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Average White Band Facts

The Rise of Average White Band: An Introduction

Average White Band is a Scottish soul and funk band that rose to fame in the 1970s. The band has produced chart-topping hits such as “Pick Up the Pieces,” “Cut the Cake,” and “School Boy Crush,” which are still popular today.
But there’s much more to the band than just their music. In this article, we’ll go over everything from the singer’s bio to their net worth, top songs, and much more.

The Singer’s Bio

The band’s original members included Alan Gorrie, Malcolm Duncan, Michael Rosen, Onnie McIntyre, Roger Ball, and Robbie McIntosh. Alan Gorrie was born on 19 July 1946, in Perthshire, Scotland. He is a singer, bassist, and founding member of Average White Band.

Gorrie began his music career as a bassist for a local band, the Hawaii Show Band. He also played with Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix before founding Average White Band. In addition to being a talented musician, he is also an accomplished songwriter and producer.

Age and Relationships

Alan Gorrie is now 75 years old and has been married twice. His first marriage was to a woman named Wendy, and the couple had two children together. They later divorced, and he went on to marry a woman named Maitena, with whom he has two more children.

Career Highlights

Average White Band was formed in 1972 in Scotland. The band’s first album, “Show Your Hand,” was released in 1973. However, it wasn’t until their second album, “AWB,” that the band gained significant popularity. The album produced hits like “Person to Person” and “Pick Up the Pieces,” which reached #1 on the US charts.

The band continued to produce more hit albums, including “Cut the Cake” (1975), which featured the hit song “Cut the Cake,” and “Soul Searching” (1976), which included the hit song “Queen of My Soul.”

Their music wasn’t just popular in the UK and the US; it made waves internationally as well. The band went on tours throughout Canada and Europe, playing to packed crowds.

Top Songs

The band has produced numerous hits throughout their career. Here are some of their most popular songs:

– “Pick Up the Pieces”
– “Cut the Cake”
– “A Love of Your Own”
– “School Boy Crush”
– “Queen of My Soul”
– “Atlantic Avenue”
– “Let’s Go Round Again”
– “Work to Do”

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the estimated net worth of Alan Gorrie is around $8 million. Although we don’t have access to the other band members’ financial information, it’s safe to say that their collective worth would be in the millions.


In summary, Average White Band is a talented group of musicians who have produced some of the most popular soul and funk hits of all time. Even after more than four decades of being in the industry, their music continues to captivate audiences around the world. Regardless of their success, the band remains humble and down-to-earth. It’s a testament to their dedication to their craft and the love they have for their fans that have kept them in the spotlight for so long.

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