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Are Eastar Trumpets Any Good?

There’s a decision that has to be made when buying any musical instrument, especially for a beginner. And it applies to all instruments. Consider a guitar as an example. Fender is one of the big names, and they have a budget range of their instruments under the name of Squier.

For those that are beginners or simply cannot afford a “real” Fender, the Squiers are similar. In fact, the price difference isn’t justifiable as the Squiers are actually quite good. But that is another story.

But with some instruments, that doesn’t apply. When the instrument is notoriously difficult to play, the quality becomes a more important issue. The trumpet falls into that category.


Plenty Of Budget Range Instruments

It’s easy to find a range of best budget priced trumpets, all claiming to be “good for a beginner.” But are they? Prices can vary, and just because one is more expensive than another doesn’t mean it is better.

The design and the quality of the build are important. The materials used are also critical. And you will want it to last a reasonable amount of time. When you decide to buy a budget trumpet, there is always a risk unless you can identify a quality manufacturer.

A First Trumpet

A First Trumpet

If the instrument is for a beginner, then it must be easy to play. It is tough enough without having to compete against an instrument that doesn’t produce a reasonable note. But you can pay $3000 for a good instrument.

The answer then is to find a quality manufacturer who will make a trumpet that is cost-effective. Let’s take a look at one such company, Eastar, which are known for their budget range of instruments, and find out are Eastar Trumpets any good?

About Eastar

The establishment of Eastar in the music world had a simple goal. To provide decent quality instruments at a reasonable price. Making music available for all is one way of describing it. 

Their catalog has now expanded to include Wind instruments, Percussion, Keyboards, Orchestral strings, and of course, Brass instruments.

Especially for Beginners and Improvers

They are a company that specializes in making instruments for the beginner and the improver. Therefore, they are fully aware of what it takes to make an instrument suitable for that level of musician.

Eastar is based in Hong Kong, and all instruments are checked before leaving their factories. Those instruments that are sent to warehouses in the US are checked again upon arrival for defects before sale and distribution.

What Are They Made Of?

Eastar trumpets are made from Brass and given either a nickel or gold lacquer finish. The weight of the brass does make them a little heavier than cheaper materials. That can have an impact on a younger starter. 

However, as they progress, they will need to get used to the weight of a real trumpet as against a cheaper version. Practice times can be set to allow for tiredness, and these will improve as the players continue.

A Good Sign

Given that the trumpet will weigh a little more is a good sign. It shows that there are good materials used and no cheap parts included in the build to bring down the price.

As an example, and very importantly, the pipe is made from Brass and Cupro-nickel. The latter is an alloy of copper and nickel. When referring to “silver” coins, they are made from Cupro-nickel. Good materials are used in the construction of these trumpets, so that is a good start.

The Quality Of The Build

It is all well and good having good materials, but it needs to be put together properly. Manufacturing trumpets is a defined art. Some elements have to be machined and fitted exactly to requirements. Poor workmanship will show up very easily, especially on a trumpet.

You will see that the plating on Eastar trumpets is without flaws. The finish represents a horn that is much more expensive. The slides and the valves operate smoothly, which are very important considerations. And the valve response is crisp, quick, and clean.

There may be some instruments that may vary a little from these descriptions. But, generally speaking, for the price point, there can be no complaints. Let us move on to a critical area.

Are They Easy to Play?

A student needs to understand that they are not going to play like Dizzy Gillespie when they pick up their trumpet. It is also important to know that a budget instrument probably won’t play as smoothly as one costing ten times the price.

The trumpet is not an easy instrument to learn. There is a lot of technique involved and a lot of puff required. So the best the student can hope for is that they get a little help from the instrument.

Good For beginners

Good For beginners

Eastar trumpets are set at an attractive price, but they are a good choice for beginners. We have already looked at the materials used and the quality of the build. That is always a good start when considering how well an instrument will play.

Poorly made trumpets will suffer from sticky valves and erratic slides, and often valves may not even be machined accurately. These, plus a list of other potential problems, will all affect how the trumpet will play.

