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50 Best 3 Doors Down Songs

The Rock Music industry in the US had a real slump from the late 1980s onward. Urban Music began to take over the Pop Music markets and the music industry in general. American Rock Music became overproduced and a bit too glittery. Thank god that American Rock bands like 3 Doors Down started to bring a bit more humph and integrity back into the music around the beginning of the millennia.

The 10 best 3 doors down songs are heavy, pulsating, soft in spots, and have a real purpose like any good Rock band. They rose to prominence in 2000 and have gone on to sell over 30 million units worldwide during their illustrious career. 

Their debut studio album, The Better Life, was released in 2000 and sold over six million copies, which is amazing for a debut LP. So, let’s take a look at some of the greatest 3 Doors Down songs ever made, starting with the classic…

10 Best 3 Doors Down Songs

50 Best 3 Doors Down Songs

[nb]1[/nb] Kryptonite 


It’s hardly surprising to fans that “Kryptonite” is at the apex of this list. If any other tracks were in prime position on this list of 3 Doors Down top 10 songs, I might have gotten lynched by fans. Energetic, aggressive, up-tempo, purposeful, and even melodic. Those are just a few words to describe this song. It was the main single from their debut album and many people’s first introduction to the band.

The lyrics are about questioning the loyalty of someone close to you. Will your people be there for you when you are down and out and in a bad way? It’s a tough question and is the cornerstone of the meaning of this song. 

The song got massive exposure on MTV’s TRL at the time. But that is largely because it’s a great song with deep lyrics and a pulsating Rock instrumental. All of that is why this track is in the top spot.

[nb]2[/nb] When I’m Gone


“When I’m Gone” is a slower-paced Rock track that comes alive and gets more hype in the chorus. Will you love me when I’m gone? The subject of the lyrics is straightforward. It’s only natural to want to know whether you will be loved when you are gone. And whether you can trust those around you when you are not there. A touch of paranoia? Maybe, but real as anything.

The instrumental is Hard Rock with lashings of Grunge thrown in for good measure. “When I’m Gone” was a single from their second studio album, Away From The Sun, which was released in 2002. This is the sort of track that hardcore Rock fans in the USA love. The cool vocals, the jarring guitar riffs, and the driving drums are all stars of the show here.

[nb]3[/nb] Here Without You


One thing you will notice about the 10 best 3 Doors Down songs is they all have a bit of Grunge inspiration. Even though that genre had already fizzled out in the mid-1990s. “Here Without You” has all those hardcore Rock and Grunge elements that were the hallmark of their sound in the early 2000s. At the same time, it’s still poppy and even a bit softer in some parts. It’s a fantastically balanced song.

“Here Without You” was one of their early single releases from their debut album, and it’s the sort of track that really made their name. It’s an emotional roller-coaster of a track. One that will have you up and head-banging one moment, then contemplating life seconds later. Some fans might even have this track in the top spot. 

[nb]4[/nb] Here By Me


“Here By Me” is possibly my favorite 3 Doors Down song. It’s a sad and heartbreaking song that talks about losing the love of someone and desperately wanting them back. Most people can relate to these types of situations. Lyrics like these can help people get through tough times. So, it’s hardly surprising this is one of the best 3 Doors Down songs of all time

This emotional rock love ballad was a single from their 2005 album entitled Seventeen Days. It’s one of their more radio-friendly songs, as it’s slower-paced and more melodic than the majority of their other tracks. The controlled vocals might sound soft, but that’s what makes them powerful, and it’s that controlled sorrow that makes this track compulsive listening. 

[nb]5[/nb] Let Me Go


“Let Me Go” is also from their Seventeen Days album and is one of the more Pop-sounding rock tracks from that LP. Alternative Rock sounds prevalent around that time are prominent in this song. 

Here’s a cool side fact. This track was supposed to be used in the 2004 Spider-Man 2 motion picture, but it didn’t make the cut. So, the band held it back. They loved it so much and wanted to use it on their album. Waste not, want not, and thank goodness they did.

If you wanted to bottle the perfect 3 Doors Down sound and throw it in the ocean for Pacific islanders to find washed up on their shores, this is the type of vibe that epitomizes them as a group. Their formula of soft and slower verses and ball-busting choruses that up the volume and tempo is evident in this colossal track.

[nb]6[/nb] Away From The Sun


The Alternative Rock sound is a key factor in the vibe of this track. “Away From The Sun” is a single from their album of the same name that came out in 2002. Lyrically, this introspective song delves into the dark times in life. Lead singer and songwriter Brad Arnold talks about the dark things going on in his life at the time. So, the song meant a great deal to the band and his fans in general.

