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Top 5 Best Apps and Games for Learning to Sight Read Music

If you’ve just started learning to play piano or trying to learn how to read sheet music and feel like you aren’t progressing at the pace, you’d like. Then look no further!

As a guitar player, I did not learn sheet music the first few years of playing. But I realized the importance of theory and reading sheet music when I started writing my own music.

One of my biggest issues was playing along to a song while trying to read the notes on the sheet music. To get better, I needed some motivation, which is where fun, intuitive apps come along. So, here is a list of the best apps and games for learning to sight read music that I found useful.


Music Tutor

Music Tutor

As far as apps are concerned, Music Tutor is by far the most comprehensive music sight reading app on this list. With an easy-to-use interface and a structure suitable for beginners.

Music Tutor has plenty of exercises that help the user learn notes and quickly identify them note by note whilst playing. These exercises will increase your reading speed as well as track your progress over the course.

The best part

Music Tutor is free if you can stomach an ad now and then. If not, they have a paid version that costs only $1.99! Which is an absolute steal. Even if you are taking physical lessons, having an app that helps you increase the speed you read notes is beneficial. This app can be found on iOS devices as well as Android.

Music Crab: Easy Music Theory

Music Crab

If you are bored of reading sheet music or studying the “old school” way, then Music Crab is just what you need. This kid-friendly application and game teaches music theory and improves sight-reading with fun, interactive games and lessons.

The application is underwater-themed with interesting designs and sounds, making learning fun and engaging. It is similar to many mobile games, with a level-based structure. Passing a level will unlock the next one and so on. Each level adds new notes or techniques, as well as speeding up, ultimately teaching you proper sight-reading at the tempo of the given song.

The free version only allows you to play the next level once you completed the previous one. However, the paid version gives you the option of skipping levels if you’d like to do so. This game is available on iOS and Android devices.

eMedia Piano Learning Software

eMedia Piano Learning Software

If you are looking for structured, all-inclusive software to improve your sight reading, then eMedia Piano Learning Software is the best option on the computer.

This app is available on Steam, which is an online software store. This application has not only sight-reading lessons but is a fully-fledged piano tutor. Teaching all the basics of playing piano, techniques, chords, and notation. The application provides immediate interaction when a mistake is made, which helps you better your playing from the get-go.

The app works with digital pianos and acoustic pianos. If you are playing on an acoustic piano, the application will listen using a microphone plugged into the computer, or if you’re on a laptop, it can use the onboard microphone. Unfortunately, it’s only available for the PC.

ABRSM Sight-Reading Trainer


ABRSM is available on iOS and Android, as well as a version online or on the computer. Broken down into five different grades, each progressively becoming more difficult and advanced.

This application has a friendly interface, and the menu is easy to use. Each lesson starts with fun little mini-games that are designed to ease you into the next lesson. This makes learning fun and intuitive, especially if you are easily bored or distracted.

If you want a great app for reading sheet music and playing the piano, this is a great start. Just keep in mind that this app only covers work done in sight-reading exams from grades 1-5. ABRSM Sight-Reading Trainer only costs $4.99.

Note Teacher 

Note teacher

Note teacher has been designed with guitar players in mind. The interface and lesson presentation is easy to understand and explained with guitarists in mind.

The application comes loaded with 32 lessons, and they are all free! Also, it has a built-in practice mode, so you can keep working on perfecting your sight-reading. There’s a decent number of statistics available as well, which can help you zone in on issues with your playing that needs to be bettered.

It provides a large variety of lessons and covers the basics well, but not any advanced lessons. That is what makes it great for beginners or musicians that want a free introduction to sheet music reading. Note Teacher is on Android and iOS for free.

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Best Apps and Games for Learning to Sight Read Music – Final Thoughts

There you have it. Over the course of the last few years, I have learned to not only play piano and read sheet music, but music theory helps improve your playing, no matter the instrument.

Guitarists will benefit from being able to write better, more interesting music, as well as being able to compose their songs onto sheet music. Remember, it is never too late to start learning new things.

Until next time, let your music play.

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