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Audio Adrenaline Facts

Title: The Alluring and Inspiring Audio Adrenaline Facts

For more than three decades, Audio Adrenaline has been cruising the Christian music industry with their uplifting and inspiring music. This band has earned an enormous following of fans, both young and old, with their blend of rock, pop, and worship music. Their music isn’t just upbeat rhythm and catchy tunes; it is also about spreading their message of faith to the world. Here are some Audio Adrenaline facts you should know.

Singer’s Bio

Kevin Max Smith is the lead vocalist of Audio Adrenaline, who joined the band in 2012 after the departure of Mark Stuart. Kevin was born on August 17, 1967, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is currently 53 years old. He has been in the music industry for decades, and his tremendous experience has helped him produce outstanding and inspirational musical stories.

Relationships and Family

Kevin Max Smith was married to his wife, Amanda, in 1997, and they have five children together. Although he is in the limelight, Kevin keeps his personal life private and rarely shares pictures or information about his family.


Audio Adrenaline, founded in Florida in 1986, is a Christian rock band whose music has impacted people worldwide. The band consists of Adam Agee, Dave Stovall, Brandon Bagby, and Jack Campbell. Their music has a mix of pop, rock, and worship, and is recognizable for its high-energy beats and inspiring lyrics. In their early years, Audio Adrenaline rose to fame with their self-titled debut album in 1992 and followed it up with the top ten breakthrough album “Bloom” in 1996. Some of their popular albums include “Don’t Censor Me,” “Some Kind of Zombie,” and “Until My Heart Caves In.”

In 2005, Audio Adrenaline disbanded, and the bandmates went their separate ways. After seven years, the band re-formed in 2012, with Kevin Max joining as the new lead vocalist. The band’s mission is to spread God’s love through their music and to feed hungry children worldwide through the organization Hands and Feed Project.

Top Songs

Audio Adrenaline has recorded many great hits throughout their career, but some stand out as all-time favorites:

  • “Big House”
  • “Get Down”
  • “Some Kind of Zombie”
  • “Ocean Floor”
  • “We’re A Band”
  • “Kings & Queens”

Net Worth

As of 2020, Audio Adrenaline’s estimated net worth is $10 million. However, the band’s key focus is not on making money but on spreading Christ’s message and assisting hungry children throughout the world through Hands and Feet Project.

Height and Other Interesting Facts

Kevin Max Smith stands at 5’10”, and he is well known for his unique hairstyles throughout his music career. He is also an artist and has worked on various projects like designing T-shirts, album covers, and sculptures.


Audio Adrenaline, with their inspirational music, is a symbol of hope and faith for many people worldwide. Their music has impacted people’s lives positively and has helped lead many people to Christ. They have stood the test of time and continue to make history with their electrifying music. Keep an eye out for their new releases and upcoming concerts and get ready to rock out for Christ.

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