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Top 18 Best Aaron Lewis Songs of All Time

In 2006 Aaron Lewis was ranked #49 in Hit Parade’s Top 100 Heavy Metal Vocalists. This makes a lot of sense when you listen to the seven albums of stunning vocal material he recorded as the lead singer of the hugely successful rock band Staind.

While in Staind, Lewis’s exploration of themes included depression, drug addiction, the pain of loss, and even becoming a father. The group has won numerous awards and has had tremendous success, with singles topping the rock and alternative charts worldwide. 

Best Aaron Lewis Songs of All Time

Changing directions…

So, it’s strange that a guy like that would decide to start a solo career in 2010 as a sort of country-folk musician. Stranger still that he would end up pulling it off quite well. 

But that’s what happened after touring with Kid Rock. He unknowingly rekindled an early influence of Lewis, passed on to him by his grandfather, who loved country music. Since then, Aaron Lewis has released one EP and four full-length studio albums as a solo country artist. 

Several of Aaron Lewis’s top songs have made the country charts. And he has collaborated with several other artists, including Limp Bizkit, Corey Taylor, George Jones, Chris Young, and Charlie Daniels. With that said, here are my picks for the best Aaron Lewis songs of all time


Top 18 Best Aaron Lewis Songs of All Time

1 Burnt the Sawmill Down

Album: State I’m In

This song was originally written by country musician Keith Whitley but never recorded. It somehow ended up in the hands of Aaron Lewis at the time he was recording 2019’s State I’m In.

As with many great country songs, this one has a great story at the heart of it. It tells the tale of a man reminiscing about his beloved town, which he was forced to flee after performing an act of vandalism in retribution for being told he could not court the lady he desired. 

In terms of style… 

We have a beautiful mingling of two eras. The chords and the progression in the intro hunker back to Whitley’s time. But, the vocal delivery and production of the arrangement are much more in keeping with a modern country sound. 

The delivery is spot on; Lewis made this one his own with every single syllable he sang.

2 Tangled Up In You (feat. Alexa Carter)

Album: Town Line 

Hardcore Bob Dylan fans might think this one’s title is a play on words, referencing Dylan’s song “Tangled up in Blue.” I don’t think so, though. What I do think is that it deserves much more attention because it’s one heck of a song. 

This ballad was featured on Lewis’s EP, Town Line, and was undoubtedly a country song the moment you first heard it. However, if you strip away the sonic elements that give it a country sound, you’ll find a gorgeous, simple song that could be placed in any musical context. It simply sounds great.

As for production, this entire EP has a wonderful sound. And the contributions from Alexa Carter are a real treat. All the extra elements are beautifully mixed to accompany the vocal dance between the two singers. It’s country for sure, but you could make it sound great in any context. 

3 Stuck In These Shoes

Album: Sinner 

Sometimes, the songs we can relate to most on tough days are simple songs about simple things. This tune has a slow, old-timey kind of honky-tonk feel to it. But, Lewis manages to imbue it with his particular flavor of emotion to add weight to it. 

All of us are just trying to get to the same places and achieve the same things for ourselves and our loved ones. We have to be the best we can be despite all the bad we may have done or may even do in the future. Now and then, it’s good to remind yourself of your humanity and be a bit messed up for a few minutes, as long as you get up and keep going afterward. 

This song has a lovely slow tempo. And, if you listen to the mix with your eyes closed, you’ll hear some wonderful depth mixed into the guitars. Believe me, take your time with this one, or you’re gonna miss out on one of Aaron Lewis’s best songs.

4 Whiskey And You

Album: Sinner

I guess it’s worth saying that any country musician worth their salt can write a good song about drinking your blues away. It might even be considered a right of passage. Who knows? 

What I know is that this little gem, penned by Chris Stapleton and Thomas Miller, leaves no doubt as to how serious a country musician Aaron Lewis is.

I refer to this one as a gem because it is hidden in obscurity as it was never released as a single. It’s got a beautifully strong melody, and chord changes make for a real slow burner. Drink because you’re lonely, and be lonely because you drink. 

5 Folded Flag

Album: Folded Flag

Something that Lewis has always expressed is tremendous respect and love for the United States Military. This song was merely another form of that expression finally given life through the medium of music.

Lewis performed this song as part of the 2017 “Home & Family Show” on the Hallmark Network. It was written to honor the brave men and women of the US military and the daily sacrifices they make for Americans to enjoy the many freedoms they have. 

This is a beautifully heartfelt and patriotic Aaron Lewis song. And the live performance is a must-watch if this one is one of your favorites. It is certainly one of the best Aaron Lewis songs of all time.

6 Am I The Only One

Album: Am I The Only One

Okay, let’s get the controversial part out of the way. To any Bruce Springsteen fans, if you take offense at this song, then don’t listen to it. I have included it because of its musical merit, and is one of the most popular Aaron Lewis songs. I’m in no way expressing an opinion on anything else. 

