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Bellamy Brothers Facts

The Bellamy Brothers: A Country Music Legacy

Singer’s Bio

The Bellamy Brothers, made up of brothers David and Howard, are a legendary American country music duo. They were born and raised in Darby, Florida, and began their career in music in the 1970s.


David Bellamy was born on September 16, 1950, and Howard Bellamy was born on February 2, 1946. As of 2021, David is 71 years old, and Howard is 75 years old.


David and Howard Bellamy have been married to their respective spouses for over 40 years. David is married to Susan Bellamy, and Howard is married to Linda Bellamy.


David and Susan Bellamy have two children – Jesse Daniel Bellamy and David Ashley Bellamy. Howard and Linda Bellamy have four children – Brooke Bellamy, Kelli Bellamy, Ashley Bellamy, and Jenny Bellamy.


David Bellamy stands at 6 feet tall, while Howard Bellamy stands at 5 feet 11 inches.


The Bellamy Brothers began their career in music in the 1970s and hit their peak in the 1980s. They have released over 30 albums and had over 50 singles on the country music charts. Some of their most popular songs include “Let Your Love Flow,” “Redneck Girl,” and “Old Hippie.”

Top Songs

– Let Your Love Flow (1976)
– If I Said You Had a Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me (1979)
– You Ain’t Just Whistlin’ Dixie (1982)
– Redneck Girl (1982)
– Old Hippie (1985)

Net Worth

David and Howard Bellamy are estimated to have a combined net worth of $40 million. They have achieved this through their successful music career, touring, and various business ventures.


1. How did the Bellamy Brothers get their start in music?

David and Howard Bellamy grew up around music and taught themselves how to play a variety of instruments. They began performing in local clubs and bars in their hometown of Darby, Florida, and eventually made their way to Nashville, where they were offered a record deal.

2. What is the Bellamy Brothers’ most successful song?

The Bellamy Brothers’ most successful song is “Let Your Love Flow,” which was a number one hit on the country and pop music charts in 1976.

3. How many albums have the Bellamy Brothers released?

The Bellamy Brothers have released over 30 albums throughout their career.

4. When did the Bellamy Brothers hit their peak in popularity?

The Bellamy Brothers hit their peak in popularity in the 1980s, with a string of hit songs such as “Redneck Girl” and “Old Hippie.”

5. What is the Bellamy Brothers’ net worth?

The Bellamy Brothers are estimated to have a combined net worth of $40 million.

6. Are the Bellamy Brothers still touring?

Yes, the Bellamy Brothers are still actively touring and performing around the world.

7. Have the Bellamy Brothers won any awards?

Yes, the Bellamy Brothers have won numerous awards and honors throughout their career, including two CMA awards and a Grammy nomination.

8. How many songs have the Bellamy Brothers had on the country music charts?

The Bellamy Brothers have had over 50 songs on the country music charts throughout their career.

9. What kind of music do the Bellamy Brothers play?

The Bellamy Brothers play country music, with a unique sound that blends country, pop, and rock influences.

10. Are the Bellamy Brothers related to any other famous musicians?

No, the Bellamy Brothers are not related to any other famous musicians.

11. What is the message behind the Bellamy Brothers’ music?

The Bellamy Brothers’ music often reflects their rural upbringing and celebrates small-town life, family, and love.

12. What is the Bellamy Brothers’ most emotional song?

One of the Bellamy Brothers’ most emotional songs is “I Need More of You,” which was released in 1985 and is a love song about needing someone to complete your life.

13. What is the Bellamy Brothers’ most underrated song?

One of the Bellamy Brothers’ most underrated songs is “Do You Love as Good as You Look,” which was released in 1982 and is a fun, upbeat song about falling in love.

14. What is the Bellamy Brothers’ legacy in music?

The Bellamy Brothers are celebrated as pioneers in country music and have made a lasting impact on the genre with their unique sound and lyrics.

15. What advice would the Bellamy Brothers give to aspiring musicians?

The Bellamy Brothers’ advice to aspiring musicians is to stay true to who they are and their own unique sound, work hard, and never give up on their dreams.

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