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Top 50 Best 2 Live Crew Songs of All Time

When I first heard the Miami Rap group 2 Live Crew, I couldn’t believe how they got away with saying the things they said. They are easily the filthiest rap group ever in terms of rude and sexually explicit content and lyrics that could even make Cardi B blush. They could even match NWA for the title of the most controversial rap group ever. But they did it with a vibrator in hand instead of an AK47.

The best 2 Live Crew songs of all time could put your granny into therapy. They were massively censored during the late 1980s and early 1990s and had a reputation that preceded them. The group members were Luck Campbell, Mr. Mixx, Fresh Kid Ice, and Brother Marquis. 

So, let’s prepare ourselves mentally to tackle the best 2 Live Crew songs without drifting into the realms of sexual degeneracy, starting with…

Best 2 Live Crew Songs of All Time

Top 50 Best 2 Live Crew Songs of All Time

Me So Horny

“Me So Horny” might well be the most famous 2 Live Crew song. You’d think it would never make the radio or the Pop charts because of its sexually explicit content. But a radio-friendly edit proved otherwise. 

The title of this track tells you what it’s all about and doesn’t try to be something it’s not. This 2 Live Crew song epitomized what they were all about. It was from their 1987 album, 2 Live Is What We Are, but was released as a single in January 1989. Some fans might not have it at the top of this list, but for me, it’s the perfect example of the 2 Live Crew vibe.

When I heard it at the time, I remember thinking that this can’t possibly be a serious song, right? Wrong! The irony is that this song peaked at #1 on the US Hot 100 Rap Tracks Charts and even made it to #26 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts. But this was before the authorities realized what they were dealing with and began to censor the crew.

We Want Some Pu$$y

If you didn’t know much about old-school rap, you might have mistaken this for RUN DMC. And, if you did, you were seriously mistaken. The rap style of “We Want Some Pu$$y” might sound very similar to the rap that was coming from New York in the late-1980s, but this one was 2 Live Crew Miami style. 

It samples RUN DMC’s “It’s Tricky,” so it’s not a bad thing to think about the similarities, although lyrics are not one of them. To be fair, this is the sort of thought that straight men think about all the time (every eight seconds) but don’t mention so much in conversation. 

It came out in 1986 from their The 2 Live Is What We Are album. The song is about finding and getting some pu$$y, and it’s pretty raw. So, if you are a bit soft or easily upset, keep away from it. If not, have a listen and laugh at the misogyny and absurdity of it all.

Hoochie Mama

“Hoochie Mama” is my favorite track of theirs for several reasons. I love this up-tempo Hip-Hop style that is the Miami bass sound. It was one of their later tracks and was included on the soundtrack for the movie motion picture Friday. The term “hoochie mama” should be self-explanatory if you know your street slang. If not, listen to the lyrics, and you will understand it perfectly.

By 1995, 2 Live Crew had become known as the most dangerous rap group in the world, but not because they are gangsters. They had become heavily censored at the time and were struggling to get into the charts, but that all comes with the territory. 

Pop That Pu$$y

“Pop That Pu$$y” might be one of the dirtiest raps ever made, and that’s the upside. The chorus is catchy as hell, but if you sing it in public, you might get arrested for indecency or put on the sex offenders register. I suppose we can say it was the lead single for their 1991 album, Sports Weekend (As Nasty as They Wanna Be Part III)

The song is also sometimes referred to as “Pop That Coochie,” which is slang for pu$$y and the best way to circumnavigate the censors. It did reach #58 on the Hot 100 Billboard Charts in the US, but it received hardly any radio play for obvious reasons. So, in reality, it did quite well, considering its lack of exposure in the mainstream. 

Dirty Nursery Rhymes

I don’t know what you expect from this track considering its title, but it does what it says on the can. “Dirty Nursery Rhymes” is a song that you should never play to kids or the easily offended. It was released in 1989 from the As Nasty as They Wanna Be album, and at the time, it was obviously controversial because of the subject matter.

This is not a deep and meaningful song by any stretch of the imagination. But it is fun to hear the emcees make dirty versions of nursery rhymes. And I just had to include it among the best 2 Live Crew songs of all time.