Aside from all the controversy surrounding this song, it’s one of the best Aaron Lewis has ever written. It’s got a great sound and contains that brutally honest quality that shines through when Lewis wants it to. 

The song is well-produced and well-performed. But, most of all, it is Lewis’s writing ability that shines here. In terms of performance and achievements, “Am I The Only One” can be viewed as Aaron Lewis’s most successful song

A Protest Song

When it was released as a single in 2021, the protest anthem debuted at #1 on Billboard Hot 100 Country Songs, the ninth song ever to do so. This makes it Lewis’s highest-charting single on the chart. It also debuted at #14 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

This one is worth digging into. Go and give it a listen and watch the music video too. Believe me; you’ll be happy you did. 

7 Sinner

Album: Sinner 

How could we not include this one on a list of the best Aaron Lewis songs of all time? It features arguably, the most famous country musician of all time, Willie Nelson.

“Sinner” contains the distinctive flavor of a man who’s a real country rebel at heart. There’s an unmistakable Hank Williams influence seeping through the arrangement. Especially at the start of the song. 

When the vocals come in, you’re pretty much a goner. All you can do is strap in for the ride as the boys take country back to its roots. The blend between the guitars and drums on this one is absolutely beautiful. 

8 75

Album: The Road 

Sticking to strong opening tracks, we’ve got this hit from 2012’s The Road. “75” is a song that might be considered dense in terms of its production. However, I don’t think it’s an attempt at sounding good by placing a lot of dressing on the song, as some would believe. 

Many great country songs are loved by musicians because of the wonderfully complex arrangements. Sometimes, the arrangements are simple but so layered that they have immense power and depth. 

This song has some great musical accompaniment, which I feel serves to accentuate Aaron’s vocals. A real sonic delight for the ears. Sure, they pulled out all the tricks for this one, and each one of them worked.

9 The Road

Album: The Road  

For some people, the allure of the long open road is what calls them to a certain profession or path in life. But, whether you love or hate it, no one can deny there is something special about just you and the open road. 

This song is a great one to cruise to. You’ll hear it in the first opening bars. It also speaks to much of the loneliness and hardships faced by people who make a living on the road. Therefore, this song will appeal to those listeners. 

10 Granddaddy’s Gun

Album: The Road

This beautiful number is the creative brainchild of Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, and Bobby Pinson. It features a whole slew of country music tools, and each has been utilized to perfection throughout this tune. 

Once again, we have the power of story and nostalgia driving the creative and emotional engine of a song. Aaron Lewis’s grandfather instilled the love of country music in him as a young boy. 

The image of an American flag, a pickup truck, fishing rods, and a river are painted clear as day in this heartfelt tune. All of which come together to show how grateful Lewis feels to have known his grandad. 

11 Endless Summer

Album: The Road

No Aaron Lewis playlist would be complete without this super feel-good smasher. I know there’s a Beach Boys song with the same title and feel. But, I see no shame in admitting to having great influences. 

Furthermore, slapping an up-tempo groovy country feel on this song in such a seemingly effortless fashion, is at the center of what makes this one of Aaron Lewis’s greatest songs

Get some beers on ice and invite some friends over for a feel-good chill session with this song blasting through the speakers, and you’ll be sure to have a pleasant day. “Endless Summer” is one of Lewis’s most important songs since it was his first to breach the top 40 in the Country charts. 

12 Country Boy (feat. Chris Young, George Jones, and Charlie Daniels)

Album: Town Line 

Breaking into a completely different genre after being associated with another must be hard for any artist. Your mind and heart need to be in it. But, Aaron Lewis completely smashed it with his first foray into the country music genre. 

He collaborated with country music legend George Jones and iconic southerner Charlie Daniels to create this smash hit for his debut EP. The song not only serves as a testament to his artistic boldness and willingness to try new things but to his songwriting ability and voice. 

If this one hasn’t reached your ears yet, you need to get out from the rock you live under and get streaming. If this song didn’t convince you that Aaron was serious about Country, then nothing ever will. And, you probably don’t know much about good Country music either.

13 Forever (2012)

14 Massachusetts (2011)

15 Party In Hell (2012)

16 That Ain’t Country (2016)

17 Travelin’ Soldier (2016)

18 Vicious Circles (2011)

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Best Aaron Lewis Songs of All Time – Conclusion

As a performer, singer, writer, and all-around artist, Aaron Lewis have proven himself time and time again. Song after song and album after album. 

Whether it be in the world of Rock n Roll or Country music, here is a man with so much to give. Hopefully, he will keep it up for many more years to come. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks? No one told Aaron.

Until next time, happy listening.

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