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Top 20 Best A$AP Rocky Songs of All Time

Rakim Athelaston Mayes, more famously known as the American rapper, A$AP Rocky, is an institution in the music industry. He is one of the few rappers to bridge the gap between the 2000s Hip-Hop sound to a more experimental Trap-style that we have seen through the 2010s.

His career has been long and lauded. So, trying to pick out the best A$AP Rocky songs of all time is no mean feat. From his first releases in 2011 to right up to today, A$AP has made his mark on the music scene. So, let’s look at some of the tunes that have defined his career so far, starting with…

Best A$AP Rocky Songs of All Time

Top 20 Best A$AP Rocky Songs of All Time

Praise The Lord (Da Shine) feat. Skepta

Praise The Lord (Da Shine)” is a collaboration with UK Grime artist Skepta and is a straight-up Hip-Hop banger. There are no experimental beats or rhymes on this track. 

This pounding 2018 release was from his Testing album and even used a sample from Jam Pack’s “Andean Stroll Panpipe 2” garage track. For me, this is one of A$AP Rocky’s best songs. And, in the eyes of his fans, some think it’s his best.

The catchy chorus hook, the driving flow, the nostalgic lyrics, and that cool sample make this track pop. Some fans prefer Rocky’s more experimental joints, but I like it best when he is rapping in a more standard fashion. In my opinion, this track proves his greatness.

Fuckin’ Problems (feat. Drake, Kendrick Lamar & 2 Chainz)

If you are a rapper collaborating with other artists, Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar would be at the top of your wish list. To get all three with you on one track would be out of this world. And that’s exactly what happened on “Fuckin’ Problems.” 

It was initially released way back in 2012 and was on his 2013 Skyrocket album. It’s a legendary collaboration track that features four of the best to do it.

This award-winning track scooped the BET Award for Best Collaboration and was nominated for the World’s Best Song at the World Music Awards. 

What do I like most about this track?

It’s all about having fun and a good time. Too many of today’s rappers focus too much on rapping about their personal lives, and in my opinion, I prefer good vibes, not self-pity.

Everyday (feat. Rod Stewart, Mark Ronson & Miguel)

When rappers collaborate with Pop stars from the past, it’s not usually with the likes of Rod Stewart, unless you are something special, of course. “Everyday” features a Rod Stewart hook on the chorus and a cameo from Miguel on this Mark Ronson-produced classic. 

The track was released back in 2015 from his At. Long. Last. ASAP album. This might not be standard rap music, but it is very artistic and a great song all around. The way it blends soulful melodies, beautiful singing vocals, and laid-back rap verses makes it very easy on the ear. 

This is one of A$AP Rocky’s most successful songs. It projected him to a wider mainstream audience across the world. It might not be a club banger, but it is reflective and beautiful in the best possible way.

Fashion Killa

Fashion Killa” is another 2013 release from his At. Long. Last. ASAP album. This is the type of song that has stood the test of time and still sounds as good today as it did almost ten years ago. The chilled sound and vocals on the track make it easy to listen to. 

If you check out the official video, you will notice that Rihanna is all over it. And, in my opinion, you can’t beat a bit of eye candy. 

The track uses 27 high fashion brand references and is about how A$AP manages to handle both rap and fashion in the perfect balance. If you want to be a top fashion girl, A$AP gives you the blueprint in the lyrics of this tune. The unique sound and vocal layering make everything perfect.

Wild For the Night (feat. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam)

This is one of A$AP Rocky’s best collaboration songs, and that’s saying something. It’s one of the more unique and experimental tunes.

That’s hardly surprising because the two featured artists, Birdy Nam Nam and Skrillex, are both known for their Dubstep tracks. “Wild For the Night” melded rap and Dubstep like no other track at the time back in 2013.

Because of its experimental sound… 

It’s still interesting to listen to after all these years. The lyrical content covers a wide range of topics, from loneliness and sex to alienation and drug use. 

There are so many things to unwrap here that it takes a good few listen to absorb the subject matter. In terms of introspection, this is one of the best A$AP Rocky songs of all time.


Peso” is one of his older tracks from back in 2011. It was the debut single release from his Live.Love.A$AP album that projected him to prominence back in the day. This is largely considered a breakout A$AP Rocky song that let people know what the rapper was all about. 

His lyrical dexterity and amazing flows on this track shaped what a great technical rapper he was. And he is still kind of underrated in that regard, even today, for some reason. 

