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Bertie Higgins Facts

Bertie Higgins: The Man Behind the Velvet Voice


The music industry is full of surprises, and Bertie Higgins is just one of them. A true icon of the ’80s music scene, Bertie dominated the charts with his unique style of music, captivating audiences with his velvety voice and soulful storytelling. With hits that have stood the test of time, Bertie Higgins remains a household name in the music industry.

Singer’s Bio

Bertie Higgins was born on December 8, 1944, in Tarpon Springs, Florida. His love for music was evident from an early age, and he started singing in the local church choir when he was just six years old. After finishing high school, Bertie decided to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of Florida. While at college, he formed a music band and started performing in local clubs and bars.


Bertie Higgins is currently 76 years old. He was born in 1944.

Relationships and Children

Bertie Higgins is a private person, and he has managed to keep his personal life away from the public eye. There is no information on his relationship status or whether he has any children.


Bertie Higgins’ height is not publicly known, but he appears to be of average height.


Bertie Higgins had a successful career in the music industry. His music is a blend of various genres, including pop, rock, and country, with a touch of Caribbean influence. Some of the highlights of his career include:

– In 1981, Bertie released his debut album, “Just Another Day in Paradise,” which reached platinum status in the United States and Canada. The album featured his hit single, “Key Largo,” which topped the charts and became his signature song.
– In 1982, Bertie released his second album, “Yanks,” which featured the hit singles, “Casablanca” and “Port O’ Call.”
– In 1983, Bertie released his third album, “Back to the Island,” which featured the hit singles, “Pirate Lady” and “The Tropics.”
– In 1985, Bertie released his fourth album, “Goodnight Berlin,” which featured the hit single, “Berlin Tango.”
– In 1987, Bertie released his fifth album, “The Best of Bertie Higgins: Then and Now,” which featured his greatest hits.

Top Songs

Bertie Higgins has had several hit songs throughout his career. Here are some of his top songs:

– “Key Largo”
– “Casablanca”
– “Port O’ Call”
– “Pirate Lady”
– “The Tropics”
– “Just Another Day in Paradise”
– “Goodnight Berlin”
– “Berlin Tango”

Net worth

Bertie Higgins’ net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. His wealth has primarily come from his successful music career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How did Bertie Higgins come up with his stage name?

Bertie Higgins was born Elbert Joseph Higgins, but he decided to use “Bertie” as his stage name. He came up with the name after his grandmother, Bertha, who was a huge inspiration to him. He combined her name with his own to create “Bertie,” and the name has stuck ever since.

2. Was “Key Largo” based on a true story?

Yes, “Key Largo” was based on a true story. Bertie Higgins was inspired to write the song after visiting Key Largo, Florida, and hearing about a young woman who had disappeared from the island. The song tells the story of a man who is searching for his lost love in Key Largo.

3. How did Bertie Higgins get discovered?

Bertie Higgins was discovered by Larry Uttal, the president of Private Stock Records, after one of his performances. Uttal was impressed by Bertie’s talent and signed him to his label. This led to the release of Bertie’s debut album, “Just Another Day in Paradise.”

4. What inspired Bertie Higgins to become a musician?

Bertie Higgins’ love for music was inspired by his family and his upbringing. He grew up in a musical family, and his mother was a pianist. Bertie also credits his father, who was a sailor, for inspiring him with stories of his travels around the world.

5. Has Bertie Higgins won any awards?

Although Bertie Higgins has not won any major awards, he has been nominated for several awards throughout his career. In 1983, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance for his hit song, “Key Largo.”

6. Does Bertie Higgins still perform today?

Yes, Bertie Higgins still performs today. He has continued to tour and perform his music to his fans around the world. He has also released new albums and music over the years.

7. What is Bertie Higgins’ signature style of music?

Bertie Higgins’ music is a blend of various genres, including pop, rock, and country, with a touch of Caribbean influence. His songs often tell stories with romantic and tropical themes.

8. What was Bertie Higgins’ biggest hit?

Bertie Higgins’ biggest hit was “Key Largo,” which reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1982.

9. What are some of Bertie Higgins’ other hit songs?

Some of Bertie Higgins’ other hit songs include “Casablanca,” “Port O’ Call,” “Pirate Lady,” “The Tropics,” “Just Another Day in Paradise,” “Goodnight Berlin,” and “Berlin Tango.”

10. Has Bertie Higgins ever acted?

Yes, Bertie Higgins has acted in several films and television shows. He appeared in the films “Body Slam” and “Arizona Heat” and the TV series “Miami Vice.”

11. Does Bertie Higgins write all his own songs?

Yes, Bertie Higgins writes all his own songs. He is known for his storytelling abilities and often incorporates his own experiences and travels into his music.

12. What are some of Bertie Higgins’ hobbies?

Bertie Higgins is an avid sailor and often incorporates his love for the ocean into his music. He is also a skilled pilot and enjoys flying planes in his spare time.

13. Has Bertie Higgins ever collaborated with other artists?

Yes, Bertie Higgins has collaborated with other artists over the years. He has worked with musicians such as Jimmy Buffett, Kevin Costner, and David Cassidy.

14. Where can I see Bertie Higgins perform live?

Bertie Higgins often tours and performs at various venues around the world. You can check his website or social media pages for upcoming tour dates and ticket information.

15. What is Bertie Higgins’ favorite song?

Bertie Higgins has stated that his favorite song is “Key Largo.” He has said that the song holds a special place in his heart and reminds him of his childhood and growing up in Florida.

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