None Of That Here

You won’t find those problems with Eastar trumpets. They are made entirely of brass and are not lined inside with plastic as some are. The welding joints are secure, and the slides move smoothly.

The result of that is that the trumpets produce a full range of vibrant tones. And a new player will not be struggling to make any sound at all.

The Mouthpiece

Another key element in the trumpet is the mouthpiece. Eastar trumpets are fitted with a 7c mouthpiece, the size that most younger beginners use when starting.

That might not be suitable for adult users or improvers. Adults tend to prefer a 5c or similar mouthpiece, but it is a simple operation to make the change if necessary.

Do They Last

Nothing lasts forever, as they say, but it would be nice if some things lasted long enough. When you get a starter instrument, you do so prepared for the inevitable as they progress. That is, they will need to upgrade to a better model at some point.

A beginner trumpet won’t last as long as most of the more expensive options. That is obvious, really. But what you don’t want is to have to buy another starter trumpet because what you did buy falls apart very early on.

Go The Distance

That is the name of the game with the first instrument. Eastar certainly has a good track record in that area. You will rarely find a bad review stating that they have not gone the distance. They are well-made, as we have already said, but something does set them apart from other budget models.

That is the high standard of the valves and pistons. They have a quality about them that is not often found in the cheaper trumpet. And because they maintain their smoothness without sticking, that is a big asset. It means it remains playable, and the trumpet will hold its value when it comes time to sell it and move up a grade.

Are They Just For Beginners?

The answer to that is yes and no. They are ideal trumpets for beginners, as we’ve seen. But, they may also suit someone who has been playing a while that is not happy with their instrument. 

The Eastar trumpets certainly should take you through the Starter and Beginner phases and into Improver. But then, you will inevitably need to get a higher level instrument as the techniques become more precise. However, if you are already an experienced player, then maybe an Eastar trumpet might not be for you.

What About the Genre?

What About the Genre

You will find that Eastar trumpets will fit into most genres of music as long as you don’t expect too much. As I said earlier, you or the trumpet will not sound like Dizzy Gillespie just yet. But it will sound good in just about everything that a starter will attempt.

The timbre of the instrument is good, with a bright sound that is also quite powerful. The neighbors will be impressed!

Are Eastar Trumpets Any Good?

Take a look for yourself. Here are some examples of Eastar trumpets that you can find on the market right now. 

Eastar Bb Standard Trumpet Set for Beginner

A brass trumpet with a nickel finish. This comes as a set and includes a hard case, mouthpiece, and a cleaning kit with gloves.

Eastar Bb Standard Trumpet Set for Beginner

The same package as the first one above, but this trumpet has a gold lacquer finish instead of nickel.

Eastar Bb Trumpet Standard Trumpet Set for Student Beginner with Hard Case

For those who like to be a bit different, the same package as the previous two, but this time the trumpet is finished with blue lacquer.

What About Warranty?

Most manufacturers offer a three-year warranty on their brass instruments. Some offer longer. It is strange then that Eastar only offers one year, given they are well-made with good materials. Nevertheless, one year is what you will get.

What Do I Think?

When you are looking to buy that first instrument for a starter, there are some concerns.

  • Will they stick it out?
  • How much will I have to spend?
  • Do I know enough to be able to buy a good instrument?
  • Will it have a resale value?

You will be looking to spend as little as possible in most cases. But if you cut the corners a little too fine, then you will be left with a virtually unplayable instrument.

The Eastar brand is cost-effective, but it’s also decent quality. It can’t compare with brands costing much more, of course. But it should be considered one of the leaders in the budget ranges. In fact, it isn’t easy to find such a quality best beginners trumpet elsewhere at this price point.

If you are a starter, then this is for you. If you are an Intermediate player, then probably not. Eastar designs their trumpets firmly with the starter in mind.

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Are Eastar Trumpets Any Good – Conclusion

I think the answer is clear. They represent great value for money. Therefore, the answer is, for the money paid, a very firm yes. Eastar trumpets are good, in fact, very good for the low price you pay for one.

Until next time, let your music play.

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