This is a classic A$AP Rocky song for long-time fans and one that still sits well in his catalog more than a decade on. Although it’s one of his older tracks, it’s cool how fresh it still sounds today. But, I suppose that is the mark of a great artist.

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2 

This dark and sinister track perfectly blends a hard yet slow tempo beat and hardcore rhyme schemes that fall off the bone with no effort at all. 

Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” was the follow-up track to another popular joint, “Pretty Flacko.” The track is from his 2015 At. Long. Last. ASAP album and rocks like a mountain.

The instrumental production is top-grade, and what makes it so successful. I have included it on the list because it often gets overlooked by A$AP fans, and I didn’t want to make that same mistake. Everything about this track is faultless to a tee, and that’s a great compliment.

Multiply (feat. Juicy J)

Juicy J is the artist that A$AP has collaborated with most during his career. “Multiply” with Juicy J is the latest in a line of collaborations between the duo that also includes “Freaky,” “Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep,” “Wavybone,” “Feed the Streets,” “Yamborghini High,” and “Scholarship.” 

I always think this track has a more Trap vibe than rap. And, considering this came out in 2015, it was quite a fresh tune at the time and something a bit different.

Because of its experimental vibe, it sounds just as good today as it did when released. Rocky’s hype flows, and high intensity makes this track a banger. I love the way he acrobatically rides on the beat in a way that outmatches any other rapper from that time. 


Goldie” has unique vocals and was the second track from his Long.Live.A$AP album in 2013. When I first heard the track, it was the first time that I realized he could rap like that. 

The vocals don’t get any better than this regarding flow, lyrical content, and delivery. The beat is well produced and is quite slick, although stripped down and basic.

It’s songs like this… 

With a new and experimental feel that made A$AP such a legendary person in the game. He has never been too scared to push the boundaries or do something different. 

During this time, rap music was changing. So, it was even more important to try something new. It was a risk at the time, but he who dares wins. 

Babushka Boi

The Russian word “babushka” seems to have a few different meanings. In a Kate Bush song, Babushka meant an attractive older woman. In “Babushka Boi,” the word is translated to mean a Russian headscarf. 

And anyone that knows anything about Rocky will inform you that he has started using this female fashion accessory to cover a scar on his face.

It’s a newer track from his 2023 album, Need For Speed Unbound. In all honesty, it’s a top-notch track that lives up to and, in some cases, exceeds his earlier stuff. 

If you listen to the lyrics…

He refers to the gangster Tony Montana from the famous Scarface movie numerous times. I was starting to get worried about the Rock, but after hearing this joint, I am confident that he’s back to his mercurial best.

Fukk Sleep (feat. FKA Twigs)

Fukk Sleep” featuring FKA Twigs is a more experimental tune that sounds more Trap than rap inspired. 

It’s a banger from his 2018 Testing album and is one of the hardest A$AP Rocky songs released in recent years. Even though it’s quite a tough track, it has a slow, sinister tempo that slithers like a bass-heavy slug on pills.

It’s about how much he’s worked to get himself into this position…

And nobody can argue with that. A$AP Rocky has been one of the hardest-working rappers in the industry over the past decade. With a catchy chorus, hard verses, and a strange hard but chilled vibe, this is one of his most interesting tracks over the past few years. 


If you didn’t already realize it, this track is an ode to acid, also known as LSD. All his fans know about the struggles he had with narcotics over the years. 

The days of getting tipsy off beer and weed are in the past and have been replaced by harder drugs. “L$D” is experimental and definitely a new style of psychedelic rap style that I had never heard before.

This track is about Rocky’s love for acid…

…also, his love for women. It has a chilled and relaxing vibe that puts you in a trance if you are not careful. Or, maybe that is exactly why you like it in the first place. 

I have never listened to this track while on LSD, so I should probably not talk too much about it until I have. Apart from that, this is one of A$AP Rocky’s most innovative songs that still has me thinking today.

No Limit

No Limit” is a more standard Hip-Hop track when compared to some of his more experimental ventures. It was released in 2017 and is not technically an A$AP tune. It is a G-Eazy track that features both Rocky and Cardi B. 

However, it deserves a place on this list because of its quality and commercial success. And, although it might not be the deepest track ever in terms of lyrical content, the flows and delivery are flawless.

