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Alex Chilton Facts

Alex Chilton: Legendary Singer and Musician

Alex Chilton was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist widely known for his role in the influential bands, The Box Tops and Big Star. His career in music spanned four decades, and his contributions to rock and roll have been highly celebrated.

Early Life and Career

Alex Chilton was born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 28, 1950. He inherited his love for music from his father, Sidney Chilton, who was a jazz musician. As a child, Alex was highly influenced by the music scene in Memphis, which was known for its diverse music styles such as rock and roll, soul, and blues.

Chilton’s musical career started at a very young age when he was discovered by a local group called The Devilles. He joined the band in 1965, and they soon changed their name to The Box Tops. In 1967, The Box Tops released their first hit single “The Letter,” which became a huge success and reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Relationships and Children

Alex Chilton was a private person and didn’t talk much about his personal life. He was never married and didn’t have any known children.

Career with Big Star

After The Box Tops disbanded in 1970, Chilton formed a new band called Big Star in 1971. The band’s style was a mix of pop, rock, and folk influences, and they released three albums between 1972 and 1978. Although their albums weren’t initially successful, they later garnered critical acclaim and were highly influential in shaping the rock and roll scene of the 1980s and 1990s.

Top Songs

Alex Chilton’s music career was full of hit songs and memorable ballads. Besides his early hits with The Box Tops, some of his most popular tracks include:

  • “September Gurls”
  • “I’m in Love with a Girl”
  • “Thirteen”
  • “The Ballad of El Goodo”
  • “Jesus Christ”

Height and Appearance

Alex Chilton was known for his tall stature and charismatic personality. He stood at 6’3″ (190 cm), which was taller than most musicians of his generation. His unique style and fashion sense also set him apart from his peers and gave him a distinctive look.

Net Worth

Alex Chilton’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. While he was never a mainstream artist, his contributions to the music industry have had a lasting impact and continue to inspire musicians to this day.


Alex Chilton passed away on March 17, 2010, at the age of 59. His legacy in the music industry remains strong, and his influence can be seen in the work of countless bands and musicians, including R.E.M., The Replacements, and Elliot Smith, to name a few.

In a tribute to Chilton, R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe said, “Alex’s honesty, his sense of humor, his way with words, and his beautiful melodies have never left me. He was a beautiful man, and I miss him.”


Alex Chilton was a legendary singer and musician whose contributions to the music industry were both unique and influential. His career was full of hit songs, memorable ballads, and groundbreaking albums, and his influence can be seen in the work of countless musicians today. While Alex may no longer be with us, his music and his legacy continue to inspire and be celebrated by fans around the world.

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