s about carrying a past that weighs down on you, almost like you’re carrying another person.

[nb]6[/nb] Fear (2013)


Blue October put out another couple of records in the intervening years, but their next killer tracks come from 2013’s Sway. This was their seventh studio album and shows a nice maturity in their lyrics and songwriting.

“Fear” is about what the title says…

This song is a Pop-Rock track that uses sweeping strings and piano to add texture and deep emotion. It’s a very open and honest track about trying to leave fear behind. Justin’s singing is grown up here. It’s less angsty and much more thoughtful, revealing a man who has been through a lot and has managed to find some inspiring positivity.

[nb]7[/nb] Bleed Out (2013)


The other track from Sway that deserves a place on our list of the best Blue October songs of all time is “Bleed Out”. This is another track that shows a new and different side of this band. Gone is the hard edge, but the power and passion are still here in piles.

The verses are clean and somewhat quieter, but when the chorus comes around, this song swells to a huge climax. Delahoussaye’s piano is simple and effective, and the beat keeps things powered along perfectly. And this is one of Justin’s best vocal performances. He really sings his lungs out about being drained by a relationship with someone who is no give and all take.

[nb]8[/nb] I Hope You’re Happy (2018)


For the next track, we skip ahead a few years and a few albums to I Hope You’re Happy. This is Blue October’s ninth studio album, and it was released in 2018. There are a lot of cool tracks on this album, but the one we’re after is the title track. “I Hope You’re Happy” is once again something very different from this versatile band. It’s a fast and preppy, Pop-Rock track that’s really, really positive!

Things are simple here. It’s a song that’s just all about wishing happiness for someone else. And this isn’t tongue-in-cheek – it’s actually genuine. The music reinforces that, with a speedy beat and pretty keyboards making it sound a bit retro, like an 80s dance song. While so many of the band’s songs are great company when you’re miserable, this is one that’s designed to make you smile through those tears.

[nb]9[/nb] Oh My My (2020)


If you’ve followed Blue October through their whole career, you probably never expected to call one of their songs cute. Passionate, emotional, melancholy, even inspiring – sure. But, cute?! However, that’s what you get with “Oh My My”. This track is sweet and slow, but still bouncy and, yes, cute dang it!

Coming from their 2020 release This Is What I Live For, you might even think this was a different band. But this is the work of musicians that have got older, matured, found love, had families, and made peace with the past. Mostly. This is a simple song that’s about being in love and being thankful for it. And, yeah, after all their past, that is pretty cute.

[nb]10[/nb]Jump Rope (2009)


[nb]11[/nb]Homecoming King (2006)


[nb]12[/nb]Say It (2009)


[nb]13[/nb]The Feel Again (Stay) (2011)


[nb]14[/nb]Light You Up (2013)


[nb]15[/nb]Put It In (2013)


[nb]16[/nb]Things We Don’t Know About (2013)


[nb]17[/nb]Heart Go Bang (2013)


[nb]18[/nb]The Chills (2016)


[nb]19[/nb]How To Dance In Time (2018)


[nb]20[/nb]Daylight (2018)


[nb]21[/nb]Driver (2018)


[nb]22[/nb]Let Forever Mean Forever (2018)


[nb]23[/nb]The Weatherman (2020)


[nb]24[/nb]Moving On (So Long) (2020)


[nb]25[/nb]Colors Collide (2020)


[nb]26[/nb]Only Lost Is Found (2020)


[nb]27[/nb]The Outsider (2020)


[nb]28[/nb]This Is What I Live For (2020)


[nb]29[/nb]Completely (2020)


[nb]30[/nb]How To Dance In Time (2020)


[nb]31[/nb]Oh My My (2020)


[nb]32[/nb]The Stillness (2020)


[nb]33[/nb]Stay With Me (2020)


[nb]34[/nb]Blue Diamonds Fall (2021)


[nb]35[/nb]Open Book (2021)


[nb]36[/nb]Feeling Like A Stranger (2021)


[nb]37[/nb]Say What You Want (2021)


[nb]38[/nb]The Devil You Know (2021)


[nb]39[/nb]Angel (2021)


[nb]40[/nb]New Day (2021)


[nb]41[/nb]Dream Out Loud (2021)


[nb]42[/nb]You’re the One (2021)


[nb]43[/nb]We’re Still Here (2021)


[nb]44[/nb]The Last Day (2021)


[nb]45[/nb]Moving Forward (2021)


[nb]46[/nb]Fight For Love (2020)


[nb]47[/nb]Who Do You Run From (2020)


[nb]48[/nb]Coal Makes Diamonds (2016)


[nb]49[/nb]Fight For Love (Acoustic) (2021)


[nb]50[/nb]Stream A Little Dream (2021)


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The Best Blue October Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

Blue October is a band with a long and complicated history. From 1995 to the present, they changed, grew, and developed. Along the way, they put out some great records and incredible songs. And they’re still going strong, which is more than you can say for most.

Blue October’s early work was hard and heavy. Lyrically, it was full of self-hate, depression, and sadness, and dealt with issues like suicide and drug addiction. As they got older, things changed from this focus on a tortured past to positivity and living life one day at a time. So, I can’t wait to hear what they have for us to listen to next. And I hope we can add a few new tracks to Blue October’s best songs ever.

Until next time, happy listening.

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