One And One

“One And One” uses the melody from The Kinks’ song “All Day and All Of the Night” with altered lyrics that pretty much corrupt the original in the best possible way. It was a 1988 single from their Move Somethin’ album. You can’t compare it to Nas, Biggie, or Tupac. But, to be fair, 2 Live Crew had their niche and knew who they were and what their audience wanted.

The minimalist instrumental is very similar to most Hip-Hop that was coming out at the time. That was before we started to hear jazzier samples and the birth of boom-bap. But, if you are looking for a bit of fun, this is one of the most popular 2 Live Crew songs and a big reason why they had the success they did.

Do Wah Diddy

This is another track that used an older sample for the melody. “Do Wah Diddy” used a sample from Manfred Man’s song of the same name and came up with something so filthy that you have to listen. It’s a song about dirty women who have STDs and other things going on between their legs.

I would suggest that you listen to this song on an empty stomach. Don’t listen to it after eating sushi, that’s for sure! It originally came out in 1988 from their Move Somethin’ album. I still have mental scars now from listening to it back in the day. 

The F**k Shop

“The F**k Shop” is another deprived track that epitomized their style. It’s safe to say that the radio version is much more palatable than the “nasty” version. But who wants to watch a horror movie without the gore? That’s a rhetorical question. This is another one of their earlier releases from 1989, which is quite possibly when they were at their disgusting best.

“The F**k Shop” is slang for a brothel, so you can already see where this is going. And it’s not one of those classy and scented brothels either. I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination after you have heard the lyrics. 

Get It Girl

“Get It Girl” is one of their earliest tracks from The 2 Live is What We Are album in 1986. One listen to the instrumental, and the music style sounds like the type of Hip-Hop that Afrika Bambaataa used to make. But, obviously, replacing the conscious lyrics with absolute filth. 

It was a hit song by 2 Live Crew when it came out, but it’s a bit of a forgotten gem nowadays. It sounds very dated, and maybe that’s why fans don’t talk about it so often. Have a listen to see what you think. 

Shake a Lil Somethin’

Last but not least, we have the “nasty” version of “Shake a Lil Somethin’.” If you wanted to bottle that high-octane and up-tempo Miami bass sound from the late 1980s and 1990s, this should be your go-to track. This is one of their later tracks that came out in 1996 from the album of the same name.

By this time, their reputation with the authorities and censors was at a fever pitch. But did these guys scale down their filth to make something a bit more palatable? Hell no, of course not. And, if you think they did, you have not been listening.

Take It Off

Throw The ‘D’

Ghetto Bass

Banned In The USA

Pretty Woman

Hey Jack!

Dance Like A Ho

The Real One

Mr. Mixx On The Mixx

Me So Horny (Clean Radio Edit)

Get Loose Now


Put Her In The Buck

Boyz With Da Bass


Word II

Ride With Me (Bottom Style)

Be My Private Dancer

F**k It (I Don’t Want You Back)

Sex, I Like It, I Love It

Do It Baby


Bill So Horny

Break It On Down

In The Dust

Dick Almighty

Skeeta Man

The 2 Live Crew Mega Mixx II

We Want Some P**** (Clean Radio Edit)

Some Hot Head

The Bomb Has Dropped

Shake Your Pants

Shake A Lil’ Somethin’ (Clean Radio Edit)

Freaks Inherit The Earth

Yakety Yak

Living In America


Doo Doo Brown

Do The Damn Thing

Ghetto Joint

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Best 2 Live Crew Songs of All Time – Final Thoughts

2 Live Crew’s greatest songs of all time were disgustingly sexual and filthy in the best possible way. They might not be your cup of tea, but they served a purpose at the time. 2 Live were all about partying and having a good time, which pretty much personifies Miami and Florida in general. 

They’ve not made an album since The Real One in 1998, so I think that ship has sailed. However, they do reform from time to time to perform live gigs and tours, so they are still out there somewhere. Are they the dirtiest rap group of all time? Most definitely! But don’t say that like it’s a bad thing.

Until next time, happy listening.

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