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8 Best Apps For Rappers On iPhone And Android

As in so many areas over the past few decades, things have changed in the music industry. Luckily, they have changed for the better. And where it used to take a ton of time and money to get your name out there and get a record deal, now it’s anyone’s game. That might mean there are way more players in it, but it’s still faster and easier to produce great tracks and get your name known.

Phone apps are leading the way, and that shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone. Now your phone is your private recording studio, digital audio workstation, and publisher too. So if you’re an up-and-coming rapper trying to get known, these are the best apps for rappers on iPhone and Android that you just have to know about.


Battle Me

Battle Me

Battle Me is exactly what it sounds like – a rap battle app for hip-hop fans. Whether you’re a rapper or just like to listen to masters having it out in devastating battles, this is a great app to get on board with. It has a massive community of close to two million users, so there’s always someone ready to listen.

What can you do with this app?

Just about everything you want as a rapper and battler. You can choose from a selection of beats and lay lyrics down over them simply by recording from your phone’s microphone. However, you can use a professional mic if you have one to plug in.

There’s also an onboard vocal editor. With this, you can tune up your sound and add effects to make your track stand out. You can upload your jams to the community.

But, if you want to battle…

All you have to do is call someone out or else put out an open invitation. Battles get scored either by set judges that you can choose or else by the Battle Me community at large – in other words, whoever is listening. Battles go down in the app’s feed so you can build up your rep for KOs and get yourself noticed.

What I like best about this app is that you can battle either in just audio or through video. So, you can get two totally different feels from your throw-downs. Check out Battle Me for Android. The iOS version is in development but will hopefully get dropped soon.

Rap Fame

Rap Fame

Here’s another rap app from Raptech, the same developer as Battle Me. So what’s the difference between these two apps? While Battle Me is made for live performances in the battle arena, Rap Fame is different. This is a rap app for beat production and song recording. And it makes it easy to do one or both from the comfort of your phone or tablet.

First off, you’ve got access to over 1000 beats in a library that’s quick and easy to scan by genre. Most of these beats are free, like the app, although a few you have to pay to use. But there’s also a beat production studio built right in.

You can sequence your beats and then publish them. If they’re a hit, they can be added to the beat catalog by the developer team.

Once you have your beat…

You can easily lay your vocal tracks over the top of it. Once you’re through spitting, you can slide into the studio and edit your voice with a wide variety of effects. And once that’s done, you can easily publish your tracks to your profile, plus share to social media sites to get your name out.

This app has over 2.5 million songs published on it already, so you know there is a great community out there waiting for your work as well. And you get attention for your plays in the app, so you can build up a rep that could be your stairway to stardom. Get Rap Fame for iOS or Android.



Playing off the fame of the name of Snapchat, this app is another like Rap Fame. It’s a recording and publishing tool, and a community all rolled into one. Like Rap Fame, it has generated lots of interest. They claim seven million+ users so far.

That’s a big audience to break out to

There are a lot more beats and instrumental tracks here to lay your rhymes down over. You can use 100,000+ tracks, although the huge volume means it takes longer to search through them.

As with Rap Fame, you can spit over beats then add effects to your sound in the built-in studio. But there’s no beat sequencer here for you to make your beats, so you’ll have to do that through a different app.

The best part of RapChat?

It has to be the collaborating. You can share tracks with your friends and allow them to add vocals and even edit your work. For people who live a long way apart or just can’t meet in person for any reason, this is a real breakthrough. And think how much money you’re saving on studio time.

You can load your songs and get plays and likes from the community in RapChat. But you can also very easily export your tracks to Insta, Soundcloud, and, yes, SnapChat, too. That makes this app an excellent tool for getting your work out there and your name known.

No matter what phone or tablet you’re using, you can get RapChat for iPhone or Android. Get producing today with one of the best apps for rappers on iPhone And Android.

Music Maker Jam

Music Maker Jam

This next app is not specifically for the rap community, but it is the most versatile music production app we’ve looked at so far. And with over four million tracks already produced through it, there’s still a big enough audience just from the app alone.

What is Music Maker Jam?

This app is the full package. You get access to hundreds of free loops/tracks and more if you pay for a premium version. The built-in digital audio workstation (DAW) lets you line up loops so you can pull together song-length tracks to use as the basis of your songs.

But you don’t have to keep things limited to canned beats and pre-produced loops. This app has a full beat sequencer and includes tone sounds as well. So, you can write and create your own full instrumental tracks in the app. Then when it’s time, lay down your vocals and edit everything like you would in a professional studio.