It’s short, sweet, raw, honest, and completely street… 

These are three of the best rappers from this era, so to have them all on one track is something to remember. It was released from the G-Eazy album, The Beautiful & Damned, and if you get a chance to catch that whole album, make sure you do because it’s a banger right across the board.


When it comes to creative A$AP tracks, this is one of his most unique. It doesn’t even sound like rap at all and has more of an up-tempo Soul vibe that makes for the perfect summer tune. 

Sundress” is one of his newer tracks and was initially released in 2018 from his ALL $miles album. It’s produced by one of the best rap beat makers of all time, Danger Mouse. And, once you know that, the entire vibe makes sense. 

Tracks like this make Rocky such a rounded artist in a musical sense. It’s easy to see why some music critics don’t know how to categorize him, but perhaps that’s where they are going wrong. Just listen to it and enjoy it, and you will be in a happier place. 

A$AP Forever (feat. Moby)

As we already know, A$AP Rocky has some of the most unique collaborations between rappers and other Popstars

On “A$AP Forever,” he collaborated with dance music producer Moby and uses a sample from his track “Porcelain.” The dreamy vibes and strings will take you into another dimension.

I think this is one of A$AP Rocky’s most beautiful songs regarding the beat and lyrics. When I’ve had a tough day and want to kick back and relax, I put this track on. 


As a modern music artist, if you make it on a GTA game, you’ve made it to the big time. When Grand Theft Auto V came out, it quickly became the biggest and best game of all time. And “R-Cali” was a track he made specifically for the game. If you don’t know your Trevor Philips enterprises from your Lamar Davis disses, you don’t know what you are missing out on.

It perfectly blends rap and Trap to create a tune that is so LA that it fits perfectly with GTA-V. If you drive long distances or you are cruising around South Central, this tune is the perfect foil.

Canal St. (feat. Bones)

Canal St.” featuring Bones is a rap that constantly talks about a certain street in New York that is home to bootleg stores and art shops. 

It was a 2015 release from his At. Long. Last. ASAP album that helped to launch his career into the mainstream. Although the tune is far from poppy, it is catchy and rhythmic.

It might not stand up to some of his more popular tracks. But it’s the simple beat and cool flows that make this track so memorable. And, if you wanted to know where Rocky gets his gold chains from, this is the street that has it all. 


This is one of the best A$AP Rocky songs of all time if you are a fan of his more reflective and introspective cuts. 

Angels” is another one of his older tracks that references his days growing up in the hood and all the drugs and violence that naturally come with that life. The truth is that he survived those hard streets to drop gems on you like this beauty.

Some think “Angel” is what Rocky used to call the people who would sell drugs for him. But, as far as I know, he’s never confirmed that. He made this song back in 2013, and in many respects, you can tell. It was before its time but now sounds like it belongs in the modern music scene. 

Cocky (feat. London On Da Track)

The word “cocky” is a very English phrase that refers to someone who is playfully arrogant in a nice way. The track, Cocky, features 21 Savage and Gucci Mane, and in all honesty, is unlike any other Rocky track. That’s the only reason it features so low on my list, or it would be much higher than that.

The chorus might be too repetitive in spots. But the overall verses from the three rappers are very good. Everyone on this cut performs impressively and is more of a sum of all its parts.

Good For You

Good For You” is a Selena Gomez track that A$AP appears on. It’s from Selena’s 2015 album, Revival, and was a very big commercial success. 

It perfectly merges rap and Pop in the most modern sense and will have you nodding your head throughout its entirety. The lyrics are very positive and are about feeling good and making yourself look good for your significant other.

A$AP doesn’t very often collaborate with female vocalists… 

But, when he does, it’s usually to great effect. I love this track and was quite surprised at the time by how well Selena’s vocals meshed with Rocky’s raps. It’s a cool combo that you should check out if you’ve never heard of it before. 

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Best A$AP Rocky Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

The greatest A$AP Rocky songs ever just go to show how the artist has grown and evolved over the past decade or more. Whether collaborating with other top rappers, or Popstars, or rapping by himself, he never fails to impress. 

His ability to adapt and change his game has ensured his longevity and legendary status. The way he has blended rap and Trap-style genres pretty much changed the genre.

Rocky has been at the forefront of rap since 2011. And it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. For sure, his music has changed over the years, but so has the scene. Here’s to another decade of success going forward. It’s going to be interesting to see what A$AP comes up with next.

Until next time, happy listening.

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