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Badfinger Facts

Who is Badfinger: A Brief Overview

Badfinger, the British rock band formed in 1969 in Swansea, Wales, hit their stride in the early 1970s with a string of hits, including “No Matter What,” “Day After Day,” and “Without You,” the latter of which was famously covered by Harry Nilsson. The band unfortunately struggled with financial mismanagement and internal conflicts, leading to the tragic suicides of two of its members, Pete Ham and Tom Evans. Despite the turmoil, Badfinger’s music has endured and remains beloved by fans around the world.

Singer’s Bio: Pete Ham

Pete Ham was born on April 27, 1947, in Swansea, Wales. He met future Badfinger bandmate Tom Evans while they were both members of The Panthers. Ham had a natural talent for songwriting and was a prolific writer, penning many of the band’s most popular songs. He also served as the band’s lead vocalist and played guitar.


Pete Ham passed away tragically at the age of 27 on April 24, 1975.

Relationships and Children

Ham was married to his wife, Anne, and they had a daughter together, Petera.


Ham’s height is not widely known.


Badfinger, originally known as The Iveys, was discovered by The Beatles in 1968 and signed to their Apple Records label. The band released their debut album, “Magic Christian Music,” in 1970. Their sophomore effort, “No Dice,” was released the following year and featured the hit single “No Matter What.” The band’s third album, “Straight Up,” included the hits “Day After Day” and “Baby Blue.”

Despite their commercial success, Badfinger struggled with financial mismanagement and had their royalties withheld, leading to a legal battle with their management. The band was forced to declare bankruptcy, and Ham and Evans were left in dire financial straits. Ham tragically took his own life in 1975, leaving behind a legacy of hauntingly beautiful songs.

Top Songs

Badfinger’s top songs include:
– “No Matter What”
– “Day After Day”
– “Without You”
– “Baby Blue”
– “Come and Get It”
– “Sometimes”
– “Name of the Game”
– “Carry On Till Tomorrow”
– “Love Time”

Net Worth

Despite their success, Badfinger’s financial troubles left them with little wealth. Pete Ham’s estate, which was left to his daughter, Petera, has faced legal battles over control of the band’s royalties.


Despite the tragic ending to Badfinger’s story, their music has remained beloved by fans and has continued to influence musicians to this day. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020 as recipients of the Ahmet Ertegun Award, recognizing their contributions to music history.

In Ham’s own words, “We knew we were good. But we also knew we weren’t The Beatles.” Nonetheless, Badfinger’s music stands the test of time as a testament to their talent and the power of their songwriting.

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