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Airpods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix

Electronic and technological advancements in the audio sphere have simplified our music-listening experience. But, with any sort of electronic device, they are prone to glitches and can even complicate life sometimes, especially if you buy inferior audio products. To eliminate unwanted technical issues, I always choose branded products like Apple AirPods.

But, even with branded electronics, you can still get glitches and issues. If you have been looking at how to fix AirPods when they have problems connecting while in the case, I have some suggestions. These should get your pods working again in a jiffy without any financial outlay. 

This a major issue that many AirPods users experience. Thankfully, in most cases, it’s quite easy to fix. Here are some of my most highly-recommended solutions to the problem.


Airpods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix

Airpods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix

Before I attempt to give you some ways to fix AirPods connection issues, I need to cover some basic things you can do to take care of your pods. These tips will help eliminate any potential issues in the future. 

Sometimes, our wireless earphones and headphones can be paired and connected with another device in our house that we forgot about. In turn, that can stop your AirPods from connecting too. 

Likewise, making sure your pods are always fully charged is also advised. You’d be surprised how many times AirPods not working is down to no battery power. I would also advise that you make sure the battery is fully charged now before we go any further. All set? Let’s go!

1 Always Ensure Your Software is Updated

This is not Kansas, Dorothy! Airpods and modern wireless earphones are not like they used to be back in black and white days. In this day and age, all wireless earphones and headphones products come with their own software. 

Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your software, also called firmware, is always up to date. I would advise that you update your firmware right away when a new version is released, just to be sure.

If it’s not updated… 

You can get some bugs and glitches with your device, and this might be why the AirPods are not working as they should. It can even cause connection issues that impact performance. 

Even if the firmware is not the reason why AirPods are connecting in this case, you should still make sure you are fully updated. Your pods should automatically update, but that doesn’t happen sometimes. So, please bear that in mind.

2 Rebooting Your Paired Device and Pods

If you have problems with your AirPods and they start acting up, we naturally assume that the pods are the problem. That’s because they are the ones pairing to the device. The truth is that your pods might not be the issue. Whichever playback device you are using (iPhone, iPad, etc.), turning it off and on and rebooting the device is a great place to start. 

Start by removing your AirPods from the paired device list. You do this by pressing the ‘I’ button on the right of your pods and selecting the ‘forget device’ function. Now you’ve removed the pods from your device, you can turn off or restart it. Once the device has booted back up, add your pods back onto the device and pair them back together. 

If the problem persists, you’ll need to troubleshoot other avenues. The problem is most likely something involving your AirPods, not the device. On a side note, make sure your AirPods are snug and firmly secured in the case. 

3 Rebooting Your AirPods

Anytime my family or friends ask me to troubleshoot issues with electronics, I always tell them to turn it off and back on. That’s always a good place to start. And, if your connection issues have nothing to do with the Bluetooth pairing part, you’ll have to take a different approach. But it’s best to start with the simplest solution.

Turn off your Airpods, leave them for a minute or two, and turn them back on again to reset. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to rebooting your AirPods when they are in the case:

  1. Place your AirPods securely in your charging case while ensuring that the top of the case is open.
  2. Find the ‘Set Up’ button on the back of your AirPods case and hold it down for approximately 20 seconds.
  3. At this point, the encircled light should change from yellow/orange to white. If not, go through the first two steps again until it does.
  4. Close the charging case lid, and your AirPods should have reset by this time.

Sometimes, it can take a little while to reboot and see if it worked or not. Please make sure your AirPods are working properly at this point before you move on to doing anything else. It can seem like the reboot worked initially, but all of a sudden, they go quickly back to not working again. So, wait a while after rebooting just to make sure before you move on to our next troubleshooting step. 

4 Fully Charged AirPods Sometimes Auto-Disconnect 


Here’s one thing that the manufacturers don’t tell you. If your AirPods have fully charged in the case, it sometimes triggers an auto-disconnect feature in the charging port itself. So, if your pods are fully charged in the case but then you have an issue using them, you need to remove them from the charging case before using them. This should fix the problem.

For some reason, when the pods are fully charged in the case, it can also initiate automatic pairing mode. This might pair your AirPods with the last known device, and that can cause a conflict if you are trying to pair them with a different device. 

So, if you have charged them to full capacity in your charging case, please beware that one of those things can happen. This type of thing can also happen if you have 0% battery charge. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on those things.

5 Ensure Bluetooth is Off When Not in Use

Having a Bluetooth connection enabled on your AirPods at all times does not necessarily harm anything. But it might be causing some kind of issue in the background when there is nothing to pair it to. For example, it can stop your AirPods from connecting with other devices without you even realizing it. 

By having your Bluetooth turned off when not using them, your AirPods won’t start pairing to other devices without you knowing. You will avoid involuntary audio announcements by ensuring that your Bluetooth is not enabled when you are not using them.

6 Dust Busting Your Airpods and Case

Making sure that your AirPods and the charging case are always clean and not dirty is a must. Any sort of dust or dirt getting in the way can result in no connection. You might have noticed that dirty charging cables can easily be affected by dirt and dust. Charging cases are just the same. 

An accumulation of dirt, dust, gunge, grime, and gunk are real hazards for any electronic charging device, and your case is no different. I advise that you use non-abrasive cleaning materials to make sure your charging case and pods are spick and span. Targeting the port areas is a great place to start. 

