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AirPods Blinking Orange? How to fix it

If you’re lucky enough to be the proud owner of a pair of AirPods, you know how convenient they are, especially when paired with an iPhone. That doesn’t mean that they don’t have the occasional issue, though. 

Fortunately, that’s what the indicator light is there for – to let you know if there’s a problem and exactly what that problem is. The indicator light on your AirPods charging case utilizes several different colors that are either solid or flashing. 

It can be a little confusing…

One of these indicators flashes orange. Whilst this color may seem more alarming than the green or white indicators, it isn’t anything to worry about. And, it can usually be sorted out with a couple of quick and easy fixes.

In this article, I’m going to take an in-depth look at what the flashing orange light means and then run through the fixes you need to address the problem.

AirPods Blinking Orange? How to Fix It

AirPods Blinking Orange? How to Fix It

The light on your AirPods charging case uses three different colors. The flashing/solid options communicate the status of your buds or let you know if there is an issue.

As an AirPods owner, you need to be familiar with what AirPod lights indicate. If all this is new to you, then running through this guide below should explain all. To avoid confusion, Apple refers to the orange light as “amber” in their user guides.

  • No light – The charging case and AirPods have zero battery left.
  • Green light (AirPods in case) – The AirPods are fully charged.
  • Green light (AirPods removed from the case) – The charging case has more than enough power for one more full charge.
  • Blinking white light – The AirPods are ready to be paired.
  • Amber/Orange light (AirPods in the case) – Your AirPods are currently charging but not fully charged yet.
  • Amber/Orange (AirPods removed from the case) – The charging case does not have enough power left for one more full charge.
  • Blinking Amber/Orange – Your AirPods are having an issue pairing.

The first generation of AirPods has the indicator light inside the charging case. Every model released since has the light on the outer surface of the charging case. It’s far easier to notice here. So, as we can see, if the AirPods orange light is blinking, then there is a pairing problem of some sort.

How to Fix the Blinking Orange Light 

So, you’ve established that the blinking orange light is a result of some kind of connectivity issue. Whilst this won’t tell you what the problem is, there are some simple steps you can take to solve this issue and get that light to stop flashing.

Here are some simple step-by-step guides that should help fix the AirPods blinking orange light.

1 Unpair and Re-Pair the AirPods

The first quick fix we can try is to unpair the AirPods from all the devices it’s been paired with in the past. Laptops, tablets, and phones – unpair your AirPods from them all.

Once this is done, try re-pairing with the phone or device you want to connect to by holding down the button on the case for a full five seconds. This will put your AirPods into pairing mode, and you’ll be able to reconnect with your phone as normal.

2 Restarting Your Phone

Sometimes the simplest of tricks is the most effective. In this case, the old “turn it off and on again” routine may well work. The problem may lie with the phone or device you are using rather than your AirPods. 

Turning it off and on again can clear up any errors or bugs that might be causing a connection issue between your device and your AirPods. This will also close any other open apps that might be interfering with things.

Firstly, unpair your AirPods from your phone and all other devices. Then turn off your phone or device completely and leave it off for a good 30 seconds. Once you turn your phone/device back on, attempt to pair it to your AirPods. With any luck, things will have sorted themselves out.

Reset the Charging Case to Factory Settings

Reset the Charging Case

If unpairing and re-pairing the AirPods has failed to work after a few attempts, try resetting the charging case to its original factory settings. This will wipe out any saved data and any bugs that might be causing the issue.

The charging case can be factory reset by opening up the case with the AirPods inside and pressing and holding the button down for a full 15 seconds. You’ll know enough time has elapsed as the indicator light will turn solid orange. 

Before doing any of this, make sure you’ve unpaired your AirPods from the device your trying to connect to. This will fool your phone into thinking it’s a brand new set of AirPods when you try pairing again after the reset. With any luck, this will resolve any connectivity issues you’ve been having.

Give your AirPods a Good Clean

You don’t want to let too much dirt build up around your AirPods. The proximity sensors can be inhibited by dirt and grime, and this can mess with the ability to connect properly. This can also cause charging issues if the charging contacts get too dirty.

Cleaning AirPods isn’t a complicated affair, but to avoid damage, you have to follow the correct protocol. To do the job properly, you’ll need:

Follow these steps on how to clean your AirPods correctly:

  • Dampen the toothbrush and the cotton bud with the alcohol and use them to very gently clean the outside edges of your AirPods. Also, give the internal contacts of the charging case and the surfaces a good going over.
  • If there is any remaining debris around the AirPods edges, use the toothpick to extract them.
  • Finally, give everything a last rub down with an alcohol-dampened lint-free cloth.

Update the AirPods Firmware

AirPods blinking orange? How to fix it. If none of these steps have worked, the next thing you can try is updating your AirPods firmware. 

It’s possible, especially if you haven’t used your AirPods for some time, that they are not running the latest version of the firmware. Firmware sometimes gets bugs, and updates are needed to sort the problem.

How do you do that?

Go to Settings on your phone and find your AirPods in the Bluetooth menu under the devices tab. Then, tap the ‘I’ label. If there is any update available, this will be automatically downloaded if you leave the AirPods charging in the case. 

After this, restart your phone and go through the pairing process again.

Last Resort = Apple Support

Last Resort

If none of these AirPod quick fixes have managed to stop that blinking orange light, then it’s time to get professional help. This will come in the form of contacting someone at the Apple Support center.

You’ll need to talk with a representative rather than just access their database of solutions. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Click on this link to open the Apple Support page.
  • Once opened, scroll down and click on ‘Start now.’
  • Enter your country’s location to ensure you will speak to someone in your language.
  • Choose AirPods from the list of devices and then select ‘Topic not listed.’ You will then have to type the exact problem you are having.
  • You can either choose between a text chat or a live call session with an Apple support representative, whichever you are more comfortable with.
  • Follow any instructions given.

If they can’t get to the bottom of the problem, there’s a good chance that there is a hardware issue. In this case, there is a good chance that they will replace your AirPods with a new pair.

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AirPods Blinking Orange? How to fix it – Final Thoughts

It’s safe to assume that you have had a blinking orange light problem with your AirPods.But, hopefully, you should no longer be experiencing this irritating issue, and that annoying light is history.

You can now get back to enjoying the benefits of having functional AirPods again. Plus, you’ll also know what to do if this happens again. 

Until next time, happy listening.

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