Connect with potential fans…

Just like Rap Fame and RapChat, this app has its own community where you can create a profile and drop your latest music. It’s not limited to rap fans, but that could be a blessing in disguise, especially if you’re into crossover styles. And you can always export your raps to a wide range of social media sites seamlessly.

So Music Maker Jam, while not particularly a rap app, it lets you do everything from the ground up and produce original music that’s all you. You can get it for iOS or Android and use it on your phone anywhere.

Freestyle Rap Coach

Freestyle Rap Coach

This app is something totally different. Instead of being a platform for battling or a production platform, Freestyle Rap Coach is a tool to help you perfect your skills as an MC.

So how does it work?

It’s a really basic idea, but a powerful practice tool. And even the dopest MC still needs to practice to keep their skills on point. The app plays a beat for you in the background while it throws up a word or topic to rap about. Down below, it gives you a huge selection of rhyming words and even phrases that you could work into your bars.

You’ve got control here over how fast the new topics come towards you. If you want to hit these words on the fly, you can set the rate fast. But if you want to work on getting inventive and seeing how many rhymes you can make on the one word, then you can set the rate slower.

Of course, you can record your bars so that you can play them back and check out how you did. This makes it a solid practice tool, especially if you want to work on your freestyling and battle skills.

Something to consider…

But this app is still in development, and it can be buggy. While you can choose from all sorts of different beats from old school to bangers, sometimes the beats drop out without warning. The developers are working on it, and apparently on an iOS version. Cuz right now, it’s only available for Android.

Write Your Own Song

Write Your Own Song

Writing lyrics is a key skill for any rapper. While you might be used to scribbling your lines down in a messy notebook, there are new not-so-old-school ways to do it.

Write Your Own Song is a fairly simple app that lets you get your words and ideas organized. You can work on as many projects as you want all at the same time and flip from one to another as soon as the ideas come. All you have to do is open up a new file and start writing down your words.

This is a text-based app, but you can dictate into it if you want to, as long as you have dictation on your phone already. Pretty easy to use, but I haven’t even told you the best part yet.

Useful features…

The app also includes Rhyme Finder, an automated function that gives you suggestions to rhyme your lyrics. When you get writer’s block or just blank out, and nothing comes to mind, these rhyme suggestions can help. Even if you don’t use their suggested words, the suggestions might help to shake another idea loose.

I like the organization this app provides and how easy it is to get all your work down in one place. Plus, you don’t need a pen.



So far, we’ve looked at battle apps, writing apps, and full production tools. But Voloco is a different tool once again. This app is a pretty straightforward tool to tweak your voice.

Basically, this is a free auto-tune app. If you want to add some singing to your raps, but you haven’t got the best ear, this app can be a huge help. Even if you can hit all the right tones, auto-tune gives a weird robotic quality to vocals and can add a whole new element to your sound.

Of course, there’s more than that…

You can add other effects, too, like chorus, echo, delay, noise reduction, and more. The app also has beats for you to choose from so you can record songs. But if you just want to lay down vocals and then mix them in elsewhere, play your beat through headphones or in-ear monitors and record your vocal track into this app.

When it’s done, you can export it into any mixing program or upload it to social media to showcase your skills. Get Voloco for iPhone or Android and get started with one of the best apps for rappers on iPhone and Android.



My last app suggestion is Keakr. This is currently an Android-only app, but hopefully, that will change soon. Keakr is a platform for videos, basically a TikTok for rap music. If you’ve used TikTok before, you’ll have no trouble getting into this app as it works in much the same way.

The idea is to produce videos and post them up for the community. It already has over 1 million videos and counting, so you know there’s both an artist base and a fan base out there using it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rapper, singer, dancer, DJ, or producer; you can load up your work and get it out to a community that wants to appreciate you.

The app also runs contests and showcases talent, and that helps your work get recognized. Also, the app has built-in beats, so if you’re ready to spit, just drop one and start laying down your vocals over top. It’s that simple. You can get the Keakr app for Android here.

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So what are the best apps for rappers on iPhone and Android? 

I’ve just given you my top eight tools, which cover everything from writing and production, to promotion platforms. These apps are all free, with some suggested purchases inside, which means you can download them today for your iPhone or Android device.

There’s no excuse now. All these tools are out there, they’re free, and they are ready to help you get your name known. It’s never been easier to produce your rap music and showcase your talent. So if you’ve got mad skills, the world is ready and waiting for you.

Until next time, let your rap be heard.

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