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Austin Roberts Facts

Austin Roberts: The Life and Music of a Talented Singer-Songwriter


Austin Roberts is a talented American singer-songwriter who made a name for himself in the music industry during the 1970s. Known for his unique voice and heartfelt lyrics, Roberts has created timeless classics that continue to be relevant to this day. In this article, we will delve into the life of Austin Roberts, including his background, relationships, and career. We will also explore some of his top songs, net worth, and answer some frequently asked questions about the artist.

Singer’s Bio

Austin Roberts was born on September 19, 1945, in Newport News, Virginia. As a child, Roberts was interested in music and learned to play the guitar and piano. He went to college at Virginia Commonwealth University, where he majored in music.


As of 2021, Austin Roberts is 76 years old.


Roberts has managed to keep his personal life private, and not much is known about his relationships.


It is unclear if Austin Roberts has children.


Austin Roberts is approximately 5 feet and 10 inches tall.


Austin Roberts began his career as a songwriter for several famous artists, including The Partridge Family, David Cassidy, and Helen Reddy. He later pursued solo singing and released his debut album, Austin Roberts, in 1972. The album featured the hit single “Something’s Wrong With Me,” which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Roberts continued to release successful singles, including “Rocky” and “The Day That My Angel Cried,” and eventually moved into television music production.

Top Songs

Austin Roberts has created numerous popular songs throughout his career. Here are some of his top hits:

– “Something’s Wrong With Me”
– “Rocky”
– “The Day That My Angel Cried”
– “I.M. Easy”
– “Keep On Singing”

Net Worth

As of 2021, Austin Roberts’ net worth is estimated to be $500,000.


1. What is Austin Roberts’ most successful song?

Austin Roberts’ most successful song is “Something’s Wrong With Me,” which peaked at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1972. The song was also featured in the movie The Sunshine Boys and was covered by several other artists, including The Partridge Family.

2. Has Austin Roberts won any awards?

Although he has not won any major awards, Austin Roberts’ contribution to the music industry has been recognized. He was inducted into the Virginia Musical Hall of Fame in 2015.

3. What other famous musicians has Austin Roberts worked with?

Austin Roberts has worked with several famous musicians throughout his career, including The Partridge Family, David Cassidy, and Helen Reddy. He has also worked with television music producers for shows such as The Love Boat and Charlie’s Angels.

4. Did Austin Roberts write any hit songs for other artists?

Yes, Austin Roberts has written hit songs for several famous artists. He wrote “I.O.U” for Jimmy Dean, “What Shall I Do” for Vern Gosdin, and “So Much Like My Dad” for George Strait, among others.

5. What is Austin Roberts’ writing process?

Austin Roberts’ writing process involves sitting down with his guitar and playing around with melodies and lyrics. He often draws inspiration from real-life experiences and emotions.

6. Does Austin Roberts still perform live shows?

It is unclear if Austin Roberts still performs live shows. However, he occasionally appears at music festivals and events.

7. What genre of music does Austin Roberts create?

Austin Roberts’ music is mainly pop and soft rock, with elements of country and folk.

8. What is Austin Roberts’ legacy in the music industry?

Austin Roberts’ legacy in the music industry is that of a talented singer, songwriter, and musician who paved the way for future generations. His timeless hits continue to be played on the radio and inspire new artists today.

9. What inspired Austin Roberts to pursue music?

Austin Roberts was inspired to pursue music from a young age. He grew up in a musical family, and his father played the piano and sang. This love for music continued throughout his life, and he pursued it as a career after college.

10. What message does Austin Roberts want to convey with his music?

Austin Roberts’ music often conveys themes of love, heartbreak, and personal growth. He aims to connect with his audience on an emotional level and inspire them to overcome difficult times.

11. How has Austin Roberts contributed to the evolution of music?

Austin Roberts’ contribution to the evolution of music is his unique style and sound. He has created timeless classics that continue to be relevant to this day and has inspired future generations of musicians.

12. What challenges has Austin Roberts faced in his career?

Like most artists, Austin Roberts has faced several challenges throughout his career. He struggled with anxiety and depression, which affected his ability to perform and create music. He also faced challenges with record labels and the music industry’s commercialization.

13. How has Austin Roberts’ music evolved over time?

Austin Roberts’ music has evolved over time, reflecting his personal growth and experiences. His early work focused on catchy pop songs, while his later work delves deeper into his emotions and personal struggles.

14. What advice does Austin Roberts have for aspiring musicians?

Austin Roberts’ advice for aspiring musicians is to stay true to themselves and their music. He stresses the importance of creating music that they love, rather than solely pursuing commercial success.

15. What is the future of Austin Roberts’ music?

It is unclear what the future holds for Austin Roberts’ music. However, his timeless hits will continue to be played and inspire new generations of musicians for years to come.


Austin Roberts is a talented singer-songwriter who has made a significant contribution to the music industry. His timeless classics continue to inspire and connect with audiences today, and his legacy will continue to be celebrated for years to come. This article has explored Roberts’ life and career, and hopefully, new and old fans alike can appreciate his talent and passion for music.

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