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Beats Studio Buds Review

It’s been more than a decade since Beats first started producing the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre studio-quality headphones. Since then, things have only gotten bigger and better. 

Beats grew to the point where Apple had to spend an obscene amount of money to acquire them in 2014. Known for the unique flair and an emphasis on style, Beats headphones, earbuds, and even the cables have become as recognizable as a Pepsi can.

Luckily, all that bling had the bang to back it. Beats products have been praised for good audio quality and features. No doubt many of these successes had flops that proceeded them, but this happens to the very best.

Pushing to be the best…

Earbuds are one field where Beats pushed hard to be the best from the very beginning. Many of their models are aimed at active users. And they quickly gained popularity as secure fitting and great-sounding earbuds.

Later models saw them branching out to all kinds of pockets and lifestyles. Some choices proved more popular than others. But, overall, they’ve got many thumbs up from users, who’ve become loyal over their nearly 17-year existence.

Are they worth the money?

At around $150, the new Studio Buds from Beats don’t fall in the cheap range. But, also can’t be labeled as crazy expensive. However, they have a lot of stiff competition.

The range of features, sound quality, and battery power available to users for $150 is quite wide. So, I decided to find out how these earbuds stacked up in my in-depth Beats Studio Buds Review.

Design and Build

Beats Studio Buds
Our rating:4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

The Studio Buds come in Black, Red, and White. Regardless of which one you pick, the finish will be matte. All three look fantastic, so take your pick.


Upon opening the small and well-designed packaging, you’ll be greeted with some small but legible infographics and a USB C-type cable. Some users might be disappointed that it’s not lightning. But you can’t have everything, right?

Sadly, the cable is very short, and most users will likely seek a replacement for permanent charging.

The Studio buds come with three pairs of silicone tips. You’ll find the small and large pairs encased in a carton flap, while the medium ones are fitted to the earbuds by default. Finally, in true Beats fashion, since it’s always a bit about style, too, you get a Beats Sticker.

The case…

While being larger compared to predecessors, it is by no means bulky. Its smooth design makes it attractive to the eye but also comfortable when in your pocket.

One downside is the surface. It appears smooth but is very slippery in your hand. The best way to describe it is that the surface makes it hard to get a grip on the case.

Something Strange

The shape of the earbuds is one of the most unique designs of any earbud. While the word “strange” is the one we’re going to go with, we want to mention that this in no way means anything bad. It’s just that there’s nothing that looks even close to this out there.

The “strange” rise in the middle of each earbud creates a handy “grip” or “handle.” This is a seamless blend of form and function, which will make these score high in the design department.

Thankfully, the earbuds look as normal as a pair of glasses or a jacket when you put them in your ear. Not that this implies that they are bland in any way.

Fit and Comfort

The “strange” shape could be an accidental or deliberate payoff. Either way, the Studio Buds are hands down some of the most comfortable wireless earbuds you can buy.

Take care to try out all the silicone tips and find your fit. However, once you do, it’s as if you can forget about them. No matter what you’re doing. Whether running or working out, the Studio Buds remained as secure as you could hope for.

Functionality and Battery Life

The button controls on the Studio Buds work well and are simple to understand. You can control music playback and volume.

The buttons aren’t noisy in the slightest, and they make a strong case for the anti-touch control nuts out there. Also, you can toggle between ANC and Transparency modes using the button controls.

Battery Life

The Studio Buds will deliver a total playtime of eight hours without ANC and a total of five hours with ANC. The Case will provide an additional 10 or 16 hours of playtime, depending on whether you use ANC or not. Additionally, a five-minute charge will give you one hour of playtime.

In some respects, these figures are above-average, while others are not. That being said, the overall battery life of these earbuds is sufficient to suit the needs of most users. As a result, they are some of the best battery life wireless earbuds on the market.


The Studio Beats are some of the easiest wireless earbuds to pair. It doesn’t matter whether it be Apple or Android. Apple devices will begin to pair as soon as the lid on the case is popped open.

Additionally, Android users will be glad to know that the struggles of previous days are no longer a problem. Pressing the button in the case will make for as instantaneous a pairing as on Apple devices.

Companion App/Sound Settings

If you’re using an Android device with the Studio Buds, you will want to download the Beats companion App. However, if you are on an Apple device, there is no extra download required. The sound settings and functions are built into iOS settings. All features and settings apply to both platforms.

There are three main modes: Off, Active Noise-canceling, and Transparency. These operate as you’d expect, and we’ll get to how well they perform in a bit.

As far as customizing the button controls, this is possible from within the App/Settings. However, the options are somewhat limited. There are customizable options for tap or tap-and-hold gestures.

Sound Quality

Apple’s Air Pods are well-known for the Active Noise Canceling they provide. And, since Apple acquired Beats a while back, many are curious as to how the Studio Buds will perform here.

We’re happy to say the results are good across the board. Whether inside or outside in urban environments, the Studio Buds do a far above average job of getting rid of unwanted external noises.

Transparency Mode

The transparency mode is far above average. But, it is important to remember that most transparency modes tend to make voices sound like they’re coming through radios.

When someone speaks to you with Transparency Mode activated, their voice may not sound digital at first. But, after a while, you will notice a slight nasal quality imparted by the circuitry. Still, it’s very good compared to most in this price range.

Sound Signature

Previous Beats headphones, and earbuds, in particular, were sometimes scolded for overemphasizing bass and volume capability. However, this is not the case with the Studio Buds.

The first thing that jumps out, in terms of audio quality, is how well-balanced the sound is overall. Some might interpret this as Beats having lost their mojo when it comes to punchy bass.

But, this is also not the case. That classic well-defined punchy bass is there, it’s just not as overwhelming as it may have been in the past. Still, these are some of the best bass wireless earbuds you can buy.

Bass with balance…

The next thing that pops out is the crispness in the mids and highs. This is something surprising since Beats earbuds have tended to sacrifice clarity for volume and bass in the past. The Studio Buds have full and well-balanced mids, which means vocals shine no matter what you’re listening to.

Highs are crisp and never sound bright or fuzzy. This is especially pleasing since the Studio Pro buds are capable of producing some impressive volume. Yet, they never become distorted in the lows or bright in the highs.

Beats Studio Buds Review – Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and comfortable.
  • Well built.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Slippery case.
  • No auto-play/pause.
  • No wireless charging.

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Beats Studio Buds Review – Conclusion

Some might argue that $150 is a lot to pay for earbuds. Especially ones with no wireless charging and no auto-play/pause. But, the Studio Beats still offers many redeeming qualities. The company has been perfecting a sound signature for more than a decade. With these earbuds, it’s finally paying off.

Overall, they’ve got to be some of the best balanced and most powerful wireless earbuds on the market. Plenty of volume and crispness to back it. What more could you want in terms of sound quality?

Fit and comfort are among the best in the field, and the features are simple and easy. While button options are limited, they are still very useful. And, without ANC, you can listen to tunes all day, literally! Did I mention it comes in white and red as well?

Until next time, happy listening.

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