I suggest trying to clean your buds and case once a week just to be sure. Keeping your AirPods clean can also limit ear infections and other things that are born out of dirty earphones. This might also fix connection problems with the AirPods case or buds.

7 Making Sure the Case is Closed

Often in life, the solution is right there in our faces. Sometimes, it’s so obvious that you don’t notice it. You might look at your charging case, and it looks firmly shut, but you might be wrong. Sometimes, they seem shut but have not been pressed down fully, And this can cause issues with charging the pods or even using them. 

A common issue is the lid is shut, but the device is not recognizing it. You will have to check for any visual obstructions to see if something is getting in the way of the case and is properly closed. There could be some grime in there somewhere. So, it’s up to you to figure that out and find the problem. 

This is the final simple solution to fixing issues with AirPods in the charging case. If your issue is not one of these seven options, you are going to have to get serious. And that’s what we’ll address next in this AirPods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix guide.

Fixing, Replacing, or Getting a Refund on Broken AirPods 

Broken AirPods 

Let’s be honest; the last thing you want to do is fork out money to buy new AirPods. That’s the worst-case scenario. One thing that’s great about buying branded electronics is you can get good support and top-notch guarantees. Therefore, if you have an issue and it’s still under warranty, you should be able to get a refund or replace them easily.

Let’s take a look at some of the options you have when buying Apple Airpods that are broken or might need fixing or replacing. I suggest you check out these options only when the AirPods connection troubleshooting solutions above don’t work.

1 Contacting Apple for Support

We generally see contact support on company websites and don’t pay much attention to it until we need it. And, if you’ve tried all the above solutions and have no answer to your issue, using Apple’s contact support might be your only option. Contact the relevant Apple department and representative via the contact support details and tell them what is wrong with your AirPods down to the last little detail.

If you give them the correct information, they can tell you your options and the path you need to take. They might help you to pinpoint the problem more concisely. Or, they might tell you that your pods are coming to the end of their life cycle and need replacing. But, if your experience with Apple contact support is underwhelming or unproductive, you might have to move on to the next steps below.

2 Check the Fine Print in the Warranty Info

Apple generally offers a 1-year warranty on all their products. But you might want to do yourself a favor and read the small print of the contract or terms of use. The Apple guarantee covers defective products that need servicing and might even replace them for free. Please don’t just throw AirPods around in a fit of rage or disgust because any damage caused by you will probably not be covered by the warranty.

If the warranty on your Airpods has run out…

You’ll have to buy the replacement parts directly from Apple from your wallet. And that might be expensive depending on what is broken. It can cost around $70 per bud to replace the parts and around $60 to replace the charging case. It’s not cheap. 

Furthermore, if you have purchased an upgraded Apple Airpods Pro, it can cost around $90 per bud to replace. And approximately $100 to replace the charging case, so you have been warned.

3 Getting Repairs Done at the Shop

The truth that Apple never mentions is that you can get your AirPods repaired at any decent electronics shop, not just at the Apple Store. There are some very good electronics experts with repair shops that excel at tinkering for a very reasonable price. One that is much cheaper than Apple, but that’s all at your own risk. 

They’re your AirPods, so you can do what you want. I am not telling you to go to any shop to get them fixed. But, if you do know a reliable technician, that is up to you.

In most cases, you might be able to call a repair shop, tell them your issues, and get a quote or at least an estimation and some info right away. Of course, it will depend on the severity of the problem. And, if you call multiple repair shops, you can compare prices and get the best deal. 

Replacing Defective Charging Cases

Well, here we are at the last section of this Airpods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix guide. If your charging case is the problem, you can check out some cases that are compatible with Apple AirPods. 

These types of cases are not solely manufactured by Apple, so at least you will have some other options. I would recommend that you buy an Apple charging case directly from the manufacturers for obvious reasons. 

But, once again, this is up to you…

It is possible to find charging cases on Amazon or even eBay that are compatible with AirPods and come with a very affordable price tag. Some cool cases in the marketplace look great and perform even greater. So, don’t ever think your options are limited. But, as I said, this is at your own risk and discretion. Whatever happens is on your neck if you venture off the estate.

Imagine buying a cheaper case, and it’s just as defective as your original Apple case! That’s why I recommend you deal directly with the Apple shop for repairs and replacements. 

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AirPods Connecting While in Case: How to Fix – Final Thoughts

Learning how to fix AirPods connecting in the case might be simple or complicated, depending on the issue. Please follow my quick-fix troubleshooting advice above for sorting out the issues by yourself if you can. But, if that’s not possible, you might want to contact the relevant Apple department and representative directly for some advice. 

If the product is defective and still under warranty, Apple will fix or replace that for you free of charge. But, if you cause damage to the AirPods, they won’t be covered by the warranty. I suggest preventative measures. Such as always keeping your case and AirPods clean to limit any potential connection problems because of dust, dirt, and grime.

Sometimes, we just have to accept the fact that electronic products like earbuds do not last forever. And, if they have run the course of their lifespan, you might need to buy new ones. If a broken charging case is an issue and you don’t want to buy an expensive replacement from Apple, you can always buy compatible cases that are not made by Apple. But, as mentioned, that choice is all yours.

Until next time, good luck and happy listening.

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