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Anal Cunt Facts


Anal Cunt was an American grindcore band founded in 1988 by Seth Putnam. Far from forming a conventional band, Anal Cunt’s style was very aggressive and characterized by extreme and morbid lyrics. Over the years, the band gained notoriety and a cult following, with followers praising them for their unapologetic, provocative style.

Biography of Seth Putnam, the Band’s Founder and Singer

Seth Putnam was an American musician and songwriter born in Massachusetts in 1968. He was the founder of Anal Cunt and served as the band’s singer and guitarist. Putman began playing in different bands in his hometown in the late 80s. In 1988, he formed Anal Cunt with drummer Tim Morse.

Although Putnam was born in Massachusetts, he moved to New Hampshire during his teenage years. It was there that he started experimenting with drugs, which he would later refer to in some of his music. Putnam died in 2011, at the age of 43.

Relationships and Children

As a controversial figure, Seth Putnam has been known for keeping his personal life private. Not much is known about his relationships or children, as Putnam didn’t talk about them in interviews.


There is no public information available about Seth Putnam’s height.

Career of Anal Cunt

Anal Cunt’s music was heavily influenced by grindcore, punk, hardcore, and death metal. The band was known for lyrics that were intentionally provocative and offensive, addressing taboo themes that included racism, rape, and even cannibalism.

Anal Cunt released their first album, “41 Songs in 51 Seconds,” in 1991. After that, the band put out many more albums and EPs. One of the most famous is “I Like It When You Die”, released in 1997.

In addition to their original material, Anal Cunt was noted for their covers of famous songs, including “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees and “Pump Up the Jam” by Technotronic.

Despite gathering a cult following, Anal Cunt did receive some criticism for their provocative lyrics. However, the band never shied away from their content and often conveyed that their music was satire.

Top Songs and Albums

Anal Cunt released a multitude of albums over the years, but here are some of the most notable and popular:

– “41 Songs in 51 Seconds” (1991)
– “Everyone Should Be Killed” (1994)
– “Top 40 Hits” (1994)
– “I Like It When You Die” (1997)
– “110-Seven-Inch Records at 33 and a Third” (2002)

Some of the most popular songs that emerged from these albums are:

– “Living Colour Is My Favorite Black Metal Band”
– “Hitler Was a Sensitive Man”
– “I Was A Teenage Grindcore Band”
– “You Keep A Diary, Jackass”
– “The Only Reason Men Talk To You Is Because They Want To Get Laid, You Stupid Fucking Cunt”

Net Worth of Seth Putnam and Anal Cunt

There is no reliable information available about Seth Putnam’s net worth, and the band as a whole did not have significant commercial success. However, their cult following and influence on the grindcore genre made them one of the most recognizable bands in their genre.


Seth Putnam and Anal Cunt were, without a doubt, one of the most controversial bands to emerge in the 1990s. They brought a new level of aggression and provocation to the grindcore genre and inspired many other bands that followed. Though Putnam passed away in 2011, the band’s music lives on, serving as both an originator and a memory of a genre-defying group.

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