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Baha Men Facts

Baha Men: Unveiling the Truth behind the “Who Let the Dogs Out” Hitmakers

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Born on July 22, 1970, in Nassau, Bahamas, the lead singer of Baha Men, known as Omeritom “Ozzie”Munroe, is the younger brother of the group’s current leader, Isaiah “Foxx” Taylor. The band was formed in the late 1980s and has been labelled as Junkanoo-pop genre.

Age, Relationships and Children

Ozzie Munroe is currently 51 years old. Information about his relationship status is hard to come by, as it appears Munroe is not known to share much about his personal life. The same is true for his children.


Munroe’s height is not known, as he keeps this information private.


Baha Men has had a notable career, both in their home country of the Bahamas, as well as internationally. The group first started performing at local shows and events, eventually going on to build their reputation throughout the Caribbean. After signing with Big Beat Records in 1999, the group released their hit song “Who Let the Dogs Out”, which gained them widespread popularity. The song won a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2001. Baha Men has released several albums since then, including “Move It Like This” in 2002, and “Junkanoo” in 2014.

Top Songs

Besides their Grammy award-winning song, “Who Let the Dogs Out”, Baha Men has had several other hits. These include “Move It Like This”, “Best Years of Our Lives”, “You All Dat”, “Hakuna Matata”, and “Hold Your Hand”.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Baha Men’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This includes revenue from touring, music sales, merchandise, and endorsements.

FAQs About Baha Men

1. What is the meaning behind the song “Who Let the Dogs Out”?

The original version of the song was actually written by Anslem Douglas, a Trinidadian artist. Baha Men’s version was a cover of the song, but it gained a lot of notoriety due to its catchy hook. According to Douglas, the song was inspired by the vulgarity he saw at a small club in Trinidad. The men at the club were whistling and shouting at women, which reminded Douglas of dogs barking.

2. How did Baha Men get their name?

The group’s name is actually a play on the phrase “Baha Mar”, which is a luxury resort in the Bahamas. The group thought the name was fitting, as it represented their Bahamian roots and love for the country.

3. What other bands or artists have Baha Men collaborated with?

Baha Men has collaborated with several other artists and bands throughout their career, including Machel Montano, Shaggy, Brian McKnight, and Shontelle.

4. What is Junkanoo-pop?

Junkanoo is a traditional Bahamian festival that takes place over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. It involves parades, music, dance, and vibrant costumes. Baha Men’s music style takes elements from Junkanoo music, as well as pop and other genres, to create their unique sound.

5. What have Baha Men been up to recently?

While the group has not released new studio material in a few years, they have continued to tour and perform live shows. In addition, they have been involved in various charity events and causes, including hurricane relief efforts in the Bahamas.

6. Did Baha Men write their own songs?

The group has written some of their own songs, but they have also covered other artists’ material.

7. What is the Baha Men’s legacy?

Baha Men has had a lasting impact on the music industry, especially in terms of their influence on pop and dance music. They have also helped to raise awareness of Bahamian culture and music around the world.

8. Do any of the original members still perform with the group?

The current members of Baha Men have changed over the years, with Isaiah “Foxx” Taylor being the only original member still performing with the group.

9. Have Baha Men’s sales declined since “Who Let the Dogs Out”?

After the success of “Who Let the Dogs Out”, Baha Men’s subsequent albums did not reach the same level of commercial success. However, they have continued to have a dedicated fan base and continue to tour and perform.

10. What makes Baha Men’s music so infectious?

Baha Men’s music is often noted for its upbeat tempo, catchy hooks, and party atmosphere. Their music is often associated with good times and having fun, which contributes to its popularity.

11. Has “Who Let the Dogs Out” been covered by other artists?

Yes, the song has been covered by several other artists and used in various films and commercials. Some of the notable covers include a version by the cast of the children’s show “Barney the Dinosaur”, and a version by the football team of the University of South Carolina.

12. What is Baha Men’s involvement in Junkanoo?

As a group that was born and raised in the Bahamas, Baha Men has a deep love for and connection to Junkanoo. They have often been involved in promoting and performing at Junkanoo events, as well as incorporating Junkanoo elements into their music.

13. How has Baha Men’s music evolved over the years?

While the group’s overall sound has remained consistent, they have experimented with different musical elements and collaborations over the years. They have incorporated more electronic and dance elements into their music in recent years, while still maintaining their signature Junkanoo-pop sound.

14. Where can fans see Baha Men perform live?

Baha Men continues to tour around the world, so fans can check their website or social media accounts for upcoming shows and events.

15. What upcoming projects do Baha Men have in the works?

At the moment, Baha Men has not announced any specific upcoming projects, but fans are eagerly waiting for news of new music or collaborations.

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