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Angelica Maria Facts


Angelica Maria is a Mexican icon with a career spanning over six decades. Known as La Novia de Mexico, Angelica is one of the most celebrated singers and actresses in the country. Throughout the years, Angelica Maria has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will cover her life, career, relationships, and more.

Singer’s Bio

Angelica Maria was born on September 27, 1944, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Her parents were Mexican, and Angelica grew up in a bicultural environment. At a young age, she showed an interest in music, singing, and acting. When she was just five years old, she made her debut on a children’s show in Mexico City.

At the age of eight, Angelica began to take her music career seriously. She went on to record popular songs and performed on various television shows. Angelica was also featured in several films, including “El Jinete de la Divina Providencia” and “Aventuras de Joselito y Pulgarcito.”


Angelica Maria was born on September 27, 1944. As of 2021, she is 76 years old.


Throughout her life, Angelica Maria has had several high-profile relationships. In 1968, she married her first husband, the composer and singer Raúl Vale. The couple had two children together, Angélica Vale, and Anuar Name. They divorced in 1976.

In 1977, Angelica married her second husband, the producer and actor, Enrique Niembro. They also had two children, Sergio and José Alberto. However, the marriage ended in divorce in 1987.


Angelica Maria has four children, all of whom are successful in their own right. Her first two children, Angélica Vale and Anuar Name, are both actors and singers. Her third child, Sergio, is a film director, while her fourth child, José Alberto, is a successful businessman.


Angelica Maria’s height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches.


Angelica Maria’s career started at a young age, and she quickly became a household name in Mexico. She has recorded over 60 albums and starred in numerous films and television shows. Angelica has become a legendary performer and icon in the Latin American entertainment industry.

Angelica’s music has always been an essential part of her career. Her first record, “Donde estás corazón?”, was released in 1958 when Angelica was just 14 years old. Over the next few years, she continued to record popular songs, including “Yo Que no vivo sin ti,” “Eddie, Eddie,” and “Sabor a Mí,” which became one of her signature songs.

In addition to her music career, Angelica has also been a successful actress. She has appeared in over 20 films and several television shows, including “Teresa,” “Un gancho al corazón,” and “Mi Marido tiene familia.”

Top Songs

Angelica Maria has recorded numerous hit songs throughout her career. Here are some of her most popular songs:

  • “Eddie, Eddie”
  • “Sabor a Mí”
  • “Yo Que no vivo sin ti”
  • “¿Por qué ya no me quieres?”
  • “Muñequita Linda”
  • “Las Muchachitas”
  • “Le Canta a America Latina”
  • “Mujeres Divinas”

Net Worth

As of 2021, Angelica Maria’s net worth is approximately $50 million. Her wealth comes from her successful music and acting career, as well as several lucrative business ventures.


In conclusion, Angelica Maria is a Mexican icon who has made an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Her career spans over six decades, and she remains a beloved performer to this day. With numerous hit songs, films, and television shows under her belt, Angelica Maria has cemented her legacy as one of the most influential and celebrated artists in Latin American history.

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