What I like about this song is that the bass and guitars are so far back in the mix that it creates a unique vibe and sound. The versatility in the vocals is awesome as he holds notes that spark emotion deep in your soul. Sure, it’s a very sad and somber affair. But, so is life sometimes. And art always replicates life or the other way around.

[nb]7[/nb] Loser


“Loser” is another heartfelt track from their debut multi-platinum-selling The Better Life album in 2000. They touch on real-life subjects in their lyrics. The lyrics are about a friend who is having issues staying sober. It’s another subject that many people can relate to or know someone or a family member with these issues. 

The feel of “Loser” is that of an Alternative Rock ballad in the post-Grunge era. Battling with addiction is no joke. Anyone who’s dealt with that knows the score. This touching, moving, and emotional song might be difficult listening to some. But I absolutely loved it and still do.

[nb]8[/nb] It’s Not My Time


Sometimes, their music is so sad, depressing, and melancholic that I have to be in a certain mood to listen. However, “It’s Not My Time” is one of their more positive, optimistic, and inspirational tracks. 

The Alternative Hard Rock sound permeates your being and makes you want to stand up and fight against the evils of the world. The song is about not going along with convention and not doing what everybody wants or expects you to do. 

“It’s Not My Time” was the lead and official single from their self-titled 2008 album. If you are ready to give up on life and throw it all down the drain, put this track on. It will galvanize you and make you more resilient to fight back. That’s a message that everyone needs at some point in their lives.

[nb]9[/nb] Duck and Run


“Duck and Run” is the perfect track if you love a bit of Alternative Metal. It’s another song about the world being against you and how you need to fight back against it. This inspirational track will give you the tools to deal with being outnumbered in life. This is one of their smoothest and softest instrumentals, in my opinion, but all of a sudden, it gets more aggressive and hardcore in the chorus.

“Duck and Run” is another single from their debut album. One that really put the band on the Rock Music industry map. It’s an important song in the development of their career. But it also sounds great and has some stunning lead vocals that hit hard.

[nb]10[/nb] Be Like That


When I listen to this song, I can’t help but think that this type of sound is like an amalgamation of Nirvana and Metallica. “Be Like That” is a very interesting piece of music. It’s like Hard Rock and Grunge met one drunken night, had sex, and this is their lovechild. That’s some serious compliment right there to be compared to two of the greatest American Rock bands of all time.

Although it was featured on their debut album, it was also featured in the popular American Pie 2 movie and was even changed to fit the film. The instruments are amazing on this track, with a special focus on the bass and the lead guitar parts.

[nb]11[/nb]It’s Not My Time


[nb]12[/nb]The Road I’m On


[nb]13[/nb]Citizen Soldier


[nb]14[/nb]When I’m Gone


[nb]15[/nb]Let Me Be Myself


[nb]16[/nb]Landing in London


[nb]17[/nb]It’s the Only One You’ve Got


[nb]18[/nb]My Way


[nb]19[/nb]Every Time You Go




[nb]21[/nb]Life of My Own




[nb]23[/nb]The Real Life


[nb]24[/nb]Give It to Me


[nb]25[/nb]Your Arms Feel Like Home


[nb]26[/nb]Still Alive


[nb]27[/nb]One Light


[nb]28[/nb]Believe It


[nb]29[/nb]I Feel You


[nb]30[/nb]On the Run


[nb]31[/nb]Never Will I Break


[nb]32[/nb]Dangerous Game


[nb]33[/nb]Back to Me


[nb]34[/nb]The Silence Remains


[nb]35[/nb]These Days


[nb]36[/nb]Behind Those Eyes


[nb]37[/nb]Race for the Sun


[nb]38[/nb]Something’s Always Wrong


[nb]39[/nb]Be Somebody






[nb]42[/nb]Round and Round


[nb]43[/nb]By My Side




[nb]45[/nb]In the Dark


[nb]46[/nb]Love Me When I’m Gone


[nb]47[/nb]You’re Not Alone


[nb]48[/nb]The Mountain


[nb]49[/nb]I Don’t Want to Know


[nb]50[/nb]The Better Life

[yt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4clQPRTsh8Q[/yt]

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10 Best 3 Doors Down Songs – Final Thoughts

3 Doors Down did their part to help American Rock Music recover in the 2000s after it had slumped for a few years. The Top 10 3 Doors Down songs are essentially a mix of alternative rock, grudge, and rock ballads. 

Their massive record sales over the years prove you don’t have to be in the upper echelons of the Hot 100 Billboard charts to make a name for yourself. Or, leave your fingerprints on the music industry.

They started as a band in 1996 and released their debut album in 2000. During their career, they released six studio albums, with the last, Us And The Night, in 2016. In 2018, lead singer Brad Arnold told fans that the band was making a seventh album. But it has not been released so far. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is not the end of the road for 3 Doors Down.

Until next time, happy listening.

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